What to clean the washing machine from dirt: simple tools and purchased drugs

Dealing with mud, it’s hard not to blur. This statement is fair both for people and for household appliances invented to help a person. This technique is particularly polluted, which “works” with water and “chumazami” objects: very risking dishwashers and washing machines. The reasons for the formation of plaque, dirt and unpleasant smell are quite a lot, so after a while, the instruments begin to help less efficiently. For this reason, they need regular care outside and inside. To a greater extent, this applies to long-unclean washing units: after washing the linen in such cars, things cease to dismiss freshness. Showness comes to change. So the overwhelming majority of the owners are interested in clearing the washing machine from dirt, how to do it relatively quickly, but qualitatively. There are quite a lot of ways to solve this task, the most popular of them will allow to keep the aggregates clean, get rid of them from smell and different unpleasant consequences.

During washing, all pollution moves from linen and dissolve in soap solution. However, not all “uncleans” go at the moment when water merges. Part of the dirt settles on the machine elements, hides on the edges of the drum and in the sealing gum. In the latter, if the machine does not succumb to regularly, mold appears soon. There are several reasons for unpleasant phenomena.

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The quality of tap water

As a rule, this liquid, especially hot, is very far from ideal. It contains many chemical elements, but the main “enemy” of instruments and pipelines is iron, giving water. At high salts, the salts are concentrated, settled on all solid surfaces. So appears scale, dangerous for all elements of the washing machine.

Adverse Temperature Mode

For some delicate things, it is necessary to use gentle mode. washing in a liquid, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 °. Such water is not able to completely split fats, dissolve all pollution. Dirt does not go along with the stream, it inevitably settles in the filter, seal, drain hose. After such a substance begins to decompose, an unpleasant smell occurs.

Wrong selection of portion of powder, rinse

Often the source of the problem becomes an excessive amount of funds purchased for washing, or their low quality. Surplus powder (bleach, air conditioner), generously fused into the car, do not make underwear cleaner or soft. They will definitely fall on all surfaces, where they will accumulate, becoming an excellent mold medium. Cheap funds are not completely dissolved in water, so lead to a similar result.

Machine as storage

Transformation of the washing machine in the “warehouse” for dirty things provokes a “bouquet” of problems. Some owners are thrown into the unit all the worn things, often even more wet, and the washing is covered only when they are accumulated enough. In this case, they create ideal conditions for the appearance of an extremely unpleasant smell and setting of mold fungus.

  • Contaminated drain filter. His task is to delay the candy, buttons, kopecks. All “alien” items over time to become a soapfile, to which hair sticks, wool, petty porcelines. As a result, an unpleasant smell appears.
  • Pollution tray for detergents. It leads to channel contamination for its feed, which means, sooner or later, the optimal conditions will be created: both for the unbearable “aroma” and for fungus.
  • Heavyly polluted textiles. For example, such consequences leads a frequent washing of clothes, an evaporated earth, machine oil, a mortar and T. P.
  • Bad habit of close the hatch washing machine ahead of time. She must dry. Ideally, it is better to keep a car at all.

Another reason is a layer of dirt, “settled” on the age. As a rule, this situation inevitably occurs when the owners of the washing machine “abuse” washing at low water temperature. at 30-40 °. Often not one reason is to blame, and a few. Therefore, only getting rid of all potential sources of problems, you can solve the problem more or less for a long time.

Why should be cleaned washing?

Although the purpose of the machine. “issue” clean things to us, the condition of the device itself may be far from sterile.

On the inner elements, dirt accumulates, removed from clothes during washing. On the sealing gum and the edges of the drum, it is often possible to replace black spots of mold, because warm and moisture. ideal conditions for the development of fungal organisms.

A heating element and other parts are gradually covered with salts, which are in water.

If you do not arrange prophylactic cleaning, an unpleasant smell will appear in the machine, which it will “pass” with clean things, and in the worst case. the device will continue to work at all and requests expensive repair

  • high water mineralization;
  • the use of aggressive chemistry and low-quality washingal;
  • improper operation of the device;
  • Washing severely contaminated things. robes with remnants of building solutions or machine oil, clothes after gardening and T.D.

So, in order to bring your assistant to the perfectly pure look, it’s time to arrange general cleaning, ranging from the hull itself and ending with internal details.

To launder explicit external pollution (gel drums, air conditioning, footprints) sufficiently warm water and sponge. But with hidden in the depths of the aggregate it will have to work out.

Elimination of fat, mold and scale

If you have noticed that on the dishes or inner walls of the device, a whitish field appeared either from the box began to commemorate an unpleasant smell. you need to urgently take a cleaning machine.

