The Drum of the Washing Machine does not spin: 7 possible reasons for the recommendation for repair

You habitually loaded underwear, turned on the machine, it scored water and started working. But after some time she suddenly stopped. The program is not completed, things inside, panic approaching, the world turns from one thought about manual washing.

bosch, machine, does, spin, drum, water


We will figure out how to get rid of a breakdown if the drum of a washing machine does not spin. the causes, consequences and options for solving the problem.

bosch, machine, does, spin, drum, water

What can be done right away?

Calm down, turn off the machine with a button on the panel and pulling out the cord from the outlet. We cover the floor with rags, find the drain filter on the front panel from below, put a container under it (a scoop, a suitable container), open it and drain the water. We take out the linen from the machine and understand further.

We determine when the drum stopped. If during the spin, linen in this case will simply be wet, without signs of pose. If when washing, things will be in powder.

You need to try to scroll the drum with your hand. Did not work out? The rotation physically interferes with the foreign body or the failed part. Когда барабан крутится при отключенной машинке, причина прячется в электронике.

The plug of the drain filter is unscrewed counterclockwise, and if you can’t pull it out with your hands, you can use the pliers

And one moment. A frequent consequence of the immobility of the drum is the usual overload. Try to divide the linen in half and restart the laundry with a smaller “volume of work”.

Modern washingrs are equipped with special sensors that control weight: when it is exceeded, they stop the process. In some models, this information is displayed on the display.

Do not forget to check the external conditions that affect the operation of the machine. Some washing rooms are equipped with sensors sensitive to water pressure parameters.

While the user disassembles the device and changes the details, the overwhelmed hose, the bursting gasket or the dirty filter themselves will not report to pay attention.

Common faults of the washing machine

If the unloading did not help, and the drum still stands still, then you should pay attention to the points listed below.

An extraneous item in the drum of a car with front loading, which interferes with its movement. It is impossible to crank the drum manually-the presence of some kind of obstacle is clearly felt.

You can often cope with such a problem yourself. But often you have to dismantle the front panel to get to the machine blocking the work of the subject.

The rotation of the drum depends on the presence and degree of tension of the drive belt. It is he who transfers rotation to the drum from the electric drive (engine). Belt wear, its weakening or rupture can occur both from intensive operation and from prolonged inaction. If the machine is not used for a long time, the belt material is dry and cracked.

In addition, the belt can simply fly off the pulleys, and it will be quite enough to return to place. The replacement or installation of a belt on the axis can also be performed independently by dismantling the rear panel of the machine case.

Wear of the electric motor brushes. As a result of washing the brushes, the necessary contact disappears, the supply voltage is not transmitted to the windings.

During the operation of the washing machine, a gradual erasing of graphite brushes occurs, so they become shorter. Over time, the brushes decrease so much that they cease to tightly touch the collector lamella, which is why the engine power first becomes unstable, and then completely disappears.

Bosch Washing Machine Not Spinning Fixed

Options for breakdowns

The machine picks up water for washing, but does not twist the drum

Reasons for the situation when the washing machine will type water into the tank to start the washing process, but will not be able to promote the drum. dozens. First of all, you should manually check if the drum is spinning.

If it is easily supplied to manual promotion, then, most likely, the problem is associated either with electronics, or with the gap or decline of the electric motor belt. With wear, gap or stretching, it should be completely replaced with a similar.

The drum does not spin when spinning

The drum of the washing machine may not spin with spin for several reasons:

  • The washing program “without spin” or “Delicate washing” has been installed. At the same time, the seas either will not be carried out at all, or the minimum number of revolutions will be installed so as not to stretch things.
  • If the drain is clogged, then the water will not be able to leave the tank and the electronic control unit will not start the squeeze.
  • In case of malfunction of the sensor of the amount of water.
  • Problems with electronics and wiring of the control board are possible.

The drum stopped during washing

The washing machine can stop the washing process if many things have accumulated on one side of the drum. In this case, with an imbalance, strong vibrations occur.

