How to choose a gas or combination stove?

If you have “gas in the kitchen” and you want a stove, not a “built-in”, then your choice is: a full gas stove or a combination stove with an electric oven and possibly a combination of gas and electric burners.

In favor of gas

An all-gas stove (both a hob and an oven) is always a cheaper option than a combination stove of the same brand and about the same level. In addition, gas tariffs in our country are significantly lower than for electricity, so a fully gas stove will be cheaper and easier to operate. You will be able to use both the burners and the oven if the power goes out. The power of gas burners (including the oven burner) is easily and simply adjusted “by eye”, heating (including heating the oven) is very fast.

Cons Fully Gas Plate

A gas oven can be very good, but it will remain gas, which means it will not have:

  • upper heating and the ability to combine upper and lower heating;
  • a fan that creates forced convection for uniform distribution of hot air inside the chamber;
  • precise temperature control;
  • low temperature modes for fermentation and defrosting.
cooktop, electric, which, profitable

In addition, a gas oven produces more soot, and over time it may begin to bake unevenly (if the holes in the burner become clogged, when something escapes, it burns. for example, a sweet pie filling or just fat). Gas oven harder to clean.

In favor of the combination “gas hob electric oven”

A combination stove with a gas hob and an electric oven is a good option for those who want to save money by using gas for everyday cooking needs and enjoy all the advantages of modern electric ovens: convection, grill, precise temperature control (starting from low temperatures from 35.50 degrees), the ability to combine modes, etc.P.

Combined gas-electric stove

cooktop, electric, which, profitable

gas or electricity?

We kindle a gas stove quickly, we can use almost any type of utensils, and gas in Russia is much cheaper than electricity. But at the same time, during combustion, oxygen is burned and carbon dioxide is released, and if the setting is incorrect, carbon monoxide is also deadly for humans and pets. The gas may explode, and the gas cylinder may end up with a faulty valve, which is also fraught with poisoning of people, dogs, cats, birds, and destruction of the home. Gas pipelines are not laid everywhere, the purchase or filling of liquefied gas cylinders is not always available at the right time. Yes, and ovens for most gas stoves are inferior to electric ones: due to uneven heating, they bake worse, they have fewer functions.

By 1930, there were 14 million gas stoves in American kitchens, 7.7 million wood or coal, and only 1 million electric.

For the operation of an electric stove, a gas pipeline or gas cylinders is not needed, oxygen remains safe and sound, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases, as a result of an oxidation reaction, are not obtained. There is no risk of gas explosion either. In an electric oven, you can create without the limits of culinary imagination; biscuits do not fall off there, chicken or goose skin becomes especially tasty and attractive, pies are browned on all sides, and the bottom does not burn.

But a great electric stove also has its drawbacks. Firstly, it can take a long time to warm up or require cooking only in special dishes. Secondly, it requires special wiring and a high current socket; thirdly, if the stove is faulty, then you can get an electric shock. Fourth, in Russia electricity costs more than gas; Fifth, a substation accident or power outage is much more common than a gas outage.

There are also combined stoves with gas burners and electric ovens. They have all the advantages of both, they are not very expensive and quite profitable, but gas pipelines are far from being everywhere, and even if they are summed up, there will always be modern developers who prefer to get by with electricity alone, leaving the residents of the houses no choice which stove to put.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric hobs

Electric hobs can be found on the modern market in a huge number of variations. manufacturers are expanding this segment due to enduring demand and high competition among brands. The usual options with heating elements in the form of cast-iron “pancakes” are practically not produced, although they are found on sale. The most popular solution today is hobs with Hi-Light burners, as well as induction heating.

Hi-Light technology involves the use of a special filament tape laid under the glass-ceramic surface. It provides fast heating of dishes, as well as flexibility in adjusting temperature parameters. The so-called rapid burners operate according to a similar technology.

As for induction hobs, they are one of the most modern and technically advanced solutions that can expand the functionality of any kitchen. In this case, heating occurs only at the point of contact of the bottom of the dish with the surface, and the rest of the coating remains absolutely cold. An inductive coil located under the glass-ceramic panel generates an alternating magnetic field, which ensures the heating of the dishes and their contents. Thus, it was possible to achieve a high speed of cooking time, as well as economical energy consumption. On the other hand, this technique also has its drawbacks, namely, a higher cost than similar models with gas or Hi-Light burners. In addition, special utensils made of ferromagnetic steel are required for cooking.

