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Now in stores sell a huge number of all kinds of juicers, but what to do if finances do not allow you to acquire such equipment, and I really want to close apple juice for the winter. So how to squeeze juice from apples without juicer? The methods of cooking apple juice satisfied a lot. The most common way to squeeze the juice from apples is pretty simple, for this you will need an ordinary grater. It is advisable to use a very small grater, they are also called children’s. Typically, such graters are used to prepare a baby puree, they have very frequent blades and can abandon any apple no worse than modern juicers. Before starting work, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse apples with a brush, especially if they are purchased. Then, with a knife, you must remove the apple core.

It should not be forgotten that in the manufacture of apple juice without using the juicer, it is necessary to clean the apples from the peel, as it does not give juice and will only interfere with the apple, especially if the apple skin is rigorous.

I am a convenience before rubing the apple it is recommended to cut into small pieces. After all the apples were rubbed, the mashed potatoes must be put in gauze, which is composed of several layers. Usually these are three layers. this is done to make meals not hit the future juice. Then it is necessary to squeeze the resulting mass well, and then put it for one hour under the oppression, for example, under a three-liter jar filled with water. After the mass is just once again, it is once again necessary to press.

By the way, to not throw out the pressed cake from the apples, it can be used for quarreling or pies with an apple filling, as well as for the preparation of cottages with an apple. The resulting juice must be passed several times through the usual flour sieve to get rid of apple residues and get clean juice. The resulting juice must be boiled several times, and then roll it into banks, optionally can be added sugar, for example, if apples with sourness used, such as Antonovka. This method of manufacturing juice is perfect for long-term storage of apple juice. There are still several ways to squeeze apples juice. For example, there is an excellent way to manufacture apple juice by diffusion.

To prepare an apple juice, this way will need a sufficiently large amount of time and patience, but the result will be simply awesome. Refrigerated juice by the diffusion method will need three three-liter banks. At the beginning of the work, the apples are well washed, clean the peel and remove the core is not necessary, just to cut apples on medium slices, somewhere in a centimeter thick. These pieces need to fill all three banks. Then you need to boil the water and pour it the first jar, the rest of the banks are not necessary to pour water. This mixture must be left for 6 hours, whatever the water is not only completely cooled, but also figured. After the apples stand out, it is necessary to pour water into the pan and heat without bringing to a boil and pour into the second can, and the first bank is filled with boiled water.

This procedure is repeated. From the second bank heated apple juice overflows to the third bank, from the first to the second, and the first poured boiled. All this is done until all the water goes into one pot of all cans, then sugar is added to juice, but you can leave and so if apple juice likes with sourness. in a certain stage, the juice must be boiled and pouring them under the blanket. Typically, with this method, it turns out somewhere 7 liters of juice. But how to survive juice from an apple without juicer, not for winter blanks, and in order to drink it right away? It will be useful to such a wonderful kitchen device, which is in any house. it is called garbaged, thanks to him you can quickly make juice or apple puree for one person.

Also apple juice can be obtained by cutting an apple very finely, and then pushed him in a bowl and adding sugar.

Thanks to the sugar, the juice from the apple stands out much faster. In any case, cope with the question of how to squeeze juice from apples, it is easiest with the use of juicer, especially this device is useful to hostesses that have an apple garden. The store has many options for juicers who have a number of functions, which will help choose not only the functional juicer, and the one that would come in financial plan. After all, the juicer will not only save money in the future, which were invested in it, but will significantly reduce the time of production of juice.

Apple juice is widely used not only as a drink, but also as a component for cooking sauces. In the autumn period, when the harvest of apples reaches a peak, for those who have their own apple garden, it’s hot. There is no doubt that with due organization of storage, late varieties may well remain fresh enough. However, in some cases, it is preferable to squeeze delicious and useful juice from these fruits.

How to squeeze the juice of apples without juicer if the harvest is assembled and does not tolerate the delay? Experienced hostesses cope with the task without problems, even in the absence of comfortable kitchen equipment (especially considering the cost of modern juicers). So, to get juice from apples, we will need a grater, barley, gauze and sugar.

apple, juice, juicer

It is desirable that the grater was fairly small, the device is ideal for making a pediatric puree, which is explained by the presence of frequent blades. It is also recommended to pay attention to the material of the grater. It is known that the metal contributes to the oxidation of fruits, including apples, while plastic retains all the beneficial properties of the product (by the way, most children’s grands are made precisely from plastic).

