The boiler does not warm or warm hot water: cause and solution

Gas boilers are designed to create comfortable conditions for existence. Double-circuit units provide residential premises with heat and hot water in the crane. But it happens that the working boiler is bad warm water and does not give the necessary comfort.

From how the boiler works, the degree of efficiency of the entire heating system depends. If malfunctions in the gas boiler itself, it may adversely affect the efficiency of the entire system and be the reason for excessive energy resources. What happens when the boiler stopped warm water? We will analyze the causes and ways to solve this problem.

Principle of operation of the boiler

To figure out the causes of the breakdown, you need to understand how the boiler works. Double-circuit devices “Ariston”, “Baksy” and other models have multiple blocks. In the gas unit, ignition and burning occurs, the water assembly is responsible for the supply of water and pressure in the highway. The chimney block displays combustion products to the street.

As soon as you run the boiler, the pump is triggered, which pumps water into the system. Opened gas valve. The liquid circulates along the heat exchanger tubes, and the burner evenly warms its body. Sensors control the heating process. As soon as the temperature reaches a given, gas supply is turned off, heating stops.

When the temperature begins to decline, the sensors will send a signal to the control module. the heating cycle will start again.

When the mixer is opened, the flow sensor works. It gives a signal to switching a three-way valve to heating DHW. When the mixer closes, the valve switches to the heating system. Some models are equipped with Quick Start Mode. Then the valve periodically switches, heats up and first, and the second heat exchanger.

Types and causes of faults

If the bucksy boiler stopped working normally, then you can perform repairs on your own without referring to specialists. But you can only troubleshoot in case the breakage is small and easily eliminated. If you have never come across the repair of boilers, then in this case you should not risk. please contact the master.

  • The burner of the boiler does not turn on or goes out;
  • It is impossible to light the boiler;
  • When the boiler is running in the cam chamber, cotton is distributed;
  • overheating boiler;
  • Max becomes insufficient. Heating temperature of the coolant;
  • During the operation of the equipment there is a strong noise;
  • Outlooking one of the system sensors.
  • moisture fell into the boiler;
  • The quality of the coolant used is low;
  • The gas pressure decreased in the gas pipeline or the difference has happened;
  • In the power grid, there was a voltage difference;
  • Installation of the heating system was carried out with errors.

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Does the exfolural tank for the wall gas boiler BAXI?

The volume of the built-in expansion tank of the BAXI boiler is listed in the characteristics and for the ECOFOUR series is 6 liters to answer the question of its need for a separate heating system. you need to know the total volume of this system.

It is not so difficult to calculate it: the volume of filling the boiler and radiators is in their characteristics, and the volume of pipeline filling can be calculated, knowing their diameter and total length. Water, after heating at 80 degrees, Celsius will increase in the amount of approximately 4-5%, therefore, the recommended volume of the expansion tank is 8% of the total volume of the heating system in the case of water filling and 12%. in case of using antifreeze as a heat carrier (thermal coefficient Antifreeze extensions more). Thus, the standard expansion tank will be sufficient for the heating system for about 75 liters when using water and up to 50 liters when using non-freezing fluid.

Data Conditional figures (with a margin) and when selecting the capacity of the expansion tank, you need to be guided by the design calculations of a specific heating system, or manufacturer’s recommendations.

In most cases, the built-in pot of the boiler is quite enough and the decision to apply the individual additional tank is made by experts at the design stage.

Grows pressure in the heating system in the wall-mounted boiler

The presence of a stable operating pressure in the heating system (1. 2 bar) is the key to the safe operation of the two-king gas boiler. The boiler will not start if the system pressure will be less than 0.6 bar, with more than 3 bar there is an emergency reset of water.

water, cold

This is usually this happens: the pressure is slowly growing (sometimes you may not notice this and leave for a few days) until the safety valve is triggered (usually at 3 bar). And so several times, by cycle. As a result, flooding the floor in the kitchen, furniture and mood is spoiled.

Autonomous heating system (not connected to the water supply). It is essentially a closed loop that can heated with a gas burner. But to fill this contour of heating with water there is a feeding faucet, and if it passes, the water from the water pipe will leak into the heating system (increasing pressure there).

Well, the second (unlikely) option. in the secondary heat exchanger, the pipes of water supply and heating are located nearby, literally through a thin wall. And if there was a fistula there, it is possible to leap from the water supply system to the heating system (up to level alignment). And if in the water pipeline of cold water the pressure is more than 3 bar, the same pressure over time will be in the heating system. What will lead to the triggering of the emergency valve (and reset part of the water).

What do you need a fuel tap on the gas boiler

Crane feeder serves for primary filling with heat carrier (water) Heating and compensation for the decrease of coolant.

Boiler feeding faucet how to work

Crane filling and feeding compact boilers is usually located below the case near the cold water supply tube. And it is a handmade valve connecting this highway with reverse heating line.