And the best helpers here will be finished solutions made by machine manufacturers. Spring funds will be useful, which will probably have in the kitchen of any mistress.

Application of finished chemicals

To rinse the dishwasher and its internal elements inaccessible to simple mechanical cleaning, it is recommended to start the device on any long cycle at high temperature with the addition of a cleaning agent.

But if on the inner surfaces of the dishwasher you noticed the yellow or rusty stains. the reason may be the high iron in the water. In this case, you will have to install a special filter on the bay hose.

Fresh stains can be removed using a rag, impregnated with a stainless steel cleaning agent, but the solar rust after washing is better to be treated with anti-corrosion coating.

Bottled finish. a universal dishwasher cleaning agent, which is placed down in a blank tray, and the machine starts on a full cycle at a temperature of from 65 degrees

The most popular chemical preparations for disinfection and cleaning scale:

  • FINISH MACHINE CLEANER. Under the influence of hot water membrane on the neck of the bottle dissolves, and the tool actively cleans all available surfaces from fat, scale and unpleasant odors.
  • Antinequipin. degreasing powder to remove lime deposits and scale on the internal elements of the machine.
  • Filtero. Liquid for preventive cleaning dishwashers from fat and scale.
  • Electrolux. Liquid Means for removing fatty sediments and small food garbage, as well as powder to fight scale and flavoring.

These drugs work according to a similar principle. they are placed in an empty dishwasher, then include the device for 45-90 minutes at high temperatures. After it is recommended to start the flushing in a fruitful, already on a short cycle, so that you are guaranteed to remove all the remains of chemistry, and rub the surface with a soft cloth.

Visual example of excellent professional work. the inner surfaces of the dishwasher before and after cleaning with FINISH Machine Cleaner

In addition, you can use specialized sprays and liquids recommended for cleaning and polishing of the dishwasher stainless walls, and to combat unpleasant odors. flavors that are suspended on the baskets of the device and can be used for several cycles.

But to add to the preventive washing and degreasing surfaces liquid for dishes. Manufacturers do not recommend.

The fact is that elevated foaming may fail the internal elements of the device, and attempts to save will end with repair. Therefore, it is necessary to manually wipe the surface in the soap solution, but it’s not worth running the machine with the addition of a foaming liquid.

Alternative to purchased funds

Professional preparations are good with its balanced composition and a comprehensive effect on the three most common problems of cars. scale, smell and fatty flight. But if you are looking for a way to quickly clean the dishwasher and at the same time save. we offer several recipes from inexpensive, but effective ingredients.

Soda, vinegar and lemon acid. the most famous assistants of hostesses in the fight against lime bloom, rusty spots and fatty film

To clean the machine, and at the same time, the flow from fat deposits you need to pour 1.5-2 glasses of vinegar into a cup or a plate. Then they should be placed in the upper tray, to pour soda to bottom and run any long mode.

And as soon as the water heats up. press pause and leave the device at least 30 minutes (but better for the night). During this time, different drossing garbage and the flare softened and easily remove with dirty water.

Another universal tool that will help remove traces of scale. citric acid. Its consumption depends on the mating machine and the degree of contamination, but it will be necessary on average about 150-200 grams. It also works at high temperatures, and for better effect. with a forced stop of the device from 30 minutes to several hours.

Although the lemon powder really cleales the scale and clean the nozzles in the cuvette for the powder, this method of cleaning is very controversial, since concentrated acid may damage the device seals

There is a more sparing way. to prepare a solution from water and vinegar or lemon powder, pour it into any bottle with a pulverizer and use for manual cleaning of the inner walls of the box and other surfaces with screaming. At the same time, it is necessary to spray the tool gently and follow so that it does not hit the rubber elements, as well as on the skin.

From soda, you can make a tablet “2 in 1”, which not only help clean the car from fat and dirt, and refresh the air with a pleasant aroma.

  • In a glass with powder soda pour 10-15 drops of any essential oil and 1-2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Stir all the shovel. the mixture should become like wet sand.
  • Using a spoon or blade for ice cream to shake small balls.
  • Decompose cooked tablets at the bottom of the device.
  • Start dishwasher for a long cycle.

For better effect, users recommend putting to the basket also a plate with 1-2 glasses of vinegar.

How to clean a dishwasher?

Some owners allow for a mistake: they ignore the first, time-consuming stage, just running the pollutant unit of a frightened solution with detergent. How to clean the dishwasher correctly? Before you start automatic cleaning, you need to conduct high-quality training: it is manually cleaning the unit.