At the same time, the electronic control unit gives the signal to stop the wash, since the imbalance can lead to mechanical damage to the elements of the device and serious breakdowns.

Even to the stop of the washing process can lead to a blockage of hoses, or a breakdown of the water level sensor in the tank.

Always pay attention to the display. on it modern cars display errors codes.

Washing cannot go without heating water, so if the heating sensor malfunctions, the temperature sensor will give a signal to stop the wash and the drum will stand up with the laundry. Touch the door of the door: if it is cold, although the washing mode with heating is selected, then there is a problem with the heating element, most likely it will have to be replaced.

The same thing in the opposite situation is if the water temperature sensor is faulty, then washing will be completed, since the control unit cannot control the current state and, accordingly, give a signal to continue work.

The motor is buzzing, but the drum does not rotate

In a situation where the engine of the washing machine operates, but the tank does not turn out, it may cause its jamming, or mechanical damage to the device.

But the most common cause of such a phenomenon are defects in the electric motor drive belt. He can break or jump off the pulley. In the worst of all cases-when it breaks, it is wound on the shaft of the motor, tearing it even stronger, which is why other elements may suffer.

If foreign objects get into the space between the tank and the drum, the rotation may be difficult or completely blocked.

In case of damage to the heater or thermostat, the corresponding signals from the nodes of the washing machine do not fall on the control software, which leads to the fact that the drum does not start to rotate, although the engine is serviceable.

The drum does not scroll manually, jammed

There are several basic reasons for the complete jamming of the drum of the washing machine: problems with the engine drive belt, problems with the bearing and getting a foreign body into the space between the tank and the drum through the sealing gum.

First of all, the wedge of the bearing is best diagnosed by related signs: it will degrade for a long time, so unexpected breakdown is rare. Most often, for a long time, the bearing will interfere with a strong grinding and rumble when operating a machine. Also, the appearance of the drum backlash is possible, and at the same time it will be rotated as if with an effort.

After that, at one moment the drum will be completely immobilized, it will not work out with your hand either. The reason may be either the degradation of the bearing with the subsequent failure, and its complete destruction. The second case will be accompanied by a strong noise in the last washing before the breakdown.

The drain filter can also make the machine capricious

Modern washing machines include many solutions of automation and scientific research. And therefore, more and more malfunctions can occur as a result of this “mind” of machines. One of these problems is clogging of the drain filter. Yes, surprisingly, even such a nuisance can entail a new problem in the form of a drum refusing to spin.

Most often, this problem affects the newest machines. To correct the situation, you will need to clean the drain filter located below (more often on the right, sometimes on the left) of the washing machine. This is not difficult, and for more detailed information about obtaining access to the drain filter, we recommend that we contact the operating manual.

Here you can read not only the reasons, but also about the ways to eliminate breakdowns, if the drum does not spin.

The belt was damaged, and now nothing can set the drum in motion

The drum in the washing machine is set in motion specially designed for this by a drive belt, and, of course, you can accuse of the reverse process and the drum is also. It may well be that the belt was either damaged or simply flew off the pulley. In the first case, it will need to be replaced, in the second. just put on it back.

Attention! To replace the belt with a new one requires information about the old, and usually it can easily be found on the most worn belt. Such a malfunction can be diagnosed by twisting the drum when the state of the machine is turned off in different directions: if the car is still spinning, then the matter may well be in the belt.

for eliminating a malfunction

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What to do if the drum does not rotate: malfunctions and how to eliminate them

The engine is faulty. The drum drives the drive engine in motion. Depending on the model of the Bosch drying machine, it can be an all.wheel drive engine or ordinary (where rotation is carried out using a belt).

  • burned down the start.up capacitor;
  • The bearing jammed;
  • The winding that creates magnetic induction was damaged;
  • wires or contacts were melted;
  • Mechanical damage to the motor shaft.

Since the motors themselves are expensive, it is customary to repair them in practice, and not change them to new. Bosch engineers provided for this possibility, and unlike the engine of the washing machine, in drying machines they have a modular structure. A separate block failed. not a problem, just replace it.

