Electric storage boiler for water heating: selection tips and TOP 12 best models

Storage water heaters (boilers) are a widespread type of household electrical appliances that allow residential owners to create a hot water supply system, regardless of whether they are connected to a central hot water supply.

A household electric storage boiler for heating water is used in the creation of engineering water supply systems in private houses and apartments. We will tell you how to choose the best equipment model, we will tell you what you should pay attention to before buying.

Meet the leading manufacturers in the segment. To facilitate the choice, we have compiled the TOP 12 of the best storage electric heaters with different tank sizes. Everyone will find the right model for themselves.

Boiler lining

The inner surface of the storage boiler tank constantly interacts with water, so it must be as resistant to corrosion as possible. To date, water heaters are on sale, in which the inner surface of the tank is made of the following materials:

Boilers in which the tank has a plastic inner lining are the cheapest, but their reliability is also questionable. Stainless steel tanks are the best. Manufacturers give them a 10-year warranty, and some additionally carry out passivation, increasing the warranty period to 12 years. From the point of view of durability and reliability, such tanks are preferable, but they are not cheap either. The most expensive boilers get a titanium coating, which allows you to extend the service life by several more years.

Enamel-coated tanks are not much inferior to stainless steel counterparts. Thanks to the addition of special additives to the composition of the enamel, it receives the same expansion coefficients as the steel from which the tank itself is made, therefore, when heated, such a coating will not crack. Enamel coating is improving day by day. Today you can find water heaters in which enamel is sprayed with silver ions. Due to this, antibacterial and anti-corrosion properties are increased.

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Some experts note that plastic, enamel and glass ceramics can receive mechanical damage from temperature changes and when interacting with solid particles found in tap water. Nevertheless, enamel and glass-ceramic coating is not the worst option for a boiler, although it is incomparable with stainless steel.

On the other hand, no matter how strong the inner coating of the tank is, the weak points are the same in all cases. These are the welds that are the first to rust. To prevent corrosion of the tank and the “wet” heating element, the design of all modern boilers provides for anode protection. To do this, use a magnesium, titanium or aluminum anode, the tank acts as a cathode. The anode can be called a consumable. It is better to change it every few years, while simultaneously cleaning the heating element and flushing the tank.

Remember that a quality boiler, made according to all the rules, cannot be cheap. The absence of a guarantee or its very short period should also indicate that the manufacturer, to put it mildly, is not sure about the quality of his products and wants to quickly relieve himself of responsibility for it.

Pros and cons of electric boilers

The principle of operation of these devices is this: the entire volume of water in the tank is heated by electric Tane to the temperature exposed temperature. Its optimal value. 55 ° C, maximum. 75 ° C. For heating from zero, it is necessary from 1 to 3 hours of time depending on the initial temperature in the plumbing.

When the maximum temperature threshold is reached, the electric boiler is able to immediately provide a large consumption of hot water while in a simultaneous request from several consumers. Duration of work before cooling depends on the capacity of the tank and the amount of flow. Given these features, we list the strengths of the accumulative heaters operating from electricity:

  • The ability to satisfy the request for high water consumption at the same time from several consumers.
  • The operation of the device does not depend on the pressure in the plumbing and the initial water temperature.
  • Installing and connecting a boiler is much easier than any other water heater. For installation, no permissions are required, smoking channels and ventilation with three-time air exchange is also not needed.
  • Long service life. In most models from different manufacturers, the TEN is protected by a ceramic shell and will not braid from the formation of scale.

Reference. Theoretical efficiency of electric heaters is traditionally the highest, efficiency = 99%. Although in practice, in comparison with the gas column, it is difficult to assess the advantage.

The weaknesses of the water heater of the accumulative type. the limitation of the total volume of hot water supplied and a long heating time of the next portion, when the reserve in the tank was used completely. To aggravate the lack of the wrong choice of boiler in volume, then 2 options are possible:

  • The apparatus with a too roomy tank is heated longer, and in the standby mode it consumes more electric power invested;
  • a small capacity is an insufficient supply of hot water, which is not enough for all needs and you will have to constantly wait until a new portion is heated.

