Independent installation and connection of the dishwasher to communications: Sick the essence

Connection of the dishwasher consists of only 4 stages: Choosing a place of installation, suspension of drain, cold water and electricity. Installation of each of the communications does not represent anything complicated and even electrician-novice. Next, we consider simple step-by-step instructions and a visual video example on how to connect a dishwasher to the water supply, sewage and power grid.

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Of course, there are many models that can be connected to a water supply source. But all users must necessarily comply with the recommendations and rules specified in the instructions for the device.

Deciding to connect a dishwasher directly to hot water, you should prepare a special fill hose. If an ordinary hose is installed, it may lead to serious consequences.

Please note that all water supply hoses must be marked with red and blue. So the consumer can recognize the values ​​at any time.

Features of connecting hot water to dishwasher

To connect the dishwasher, you must first make sure that such an operation is possible in principle. Connection validity is indicated in the manual for the correct operation of the device. In some models, the manufacturer provided the possibility of such a connection. And you can immediately use a combination of two hoses.

What is necessary for work

To organize the supply of hot water, you need to prepare several tools in advance, as well as special material.

  • Water hose capable of withstanding high temperature.
  • Brass Trial Equipped with Valve. For hot water, it does not fit the silhuman snap.
  • Water purification filter.
  • Pliers.
  • Adjustable key.
  • Teflon ribbon.

Technological connection process

To connect the pipeline, you must perform several operations in a specific sequence:

  • turn off the water supply;
  • perform preparation of the pipe output;
  • establish a tee;
  • connect the water hose to it;
  • on the free end to install a filter performing coarse cleaning;
  • Conduct the dishwasher.


It should always be remembered that hot water supply works only at high pressure. Saving a hose can lead to a quick breakage of the entire system. Connection is running strictly according to the instructions. Sealing all compounds must be performed by a special teflon ribbon. Before starting to operate the dishwasher, you must complete a trial launch. It is strictly prohibited for the presence of minimal flows.

note! The dishwasher must necessarily have a grounding. His absence can lead to a strong electrical shock.

Need or not high for dishwashers?

The need to connect to the dishwasher may arise together with the thought of saving electricity, which is usually spent on heating water directly in the apparatus.

Thus, people can not only significantly reduce the time of washing dishes, but also avoid unnecessary electricity costs.

Definitely answer the question whether there is a sense of connection to the DHW, it is quite difficult. This is due to the variety of models. Each dishwasher provides its own power plan that can adjust the impact of such a solution. No less contradictory are the opinions about whether the hot water is harmful to the very cleaning device.

Question of economy

Whether to save? A difficult question, and that’s why:

  • The permissible working temperature at the dishwasher does not exceed 70 degrees, when it is exceeded, the filtering system may fail.
  • Unambiguously needed a coarse filter. in the system of hot water supply a lot of dirt and garbage.
  • Fast failure of hoses and gaskets due to high temperatures.

The only advantage is to reduce energy consumption for water heating.

Instructions for connecting to water supply

As a rule, flexible hoses from pipes with hot and cold water go to the faucet faucet. That is why the most convenient way to connect the PMM is located in the place where such a hose is connected to the plumbing highway. Otherwise, you will have to do insert into the pipe with a tee or a collector with two taps and cranes. When connecting a flexible hose connections with a plumbing tutor with a stop valve to be installed under the sink.

Connecting a tee in a junction of a flexible hose with a tap highway derived from the wall

The shut-off crane in the tee is necessary in order to quickly stop the water supply in case of an emergency. Since most PMM models need only in cold water, one tee will need.

To work should prepare the following tools and materials:

  • a tee with a built-in crane made of brass or bronze, with a 3/4 inches thread diameter (such a diameter is suitable in most cases);
  • input filter of coarse cleaning (if there is no such a dishwasher);
  • fluoroplastic sealing tape (fum-tape);
  • adjustable keys;
  • acute knife.

Two exit splitter with 3/4 inches thread diameter

If the kitchen already has a washing machine or it is planned to install it, the tee should be replaced by a collector for two exits with the same diameter (3/4 inches) and two locking cranes (see. photo above). In addition, some PMM models are equipped with too short filled hoses, a little more than a meter long. If such a length is missing, you will have to buy a new hose in a specialized store.

The filler hose PMM together with the “Akvastop” system

connect, dishwasher, water

To properly connect a dishwasher with your own hands to the water supply, work should be made step by step, in several stages:

  • Discharge water supply to the apartment.
  • Disconnect the flexible hose, bringing cold water to the mixer, from the pipe water pipe.
  • Connect the plumbing pipe with the inlet of the tee or splitter, wound up on the thread of FUM tape.
  • The outlet of the tee or manifold, connect with a flexible hose that goes to the mixer. Do not forget to use FUM tape.
  • To one side of the side discharges, connect the filter and the inlet hose of the dishwasher.
  • If there is a washing machine, connect her inlet hose to the second alloy of the splitter.
  • Check the tightness of all connections by applying water to the main.

