Installing the facade on the dishwasher: instructions and patterns

If you bought a built-in dishwasher, then you now cost some difficult tasks. With some of them, you already probably got acquainted earlier. Indeed, in many respects, these household devices are similar. the same connection to the plum, accession to the power grid. However, a new task appears in front of you. fastening, installation of the facade to the dishwasher. Many believe that this occupation for furniture assemblers, however, with their own hands to establish the facade does not cause much work. In this article we will tell that it can come in handy for such work.

The facade of the dishwasher is a decorative panel element made of furniture materials. The main goal of the facade is to hide a dishwasher in kitchen furniture, making it part of the kitchen interior.

Dishwashers that are fully embedded, are usually a depth of 450 mm or 650mm. The hanging facade of such devices has the following advantages:

  • There is no need to pick up the appropriate color of the car, it perfectly fits into the interior because it is a common part of the kitchen;
  • The control panel buttons are almost not noticeable, children will not randomly press them;
  • has soundproofing qualities, the sound of the dishwasher is not so heard.

The dishwasher panels are made of fine fraction, it is a fiberboard, which has an average density of the plate thickness, is usually standard 16 mm (furniture thickness) and covered with film completely repeating texture, texture and furniture color.

In some models of dishwashers, the open door can be fixed only after the installation plate is installed.


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Dishwasher products

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Embedded dishwasher V-ZUG ADORADISH V2000 AS2T-41109

Embedded dishwasher V-ZUG ADORADISH V2000 AS2T-41109

Embedded dishwasher ADORADISH V2000 is very economical and easy to use. Special ECO program while working repeatedly uses water, the drain occurs only before rinsing. An additional energy saving program saves electricity consumption and lowers the temperature during operation. Water transparency sensor allows trace.

Description and parameters of Adoradish V2000 AS2T-41109


Class of washing. quite complicated for understanding the category, which is determined using test tests. control washing of specially contaminated dishes. If the dishes turned out to be perfectly clean, the car is assigned class A. Class C correspond to “Minor Pollutions”.

In fact, the vast majority of models presented in the market have a class A or B, while we are not sure if the user can distinguish them in real, and not laboratory conditions.

Almost all dishwashers (except miniature desktops) are now equipped with three water sprinklers. lower, middle and upper. Nizhny. as a rule, the biggest. The classic design is a rotating “rocker” with holes, of which water flows under pressure.

However, there are more exotic designs. For example, Electrolux in the dishwashers of the middle and high price segment uses this variant of the lower sprinkler.

At one of the ends of the rotating “rocker”, the ring is located. and it also rotates

The average sprayer is usually the “rocker” smaller and is located under the top (medium) basket.

Top is located on the ceiling of the washing chamber. At best, this is another “rocker”.

But sometimes to simplify the usual splashing nozzle.

Sprinkling nozzle instead of a “rocker”. But at least rotating.

Summing up: in general, the identity of the structure most often ensures the identity of the result: most modern dishwashers wash the dishes approximately the same. There is even an opinion (although we do not have an objective evidence of its correctness) that now the sink efficiency is more dependent on the correctly selected fund than from the dishwasher.

True, the inventive minds of engineers constantly come up with something new. well, for example, as mentioned above the original design of the lower sprinkler.

And, of course, if you are a peekistra. it is better that the “rocker” stood from above, and not the nozzle. At least for some reason we met nozzles only in budget models.

Methods for fastening furniture facades to dishwasher

It is important not only to choose the facade for the dishwasher, but also to establish it.

Depending on the method of installing the vehicles itself, the facade can be mounted by:

  • Full setup. In this case, the facade completely hides the body of the equipment;
  • Partial embedding. the door closes only the main part of the machine, and the control panel remains in sight.

And according to the method of fastening, two methods of installation of doors are distinguished:

Hinged facades guarantee a uniform distribution of the load between the doors of furniture and equipment. The disadvantage of such a solution is only a complex fixture device and the presence of a gap between the doors.

In the system pantograph facade attach directly to the door of the car. The main advantage of this method is the absence of gaps between the doors. the dirt and moisture will be able to accumulate there. In addition, Pantograph does not require the presence of a complex synchronization design, which is used in attachments.

