We wash cotton correctly manually and in a washing machine

Cotton things wear well in the heat, he misses the wind well and absorbs moisture. Over time, such a material will quickly deteriorate, it can sit after the first washing and purchase a grayish tint if the thing is white. Cotton clothing can serve for a long time, you just need to know some rules how to wash it.

Young mistresses often ask questions how to handle cotton. All children’s things, underwear, sheets are made of this material. In washing machines there is an additional feature: cotton fabric washing mode. Snow-white things are allowed to load at a temperature of 95 degrees, and non-ferrous. 40 degrees so that things do not polish.

Cotton products can sit down, and overly tolerance, although the form can remain the same. Therefore, it is recommended to dry out things from cotton outdoors, and not in a washing machine.

So that cotton clothes served for a long time and pleased, it is necessary to carry out simple recommendations for the care of it:

  • Before washing a thing, carefully read the label. If it is written that it is forbidden to wash in a typewriter, then use manual washing.
  • Clothes turn inside out, and buttons and locks buttons.
  • Water should not be too hot, 5-40 degrees are suitable, and the thing will sit down.
  • Dirty things first soaked with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia alcohol.
  • If you eat cotton with hands, then it is not working it for more than 10 minutes.
  • In washing machines there is a special mode for washing cotton, so they use them. Erase cotton separately from other things and fabrics.

Cotton things can be white and colored, so when washing it is recommended to sort and wash apart from each other. The thickness of the clothing is important, terry towels, the sheets can be washed at different temperatures, and thin tissue, children’s things at high temperatures can sit down and lose the form. At 40 degrees dirt on cotton easily detained. Subject to uncomplicated rules, the material from cotton will look like new and serve for a long time.

How to choose a laundry dryer for home

Some things do not recommend washing in a washing machine, such a method leads to a damage of clothes, so they are erased by their hands. Here, the main thing is to pre-dunk the product before washing. Strong stains Easy to wash, if you add a little turpentar with a powder. Just need to carefully wash the thing so that there is no unpleasant odor.

  • In warm water dissolve detergent intended for cotton products.
  • It is soaked in a thing for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently erased.
  • Clamp in cool water, do not use ice water.
  • Slightly pressing, you can not twist and squeeze with all the force.
  • Gently hang, at the same time melting fabric.
  • When drying, it is not recommended to cut clothes so that it was easier to iron.

With all the undoubted advantages, cotton has a number of features requiring respect for respect and certain care. Otherwise, products from it are rather rapidly polluted and losing an attractive view. Proper wash. one of the criteria for her long life. And if you do not fulfill certain rules, it can quickly come into disrepair.

How much does cotton mode erase fast?

The program “Cotton is fast”. This mode is designed for cotton clothes, as well as with M cotton, but without significant pollution. The washing cycle lasts 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Program “Delicate Washing”.

  • In warm water dissolve detergent intended for cotton products.
  • It is soaked in a thing for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently erased.
  • Clamp in cool water, do not use ice water.
  • Slightly pressing, you can not twist and squeeze with all the force.

Rule 3. How to remove severe pollution?

Fresh spot to bring it easier. But you must first spend a test for dye resistance and their reaction to the purchased stain pressure. This tool is applied to the invisible edge of clothing and in 5 minutes it is rinsed. If the cloth is linked, you need to abandon the purchased stain remover.

Stain remover Use after testing on an invisible clothing.

It is better to apply a stain remover for color clothes, it more gently affects natural fabric. After such treatment, the whole thing is a bar, then carefully rinse. In this case, the remnants of the spots will be completely eliminated, and the reagent itself will.

Diverse and folk ways of getting rid of stains. However, the use of these “Prababook” means (salts, borants, turpentars) is now successfully replaced by stains.

It is worth thinking whether it is possible to wash cotton with these old technologies, if there is an allergy to modern powders, the desire to preserve the color and quality of natural cotton. In this case, such funds are priority.

Folk cotton cleansing methods

  • Rubbing with economic soap. old and tested technology for the removal of emerged spots. Sattail the cloth with a wet piece of soap and leave for 10 minutes. Clean the stain with your own hands and wash under running water.
  • Cold saline. Mix the tablespoon of salt and 3 liters of water. Soak handkerchiefs and things with organic stains. Cold soaking will not affect shrinkage.
  • Soak. Werepained colored clothes for 10 minutes soak in the pelvis with warm soapy water. And for white bed sets and tablecloths increase the soaking time for up to several hours. Next thing is erased as usual. Just consider that cotton sits down when washing in hot water.
  • Whitening. Hydrogen peroxide. powerful oxidizer. Cooking mortar: 50 ml of peroxide on 5 liters of water. Exposure time. 2 hours.
  • Rinsing in acetic solution: tablespoon for 5 liters of water. Strengthen the softness and brightness of the cotton.

