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Methods that you have not been suspected to clean the container for the powder in the washing machine

Careful exploitation and correct care are important for any technique. Machine cars. no exception. Only subject to manufacturer’s recommendations and regular cleaning will last long.

Powder tray. not the most important part of the apparatus. Cleaning the dispenser do not necessarily. So many users think. They are confident that a strong water pressure when the program starts the program qualitatively washing. This is not true. Almost always the remnants are settled on the walls of the tank. There are two reasons for that:

  • Low-quality powder (the worse detergent, the greater the amount of it remains on the walls).
  • Weak water pressure in the riser at times increases the likelihood of a bad washout of a container.

Bleaches and air conditioners for cuvette. real evil. Such chemistry settles on the sidewalls of the tray in the form of a sticky and slippery film that hardens with time.

This causes clogging. They can entail a breakdown and a vehicle outflow.

If a serious breakdown happens and the wizard will say that the reason for this is the pollution of the detergent container, it will be very disappointing and annoying.

It is important to figure out how to clean the powder compartment correctly and than laundering a cuvette?

How to pull out the tray for powder from a washing machine?

And this is done, literally, the movement of the finger. We just need to figure out the simplest mechanism. So, we understand. Almost all the washing machines LG, Bosch, Samsung and Electrolux are equipped with a simple direct tray, which rides on the guides on both sides and is not attached to anything. As a rule, in its central part, there is a tongue, which serves as a focus, so that this tray does not fall out of the connector. Need to slightly press this tongue and the tray easily will come out.

But there are brands machines with an excellent container of the powder loading container, where the tray is extended in a special way, like a veser. Quite not easy, the powder acceptor is removed from the HOTPOINT-ARISTON and INDESIT. How many owners are trying to remove the powder receiver from the car, but they are afraid to damage it.

It is enough to do uncomplicated operations in a certain sequence and the problem will be solved.

  • Need to pull the tray until it stops.
  • Then, for safety, lubricate with vegetable oil on both sides, the cloves on the bottom of the trailer. To do this, have to sit down, look under the tray from below.
  • Next take the body with hands and with effort to lift it up and on yourself. Make it necessary at the same time. As a result of such a procedure, the container will move for a couple of millimeters. Thus, a condition is created to overcome the two right teeth that interfere with the extraction of the container.
  • Now it is necessary to take the hull of the tray with your hands and slightly pressing on it from above. As a result, the tray shifts the book and the characteristic click is heard.
  • Tray is under a slope. Once again it is necessary to press it slightly, and at the same time pull over. Another tiny effort and container will pop up.

As it turned out, there are no special difficulties. Although, for the first time you have to apply the skill. But in the future, everything will happen on the machine!

What should be prepared

No special tools are required, only pliers are needed for work, old toothbrush and desire to fix the washing machine yourself.

To check, turn on the washing machine with a removed tray and see what force is the water for washing.

Keep in mind that during such a checking a lot of water spill on the floor, get ready to clean it.Close the water supply faucet into the machine, unscrew the hose, it is attached on the back wall to the out of the nozzle.

Unscrew it, get the filter. Over time, he zaksats, it is necessary to get the pliers, it is not necessary to make a lot of effort, the plastic case may not withstand.

Pull it on yourself and constantly turn on various sides.Clean the grid from pollution and put the filter to the previous place.

Tighten the flexible hose. Choose the position of the hose with such a calculation so that it is easy without sharp drives to join the water supply crane. In which direction he is at this time, it does not matter, there will be no independent filling of the car. Water closes the valve, the device opens only from the remote control signal of the washing unit during washing.

The second filter is installed on the opposite end of the hose, unscrew it, clean the grid. Collect all connections and check the performance of the machine. Water must be submitted to the compartment under high pressure and completely flush the washing powder into the tank.

How to wash the powder tray in the washing machine

Washing machine automatic. this is one of the most commonly used units of household appliances in the house. Along with the fridge, stove and microwave, it is an integral part of human life. But the trouble, mercilessly exploiting his “homemade assistant,” people often forget that it is necessary to care for her. In the article, the Plumbing Master will tell how to wash the powder tray in the washing machine.

