What are cold batteries and why they are needed

Cold batteries are cooling elements that can maintain a low (warm) temperature in a special bag or container. Such sources are indispensable in campaigns and during the transportation of drugs, vaccines requiring compliance with the temperature regime.

The cold drive is a plastic hermetic capacity, inside of which there is a special substance. As a filler, there may be:

When choosing a device, you need to focus on the size of the bag, which is supposed to be used to store chilled or frozen products, and take into account the features of a particular type of filler.

The most important element in the drives is “filling”, since it depends on its properties whether the products will remain fresh or not. Several varieties of cold batteries are sold in stores: some of them are recommended for hot products, others for cold and others for frozen.

Properties of cold sources

For the production of drives under consideration, only safe polymeric materials are used that do not threaten human health. The capacity of store devices is mainly from 0.25 to 0.8 liters.

The use of the film surface allows you to give the desired shape not frozen sources. In addition, temperature changes do not have a negative effect on them.

The outer part of the gel devices is made from the film, and the same substance is used as a filler, which has high thermal conductivity.

The use of gel sources of cold allows you to create a low temperature area (inside the container, bag), as well as maintain a certain temperature of the products, so that they can remain warm longer.

Carboxymethyl cellulose, which is a gel.forming substance, in case of damage to the film and accidental ingestion of food or medicine, does not spoil them and does not have a negative effect on the human body.

Salt drives are distinguished by the ability to hold the temperature from.20 to 8 degrees. However, they are not suitable for long.term storage, since their charge is enough only for a day. The outer part is solid, made of plastic. Inside the container is an aqueous solution of salt.

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When choosing water-salt devices, it must be remembered that the tightness of a plastic container can be disturbed, and the liquid is dripped into a bag and thereby spoil the products.

The silicone cold battery has a number of advantages: the material used for its manufacture is quite durable, and the filler contains polymers containing silicon crystals. The temperature in the bag when using drives of this type for a long time (up to 160 hours) lasts in the range from 0 to 2 degrees.

If a long trip is planned, as well as the transportation of perishable products and drugs, the storage of which is possible only at certain temperature values, preference should be given to more reliable sources. If necessary, several drives can be placed in one bag.

Thermal drum or cold in bag

Cold battery container

For the manufacture of the gel, you need to dissolve ordinary salt in the maximum concentration in water (for this, the water must be heated), and then pour silicone wallpaper glue into the solution and mix well. The result is a gel that needs to be poured into prepared containers.

Homemade storage batteries can be made in a convenient form for use and used as necessary. You can store them in the same freezer, taking out when necessary.

The cold accumulator is cooling devices, which are a container filled inside with a high heat capacity. These devices are often used in the role of the main cooling elements in bags, carriers, car refrigerators, thermal containers, etc. P. Therefore, cold accumulators began to be called thermal lugs, auto.coolers and the like. But this is not entirely correct. The cold battery is only an integral part of the above devices. Simply, it can be called it a refrigerant in all these devices. In this article we will consider how the cold battery, varieties, some models and reviews of the owners works.

What is a cold battery and how it works?

Active substance in cold accumulators is a solution of carboxymethyl cellulose. It is kept in the freezer before use to cool to the required temperature. Tarmosums with cold batteries are often used by motorists and travelers who store products and drinks in them. In such auto.chlor residents or thermal containers, products are placed together with durable plastic bags with a solution of carboxymethyl cellulose. This is the cold accumulators that can be seen in the photo below.

After this “refrigerant” is exhausted, it is taken out, washed with water and put in the freezer again to prepare for further use. Modern cold accumulators are made of safe, environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the saved products. If they are not used for a long time, it is better to put them in a freezer or another cool place protected from sunlight.

If the storage rules are not violated, then the life of the cold accumulators is practically not limited. If you have a large-volume chronicle bag, then you may need several of these devices. In this case, one cold battery is placed on the bottom, one on top, as well as several pieces between layers of products.

As well as cold accumulators can be used in household refrigerators. Due to them, the temperature in the refrigerator is stabilized and as a result the compressor is less often turned on and off. This increases the freezing power and storage time in the refrigerator when it is turned off from electricity. Another scope is isothermal chambers that are used in the sale of ice cream, soda water, beer, etc. P. Cold batteries are also used in devices for storing and transporting vaccines, blood and biological tissues, various drugs, etc. P.