It includes laundering rubber seals, filters and inspection of the impeller impeller. If the owners are concerned about the unpleasant odor, the areas on which mold fungus is found before the start of automatic cleansing.

Preparation of dishwasher to automatic cleaning. the most difficult operation. How to clean the dishwasher so that the aggregate worked flawlessly? You need to examine and put all the elements: and those that are in relevant, and those that are hidden from the eyes.

Cleaning filters and plum

After removing baskets, support and filter, the last element is washed in warm soapy water. The perfect option is its preliminary soaking for 10-15 minutes. If the filter has not been cleaned for a long time, it is first immersed in citric acid solution (or vinegar) for 1-2 hours.

Then examine the plum. Food remnants are removed, then it is wiped with a clean cloth. After washing (cleaning) of all extracted elements, they are returned back. At the same stage, they are convinced in good condition of the bulk hose. For this, the element is unscrewed, washed, check filters: one of them is located at the entrance to the unit, the other. for the crane-tee. Grids are pulled out, then washed them under the jet of warm water. After that, both filters are installed back. If the contamination is too strong, or the items are damaged, it is better to replace them with new items.

To make sure that the impeller is functioning normally, disconnect the protective bar, unscrew the screws. The blades are turning. If their movement does not interfere, then the design is collected.

Check and clean sprinklers

Sprinkling system. another weak room of dishwashers. Despite the presence of an inlet filter, this element is not protected from calcium salts and small sand particles. Hard water is able to damage the seals on the rocker. So they are recommended to examine monthly.

How to clean the dishwasher, or rather, its sprinklers?

  • First remove the top basket on which the rocker fixed. Then the latches are flexing, after reading the manufacturer’s instruction. Impeller blades remove.
  • Then out of the dishwasher pull out the bottom basket, after which the rocker is removed: it is slowly coated counterclockwise, then pull up, carefully holding the element in the middle.
  • Check the state of the seals of each rocker. When there is a need, the rubber is replaced. Workers blades are washed under the jet of warm water. In order to clean the nozzle, use a toothbrush, toothpicks or a piece of thin wire.

After cleaning completion, the splash system is collected. The device includes the operation of the elements check.

Cleaning the walls of the bunker, baskets and seals

In order not to deal with problems, these elements of the dishwasher wipe dry after each use of the device. However, it is better to sometimes combine such an operation with the disinfection of these items. In this case, use any drug intended for cleaning PMM.

Maximum attention requires the lower part of the door. Since a sufficient amount of water does not fall on this site, most of the organicity accumulates in such a “dead zone”, which quickly begins to decompose. The method of cleaning this area depends on the degree of pollution of the site.

  • For a seal, which is not very blocked, use soft fabric impregnated with a cleansing drug.
  • If the pollution is serious, then to the aid ‘name »Toothbrush.

Unwanted options. distribution of the means with a spray with a pulverizer or the use of wet sponge for washing dishes. In these cases, it is impossible to exclude fluid from entering the lock or on the electrical wiring.

Do Dishwasher Tablets Actually Clean Washing Machines. Urban Myth Explorer

Lemonic acid or vinegar far from the best solutions for cleaning sealing. This material is contraindicated contact with acids. The consequence will be their solidification or drying. Dishwasher, purified in this way, threatens the appearance of leaks during washing dishes.

Baskets on which dirt dried, first soaked in clean, warm water. for an hour or two. After that, the tank is moved to the soap solution, and the contamination is removed by a non-metallic brush. Often this procedure replaces self-cleaning mode if the device model provides it. In this case, before installation in the PMM baskets wash clean water, then they wipe them with a dry cloth.

Cleaning dishes from a dark fly

It is enough just to pour cups, glasses, chairs and coffee coats with warm water, then add a folded tablet to it. Don’t have to rub anything: after a couple of hours, the flask will disappear completely. It will only be a little tinker with dishes, imagining that you are raccoon.

Cutlery will shine if you dock them for a couple of hours in a solution from a tablet for dishwasher. Also this saturated solution will help to return the brilliance with any other metal products.

Used according to the instructions. 100mg for cleaning the washing machine. After the first application, nothing has changed, after the second too. Mold and fall as they were and remained

I don’t buy it anymore. Means of anything at all. All pollution remained in their places. This money is not worth.

I hope that he spent his work inside. But at the perimeter of the door at AEG, the gum fits tightly and the evening is drunk there fat and dirt. So here the tool did not cope.

For dishwashers did not like. I did not cope with the task. Although I have enough clean was the car for the washer. Destroyed the smell of sharpness that could not withdraw.

I buy from respect to the brand. It smells good, it is convenient that the ugly. As it cleans I do not know, but so far there were no problems.