The tray of the washing machine machine is a rather dirty place, in some cases the tray is clogged with a detergent so that water ceases to flow and wash off the powder, dirtier only in the tank, drain pipes and a drain hose.

Unlike the tank and drain nozzles, to which it is more difficult to get, a tray is much easier, because it is in love. It turns out that there are quite a few users of the washing machine machine at all do not know how the tray is pulled out and never thought about cleaning it.

If the tray of your car is not too contaminated, it can be cleaned and removed from the nest. But if the contamination is strong enough, then for your own convenience, as well as for better cleaning, the container is better to extract. This process of beginners can cause difficulties, but as you get used to your model, you can get a tray with one clever hand movement.

Different models of machine trays are located differently. Therefore, before you get this item from your washing machine, carefully read the instructions.

In order to extract the tray, usually need to do this:

Now that the dispenser is in your hands, you can use one of the following ways to clean it.

What Are the 3 Compartments in the Washing Machine Drawer For?

clear, powder, compartment, washing, machine

What is recommended to do when washing a powder compartment:

  • Do not rub the tray with great zeal. This can lead to erasure of tags in compartments.
  • The place from which the container was removed, wipe from the inside with a cloth or sponge. Special attention to devoting water supply holes and the removal of detergent to drum.
  • Choosing aggressive cleaning agents, it is necessary to work in rubber gloves.
  • In machines with vertical loading of linen trays are not pulled out. Water used for rinsing them runs right in the drum. Therefore, you should be attentive, otherwise you can arrange a small flood.

Extract the tray, wet, sending a straight hot water to him. Thoroughly rub with a sponge or brush. For a larger cleaning effect on them, you can apply a dishwashing liquid or soap solution (dissolve the chips of the economic soap in water). Then rinse it again.

If there are still pollution on the dispenser, you can leave it for a couple of hours to lie down in hot water, and then repeat the cleaning procedure.

It may turn out that the limestone flare and petrified powder will not be able to clear the usual physical way, then chemical cleaning will come to the rescue using special means.

clear, powder, compartment, washing, machine

Well coped with the contamination of the dispenser and other parts of the washing machine the following drugs:

  • “Eona”, “Doctor Ten”, “Anti-Nakipin” will help with unlock pollution.
  • Frisch-Aktiv removes mud and lime deposits, as well as unpleasant odors.
  • SandokkaEB and Bork K8P (Korean) are able to cope even with quite strong pollution.

It is difficult for cleaned deposits removed by soaking. The tray extracted from the machine is placed in hot water with the addition of one of the means, for example, Domasetos, Comet, Silit, “Toilet Duckling”, “Sanphor-Antirushaustchina”. Dissolve the agent in water (50 ml on 5 liters of water) and soak the tray. After 1.5-2.5 hours to rub it with a brush and rinse under the jet of warm water.

Washing Machine Care Tips

According to statistics of service centers, violation of the rules of operation is one of the most common causes of breakdowns of equipment. Washing Trucks often fail due to pollution. To your assistant to serve as long as possible, the tray and drain filter must be cleaned at least once every few months. In premium washing machines, a special program for removing scale, bacteria, mold and unpleasant odors is provided. It can be called differently, for example: “self-cleaning”, “hygiene” or “cleaning machine” (in models from the AEG brand). To combat mud and lime deposits inside the tank, it is better to use household chemicals recommended by the manufacturer.

In no case cannot be overloaded washing, that is, laying more underwear than provided for by this or that program (Recommendations for download are described in detail in the instructions). It also concerns large-sized products that can be knocked out in whom and cause drum imbalances. We are talking about blankets, blankets, jackets, sleeping bags, large soft toys and other similar things. The imbalance creates an additional load on many machine nodes. As a result, shock absorbers, bearings, engine and drive belt are premature.

If after washing from the tray, all powder did not wash, just pull out the part and rinse in warm water to prevent drying. After each washing, you need to leave the door door and the powder bunker, so that the internal elements are dried. This will prevent the appearance of mold and unpleasant odor.