Wide functionality

Compared to gas hobs, electric hobs have a wider range of functions that greatly facilitate comfort during the cooking process. The boost function, which increases the power of the burner, deserves special attention, as well as the possibility of expanding the heating zones for the use of dishes of non-standard sizes. Among the useful additional options, it should be noted the presence of a timer, automatic boiling, as well as various automatic programs for solving various culinary tasks. The Stop Go function allows you to pause the cooking process for a short period of time and continue it with the same settings. This is especially true if there is a need to distract and lean the kitchen for a while.

Touch control

The touch control panel allows you to adjust all the parameters of the surface with one touch of your finger. At the same time, the smooth surface of the sensor does not accumulate dirt, is easy and practical to clean. The presence of a touch screen will further simplify the work with the device.

Caring for glass-ceramic surfaces

The glass-ceramic panel requires careful care and compliance with the operating rules. Sugar-containing liquids are the enemy of any glass-ceramic, so it is important to ensure that they do not spill onto the work surface. It is also important to avoid the use of micro-scratching abrasive cleaners and accessories. Otherwise, the coating may lose its performance and aesthetic qualities.


Like all built-in appliances, electric hobs are standardized in width, which allows them to be easily installed in the corresponding niches of kitchen worktops. As a rule, models with a width of 60 cm are most popular. Therefore, before proceeding with the installation of the panel, it is important to check whether the finished niche meets the standard parameters or design a place for the equipment yourself. If you are not confident in your own abilities, do not hesitate to invite the master to install.

As for the installation of induction models, it is not recommended to place other household appliances under them. budget models of equipment can interfere with the operation of both devices.

Domino hobs

We cannot fail to mention the design, which will certainly interest those who are looking for a functional hob with an individual approach to organizing the work area. “Domino”.

“Dominoes” are unusual modules from which you can make a work surface at your discretion. Today, the choice of domino modules is diverse: gas and electric panels, a double boiler, a grill, a deep fryer, etc.

  • The size of the modules is usually 50 × 30 cm and they are manufactured in one style;
  • Modules are embedded in the worktop and, if necessary, are easily combined with each other, uniting into a single modular system;
  • The process of assembling modules into a single panel resembles the game in the domino (hence and name);
  • Installing a module on one or two burners will suit those who rarely prepare;
  • The fascinating cooking will be able to place a combined panel in the kitchen and to save space in the kitchen.

Installation of the cooking panel

And gas, and electric cooking panels are divided into:

The dependent cooking panel is accommodated only with the oven. These devices have a common control unit located on the oven housing. Unquestive plus dependent panels. lower price compared to the acquisition of two independent devices (oven and panel).

The independent hob is equipped with its own control system and its operation is independent of other kitchen appliances. Such a panel and oven can be in different parts of the kitchen and at different levels.

Recently, increasing attention is paid to independent models. They provide more opportunities for stylish kitchen design.

Features of gas plates

Gas plates can be both enamelled and tempered glass. The second will be somewhat more expensive, but otherwise the differences from the old, all the famous plates, no. Only gas control and timer functions were added.

Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages. low price and efficiency in use. Also to the advantages of some of the fact that gas cooked dishes are more delicious. Of the disadvantages. scant functionality, long heating, the ability to leak, if there is no gas control.

What cooktop choose. gas or electric

Modern models of cooking panels gradually displace traditional gas or electric stoves from kitchens, saving free space and significantly expanding opportunities in cooking. Today, manufacturers of household appliances offer a large selection of hobs that differ not only in design and power source, but also in the presence of various additional functions, options, the number and type of burners.

If your kitchen is supplied with gas, then most likely the choice will fall on the gas hob. Features of the gas flame provide flexible control of the heating of dishes, as well as the rapid achievement of the required temperature for cooking a particular dish. In addition, the flame is not inert, so the dishes heat up evenly and food cooks much faster. For example, the boiling of water stops immediately after the burner has been turned off. Many consumers prefer gas hobs for their economy and high heating rate.

As for safety during operation, it is the systems of automatic blocking of the gas supply that are responsible for it in case of unintentional attenuation of the burner or leakage, as well as the “child protection” function that prevents access to the control panel and changing the operating parameters.

In addition, gas panels have an attractive design. Particularly noteworthy are models made using the “gas on glass” technology, where under the burners there is a surface of high-strength glass-ceramic. Such devices look great in modern kitchens.