The last significant drawback is the significant size of the storage tank, which plays a big role in the apartment. It is not easy to allocate space in the kitchen or in the bathroom for an apparatus with a capacity of 80 liters, because approximately this volume is needed for a family of 4 people.

All presented models. The best water heaters are in great demand among consumers, have unique design features and are of excellent quality.

For the pool

In order to freely use the pool, its water must certainly be heated, and the optimum temperature for the human body is from 22 to 24 degrees. The 3 meter pool heats up in approximately 2 hours. Today, electrical equipment is especially famous. Inside, a heating element is installed, designed for heating water, covered with several protective layers in order to protect the components from rust.

Each of the models has a pump with a filter, as a result of which the water is not only heated, but also cleaned.

The Swedish manufacturer offers excellent equipment, the power of which reaches 18 kW, it is considered a high indicator and it is necessary to provide voltage 380V. These indicators allow you to heat water up to a temperature of 40 degrees.

The meter turns off the voltage in the heating elements when the pressure drops. Simply connects to the existing electrical network and guarantees constant heating. Despite the small volume of such heaters, they pass through a huge amount of water.

This company produces reliable models, the power of which is generally 3 kW, for this reason it is bought in order to warm up small pools, frame or inflatable, up to 17 m3. Equipped with an automatic RCD, a water level detector, and in addition, the kit includes a temperature gauge and one hose. It is powered by the usual mains voltage of 220V.

With timer

Such devices have modern controls that allow you to set built-in automatic modes, set custom settings and a heating schedule as needed, as well as turn the boiler on and off by timer.

Termex water heaters are compact in size, quickly heat up water, touch control. Knowing the heating time for this device, the user can calculate when the device should turn on so that it has hot water at the time of intensive water consumption. They are made of stainless steel and will fit even into trendy interiors.

TIMBERK products feature double internal tank, stainless steel flat body.

It is distinguished by a large number of operating modes, including night and timer, optical and voice indication of operating parameters, protection against overheating, excessive pressure, against electric shock, high-quality thermal insulation. Equipped with two heating elements, several power modes, a touch panel and a magnesium anode.

With dry heater

When an ordinary heating element heats directly, then a dry heating element heats the air space and the tube in which it is located, without contacting with water. This guarantees the complete absence of corrosion and various deposits. This means that the heating component is suitable, including poor quality water.

An innovative form of co-production between Egypt and France. The system of this water heater is unique and so far no brand has been able to reproduce it. “Vertigo” has simultaneously 2 enameled tanks for heating water.

The device is equipped with a thermostat, which will make it possible to heat water only to the required temperature, high-speed heating Boost is taken into account. Smart devices have a wide range of models, up to 80 liters.

For kitchen

Instantaneous water heater for kitchen Timberk WHE 5.5XTR-H1. The model is designed for the bottom eyeliner. From the inside, a spiral-shaped heating component functions. It turns on only when water enters and is equipped with ceramic protection.

Impurities are retained by the strainer. The system is compact, reliable and heats water quickly. For safety reasons, a resistive sensor is taken into account. someone does not allow the heating element to overheat to extreme temperatures.

How a storage water heater works

The main task of the water heater is to “drive” cold water into the tank, heat it up and give us a hot stream at the exit. Just the same teapot turns out, only the size is much larger. Yes, with the ability to get heated water almost instantly and at any time.

The operation of a typical water heater is quite simple. We have directly the body in which the water tank is located. Between the “outer casing” and the tank there is a layer of thermal insulation, as a rule, this space is filled with polyurethane foam. The very thing that you probably at least once insulated windows for the winter. In a water heater, polyurethane foam is useful to help maintain a high temperature of heated water for as long as possible.

