Feedback: Coffee machine Philips Saeco Xsmall. Only for home. Odnated coffee.

A year ago, PHILIPS Saeco Xsmall coffee machine was purchased. Why it is? Because it was in a low price category. Coffee machine was bought in the office and the budget was limited.

I want to immediately say that this coffee machine is not intended for the office, only for home use.

Coffee machine in water bunker accommodates 1.5 liters of water and in grain compartment. It is possible to fall asleep 170-190 grams of coffee beans. Check for how many cups there are enough grain refueling, failed, t. to. it all depends on the set of grinding. You can adjust the degree of grinding only when it works, using a special key that comes with.

There is an opportunity to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time, T. to. The spout of the coffee machine has two bodies compartment. There are options for cooking espresso, double espresso, cappuccino. Manually program you can program the required cutting volume of coffee in a cup.

Pallet for collecting water is very small and quickly filled, t. to. The car is in the office and many employees use it. The pallet has an orange float that signals, the need to empty the pallet. Due to the fact that the approaches to the car are made a lot, the staff behind it does not follow and periodically water flows onto the bedside table.

Over the spout where coffee is served, a multifunctional handle is located. Features are fixed behind it: Cooking Coffee, hot water supply, Caramed Cappuccino production.

The block for the preparation of coffee is removable, which is quite often necessary to wash under running water, which is extremely rarely happening in the walls of the office. Employees are irresponsible to this suitable, which leads to frequent hangs of the machine and breakdowns.

In order to wash the coffee cooking unit, the coffee machine on the right side opens the door, which can be opened only after removing the container with cake. The door opens with the method of smashing, which does not allow the machine to put into a narrow space. Therefore, at home, having a small kitchen is extremely not convenient, t. K takes a lot of free space.

With a large stream of those who want to drink coffee, the machine begins to swear with a red light bulb (exclamation mark), signaling that it is necessary to make decalcination (clean from scale). At first, at such a signal, it regularly makes coffee, but then it will stop and does not respond to any command when you press the buttons. What also leads to a breakdown of coffee machines.

Cleaning from scale in this car is a very long process and I would say mechanical, you need to on to be on to be on to be on to be on, performing all its requirements according to the attached instructions.

And in the end I ignore the correct cleaning and the rules for the operation of the car, she broke it in 12 months (the warranty was already over). She constantly burned a red exclamation mark, although the cleaning from the scale was produced. When you press the coffee cooking button, the engine worked, but the millstone on the grinding of coffee jammed and the supply of coffee was not carried out.

It was decided to open it and make a visual inspection. Well, if possible, repair on their own.How terribly looks inside when she does not pay due care. Remove the coffee cooking unit.

Unscrew the compartment where the grain coffee is falling asleep.

Next, remove the case with coffee machines and we have access to millstones.

Remove dust and residues of grains with a vacuum cleaner.

We take out the millstone from the car and scroll them into the manual, at the same time cleaning and exciting the stuck grains.When the millstone has a free move, we put everything in place and close the casing of the machine. We rinse all available parts according to the instructions and install the washed coffee cooking unit back.

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Well, at first, this cosmetic repair helped. Again clean the car from scale, so that the exclamation mark disappears and you can use.How much work is enough in this mode is not known. Apparently, it will have to go to a specialized repair center, if such situations often repeat.Conclusion: We use the car only at home in the family of 2-3 people. Where will take care of her and for many years will be in the morning to please the households a cup of fragrant coffee.

Download | Read the instructions for the Philips SAECO XSMALL coffee machine (type HD8743 / HD8745 / HD8747) in Russian

The procedure is suitable for coffee machines with serial numbers less than TW901241438213 and more than TW901434485351.

Download | Read the instructions for the Philips SAECO XSMALL coffee machine (type HD8743 / HD8745 / HD8747) in Russian

The procedure is suitable for coffee machines with serial numbers less than TW901241438213 and more than TW901434485351.

Exclamation symbol flashes rapidly (with all this cycle of cleaning from scale not included)

Drain hot water to fill the inner water supply circuit (it is empty). Drop the hot water until the time from Panarello / Couple Tube will not start flowing.

  • Fill the tank of water.
  • Install the container under the tube of steam / hot water or Panarello.
  • Move the control disk to the position of the roasting water and wait a couple of minutes until the water starts to flow from the steam output tube.
  • When the exclamation symbol starts slowly blink, translate the disk back to the “Grain” position.
  • Coffee machine will begin to warm up again. Exclamation symbol will flash slightly.