How to install facade

It is necessary to equip the decorative panel after the dishwasher will be installed at its permanent location and is connected to power supply and water. It should be put in the prepared niche, and only after that you can start installing an element.

For work you will need:

  • Folding meter.
  • Screwdriver with the right tip.
  • Fasteners.
  • Element for opening the door (handle).
  • Facade panel.

Important! Usually, the manufacturer of the embedded equipment to the general set adds the instruction by the method of fastening the finished facade, the finished template for conducting markup. And Bosh and Siemens are equipped with a special screwdriver.

But how is the installation of an embedded two-chamber refrigerator Liebherr, it is very detailed here.

Beko dishwasher DIN28R22. DIY install built-in integrated dishwasher

Bosch technique is often equipped with a facade

But what kind of oven choose a gas or electric and which parameters should be paid attention to, it will help to understand this information.

  • Before installing the decorative panel of the facade, first it is necessary to fix the car to the walls of the cabinet and the countertop.
  • On the front side fastened fastener: with a drill prepare the desired hole on the outer part, this method will help to avoid possible chipping.
  • Then the cost of places for the fasteners of the facade is made, it is necessary that all the details of the furniture coincide in height: both at the table top and the cabinets.
  • Meet the gaps that are located between the Tumba and the tabletop, conditionally call it x, and the height from the top of the facade to the table, it will be.
  • To calculate, it is necessary from y to take away, the value will be equal to the distance of the fastener to the facade.
  • After that, take a ready-made pattern, and secure it with the help of a tape inside the part as you have already calculated. Do not forget about the Russian Proverb: Seven times will die.
  • On the template to accommodate the location of the fastener, but you do not need to drill!
  • Now you can proceed to fixation of parts by screws.

Repeat on opening / closing the door, and if you like everything, then your work will be over.

But what are the models of the two-chamber refrigerators of Atlant and how to install them in the kitchen correctly, it is indicated in detail here.

If you find it difficult, then the position of the legs should be adjusted. either twist, or screw them out for the situation. And if there is an emphasis in the cabinet of the cabinet, you can make an additional gap just a few millimeters so that all the doors can freely open.

These recommendations are suitable for installation of the facade by 45 or 60 cm of the machine, the main thing, correctly make calculations of the places of fasteners.

Features of the selection and installation of the facade for different models

Resperating manufacturers do not leave without the help of their buyers, and such giants like Bosh and Siemens supply ready-made drawings of facades to their embedded technique. Also worth paying their attention to the independent electric oven Bosch HBG43T320R

Facade drawings on Bosch dishwasher

You can safely go to the building materials market, and it is precisely the variety of color and finishing, which is recommended by the manufacturer of dishwasher.

You can also be interested in information about what looks like and how the built-in two-chamber refrigerator Nou Frost.

The consumer will only have to make the right markup on the finished product, and consolidate the decorative part to the tabletop and the walls of the cabinet. Also with a narrow built-in dishwasher in this material.

Examples of models

With the advantages and disadvantages of the dishwasher with the open panel, we figured out, now let’s see what specifically the models of such machines today offer us the market. The offer is small, so the review will be short.

Let’s start an overview from the dishwasher Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55. This is a compact model, partially embedded, which can be used and as a freestanding. It accommodates 8 sets of dishes and is able to wash the dishes using 5 programs. The model is completely protected from leaks, has a width of 60 cm and a bunch of different functions. Well made timer deferred start. You can postpone the start of the program execution from 1 to 24 hours. The machine is expensive. The current cost, taking into account the 733 dollar discount, but what can you do, the notorious survication for exclusive.

SMEG PLA6442X2. And this is a bright example of a full-size dishwasher with an open panel. Cheap it will not be able to buy it, but in contrast to the previous model, it accommodates 13 sets of dishes. You can wash the whole mountain. She is stuffed, like all the machines of Swam, under the string:

  • Display and modern electronic control;
  • 9 washing modes;
  • half load function;
  • protection against child intervention;
  • full protection against leaks;
  • sensor controlling water purity;
  • A set of indicators showing the presence of salt and rinse and T.D.

The reliability of the car is also no doubt among specialists, but to lay out for this reliability will have a lot. The average model price is about 1135 and this is still subject to discount.