Cline of the drum bearings knot. The problem is related to untimely maintenance of the drying machine. If the bearings are rusted, then the drum will not be able to spin.

  • Previously, during rotation, the drum was heard a knock;
  • If you open the door and try to twist the drum, nothing will come out or the rotation will be with great resistance and rattle.

The problem is eliminated by the replacement of bearings and an omentum. Such work can be done independently if the desired tool and experience.

Damage to the rollers. There are two types of rollers in Bosch drying machines. stretch and supporting. The tension rollers are used to fix the belt and have pronounced sides, and supporting. for the drum, a bearing block is most often inserted into them.

Faulty rollers must be replaced with new. Since they belong to the class of consumables, the price is low.

The replacement of the graphite engine brushes is required. Graphite brushes are needed to ensure electrical contact between motionless and mobile parts of the engine.

Signs indicating that the brushes erased:

Coal-graphite brushes are not necessary to put from Bosch-they do not differ in composition from any other manufacturer, the most important thing is to choose the right size.

Our experts always have the necessary sets of spare parts with them so that the repair does not delay if possible and is made on the day of diagnostics.

Causes of the drum malfunction

The reasons why the washing machine drum does not spin, there can be a variety of. They can be divided into three main groups:

  • A variety of drive malfunctions.
  • Charter of the energy system.
  • The creation of mechanical forces that impede or make it impossible to rotate the drum.

The procedure for conducting independent repair depends mainly on the correct determination of the problem (so to speak, diagnosis). The reason why the drum does not spin in the washing machine may be electronics. Equal probability can become a problem of carbon brushes of engine. Or the drum stops because the wire from the women’s bra.


The machine can be completely serviceable, but not start the drive of the drum rotation. This nuisance causes excessive linen load. The fact is that modern machines, for example, LG brands, burning, are equipped with a underwear sensor. They simply will not begin to wash, squeeze or perform any other action from which the program begins.

To come to life, it is enough to unload part of the linen or a large heavy thing from the tank. Everything can be washed in several tricks. Washing will take more time, but its mode will be completely safe.

The overload is undesirable for cars that are not equipped with a mass sensor. The drum during work, especially when the squeezer occurs, can grumble very much. The case begins to twitch, the vibrations do not allow the engine to gain rated power. The drive cannot rotate the drum with the desired number of revolutions, as a result, wet underwear gets from the machine and other problems arise.

The drum jammed

The jamming of the drum is a very difficult problem. It will inevitably require a long and painstaking repair, since it is often very difficult to get to the lock point. To do this, sometimes you have to disassemble the entire body.

The drum can most often be jammed in compact washing machines of a vertical layout. The drum of such units has closed sashs. During the washing, the following occurs:

  • Due to the wear of constipation or pressure on their elements in parts of the linen from the inside-the load doors open directly during the rotation of the tank;
  • The structural elements rest against the case, and the drum jams.

Getting an extraneous subject

The thing that falls between the wall of the rotating tank and the case is capable of:

  • jam the drum;
  • cause a significant increase in resistance to the shaft of the drive;
  • deform the structural elements of the tank and make them unusable.

To avoid problems, each thing must be placed inside the machine neatly, you need to strictly observe the order of launching washing. It is useful to pour liquid agents into the tank not at the end of the laying of linen, but in the middle of this process.

The procedure for removing an extraneous object depends on the design of the machine and the size of an undesirable element. The most difficult option of action implies a partial disassembly of the machine body to get to the lock point, or pull out the item.

Bearing malfunction

The bearing unit, as it fails, creates two problems:

Due to the friction of the elements of the bearing group, a metal powder is formed. It quickly oxidizes and goes into the shaft of the tank in the form of reddeners. It is they who allow you to understand that bearings are out of order. Their wear causes a drop in the revolution of the drum, the machine immediately begins to work incorrectly. For example, it may stop squeezing the linen properly.