Cold liquid enters the tank through a tube, near the end of which, as a rule, there is a limiter. the “input diffuser”, also known as a diffuser or divider. The purpose of this element is to prevent rapid mixing in large volumes of cold and hot water. And so that the latter comes up evenly, and not in a sharp stream. And in the upper part of the tank there would certainly be a liquid brought to the desired temperature.

An example of a divider (inlet diffuser) of water

Below, next to the cold water supply pipe, we see two objects at once. The thicker stick has a magnesium anode at the end. I will tell you more about it below.

Next to the anode is a heating element, it is also a tubular electric heater, it will also be given special attention later.

Finally, the highest tube remains. I think it’s easy to guess that it serves to take hot water and supply it to your tap. Well, there are still “little things”. there is certainly an external thermostat on the body of the water heater to adjust the heating temperature, its version is installed inside the tank.

Ariston ABS BLU R 80V

The storage water heater Ariston ABS BLU R 80V stands out with a meager heat loss. The device has got a lower water supply, which is extremely convenient in everyday use. Hardened steel serves as the main material from which the tank is made. At the same time, the rounded body is reliably protected by an aluminum plate so that hot water does not lose temperature for a long time.

Literally in 3-4 hours you can reach the maximum heating (75 degrees). With the help of a convenient mounting, the device is easily placed on the wall. Will please users and a capacious 80-liter tank. It is important to note that the water temperature is displayed on a special thermometer.

The best storage type water heater for 80 liters

Such boilers are used in apartments and country houses based on 3-4 people. They are also installed in canteens, hairdressers and beauty salons for uninterrupted supply of hot water.

Electrolux EWH 80 SmartInverter

  • Power: 2000W
  • Tank volume: 80 l
  • Heating time: 150 min.
  • Maximum water temperature: 75 °C
  • Number of heating elements:
  • Dry heater: yes
  • Internal coating: 2

The water heater is equipped with a durable stainless steel tank. There is a multifunctional security system that prevents excess temperature, pressure, provides electrical protection for the device. Superior 35mm polyurethane foam insulation helps save energy when heating.

  • Eco-mode limits heating to 55ᵒС, at this temperature scale does not form, which allows you to extend the life of the device;
  • Intelligent control with an accuracy of one degree;
  • Timer function. for delayed heating;
  • Three heating modes: optimal, fast set temperature, economical operation;
  • Long term tank warranty of 96 months.

Ariston PRO1 R ABS 80V Slim

  • Power: 1600W
  • Tank volume: 80 l
  • Heating time: 177 min
  • Maximum water temperature: 70 °C
  • Number of heating elements: 1
  • Dry heater: no
  • Inner coating: enamel

Reliable water heater with mechanical control. The steel tank is protected by the innovative TitanShild coating, the company’s own development. Also available is the T-Flex option, which allows you to accelerate the heating of water, to save energy, it can be turned off.

  • Design with “wet” heating elements;
  • Easy-to-mount narrow housing;
  • WaterPlus technology is applied, which reduces the mixing of hot and cold water, which increases the return of hot water by 16%;
  • The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase;
  • Power on LED.

Ballu BWH/S 80 Smart Wi-Fi

  • Power consumption: 2 kW (220 V)
  • Number of water points: several points (pressure)
  • Maximum water heating temperature: 75°С
  • Protection: from switching on without water, from overheating
  • Protective anode: magnesium

The third place in the ranking is occupied by a storage tank of 80 liters. Buyers are attracted by the price, ease of management, the ability to connect multiple distribution points, the presence of Wi-Fi, which allows you to turn on the tank remotely through the application so that it heats up at the right time. Installed protections for overheating, connection without water, overpressure, RCD guarantee safety. The digital display shows the connection indicator and the current temperature. There is an economy mode that maintains 55°C.

The tank is attached to the wall vertically or horizontally. Inner surface. stainless steel. Due to good thermal insulation, it holds the temperature for a long time after shutdown.

Stylish, compact tank does not spoil the interior in which.

The only noted disadvantage: the Wi-Fi module has to be bought independently.