Before starting apples, the fruit should be rinsed well using the brush. If the apples are homemade and did not spray any chemicals should not use soap. Especially large fruit should be cleaned from a rigid core, which makes it difficult to grind. For the same reason, all apples are cleaned and from the peel, which does not even give juice.

Prepared apples are first wiping with a brush, and then the obtained puree is pressed through a gauze folded in several layers. If you plan to make juice with flesh, it is enough to use only 2-3 layers of gauze. Pressed mass for a couple of hours is put under the oppression, as it also contains enough juice. Juice, before being sunk in banks, is boiled several times for sterilization. You can add sugar to taste.

How to Make Homemade Apple Juice without a Juicer

Calorie and chemical composition

Apple Fresh is not just a tasty and affordable drink, it is rightfully considered a natural storehouse of vitamins and minerals, since it has a richest, multifaceted chemical composition.

It consists of vitamins:

  • Groups in: take part in the energy exchange, normalize the functioning of nervous and cardiovascular systems, get rid of nervous voltage, struggling with depression and insomnia;
  • A: normalizes the visual function, participates in protein synthesis, is required to form new cells;
  • E: prevents the aging of the skin and the body, accelerates the regeneration of epidermis cells, protects against negative environmental impact;
  • C (ascorbic acid): increases the protective functions of the body, helps to fight viruses and infections, strengthens immunity;
  • PP: takes part in protein metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the state of the skin, hair and nails, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

From the mineral components in the composition of juice from apples, you can allocate:

  • Calcium: necessary for the normal formation of skeleton bones, strengthens bone and muscle tissue, helps to strengthen immunity;
  • Magnesium: Rights the functioning of the nervous system, takes part in cellular metabolism, reduces the negative effect of external factors;
  • Sodium: It is necessary for the full growth and development of the body, maintains a normal water-salt balance in cells, adjusts the volume of the liquid;
  • phosphorus: strengthens the toothbrope, takes an active part in the cell division process, provides energy exchange processes in tissue cells;
  • Iron: Improves the composition of the blood, prevents the development of anemia, saturates blood oxygen, strengthens the walls of the vessels and capillaries;
  • Manganese: Improves the work of the nervous system, prevents fat deposition in the liver, normalizes fat and water exchanges;
  • Zinc: Participates in carbohydrate exchange, ensures the normal process of digestion, improves skin condition, strengthens hair and nails.

In addition, apple juice contains fiber, food fibers, pectins. The nutritional value of the product is:

Drink refers to the category of low-calorie products, which have only 42 kcal per 100 ml.

Did you know? Apple juice is the most popular on the territory of its consumption over 35% of other similar products.

Properties of apple juice

Apples are characterized by a rich chemical composition, which causes a wide range of their useful properties and a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body. Due to the high concentration of ascorbic acid, apple juice makes it possible to increase the body’s resistance to the harmful effects of external factors, maintains the normal operation of immunity, is actively involved in the formation of new cells.

Vitamins contained in the drink are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Their disadvantage is able to provoke nervous disorders, depression, fears and nervousness. Regular use of the product allows you to activate brainwriting, relieve stress and stress, increase the learning ability.

A number of mineral components in the composition of juice have a positive effect on the digestive tract, accelerate metabolic processes and metabolism, improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate constipation. Pectins support the normal functioning of the kidneys and liver, reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, contribute to safe weight reduction.

  • Experts recommend drinking useful drinks to people of all ages:
  • He helps to increase the level of hemoglobin, establish the sleep and work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • To the elderly, it helps to prevent the development of atherosclerosis, normalizes pressure, reduces the risk of developing senile marasma;
  • Women juice allows you to preserve youth, prevent premature aging, improve the condition of the skin and hair;
  • For men, an apple drink is useful in that he reduces the risk of developing heart attacks and strokes, makes it possible to quickly restore the forces after exhausting physical and mental loads, helps to eliminate the consequences of a “turbulence”.
  • In addition, apple juice:
  • Strengthens the heart and vessels;
  • increases the body’s tone;
  • has diuretic and choleretic action;
  • protects against radiation;
  • destroys microbes in infectious illness;
  • normalizes night sleep;
  • Rights the functioning of the intestine.

Important! Despite the pronounced therapeutic properties of apple juice, it is impossible to abuse. The maximum daily dose of drink for a healthy adult is 1 liter.

Step 8:

In already sterilized banks, run out just cooked apple juice and immediately close every jar just a boiled lid. Cool jars, turning them over and putting them in a warm place. Top cover them with a blanket or blanket. Let’s leave them so full cool.