The extreme wear of the bearings leads to a situation when, when trying to start rotation of the tank, the machine starts to buzz. With a small shock, the horizontal or vertical drum starts to rotate. In this case, the bearing block must be changed immediately.

The drum rotates with the hand

If the drum rotates with the hand, but when starting with regular means, the machine refuses to work, it is always about a break in control or functional circuits. If we consider the washing room, launched using mechanical relay, check the state of contact groups.

In automatic units, the refusal of starting rotation during the free course of the drum means a wiring break. Perhaps the heating se soldering points were fired, and the system refuses to work. Or for some reason, there was a break in one of the wires, for example, due to an excess and local overheating. Another possible option is a high or low network voltage, which is why automation refuses to run the drive.

The drive belt in the engine broke

The electric drive transfers rotation to the drum shaft using a ring belt. Over time, it can dry and crack. And at one point, due to a jerk of the load, it is torn. Repair is not difficult.

You need to buy a complete belt by looking at its marking on the outer surface. Or pick up the wedge similar in length and configuration. The new belt is installed in a regular place and stretched using the shock.absorption group of the engine.

Damage to the software module

Despite the undoubted reliability of electronics, the software control module may fail. The cause of the breakdown may be water spilled on the upper surface of the case. With problems with control electronics, the machine may not gain liquid, set the incorrect engine speed, violate the program of the program or unexpectedly interrupt the washing.

Serious problems in the power circuits of engine control always mean a complete refusal of the software control unit. In this case, his self.diagnosis system determines the problem. An error is displayed on the display, or a certain combination of diodes is on fire. For the repair you will need the help of a qualified specialist.

Wear of coal brushes

The main consequence of the wear of coal brushes is a decrease in the area of ​​mutual contact of groups of elements through which engine currents flow. As a result:

  • the drive is warming;
  • Excessive sparking is formed;
  • It is impossible to transfer sufficient power to the engine;
  • With a critically large wear of the brushes, the drive does not start.

The drum rotates, but slowly

This problem can be considered comprehensive. If the turnover of the drum has ceased to gain to regular importance, the cause may be an interval closing of the drive windings, malfunctions in electronic control. However, most often simple adjustment is required.

The belt transmitting the moment from the engine shaft to the drum is constantly experiencing jerks. As a result, it stretches over time. A sufficient amount of rotating moment ceases to act on the shaft of the drum due to the fact that the belt begins to slip through the pulleys.

Repair consists in increasing tension. This is done using special elements that change the distance between the engine shafts and shaft. This operation can even be done by a person without special skills.

Fault prices

Approaching an application online. You are guaranteed to receive a discount for repairs.fifteen%.

are valid in the period from 01.ten.2022 to 31.ten.2022.

Service price time guarantee online order
Front replacement from 400 ₽ 15-30 minutes 2 years Discount (-15%)
Replacing brushes from 440 ₽ 25-40 minutes 2 years Discount (-15%)
Engine repair from 800 ₽ 30-90 minutes 2 years Discount (-15%)
The drums are stuck from 300 ₽ 15-90 minutes 2 years Discount (-15%)

The main reasons when the drum does not spin due to breakdowns that have arisen

We immediately want to note one similar problem, but not related to this issue. This is when the drum stops during the washing, and to be more precise, then during the squeezing.

Flew, stretched or broke the belt

The drive belt is used in almost all Bosch washing machines, with the exception of those models that have a direct drive. With the help of a belt, the engine drives the drum during washing or spinning.

During the rotation of the drum, the belt always gets an increased load, and has a constant property of losing elasticity. That is, over time, even the best belt, it will stretch and will fly during the high revolutions of the drum. For some time it can be worn back, but this is not seriously.

When the belt breaks, such a cotton occurs, similar to the explosion of firecrackers. Most often this happens during the spin, and the drum immediately ceases to spin. In this case, only one option remains is to replace the belt.

Bosch torn belt on a new product from 2022. WLK 20246

Graphite engine brushes erased

When the brushes on the engine wear out (shortened), the contact with the collector disappears, the engine stops due to the lack of an electromagnetic field. EP is necessary to create the driving power of the electric motor.