Good thing! The smell, which many wrote, did not notice. After cleaning from the machine, many dirt flew out, now the mud lumps fly away during washing. The smell of the machine was gone immediately. Recommend!

Used for dishwasher and washing machine. After washing dishes. Two times the pills did not dissolve. Then passed. I do not know what is connected. But I hope all the passages and pipes were well

I decided to start this tool for the first time, reading good reviews. Probrose. Loaded the remedy and dishwasher and washing machine. Nothing overwhelmed! It even became worse, the whole bloom rose to the drum. I had to run to the store for more popular means. Other funds of the same company purchased. Read completely

Bought up for a streaming machine. Special effect is not immediately noticeable. But I think, if you use systematically, the result will feel

used in a washing machine, even hard to reach a place between the rubber band, the smell disappeared, the drum shines

severe chemical smell, as they write, did not feel. It is difficult to say about efficiency, not to look into the car

The proven remedy, there are instructions, two plastic jars. exactly twice, when opening, you need to put pressure on the cap, like drugs. Protection against children. Manufacture date 04/2019 gthnity 7 years.

I liked the convenience of work and application. Always use when washing “Calgon”, but this guarantee is understandable, does not give. And here. good firm that you trust and we use the goods.

Very strong chemical smell at the end of the process. This is stated in the instructions. He, of course, dishes in a day, but I would not recommend to wash it right after the completion of cleaning.

The machine, thank God, works, as before, there are no changes here. In fact, it is very difficult to estimate the effect of cleaning, because the process occurs inside. However, there is a certain sense of accomplishment and hope that the result is still.

Causes for overhaul PMM

Manufacturers of dishwashers are recommended once a month to carry out procedures for maintenance.

Hostess far from always adhere to the graphics and clean the equipment as needed. This approach is fully justified, because in many ways the degree of pollution depends on the specifics of the use and compliance with the rules of operation of dishwasher.

One hundred percent sign that dishwasher urgently needs cleaning and disinfection. the appearance of persistent heavy smell in the tank. This means that in the layer of dirt multiplies pathogenic bacteria. They should be destroyed immediately

Factors can affect the frequency:

cleaning, washing, machine, dishwasher
  • Mode of operation of the dishwasher. Some hostesses include a car daily. Others wash the dishes manually, and only when its quantity becomes too big, use the technique.
  • Pollution of cutlery. Fat, dough remnants, burnt food is much more difficult to laugh than crawling plates after vegetable salads. Under the rubber bands and in hard-to-reach places, a different amount of dirt accumulates.
  • Temperature of washing dishes. The car can work in different cycles. If its owner often uses low-temperature modes, technique clogs faster.
  • Composition of detergents. The more aggressive chemistry, the less dirt accumulates on the inner details of the PMM. On the other hand, such drugs are potentially dangerous to health. Eco-friendly compositions often poorly dissolve fats, which contributes to rapid pollution of the machine. The most effective means we reviewed here.

Navigate the quality of the work of the technique. If dishes after washing shines and creaks, everything is in order. But when there are divorces from drying water on the surfaces of plates and glasses, traces of dirt, it’s time to think about caring for the machine.

So that the dishwasher serve for many years without repairs and replace parts, it is in order of 1-3 months. First, it is done manually with the help of a brush, a soft sponge, and then run automatic cleaning mode

The procedure starts with manual cleaning of filters, impeller, spaces under rubber seals. Be sure to check whether the mold appeared on the basket for dishes, the walls of the chamber, under the rubber. If necessary, immediately washed with detergent.

After that, you can run automatic cleaning with a special chemical. tips on self-cleaning dishwasher We led in this material.

Cleaning with the addition of dishwasher tablets

Permanently washing and using a low temperature of 30-40 degrees, at the bottom of the machine can accumulate a layer of dirt. Remove it and disinfected the insides will help tablets for dishwasher. Prepare 5-6 tablets and place them inside the drum, and then turn on the boiling program. Somewhere in the middle, stop the process putting a pause and leave for 2-3 hours. Then turn off the pause or again put the boiling mode.

It is better not to fold the laundry cooked for washing right in the drum. Also worth paying attention to the fact that the door of the machine is not closed. A fitted door helps to remove moisture and damp in.

It is very important to monitor the amount of fund used, powder or rinse. If a lot, then the residue is settled and the mold appears there, which causes a bad smell. Can be added when washing a little less than the quantity prescribed by manufacturers.

At your home, it is good to ventilate the room where the washing machine is located so that there is no constant large dampness and humidity.

The washing machine automatic pleases and improves our life, but a little more knowledge, how to use it to make us wise and practical.