Siemens IQ500 SK 76M544. Another compact dishwasher model having an open panel. Baskets of this typewriter can accommodate 6 sets of dishes, but the washing chamber is not large enough so that large items can be washed in it. The machine works quietly, there are six programs in it and a huge variety of different functions, including exclusive type Vario Speed ​​Plus or Extra Dry. Related Model Low noise while working and good efficiency. The average cost of 932 dollars.

Here you were convinced that dishwashers with an open panel can be very advanced in technical terms, but also the price of them is sometimes huge. Stand or not these cars of their money? Specialists and manufacturers say that they are, but we will not believe them on the word. Let’s see what people will say, possibly their feedback Space the light on our main question.

built-in, dishwasher, open, control, panel

Opinions of people

Acquired Siemens IQ500 SK 76M544 last year. Very good car, and the main thing is small. Dishes accommodates a bit, but I have one of this roomy enough. Launders almost any dirt, even the old frying pan in this typewriter updated over time. The countdown burns the countdown and always seen how much time it remains until the end of the sink. Such a “chip” is not every typewriter, and my Siemens looks unusual, nor like everyone else. Five points!

Siemens IQ500 SK 76M544 performs its function without complaints. Well recycle tablets 3 in 1. Powder I have not tried yet, but I think, and with him she will wash fine. We live together with your son, so we have enough such a little dishwasher, for a big family she will not fit. It is expensive. Referrally recommended!

My recommendation is conditional from the fact that the price of the model is too overestimated. In my opinion, it is not justified by the cost of the manufacturer, but maybe I am not right.

Very stylish dishwasher SMEG PLA6442X2 with control panel, which is always at hand. It is made of very good materials and at first glance produces a favorable impression. Much can a lot. Half of the functions I do not understand yes and do not use them. I am enough that she is perfectly washing the dishes and does not break, in the rest let experts understand. Recommend!

Alena, G. Krasnodar

Last year’s dishwasher Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 did not even withstand the year, broke. Heated heating element. Replaced it for free because the warranty has not yet ended. Now she is over, and I’m waiting with horror that something else will break. Dishwasher dear and I would not want to lose her. Maybe it’s just a factory marriage, and maybe the fact that Bosch has cursed, began to make the technique “on the floor of the whistle”.

In the year before last, I purchased my first dishwasher Hansa ZWM 416 WH 45 cm wide. The experience of its operation was unsuccessful. First, as it turned out, I don’t need such a big machine, as I don’t accumulate so many dishes, and secondly, she broke out for the first time in five months, and then there was a second and third breakdown. As a result, the typewriter had to be used on parts.

After some time, I have acquired a reliable and expensive car Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 compact sizes. Ask what “compact” means? Very simple, this machine has very small dimensions of 60 x 50 x 60 cm. I put this “crumb” right on the edge of the kitchen countertops and I use it as needed. Very pleased, because the dishes always glitters and scrapes the cleanliness!

So we found out what is a dishwasher with an open panel. We hope this information is at least a little useful. We tried to be as objective as possible, and if somewhere, attense, “beat a stick”, then forgive us for it. Good luck!

Electrolux ESL LO

Installation type. partially built-in. Water consumption for one work cycle. 9.9 liters. The number of independent programs. 5, and temperature modes. 4. The number of simultaneously loaded standard sets of dishes. 13 sets of dishes. The control unit consists of a set of push-button switches. The machine is equipped with a monitor on which technological information is displayed. Noise level does not exceed 45 dB. Specifications:

  • Quality indicators: washing. class “a”, drying. “a”, power consumption. “A”;
  • Provides a start delay system. The delay time is between 1 to 24 hours;
  • The machine is equipped with a water purity control sensor;
  • For the preservation of glass and crystal, the cup holders are made of soft rubber;
  • It is provided for automatic shutdown from the electrical network after the washing cycle is completed;
  • The process of washing is controlled by a silent indicator of the end of the process, the beam from which is directed to the floor. Thus, you can work with the machine at night;
  • There is a system of protection against leakage type Aqua Control;
  • The inner surface of the working chamber is made of stainless steel. Basket for dishes is equipped with a height control system.
built-in, dishwasher, open, control, panel

In addition, the machine is equipped with the AutoFlex function, which automatically sets the optimal sink parameters.Disadvantage. no “half-load” function.