  • Power consumption: 2 kW (220 V)
  • Number of waterproof points: multiple points (pressure)
  • Inlet pressure: from 0.50 to 7 atm
  • Overheat protection
  • Maximum water heating temperature: 75 ° C

Cumulative electric water heater for 80 liters. Compact beautiful tank mounted on the wall vertically. Buyers rated a large volume at low weight, low price, ease of electronic control, the possibility of several points of water intake. Convenient color electronic panel displays the current state. connecting to the network and temperature.

Included in the UZO, overheating protection, reverse and safety valves. The maximum temperature at the boiler is 75°C, upon reaching which it switches to economical maintenance. Has 3 operating modes: economical (0.8 kW), standard (1.2 kW), accelerated (2 kW). 2 internal tanks are coated with stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life even in the absence of a magnesium anode.

Zanussi ZWH/S 80 Splendore XP 2.0

  • Power consumption: 2 kW (220 V)
  • Maximum water heating temperature: 75°C
  • Inlet pressure: 0.78 to 5.92 atm
  • Indication: on
  • Water heater control: electronic
boiler, heating, water, apartment, electric

Good quality electric storage water heater 80 liters. Stylish flat tank can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Stainless steel inner lining protected against scale and corrosion by a magnesium anode. Several protections, including RCD, make the tank safe. There is a mode of accelerated heating and economical.

Electronic control, intuitive. The temperature is set with an accuracy of 1°C in the range from 30°C to 75°C. The indication of the internal thermometer is displayed on the indicator. There is a possibility of delayed start, can be controlled remotely.

The disadvantage is only 1: the Wi-Fi module is not included, you have to buy it yourself.

Good reliable boiler. A family of 3 has enough hot water for everyone and everything.

The best storage water heater from 100 liters

Stiebel Eltron PSH 150 Universal EL

  • Power: 3000W
  • Tank volume: 150 l
  • Heating time: 15°C to 65°C. 2.66 hours
  • Maximum water temperature: 85 °C
  • Number of heating elements: 2
  • Dry heater: yes
  • Inner coating: enamel

The water heater tank is made of high quality steel, 2 mm thick. A special anti-corrosion coating is applied to the inner surface. The enamel has excellent adhesion to the metal of the tank, which eliminates delamination. the ingress of air or water between the coating and steel.

  • Multi-level protection: button lock, overheat protection, safety valve;
  • There is frost protection;
  • “Dry” heating elements are applied;
  • The design uses magnesium anodes, which are an additional effective protection against tank corrosion;
  • Three operating modes: automatic, adaptive. adjusted depending on consumption, optimal. with a smooth decrease in temperature to 60 ᵒС.

Electrolux EWH 100 Royal Flash Silver

  • Power: 2000W
  • Tank volume: 100 l
  • Heating time: 234 min.
  • Maximum water temperature: 75 °C
  • Number of heating elements: 1
  • Dry heater: yes
  • Internal coating: stainless steel.steel

Versatile device that can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The inner tank is made of stainless steel. Total water heating time. 234 minutes, heating temperature 75°С. The device is equipped with both a mechanical regulator and an electronic control system.

  • Built-in Bacteria Stop System for antibacterial treatment;
  • If the ambient temperature falls below 4°C, the antifreeze option is automatically activated;
  • Three heating modes with different power: 1.3; 1.7; 2 kW;
  • The high reliability of the device is confirmed by a long-term warranty for the tank. 8 years;
  • Comes with all required fasteners.

Thermex IF 100 V (pro) Wi-Fi

  • Power: 2000W
  • Tank volume: 100 l
  • Heating time: 157 min.
  • Maximum water temperature: 75 °C
  • Number of heating elements: 2
  • Dry heater: no
  • Internal coating: stainless steel.steel

Boiler with a flat body that provides fast heating, accurate temperature setting due to a digital control system with a touch panel, display of water heater parameters using a special screen.