Repair of the boiler feed crane

In most cases, it is not necessary to change the fuel tap at all, it is enough to reset the water pressure in the boiler through the valve, twist the turntable from the crane and replace the small rubber ring on it.

Problems with heating circuit

The pump must be selected according to the requirements of the heating circuit.

Not always failures in the operation of the heating circuit are associated with the malfunction of the main heating element. If the boiler works, but does not heat the battery, the reason you need to search in the wiring itself.

List of main faults Contour heating:

  • The filter on the return or needle crane (Maevsky’s crane) clogged;
  • insufficient power of the circulation pump;
  • The rules of installation of the heating contour with natural circulation are not complied with.

Any of the above problems should be solved before the start of the heating season. Otherwise, the room for several days can remain without heat, as the repair provides for a complete drainage of the coolant.

So why the boiler does not warm the battery if during the previous years everything worked fine? The reason is a mud tube that formed the heating loop on the filter and is completely overlaps the coolant current. It is solved simply. water from the pipes merges or with the help of bypass, its circulation overlaps, the filter is cleaned. To prevent repetition such a situation, it is necessary to complete the replacement of the coolant with parallel washing the entire contour.

In the gravitational system, the tilt of the pipes is key.

The second reason why the boiler works, and the batteries are cold. this is the insufficient power of the circulation pump. The performance of the device is missing in order to timely and efficiently pump the entire volume of the coolant. Or in the house the heating system has branches that are at a substantial distance from the pump. As a result. the circulation pump overheats, the heating equipment works with an energy overrun, and radiators remain cold. Solution. Note Pumping Coolant Device for more powerful.

If the house is a two-pipe heating circuit with natural water circulation, and during the heating season often notice that the boiler is turned on, and the batteries are cold, then the reason lies in non-compliance with the lugway. According to the regulatory documentation, only the slope of the pipes is equal to 10 mm for each tempor not, in the system of heating with natural circulation, will ensure normal movement of the coolant. As a result. uniform heating batteries throughout the house. If the slope is not, there is a stagnation of the coolant, which adversely affects the temperature of radiators. You can solve the problem, completely converted a wiring.

Is it possible to do heating in the garage on tosol for cars?

What fluid to clean the heating systems to choose? Selection criteria are described here.

Use the recirculation pump

The optimal option. the water heater is located in close proximity to hot water fence points. Than he is closer, the faster the hot water will go into the crane, the more effective it is used. If this option of installing the water heater is not possible, then it is recommended to establish a recycling pump.

water, cold

The pump is installed on the segment between the water heater and the points of the hot water fence, providing slow motion of hot water by pipes. In addition, if you embed a heated towel rail on this segment, it will perform its own direct function at any time of the year, regardless of the work of the heating circuit of the boiler.

Principle of operation

Gas boilers are equipment in which natural gas is burned, transforming into thermal energy. Propane-butane or methane is used as fuel.

The principle of operation of the heating device is as follows:

  • Gas under pressure falls into the unit while the spark is automatically supplied to the spark;
  • Gas in the burner is burned from the stobnant;
  • The flame from the burner heats the heat exchanger through which the coolant circulates;
  • With an increase in the temperature above the specified limit, the thermocouple (thermal sensor) overlaps the gas supply valve;
  • When the temperature of the thermocrus carrier is reduced, the valve opens, and the burner is burned again.

The described principle of operation is relevant for automated equipment. In obsolete imported boilers or in budgetary domestic units, the burner ignition and temperature indicators are managed manually by means of a button and regulator.

Planning gas heating, we take into account the minimum allowable gas pressure specified in the equipment parameters. The pressure indicator must correspond to the pressure in the gas distribution network.

Most of the modern Western European boilers are designed for working pressure in 20 mbar (millibar). At the same time, the pressure in the gas distribution networks of the Moscow region does not exceed 15 mbar. What can turn around the difference in these parameters?

In case of insufficient pressure on the network, the wall gas boiler operates with less power than stated in a technical passport. over, in winter, when the consumption of natural gas increases, the pressure in the network additionally decreases. Therefore, in the cold season on the boiler you have to set the maximum temperature settings.

The device of gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber

A gas boiler device can be without a built-in tank, then the expansion tank is installed outside.

In non-automated models, the control unit is shut-off valve, by means of which the gas supply manually overlaps or increases.

Gas boilers varieties

The distinctive characteristic of wall models is a low price and a small power (no more than 100 kW).

The elements of the strapping are integrated into the design of the device

The elements of the strapping in the package of floor boilers are not included, and therefore they need to be installed separately

Depending on the modification of the device, water for the DHW is heated or in the flow, or in a storage heat exchanger.

Instructions for installing equipment on natural traction involves providing good ventilation in the boiler room.

Advantage of this ignition scheme. the possibility of use in the absence of electricity.