Among the shortcomings that you need to pay attention to when choosing a particular model, it should be noted an open flame, as well as a more complicated maintenance process compared to electric models.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric hobs

Freestanding electric hobs made of enamelled steel and equipped with cast iron heating elements are quite rare, despite the fact that such models are still produced by many companies.

Compared to gas appliances, electrical appliances have much wider functionality and capabilities. To date, the most popular are glass-ceramic panels equipped with Hi-Light heating elements, which provide a large heat transfer area and, accordingly, fast heating of the burner. The main structural element of Hi-Light type burners is a thin corrugated band made of refractory metal and having a high resistivity. The standard number of heating zones is 4, however, both compact models with two and professional models with five or six burners are on sale.

Most electric hobs have a convenient and fairly informative touch control. The completely smooth glass-ceramic surface is easy to clean, and the absence of protruding elements eliminates places where dirt could clog. However, there are models with traditional rotary controls. As a rule, the control panel is always placed on the front of the working area at a sufficient distance from the heating zones.

As for the disadvantages, one of the main ones is the high cost of electric hobs, as well as the cost of electricity. Of course, modern manufacturers are trying to make the most energy-efficient models, but with fairly intensive use, they can still “hit the ” of the owner.

Induction panels. is it worth saving

Induction is the most modern and advanced type of hobs. A distinctive feature of their functioning is that, due to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, heat is transferred directly to the bottom of the dish, and not through glass ceramics. Of course, in the process of work, it also becomes warm, but secondarily and only from heated dishes. Without the installed dishes, the heating zone will not work, because the iron bottom is one of the necessary conditions for the formation of induction currents.

Induction heating method guarantees minimum heat loss and, accordingly, maximum efficiency. This means that food is heated up and cooked much faster, while saving energy.

The range of Electrolux built-in hobs is represented by a wide range of both electric and gas models, equipped with the latest technological innovations. In addition, buyers are attracted by a stylish design that fits perfectly into any kitchen interior.

Features of the hob

If you are not going to use the oven, then you can not buy it at all. Thus, you can save on appliances, besides, the extra space in the kitchen will not hurt.

Gas, Induction, Electric: The Complete Guide to Kitchen Stovetops

In the absence of an oven in the kitchen, the best option would be to purchase a hob. It is a stylish and compact device, characterized by elegance and beauty. It is mounted on a countertop, and instead of an oven, you can install a dishwasher or leave room for a certain number of drawers you need. This design fits seamlessly into any kitchen interior and allows for quick cleaning.

There are a huge number of models of hobs. Enamelled. older, modern glass-ceramic models. You can install a system that runs on gas and electricity.

Benefits of an electric hob

The main advantage of electric hobs is their beauty and aesthetics. There are no burners and grates that always get dirty. Heating zones are created directly on the front surface of the panel. You can install this type of panel anywhere on the countertop. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it fits well even in a small kitchen. It is a pleasure to clean such a plate. Its surface is smooth, the joints are carefully closed during installation and dirt does not accumulate in them. Almost any dirt can be removed with a simple, slightly damp cloth.

If suddenly, the owner of the apartment appears a desire to independently do the baking of pies and other culinary products that require the presence of the oven, then this issue is solved simply. For these purposes, a separate oven is purchased, which can be located separately from the panel, anywhere in the kitchen. Modern electric hobs are highly powerful, so cooking on them is fast enough.

Disadvantages of the hob

The main disadvantage of electric hobs is the high cost. Added to the price is the installation cost. Of course, you can install the hob with your own hands, but for this you will need to cut an opening in the countertop so that there is not even the slightest gap between it and the panel. This will keep the countertop free from dirt. It will be necessary to create a competent ventilation system, the task of which is to remove excess heat from nearby furniture that can smoke.

Purchasing a separate gas hob and oven will incur additional costs. Each product will require a separate gas hose. Works related to gas will require coordination with a special service, drawing up a project and attracting specialists, since it is prohibited by law to install gas equipment on your own.

The surface of the hob is very soft. Bumps and other awkward movements can lead to the formation of chips on it, sugar grains that are not removed during heating can lead to cracks. Removing defects on the hob is an expensive business.

Important: the weight that most glass or glass-ceramic panels can withstand does not exceed 17 kg for the entire panel and not more than 6 kg for the burner. Therefore, loading the stove with pots and pans at the same time is problematic.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves

Despite the reliability, functionality and lower cost of gas appliances, they are gradually being replaced in kitchens by electric ones. Hosts attract appearance, safety and a large number of useful features.