Tomatoes in apple juice

My husband loves ordinary marinated tomatoes in vinegar, and I do not like. So, I don’t have marinated tomatoes now?! But no. For yourself, my beloved, I close tomatoes in apple juice. And then I get the maximum pleasure. And most importantly, everything is simple and easy to disgrace!

Issimate apple juice using juicer.

Pour apple juice in a saucepan, put on the middle fire. Foam will be formed. It must be removed. Bring to a boil, but we will not boil. Bring somewhere up to 90 degrees. To keep more vitamins. Then pour over sterilized jars and close with sterilized lids. Jars can be flipped over and left in such a position before cooled.

Apple juice is always relevant. This is a quick way to be filled with vitamins and microelements, for example, in the morning in winter. He will give immediately cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day. Run the process of digestion before receiving breakfast.You can safely give to children and not be afraid that it is in composition, like with juices from shops.Drink apple juice is also recommended to drink for the prevention of a large number of diseases. It helps to remove slags and toxins from the body, which inevitably accumulate in the body of a modern, and a special urban resident.And this juice also without sugar. Because of this, he is even more useful. It can be easily drinking diabetics or people who abandoned the use of this sweetener. The juice also contains a lot of iron, so it is useful to use it to people with reduced glands or at a small-class. Very useful to people who have problems with lungs or often sick bronchitis, as well as those who still have not threw such a bad habit as smoking.Of the two kilograms of apples, approximately 500 ml of juice. It certainly depends on the juiciness of apples. Maybe a little more or a little less.To make completely transparent juice without pulp, you will still need a sieve and pure gauze to cut off any inclusions from juice.

What is this code for what?

Apple juice for the winter at home through the juicer

With the help of juicer recycle fruits faster and most convenient. Now there are many powerful household appliances that helps to cope with a large harvest. Any fruits are suitable for this drink, you can interfere with several varieties. The combination of sweet and sour apples will give the necessary sourness. And add sugar or not you can solve yourself. I personally prefer to prepare a natural drink without adding sugar.

Fruits for drink are selected healthy, without rot. And their freight look is completely unimportant, the main thing is that they are juicy and tasty. Often, I leave not the most beautiful fruits for this, the main thing is that there are not damaged rot.

Fruit preparation is very simple. rinse well in several waters and cut into several parts. Then remove the seed box if there is damage or rot, then carefully free from them with a knife.

apple, juice, juicer

We skip all the fruit slices through the device. Juice merge into a deep saucepan and begin to heat up (but not boiling!).

At this stage you can go banks. Rinse them with clean water with soda and put in the oven for sterilization. It will be enough 15 minutes and 140 degrees of temperature. Covers, by the way, I also sterilize with banks.

On the stove bring the juice to about 90 degrees. This state is when the liquid is almost boiling.

And here is important! Do not bring to a boil, so as not to destroy vitamins, with a fairly high temperature will allow the drink for a long time stored in banks even at room temperature.

In the process of heating, foam is formed on the surface. I recommend not to leave anywhere and constantly remove it by shimmer until the foam stops appearing.

Hot fluid Spill into the same hot sterilized banks and tighten with metal covers.

Juice is ready, and it can be stored in any room for quite a long time. As you can see, the cooking process is very simple, and you will stay to enjoy a wonderful drink and treat close and guests.

How to cook home apple-carrot juice for the winter

I bring to your attention another wonderful video recipe for the preparation of juice for the winter of fresh carrots and apples to say that this option is useful for the juice from carrots and apples. it means nothing to say I think it is and so everyone understands that it is just a breeding of vitamins. So cook and drink health!

Recipe. it does not happen easier:

At the end of the video I liked the poem. funny and, at the same time, very instructive! I wrote it here so that you manage to read.

There is a folk sign: if you bought a kitlet, sausage or sausage, then call to help pussy. Everyone knows: there will not be a cat that he fell into his mouth and do not yawn with carrots, just do it: I will not want to eat a snack rabbit. he does not want to eat. And after you can save carrots and juice.

For the holiday, to the arrival of guests or just so without reason, the cup of invigorating juice will give for strength and vigor. And you more than once thanked yourself for your works!

One of the best ways to use apples. make natural home juice. So that the product retains the maximum of its use, but at the same time stored all year (and sometimes more), it is necessary to pass it correctly. That is, not boiling, namely heated almost to boil.

Although, some recipes provide for prolonged cooking. Then the workpiece will definitely flash long, it will be very tasty, but not so useful.

Today I offered to your attention the recipes for a delicious apple juice at home. There are options with a sludge, juicer and without it. The main thing is that the successful result is always. If, of course, you will comply with all the subtleties described by me.