On this dishwasher connection to the water completed.

It happens that when installing a dishwasher, you have to redo the fastening and supply of communications

Sometimes the situation does not allow you to install the PMM near the sink. In this case, you have to crash into the tap pipe. If it is made of metal plastic, difficulties will not arise. It is necessary to cut a piece of pipe and install a tee or a collector with press fittings that ensure a reliable connection.

Canguage compound of pipes from metalplastic with crimping press fittings

Metal tube can not cut. just wear the clamp with a tap and drill a hole in the pipe through the removal. This compound is also reliable.

Tees clamps for metal pipes, with attached locking cranes

You can either not?

Not all dishwashers can be connected to the hot water supply system, so in such a possibility it is necessary to make sure in advance when considering the instructions.

But even if such an opportunity is present, there is always a risk of violating the device with incorrect actions. For this reason, it is important to comply with security techniques, making everything exactly with the instructions.

To connect hot water to the dishwasher, an additional component will be required in the form of an injection hose.

over, the hose must be designed to work with large temperatures, since unwanted problems can occur when connecting the sleeves from cold water.

Should You Install a Dishwasher on a HOT OR COLD Water Line?

Recognize a suitable hose on a special red marking. On the sleeves for cold water, this marking is made in blue.

To connect the dishwasher to the network voltage 220V, you will not need a lot of materials:

Dishwasher (PMM) is not a particularly powerful consumer of electricity, such as the cooking panel (from 7kW and higher). Its power usually does not exceed 2.0-2.5kW.

Modern energy consumption models correspond to the class “A” or “A”. That is, for the year, there will be about 220kW in your meter.

Despite this, it is still desirable to connect the PMM, at the repair stage, put an independent cable fishing line for trimmer in a separate stroke.

If you have the repairs have long been over, and after purchasing the technique, it is not at all hunting anew to the walls and spoil the wallpaper, then you can do and an existing outlet. Only be sure to make sure it is protected.

Connect the dishwasher through a simple modular machine, it is extremely dangerous.

The socket must be placed at a convenient height. up to 90cm from the floor level.

At the same time, place it with the right or on the left side of the washing machine, but not for her.

Consider the fact that the total length of the cord with a fork for this technique rarely exceeds 1.0-1.5M. Based on this, and choose a place for a socket, in order not to subsequently use the extension.

Socket itself, of course, should be grounded. But not all this ground is available. Especially in the apartments of high-rise buildings of the old fund.Therefore, many use ordinary, and everything seems to work normally. However, the level of protection will not be sufficient.

Roughly speaking, if there is a grounding contact and there is a current leak, then you can not even turn on the UZO. The consequences of the data of leaks, even a small magnitude, may be very lethal.

With the simple rosette, the shutdown will only happen at the moment when you touch the body already under voltage.

And this very blow to the current, at least at the initial moment, you still feel on yourself.

Connection rules

With the rules for connecting dishwasher “Bosch” should be found in advance, and not at the installation stage. For example, connecting to the electrical network of the house. It would seem that it may be easier: I installed a Euro draft with an increased coefficient of protection against moisture, inserted a plug from the device in it, and use prior to appoint. But, not everything is so simple.

Experienced electricians know the dishwasher and washing machine. powerful technique. Therefore, a separate cable loop with a cross section is carried out from the distribution panel with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm² with the installation of a single machine and the UZO apparatus. This is a guarantee of safe operation. Unfortunately, when it comes to installing the dishwasher, they often forget about it. As a result, there are independent processes that lead unusable assemblies and parts of the aggregate. The service wizard with such cases is familiar, so the devices that are incorrectly connected to the power grid, do not accept repair. That is why the installation of complex and expensive techniques from you to trust the masters of your case.

Interruptions with the supply of electricity, voltage jumps, low voltage is a small list of what “sick” of the power grid. Therefore, it is necessary to take care that there are no unexpected troubles in the future. In addition, dishwashers “Bosch” are demanding on the quality of power supply, therefore, in addition to a separate machine and the RCD, it is recommended to additionally install the voltage stabilizer or the entire home network, or at least one loop in which the dishwasher connects.

Attention! To one section allowed to connect and dishwasher, and the washing machine. The main thing is to correctly calculate the power consumption of two devices under the conditions of a properly selected cable cross section and the current for the machine and the Uzo.

Two of these household appliances work on the water, so professional electricians advise the wiring of the loop to carry out in a closed form with the walls and the cable laying in the grooves. It’s not so difficult but takes time. It is important to take into account the location of the stroke. It should pass vertically to the socket and horizontally 10 centimeters from the floor surface.