These brushes into engines, nothing more than consumable, so there is nothing unusual in such a breakdown. With intensive wash, brushes are erased to the base for 12 months. Replacing brushes in Bosch washing machines is easily done, although you have to disassemble the engine. Understand that the time has come to replace it easily, before the complete stop of the drum, these brushes will spark. The next photo shows the brushes erased to zero.

Whested graphite brushes that have worked for 8 years at an average load (1-3 washing per week)

The engine does not work

If the engine is faulty, then the drum will not rotate, if if you try to scroll it manually, you can do this without problems. Electric motors in Bosch washing machines are installed original, from Bosh himself. That is why, they break very rarely, and most often some element comes out of the system, and not immediately the engine itself.

The motor consists of small bearings, windings, electronic components, rotor, and other components. That is, in fact, this is a real engine, only in motion the drum leads, not the machine.

The engine replacement is very rare, in other cases it is always possible to repair it. Surprisingly, modern technical means allow you to make such a complex repair at home, without loss of quality.

This is what a regular engine from the Bosch Max 5 washing machine looks like

Diagnostic mode

Washing machines bring the user to the display or through indicators not all the errors described below. To obtain the most complete information, there is a diagnostic mode, which can be included in the sequence of switching of the governing bodies. Consider the example of the Bosch Maxx 5 model (similarly to Bosch Maxx 6 and Bosch Maxx 7).

  • Turn the machine into the network, close the door.
  • Translate the program selector to a vertical position.
  • Wait 2-3 seconds.
  • Transfer the selector to position 8.
  • Wait for the flashing button start/stop.
  • Press and hold the “Explust Turnover” button.
  • Transfer the selector to 1 position clockwise.
  • Let the button.

On the display of the washing machine or through the combination of indicators, the last malfunction of the machine will be displayed.

To start new testing, you need to choose a program for analyzing a selector.

Position Tested element
3 Engine
four The pump is drain
5 Ten
6 Hot water bay valve
7 Water bay valve for. and bds. Washing
eight Water bay valve for. Washing
9 Water bay valve for bias. Washing
ten Sound signal test
eleven Auto Test
12 Auto test mechanics
13 Autotest is not a mechanic
fourteen Quick Auto Test
fifteen Quick Auto Test

Error codes

Error code Malfunction Causes and methods of elimination
F01 Luke door is not closed Make sure the door of the door and the presence of a characteristic click when closing. Perhaps the locking device or closing sensor failed. The door knot can be replaced in whole or disassemble and replace the necessary: ​​loop, tongue-fixer, etc.D.
F02 Water does not enter Verify:

Next, it is necessary to repair the motor. If necessary. change.

The fence valve or drain pump is broken.

How to eliminate breakdowns yourself?

It was said above that some problems in the washing machine, which caused the immobility of the drum during washing, can be eliminated independently. We note right away. far from always and not everyone succeeds.

An extraneous item in the drum

Masters for repairing household appliances can probably tell that, despite the urgent recommendations, check the linen and clothes laid in the camera, that only by chance does not fall into the washing machine!

bosch, machine, does, spin, drum, water

Items of small sizes that do not have sharp corners (the “classic” example. coins), most often go to the drainage filter or linger in the rubber cuff of the round opening of the hatch.

Self.tapping screw extracted from one of the holes of the drum.

The most dangerous for the drum are thin long and sharp metal objects, for example, the reinforcing “bone” from the bra, nails or screws. If any of this falls through one of the holes of the drum into the inner space, then at best during washing the car will make extraneous sounds, and rusty spots will begin to appear on the clothes over time. However, this is hollow. Such a metal hindrance can jam the drum or break through the plastic outer tank, which is already threatened with a serious leak. In this case, a major repair of the washing machine will be required.

A washing machine broken by a sharp metal object.

If the drum jammed, and there is a suspicion that this happened due to such a hard long object, then a number of diagnostic measures should be performed and try to extract it out.