  • Wi-Fi Motion. the latest water heater control technology, allows you to remotely turn on / off, as well as change the parameters of the device;
  • Four operating modes: simple, economical, turbo mode and frost protection;
  • The inner tank is made of stainless steel using G technology.5;
  • Adjustable power. 700-2000 W;
  • Self-diagnostic system generates a fault code, speeds up and simplifies work.

Ariston ABS VLS EVO QH 100

  • Power: 2500W
  • Tank volume: 100 l
  • Maximum water temperature: 80 °C
  • Number of heating elements: 3
  • Dry heater: no
  • Internal coating: electronic

The boiler differs from analogues in the presence of a reliable three-stage protection system with an automatic diagnostic system. Electronic control allows you to set the temperature with a high degree of accuracy. the current readings are shown on the display. Two internal tanks allow you to implement the fast heating function and prepare half the volume of water in just 53 minutes.

  • Tank warranty. 5 years;
  • Safety valve included
  • Innovative AG enamel coating provides first-class protection against corrosion of the tank;
  • The apparatus has three “wet” type
  • Heating elements with nickel-chromium heater and “anti-scale” effect;
  • High tank strength. withstands 16 atm.

Ballu BWH/S 100 Smart WiFi

  • Power consumption: 2 kW (220 V)
  • Tank volume: 100 l
  • Number of water points: several points (pressure)
  • Maximum water heating temperature: 75°C
  • Protection: from switching on without water, from overheating
  • Protective anode: magnesium

Stylish large boiler mounted to the wall vertically or horizontally. Comes with good mounting hardware for mounting. Buyers are satisfied with the presence of a temperature indicator, a timer, all kinds of protection against emergencies, excellent thermal insulation, water disinfection mode. Heats a full tank of hot water in 3.8 hours. The inner lining of the tank is stainless steel.

Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of remote control by phone. Conveniently, when leaving work or going to the country, turn on the tank so that you can immediately take a shower upon arrival.

Warranty period. 8 years, which indicates good reliability.

When buying, be sure to check if there is a Wi-Fi module in the kit, often they are not equipped with a water heater.

No one found significant shortcomings, but noted the lack of backlight on the display and the self-diagnosis system.

The increased reliability of the tank does not negate the regular preventive cleaning of scale and rust, and, if necessary, the replacement of the anode and heating elements.

How to choose

The design features of the instantaneous and storage water heater device affect the service life, energy savings and the quality of water heating.

  • Magnesium anode is an important detail that is in the capacity of almost every modern boiler. It gradually dissolves, starting the process of cathodic protection against rust and scale, so that it does not settle on heating elements. With the formation of a thick layer of plaque, the heating element consumes more energy and heats the water worse, which eventually leads to unnecessary loads and failure. The anode is periodically pulled out and checked for wear, replacement is performed every 1-2 years.
  • TEN of the closed type (the spiral is hidden in the case) or open. The second heats up faster and is cheaper (however, it requires regular replacement), while the first better protects against the potential danger of electric shock and lasts longer. By materials, they are divided into copper, brass, stainless and silver-plated. According to the type of flange (a spiral, a thermostat and an anode are attached to it), there are clamping stamped (RF. without an anode holder) or cast (RCA PA, RCF, RDF, RCF OR, RNSA and others, depending on the model).
  • The inner coating of the tank can be cheap plastic and high-quality metal made of stainless steel or coated with titanium enamel, sometimes a relatively inexpensive glass-ceramic layer is used, but it does not like temperature changes and heating above 60 degrees.
  • Pay attention to the presence of a strainer at the end of the pipe for water purification from heavy impurities.

For permanent use in an apartment, it is better to give preference to an electric boiler for 30-50 or 50-100 liters (depending on the number of people). A gas or electric flow device is very economical for summer cottages and apartments.

On the other hand, flow boilers are less demanding on the parameters of a single-phase 220/230 V power supply. In any case, the decision when choosing a boiler or instantaneous water heater is made individually.

Experts can only suggest and help compare the characteristics of each model. In some cases, both devices are installed at once in order to combine them separately for kitchen and bathrooms on different floors in a large house.