Preparatory work

So that the battery does not discharge during downtime, it is necessary to disconnect one terminal from it. At the same time, the loss of the charge will be, but insignificant. However, the best option would be the storage of the battery in winter in a warm room. When removing the battery, the car painlessly perceives the lack of stress. You might even say that this will benefit him.

When removing the battery, the minus and then the plus terminal is disconnected first, which avoids a short circuit

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Dry battery

The preparation of a dry battery is carried out in the following way:

  • The jars of jars are removed, and through the holes the level of electrolyte is measured using a glass tube. Its number can also be estimated according to the marks that are present within each jar. If the battery is transparent, the level of electrolyte is visible from the outside. In this case, the marks are usually applied to the battery housing. The level of electrolyte should be within 12 mm. If the resulting value is less, it is required to add distilled water.
  • The density of the electrolyte is checked, its indicator should be 1.25–1.29, but does not differ by more than 0.01. If such a condition is not respected, you need to achieve an average value. When the density is greater, distilled water is added, with a lower indicator, battery.
  • The surface of the battery is washed with a solution of baking soda to neutralize the acid, and the conclusions are treated with conductive grease.
  • The surface of the case for damage is checked.
  • The battery is charged, wrapped with plastic film or rag to avoid possible external exposure, and is placed in the place allotted for storage.

It is not recommended to pour water from the tap.

If there is no ability to charge the serviced battery, it should be poured with a solution of boric acid (5%). It will be necessary to perform actions in the following sequence:

  • The battery is charged to the stop.
  • The electrolyte solution is drained for 15 minutes.
  • Distilled water is poured inside, the battery is thoroughly washed 2 times.
  • Boric acid solution is poured.

How to use a cold battery

The instructions for the use of the cold accumulator for thermal drum is very simple. She looks like this:

  • The device is laid in the freezer of the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. The exact time depends on the type of refrigerant, you must wait until it completely goes into a solid state.
  • Frozen cooler is placed in a thermal drum along with products. If the transportation is short.lived, and the volumes of semi.finished products are small, only one container will be enough. For prolonged transportation, it is better to take several devices at once and cover them with their products more tightly.
  • After use, the refrigerator is washed with running water, dried and again cleaned in the refrigerator for freezing.

It is not necessary to drain the filler from the device after application. Subject to the rules of operation of the refrigerant, the solution in it remains suitable for use for a very long time.

How to use a gel battery

Using a soft cold accumulator as a whole, you need to do the same as a solid. Devices work according to the same principle. in frozen form they take heat from the products inside the thermal drum and due to this maintain a low temperature.

Comparison of cold accumulators makes it clear that the main difference between soft models is in a thin shell subject to mechanical damage. Therefore, you need to use such devices with caution. It is not recommended to put a refrigerator in a thermal unit next to sharp solid objects. If the shell is torn, and the gel will flow out, then the products will not suffer from this. But the thermal drum will have to be washed from the filler, and the cooler itself will not be able to use in the future.

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Advice! So that the soft refrigerator is not damaged during transportation, you can first wrap it in a towel.

How to use a cold accumulator without a thermal drummer

The most efficiency generators of cooling are demonstrated when used together with thermal drummer. But they can be used in ordinary boxes and backpacks without an isothermal layer.

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To bring the products in a chilled form to the destination, it is necessary:

  • Select a bag of the most dense fabric with hermetic fasteners.
  • Put the charged device on its bottom, and place semi.finished products above it.
  • Add another refrigerator on top of the products and close the bag.

As the devices thaw, condensation will gradually form on their surface. So that the foods and the bag do not get wet, it is worth wrapping the refrigerants with plastic bags or dense towels.

When using cooling batteries without a thermal drum, it is recommended to open a container with products as little as possible

Batteries with gel, silicone or salt filler can be used to increase the efficiency of a conventional refrigerator. If you constantly keep charged containers inside the unit, then the compressor will be included in the work and turn off less often, which will extend its service life. With prolonged interruptions with the supply of electricity, the batteries will keep the low temperature in the refrigerator for a couple of days, and the products will not spoil.

How to use a cold accumulator for a thermal drummer

Use of ice agenerators is not difficult. Before using the device, placed in the freezer compartment. After freezing the fluid, the cooler are laid in an isothermal bag one at a time or in combination. Devices are installed on the bottom and on top of the provision. Layout is allowed or only on top of products.