  • The first thing to do is to take a powerful flashlight and try to determine the whereabouts of the subject. For a better view, you will have to put your head into the hatch of the machine, and put the turned on the flashlight on the bottom of the washing chamber so that it can illuminate the inner space. Most often, such an examination gives the result, and the subject, if it really is, is detected.
  • If in one of the holes of the drum the “bone” from the bra or something like that was stuck, then its end should be visible. In this case, it will not be difficult to get it. for this it will require pliers with which the sticking end is captured, and a foreign object is carefully pulled out.
  • If the interference is not visible, or it cannot be taken through the hole of the drum, then you can try to extract it through the niche in which the heating element is installed:.

Ten dismantling to obtain access to the lower part of the tank.

Bosch washing machines prices

If, for example, a self.tapping screw hit the space between the drum and the tank, or in one of the gaps between them, then its extraction should be entrusted to specialists. The fact is that washing machines can have a collapsible or unlimited (soldering) tank If the tank is collapsible, then to get an extraneous object, stuck between the internal walls of the tank and the external drum, you will have to completely dismantle them from the case of the machine. That is, to disassemble it almost completely.

When assembling the two departments of the tank, the joint between them must be tightly sealed, otherwise constant leaks with all the ensuing (it turns out, in the literal sense of the word) negative consequences will occur getting a stuck item from a whole tank will be much more difficult. operations to open more serious. And after repairing the tank, it is necessary to make it again sealed, which at home is very difficult, if not any more.

Some publications propose an option with removing the pulley and unscrewing the drum, which must be lowered to the bottom of the tank in order to move the stuck object from the place. However, if there is no experience in the repair of washing machine vehicles, then following these tips is not recommended for these tips. This can seriously harm the device and aggravate the situation, which will increase the cost of repairs.

Bag-suck on a zipper for washing bras.

In order not to encounter such unpleasant moments, it is strongly recommended to carefully check the s before loading linen into the machine and remove all the contents from them. If there are lightning s on your s, then they should be fastened. Foreign objects can fall into the folds of large objects of linen or clothing, hide inside the duvetail or pillowcase.

How to prevent problems?

To try to avoid other incidents listed in the article and other incidents, it is better to be safe and fulfill simple rules. They will not only increase the durability of the washing machine, but also make its operation more convenient.

  • If a protective shutdown or a differential machine is not provided for a home power grid for the machine, it is recommended to purchase a model of an RCD installed in a socket or even instead of a fork on a power cord of a machine.

This measure will protect the owners from an electric blow in case of breakdown of the phase on the case of the machine or in other situations caused by a current leakage. The use of an RCD is recommended in any case, well, if the machine is installed in the bathroom, with its traditional tightness and an increased level of humidity, to operate it without a differentiated protection device is deadly without exaggeration.

  • Do not overload the drum of the car, excessive amount of linen. It is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Lingerie when loading should be distributed as evenly as possible inside the drum.
  • Before loading the laundry, do not forget to very carefully check the s of clothing, extracting all the items from them.
  • Molniya castles on s or other clothing sections before washing should be fastened.
  • Bracials and corsets with rigid reinforcing inserts must be washed in special bags-bags that are closing on a zipper.
  • It is very important to observe the frequency of cleaning the machine from scale by specialized means. Washing powders should be used, observing their optimal dosage, that is, do not load in the compartment of excess number.

Modern washing machines can independently evaluate their condition. And according to the results of this self.diagnosis, to submit an “encrypted message” to the owners, indicating localization, and sometimes even a specific detail of the malfunctions. If desired, you can find on the Internet tables with fault codes for your model. the search for problems will be greatly simplified.

What malfunctions and how are the Bosch washing machines

These household appliances are famous for their reliability and durability, but everything happens. Thanks to the self.diagnosis system and the codes table, the owner is easier to figure out what his faithful assistant “got sick”. About what malfunctions of the Bosch washing machines happen, and how to deal with them. read in the special publication of our portal.