If the warning indicator / exclamation mark on the Philips 2000 or 2100 coffee machine is lit or blinks with red light, read the following decision.

Machine at readiness temperature:. To supply coffee;. for the supply of hot water;. to supply steam

Machine in the heating phase for the supply of espresso, hot water and steam.

Machine Overheared Coffee Feed Impossible.

It is necessary to release water from the tank, turning the control knob clockwise to the point

LED does not specify the readiness temperature

on, not blinking. Next stop the water supply.

If cleaning from scale is not performed regularly, the machine

stop working. Condition not covered with warranty.

Signals that the machine programms the amount of coffee to be prepared.

At the premise stage, the control handle is located incorrectly.

Turn the control knob to the “” position.

LED burns, not blinking, at the beginning of the cleaning cycle

Load the outline and continue the cleaning cycle from.

Fill the tank with fresh water. After adding water to the tank, the indicator goes out.

Fill the container of coffee beans and start the procedure again.

When the machine is enabled, release a waste collection container. The waste collection container must be released after 8 coffee feed cycles. When emptying the waste collection container when the machine is turned off, or when the indicator is not lit, the counting of cycles of cooking coffee is not reset. For this reason, the indicator, which indicates the emptying of the waste collection container, can light up, even if the container is not filled.

The red light bulb flashes on the coffee machine: what to do and where to turn?

Often coffee machines need the intervention of the owner. It is for this that the devices are equipped with light indicators that report error users. Depending on the color of the indicators, the rhythm of pulsation and other characteristics, you can determine the problem that the coffee machine reports and decide to eliminate it. In this article we will talk about the main lighting signals of the coffee machines and their interpretation on the example of the Coffee machine Philips Saeco Xsmall. The value of the corresponding signals for your model you can find out in the instrument manual.

We will analyze the main lights of the coffee machines and their meanings.

This means that the coffee machine overheated and it is necessary to drain some hot water to cool and continue.

SCG Tech Tips: Test Mode on the Saeco Xsmall

This means that at the moment the coffee machine programms the amount of coffee prepared.

Thus, the coffee machine informs you that there is not enough water in the tank. After adding the indicator should go out. In addition, the red indicator may report that coffee compartment is empty or that it is necessary to clean the waste container;

In this case, the device reports that some components (cooking group, water containers, waste tank and T.D.) not installed or door on the hull of coffee machines is not closed. Also, this signal may mean that the control disk position does not correspond to the selected operation.

In the event that the decalcination function is currently not active, the coffee machine reports the need to drain hot water.

If the cleaning function is active, a similar indicator signal may mean that cleaning is running, or that cleaning was interrupted.

This means that the process of cleaning coffee machines from scale is at the final stage.

Such a signal may report that there are any problems in the cooking group. To eliminate try cooking another cup of coffee. If it does not help, contact technical support.

This signal is the most unpleasant for the owner of the coffee machine. He reports the malfunction of the device. Turn off the coffee machine for a few minutes, then try again. If these actions have not led to the desired result, you need to seek help in a service center.

Warning Indicator Lights Light, Backlight ON / OFF Button Rogged

Cause. The container for the coffee grounds is filled with or was devastated when the coffee machine was turned off.

Decision. Empty a container for coffee grounds without turning off the coffee machine. Make sure the warning indicator flashes, and only then replace the coffee grounds container.

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All 4 indicators on the coffee maker blink at the same time

Determine when all four indicators began to flash, and familiarize yourself with the appropriate decision.

When using AquaClean / Brita filter

  • Remove the filter from the water tank, turn off and turn on the coffee machine again.
  • If the message is no longer displayed, the filter was incorrectly prepared or clogged. Prepare a filter or replace if it was used longer than 3 months.

All indicators light up immediately after turning on the coffee machine

  • Turn off the coffee machine.
  • Remove the water tank and remove the coffee beans from the bottom of the reservoir department.
  • Check if the exit tube is not clogged. Using a needle Remove scale / dirt from the steam output tube.
  • Turn on the coffee machine again, start the feed of 2-3 cups of hot water.

All indicators light up when making coffee

All indicators light up immediately after or during the cleaning process

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