After use, the containers are washed with running water and placed in a stationary freezer. To increase the service life, you should store the device in the refrigerator.

What is a cold battery

A portable product cooling device is a portable thermal drum with a cold with a capacity inside. As refrigerants in containers, substances are used that can accumulate cold.

Foods remain fresh in a certain period of time. This period depends on the composit and the volume of the cooling substance. The size of the container is selected for the amount of food.

The container with the refrigerant is “charged” in the freezer of the refrigerator for several hours. Then the refrigerant is placed in a special bag, which well supports the necessary temperature regime. The creation of such conditions is ensured by the structure of the material. The walls are made of porous materials covered with aluminum foil.

Depending on the type of refrigerant, the batteries operate about 5-24 hours. Some refrigerant options are able to function and store food for a week.

DIY cold bag for bags

If there is a need for a trip, and there are no thermal ships with batteries, then you can make them yourself. Take an ordinary bag and add it inside a piece of thin insulation with a reflecting layer of lavsan or food foil, and the battery can be prepared from improvised means that are at home.

How to prepare a cold battery with your own hands:

  • In one liter of heated water, add 500 g of sodium salt, mix until completely dissolved, pour into a plastic bottle and freeze. Such a refrigerant will work for about 12 hours, and maintain the temperature from.20 to 0 degrees.
  • Add 200g of glauber salt and 10-15g of wallpaper glue to a liter of water, heat a little until the helium substance is formed and put in the freezer for 8 hours. Such a composition is able to maintain the temperature.10 degrees about 20 hours.
  • Boil not a very thick, ordinary clayer made of flour, starch or gelatin, pour into a container and freeze. Or 40 g of wallpaper glue dissolve in one liter of water. These compositions withstand 12 hours and maintain a temperature of about 0 degrees. A simple way to save products when traveling to a picnic is freezing a bottle of vodka or alcohol dissolved in water. Vodka freezes in the freezer for about 12 hours, holds the temperature.2-0 degrees for 8 hours. It will also be useful in nature.

The components of the refrigerant can be poured into a plastic bottle, a bag of juice or a rubber heating pad, the main thing is that they are hermetically tightly closed.

During transportation on containers, condensate is formed, so it is better to wrap them with a soft terry towel and wrap them in a bag, so they will give cold longer, and the liquid will not accumulate at the bottom of the bag.

In the event that the cold accumulator is not sustained inside the freezer, then the cooling properties of the bag are absent. In this case, it simply slows down the heating of the products placed inside. In this case, the food and drinks are located in this case will not warm up as quickly as in the open air, but they will still raise their temperature. The effectiveness of the bag depends on the number of cold accumulators used in it.

In fact, the bag can work on the principle of thermos. In this case, the cold accumulator does not need to be put in the freezer at all. Products are simply placed in a bag, and it closes. The reflective surface protects equally well from heat loss, as well as from protection from its set.

Prepare cold or heat batteries

So that the products and drinks inside the thermal drum are cooled for several hours, or even a day, it is important to use special cold accumulators. They are a hermetic container with a solution (gel, silicone, water-salt), which, when freezing, holds the cold for a while.As an alternative for a thermal drum, you can use ice bottles.

Before using, place the cold battery in the freezer for 4-5 hours until free.

How many batteries are needed

To calculate how many cold accumulators are needed for thermal shoes of different volumes, we recommend using the Golden Rules: 10% of the bag volume. For example, for a 30 liter bag you will need 3 liters of batteries, t.e. 10 pieces of 300 ml or 4. 500 ml.

How many cold batteries do you need on a cooler bag? Drop the zero from the volume of thermal drum. the resulting figure is the required number of cold accumulators in liters.

How the cold batteries work in a cold bag

The full functioning of the cold bag is impossible without special cassettes. Some call them generators or cold accumulators. They look like sealed plastic containers filled with a special substance with high heat capacity. Batteries are divided into 3 groups:

Type of Peculiarities
Gel Dense film structure filled with a special gel. Often for these purposes, carboxymethyl cellulose is used. The substance is safe even in the case of leakage. Such cassettes are used as heaters.
Silicone Outwardly resemble gel, but filled with silicone. Their temperature range is small (from 0 to 2 ° C), but they can hold it up to a week.
Salt Plastic containers with water-salt solution. Their temperature range is wide (from.20 to 8 ° C), but they hold it only until 24 hours.