Among the advantages of the electric stove can be highlighted with a high degree of purity in the kitchen (since there are no combustion products), functionality, very comfortable oven.

As for the minuses, they are also present. First, electric stoves are more expensive than gas. Secondly, require large financial costs during operation, as they consume quite a large amount of electricity. Adjust the heating of pig-iron electrical burners is not as convenient as gas. If more modern heating elements are installed, this problem is missing. Some burners are warm up for quite a long time, so the cooking time is spent more.

And one more disadvantage. the device is completely dependent on electricity, which is quite often disconnected. If this happens, you will not be able to cook anything.


Electric stove control can be mechanical or touch. Here you can choose what you like more. On the mechanical control panel are the usual rotary controls. Such a system is mainly equipped with budget models with cast-iron “pancakes”.

Touch switches are installed in expensive stoves, as they are a more complex and technological solution. The touch panel is placed on a glass-ceramic surface. It looks very attractive, and in order to turn on the burner or oven, just one touch is enough. Manufacturers have made sure that the controls are intuitive. But these models are much more expensive.

cooktop, electric, which, profitable


The safety of an electric stove is much higher than a gas one. When using it, you do not need to be afraid of accidental fuel leaks. Manufacturers have also taken care to reduce the likelihood of burns. The burners are equipped with heat indicators that go out when the temperature becomes safe for humans. Cookers with induction burners remain cold at all, since only the bottom of the cookware is heated with the help of electromagnetic induction. Most models are equipped with a child lock. And so that you do not burn yourself on the oven door, from 2 to 4 special heat-resistant glasses are installed in it.

Features of care and cleaning

Since soot does not appear during cooking using electricity, cleaning an electric stove takes much less time than a gas one. And if its surface is made of glass-ceramic, care is even easier. This material is perfectly even, so any dirt can be removed from it very easily. The main thing is to prevent sugar and sweet liquids from getting on the glass ceramics, which spoil it. The only negative is the lack of bumpers, as on a gas appliance. If you accidentally run out of soup, it will not linger on a smooth surface and, most likely, you will have to mop the floor.

There are many special products for the care of glass-ceramic surfaces. But it is not recommended to use powders or hard brushes to remove heavy dirt. they leave scratches on the material.

Another advantage of electric stoves is self-cleaning oven systems. They allow you to spend much less time on caring for him. the most advanced option is pyrolysis. The device heats up to a temperature of 500 degrees, and only a pile of ash remains from any contamination. Cheap models are equipped with hydrolysis cleaning. A container with water is placed in the chamber, which evaporates and softens the dirt on the walls, after which it is quite easy to wipe them off.


The functions of the electric stove make the owners of gas appliances turn green with envy. Models of the budget price segment are usually equipped with standard functionality necessary for daily use. As a rule, this is temperature control of burners and oven, timer, electric grill. Additional parameters are provided in more expensive devices.

The timer can be not only mechanical, but also electronic. It not only beeps when the set time has elapsed, but also automatically turns off the burners or oven.

Heating and contamination of the control panel is avoided by the function of removing steam from the oven. In the memory of some devices, you can save the cooking parameters of various dishes. The oven is sometimes equipped with automatic cooking programs, a microwave or steam function, an electric or infrared grill, several convection modes, an electronic meat probe, a spit. Very convenient telescopic guides for baking sheets and a sliding door.

Hobs are equipped with a water boiling sensor and a thermal indicator. Induction models have a pan recognition function.

All this functionality greatly facilitates the cooking process, but quite a lot increases the cost of equipment. Therefore, when buying, decide without which “frills” you can easily do.

Electricity consumption

When buying many, not only the functionality is worried, but also the power consumption of the electric stove. This parameter greatly increase the additional features and heating elements. To calculate electricity consumption, the power of the device must be multiplied by its time. For each element installed its standards (kW / hour):

  • Electric Rizhag.0.001;
  • TEN grilled. 1.5;
  • Upper and lower tube oven. 0.8 and 1, respectively;
  • Electro components. 1-2;
  • Heating element oven. up to 3.25;
  • Lighting. 0.015-0.025;
  • Engine on Spit. 0.006.

On average, one burner consumes about 1.5 kW, and an oven. 3-4 kW of electricity per hour. To avoid electrical overloads, it is not recommended to include more than 2 burners.

Benefits of Zanussi Kitchen Plates

The entire line of equipment of the famous Italian brand Zanussi is the standard of elegance in design and high quality. Gas and electric stoves of this brand are no exception to the general rule.