Innovation from AEG

The German manufacturer has an impeccable reputation in the production of household appliances and power tools, as well as professional equipment for electric power and mechanical engineering. Washing machines “AEG” are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technologies. Thanks to this, the devices serve their owner for a very long time, working quietly and economically. For example, a separate AEG L8FEC68SR model has an extremely small power consumption and water consumption: 0.54 kWh, 55 liters per cycle (for a cotton program 60 C when loading 8 kg). Consider innovations that are found only in premium washing machines.

Mitigating water

Tap water contains alkaline earth metal salts and other impurities that make it tight. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of the detergent and can even lead to deformation of the fibers of the fabric. Therefore, AEG machines are equipped with a system of ion exchange filtering, softening water due to the removal of mineral salts. Softwater Innovative Technology creates optimal conditions for the action of the washing powder and air conditioning, even at low temperatures. Your favorite things will get the most delicate care.

Water and electricity savings

AEG equipment is equipped with a network of sensitive sensors and intelligent features. For example, the ProSense system automatically adjusts the washing parameters depending on the type and quantity of loaded linen. This technology makes it possible to significantly save water and electricity, as well as the time spent on washing. In this case, the quality of cleansing textile products always remains at the height.

Automatic dosage of detergents

In many situations, the user experiences difficulties when downloading means for washing. When active substances are too small, things will be badly overwhelmed, and if too much. it may be damaged by the structure of the fabric, to deteriorate its appearance. The AUTODOSE feature will take this responsibility for yourself. The machine itself will suspend loaded underwear and will determine the optimal dosage of household chemicals for each specific cycle. It is only necessary to trace the compartments for the gel and air conditioner were filled. Autodose automatic dosage. this is a delicate washing of clothes without effort.

Branded household chemicals

To extend the service life of technology, you need to regularly care. AEG offers to your attention branded preparations for cleaning washing machines. Super Clean WM. degreasing agent, effectively removing difficult precipitate and mold from the surface of the drum, tank, tan and other internal elements. Universal Descaler and Super Care will help you quickly get rid of lime deposits in Washing and dishwashers. Order Original household chemicals in our online store.

Flowing water from a powder compartment in a washing machine

In the process of using the washing machine, such a defect often occurs, water flows from a powder compartment. You can cope with this problem independently without resorting to assistance. It is not difficult, long and does not require special skills and knowledge or special qualifications. In the article, the Plumbing Master will tell how to eliminate the leakage from the powder compartment in the washing machine.

Before you repair the car, you need to understand the cause of the problem and localize it. Driving a bottle powder receiver can be a production marriage or occur with the abrasion of certain parts. The leakage may appear in various places, namely:

  • Perimeter Tray in the area of ​​docking of its top and bottom. To be clear, I will immediately make a reservation: I call the tray that the part in which the tank for washing powder or gel is inserted. Here is his joints and leak.
  • In the area of ​​docking tray with the facade of the machine.
  • Hole above the container in which the powder is loaded. This happens because the retractable part in the process of use is stepping over time, and more accurately the elements hold it pressed to the top of the tray.
  • Horphroslang from rubber, according to which the powder is washed out of the tray in the drum.

There is one feature. This corrugated tube is located so that its lower part slides on balancing stone and grows about it, and so that the hole is formed. It is not excluded that this is done intends.Today, many manufacturers, trying to increase the money turnover, seek their products immediately after the expiration of the warranty period. And they had to repair or buy new. What do you want? This is a business!

Before proceeding directly to repair, prepare everything that may be needed. Nothing special need. Usually everything you need in every home. You will need these tools:

In addition, there will be a silicone sealant or sealant for the car. It may also be necessary to need a new tray, because not always and not everything can be fixed, it happens that you have to change. But they should not be stored, it is better to understand whether there is a need for it or you can repair the old.

To perform repair, you need to overlap the water supply to the machine and turn it off from the mains. Then using a cross screwdriver, you need to unscrew the rear screws that hold its upper cover and remove it. Next, the tray moves the movement on itself.

After dismantling the tray and covers, screws that hold the dashboard will open.

They also twisted and the panel is removed. Connected wires can not be disconnected. You just need to open access to dismantle the container. Next, you need to disconnect the tubes, which were supplied to the powder compartment, pre-breaking their clamps. After unscrewing the screws, it is removed.