What temperature will be in the refrigerator bag, and how much it will hold, depends on the chosen cold battery. Regardless of the type, all cooling devices work according to the same principle. Before using them for 2-5 hours, put in the freezer. And if you plan to heat, then gel batteries are first warmed up with a microwave oven.

Когда кассета достигла нужной температуры, ее кладут в термосумку. Thanks to this device, the bag plays the role of the refrigerator. Increase the efficiency of the accessory using 2-3 batteries at once, placing them between layers of products. Gel or silicone devices are suitable for this, because they are easily bended. It is practical to put salt on the bottom or on the sides of the bag.

Important! Manufacturers recommend for every 5 l of thermal drum the 1st battery with a volume of at least 300 ml.

The appointment of the Kholodilnik bag

Those who still doubt whether this accessory is needed, it is useful to find out where the thermal drum can be used. The appointment of a cold bag allows:

  • Put food into it during large purchases on the market. Even a long stay there on a hot summer day will not spoil freshly or dairy products.
  • Take chilled drinks, ice cream or other products with you, going ashore rivers or sea. In it, during the trip, cosmetics and medicines requiring a certain storage regimen.
  • When traveling for more than 12 hours, store perishable products in it. heat in cooked dishes or drinks during nature in nature.
  • In thermal drums for 3-4 liters, take lunch for work or study.
  • Keep products from the freezer compartment in it while the refrigerator is defrosted.
  • Fishermen and hunters use them to store game or catch.

You can use the thermal system under various circumstances. For practical hostesses, they never idle idle. And some prefer to buy several of these products of different sizes for all kinds of cases when you need the effect of cooling or heating.

How to increase efficiency

If there is a long trip, the weather is very hot, and the weight of the luggage does not matter, the best solution for reliable preservation of the cold is to add more pre.frozen refrigerates.

cooling, element, refrigerator, works, cold

It will take about 10 times more heat to melt the ice than to heat water by 10 ° C.

If there was no desired number of elements for cooling the house, knowing how the cold accumulator in the cold bag works, you can make them with your own hands. It is permissible to use ordinary ice as a filler, but it is better to pour kitchen salt into the water before freezing (about 5 liters). this will lower the freezing temperature by several degrees and add a couple of hours of cold storage. Water or saline solution can be poured into a regular plastic bottle. most importantly, do not fill it under the lid so that the container does not burst when freezing.

You can win the additional cooling time if you organize the space in the cold bag:

Part of the provision, which is planned to be used later, can be packaged in a separate package with a pair of refrigerated elements, better. hermetically closing, and lay on the bottom: this will help maintain the cold when opening the device. Some models of cutting bags have several departments or internal s that can be used for the same purpose.

Care and storage tips

Upon returning home, it may turn out that something spilled in the device. It’s good if there is an instruction for the Kholodilnik bag, or at least a label label, where it is indicated whether washing is permissible. But, as a rule, products withstand a delicate mode.

If the thermal drum is not placed in the washing machine, or the manufacturer’s recommendations are absent, you can remove pollution with wet wipes. A refrigerant is an unpretentious thing, it can be washed under running water by any means for dishes.

To decide how to store refrigerants for a cooler bag, we must decide whether they will need in the near future. If a new trip is a week after a week, it is better to immediately load the cold accumulators into the freezer, but you can leave them at room temperature.

Before using a products bag for products, you need to check the refrigerates and reject damaged. They can be disposed of as any plastic container, and the liquid refrigerator is poured into the sewer. it is not poisonous.

The refrigerates and thermal drum should not be kept near heating devices or in the sun. To avoid damage to thermal insulation at the fold places, it is better to store the product in a straightened state.

Thermoelectric refrigerator, like any electric device, cannot be washed under running water. It should be treated about the same as with a multicooker or electric kettle. It is better to store in a closed box to protect electronics from dust, and models with a fan. periodically cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If you store it correctly and wash the cold bag in time, it can last several years. However, it should be borne in mind that insulating materials and plastic parts are subject to natural aging, especially with constant temperature differences, exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Having sorted out the installation of the main types of portable refrigerators, you can safely organize a suburban party with land and champagne. The main thing is to stock up on cold batteries and do not forget that the time of action of the “magic” bag is limited.