Can I wash the cocoon in a washing machine?

Cocoon nest can be erased both in a typewriter and manually. Before proceeding with the procedure, it is necessary to specify which material is used as a filler. This information must be specified on the product label. It also has information about the rules of care for a specific mattress.

Here it is impossible to fuck it, neither hands or in a washing machine. The manufacturer made a very noticeable label pointing to this and warning about the inadmissibility of the washing of the product.

The order of cocoon sewing for a newborn

To care for newborn parents, you have to acquire a lot of things whose main task is to simplify the process of care for the baby. A cocoon for newborns includes.

Cocoon Genzdyshko

Children’s cocoon in essence is an orthopedic mattress that repeats the body shape of the child. The design of it is arranged in such a way that the baby can be in the same posture, in which it has been in the maternal womb for nine months.

Today you can buy a variety of cocoons

Cocoon can be purchased ready, but many nests for newborns sew around. In any case, take care of its availability in the economy is recommended in a present.

Specialists argue that thanks to the cocoon, any kid is much better and faster adapts to the world around and begins to feel comfortable in it.


Cocoons are available in the widest range. Their most common classification looks like this.

This species can be used from the very first days of the child’s life and not only for sleep, but also for feeding and games.

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Cocoon Pillow. Very convenient for use in the crib

The nest in appearance most reminiscent of the cradle. When choosing such a type of cocoons for newborns, modifications with a durable bottom should be purchased.

Cocoon nest. the most popular option

The most common variety. Often an anatomical mattress puts into a crib.

Varieties of nests

There are several types of similar devices. They differ in form, functionality and price.


It is a high orthopedic mattress, the surface of which exactly repeats the body shape of the baby. He has head and legs at the same time raised up, corresponding to the embryo pose. Thus, the baby can easily turn his head, bring the handles to the mouth, lift the legs, that is, to do everything that he worked in his belly at mom. In some models there are even vibromassage and the sound of mother heartbeat.

Bebikokon serves an excellent service to create a crumble of the maximum coziness, but its main disadvantages are the high price and a short life. only three months. After this age, the baby is already facing there.

Nest for newborns

A more affordable alternative to bebicokon steel nests for newborns. They look like a small lukoshko, where they are soft, but tight sides, narrowing to the legs around the perimeter. The sides of the socket can be shy and make the cradle already. As the kid will grow up, weaken the sides so that his legs will be located outside the nest. Thus, the cocoon “grows” along with the baby, it can be safely used up to 6 months and even older.

The mattress here is not as accurately repeats the position of the back of the child, like a bebikokon, but it can be laid in it on the side. It is usually just a straight or ribbed soft surface, slightly raised in the head area.

Some models are offered a special pad for newborns. But there are disputes about its possible harm for babies around the use of such a pillow.

Important! According to doctors, if the child has no special testimony, then in the use of an orthopedic cushion for newborns.

Pillow for feeding

Such a device, in addition to its direct destination, also performs the role of a kind of nest. The baby is placed in the center of this pillow, and he just like in a cocoon, feels a closed space around. The only differences here will be the lack of bottom and, accordingly, the inability to transfer an aslended baby without disturbing it.

Answering the question that the nest for newborns, a bebikokon or feeding cushion, each parent decides for itself, based on its own preferences and financial capabilities.

Washing in a typewriter

If the cocoon filler is made of holofayber or syntapuha, it is erased in a typewriter.

  • Tape, which is tightened to the product to give it a form, you need to fix. This is done by 2-3 stitches without a nodule. Such a simple reception will avoid pulling it.
  • Clear mattress from dust. In the presence of persistent contaminants, they are littered in advance. You can handle the pipe with soap eared nyan, which allows you to get rid of stains.

Myth 25. Night you need to sleep

At night you need not only to sleep, but chest suck.

Most newborn children are so arranged that he sleeps from 10-11 pm to 3-4 in the morning, then begins to wake up and ask the chest. The child of the first month of life applies in the morning clock (from 3 to happens usually 4-6. Night feedings with properly organized breastfeeding look like this: the baby was worried, mother put it to his chest, the baby sleeps sucking and mom is also sleeping, after some time he lets his chest and sleeps more firmly. And such episodes happens per night 4-6. All this is easy to organize, if mom is sleeping with his child, and for this she needs to be able to feed lying in a comfortable posture.

If a child sleeps separately from the mother, in his own bed, he ceases to wake up for pitf feedings, sometimes a week after childbirth, sometimes to 1.5-2 months. Most modern mothers perceive this with relief, For them, finally the night runway back and forth, roaming his nose sitting in a chair or on the bed over a suction child, and some were frightened at night And here they are waiting for the underwater stone called insufficient stimulation prolactin and, as a result, reducing the amount of milk.

Mom and her child is a wonderful self-regulating system. While the baby appears the need to suck in the morning, his mother forms the maximum number of prolactin, just from 3 to 8 am.

Prolctin is all the time present in the female body in small quantities, significantly its concentration in the blood increases after the child begins to suck the chest, most of all it turns out exactly in the morning with 3 days. The production of milk prolactin, which appeared in the morning, is engaged in the day. It turns out who sucks at night, stimulates the prolactin of his mother and provides a decent amount of milk during the day. And to someone at night fails, he can quickly quickly remain without milk during the day.

No mammal makes a night break in feeding his children.

Calculation of the number of materials

Before sewing the sockets, count the required amount of materials used: fabric, filler. For work, there is usually enough matter 50-70 cm long, 25-35 cm wide. 10-15% on the seams are added to the standard dimensions.

Adjustments can make the characteristics of the model. There may be more details in the product.

How to dry?

Dried cocoon on a flat surface. If the washing was carried out without squeezing, then you can put the fabric to the mattress, which absorbs the excess moisture.

When water will stop dripping from him, the matter is cleaned. Cocoon is not suspended, as it will lead to loss of its shape.

It is not recommended to lay the nest on the balcony, under the right sunlight. Color will become paler, and wet fabric will brake out street dust.

It is better to dry the product in the room, indoors with good ventilation and low humidity. In such conditions, moisture will be completely evaporated in 2 days.

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How to distinguish natural and artificial silk

Spoiled two handkerchiefs, but proved their version!

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Natural silk washed in automatic mode

Moistheld silk threads are becoming even more fragile and prone deformation, so an automatic spin should be excluded from the wash program and as a whole to secure things from mechanical damage.

Before you wash natural silk, put clothes in the wash case. Catering silk stains should be eliminated locally before the main machine washing. If you are planning to wash only one silk dress, load the drum by other things from non-tissue fabric, like soft mahra or wool

Additional depreciation in case of silk does not prevent. With special attention must be taken to choosing a washing agent. Silk is strictly forbidden to wash with the use of chlorine-containing components

Optimal selection: liquid gel composition designed specifically for silk or category Delicate fabrics. Hot water softens the material, making it very vulnerable, so install the comfortable 30 degrees. Washed in cold water, but it is unlikely to eliminate pollution. The most suitable mode will be specialized “silk”, in its absence, use the “Delicate fabric” regime. Options “Easy ironing”, spins do not apply for silk things. The program should consist only of the main washing and rinse cycle.

Structure of silk threads are akin to human hair and soft cashmere

In the search for a suitable chemical reagent for delicate material, pay attention to the shelf with children’s shampoos. The composition of the children’s shampoo for thin hair will perfectly clean the silk and can’t hurt him