How to erase cotton products with hands

In summer, I want lightness in clothes, which is why most chooses natural fabrics. How to erase cotton shirts and other wardrobe items to avoid deformation? What means it is better to apply when washing a shirt so that it remains soft?

The best option for cleansing the summer dresses from natural fiber will be hand wash, hold it like this:

  • It is not worth conducting experiments with such fibers, the water is not above 40 degrees.
  • For washing, it is advisable to use a special powder for cotton or grated on the grater. Economic soap.
  • In water, carefully dissolve the selected agent and soaked there the selected thing.
  • After 10 minutes, the product easily erases the product.
  • Rinse is carried out in cool water, which is changed several times.
  • The last rinse is carried out with the addition of air conditioner or a pair of table vinegar spoons, these funds will retain cotton clothes with soft and tender long. In addition, rinse in such a facility will facilitate the iron.

How to wash things from cotton manually with strong contamination so that they do not sat down? In difficult cases, it is possible to use water up to 50 degrees, soaking is carried out for 4-5 hours, after which it is mild with hands and rinse.

Advice! To wash your handkerchiefs predend them to soak in warm salt water at least three hours, follows the usual wash with the household soap. The solution is prepared at the calculation of the tablespoon of salt on each liter.

Hand wash cotton

Despite the presence of a washing machine machine, sometimes you have to resort to the method of manual washing. It is recommended for:

  • x / b fabrics with a complex texture;
  • delicate clothes from the finest cotton;
  • products with rhinestones, beads, manual embroidery and other similar decor.

It is recommended to wash them in warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 degrees and, desirable, without prior soaking.

Preparation for washing

It is necessary to start training from sorting white and colored things. Additionally, sort strongly and weakly polluted products. To return some of them, freshness and purity will need soaking. We put them separately. Further:

Now it remains only to familiarize yourself with the care requirements specified on the label. For some things, it is recommended extremely dry cleaning.

How to erase things?

Wash natural cotton manually recommended without pre-soaking. It is better for him to prefer the economic soap, effective even with severe pollution.

Having chosen a suitable, not containing chlorine and other active substances, the means, we make a soap solution, the temperature of which should not exceed 50 degrees. Wash delicate clothes made of natural cotton without excessive effort so as not to stretch thin fabric. Things are pressed without unscrewing and bezed in warm water until the soapy foam is completely washed.

How to dry things?

Cotton things are not recommended to dry under the outdoor. Their hanging on the clothes ropes, due to the ability to stretch, not allowed. Upon completion of washing, cotton tissue clothes are horizontally unfolded until complete drying. Stroke her deficient at maximum temperature. It is allowed to use the steaming mode.

Washing mode depends on the type of fabric

Cotton fabrics for bed linen can be different. The most popular: satin, satin jacquard, chick and simple cotton (they differ in the type of weaving and tissue density).

Washing at 40-45 degrees, delicate mode, spin up to 600 revolutions. Cannot use bleach powders.

Lingering is better away from direct sunlight.

Ironing from the front side at a temperature not higher than 200 degrees.

What is the full cycle

Sequential execution of conventional steps. washing, riding and pressing things. makes up a full cycle of machine machine. The device allows you to regulate the features of these operations.


The selection of the washing mode is determined by the following parameters:

The right choice will determine, not only how well things are fastened, but also possible damage to the linen from aggressive effects of temperature and large revolutions.


When ringed, wash detergents from tissues. Many prefer to launch additional rinse mode to carefully wash underwear from powder.

Experiment. Cotton. in a Washing Machine

Variants of degree and washing time on delicate mode

The duration and scenario of washing is established on the basis of certain requirements: careful cleansing without active friction, material deformation. Water, heated to 30-40 degrees will allow to wash pollution and maintain the structure of the fabric damaged when heated.

Changing processing time helps to cleanse matter, retaining its quality. It varies between 40 minutes and one and a half hours, selected individually.

cotton, mode, wash

Compliance with the principles of neat wash will retain the appearance, the structure of the fiber, the integrity of the line. It will lock things, will extend the life of his beloved clothes.

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