Dishwasher Bosch or Electrolux. What is better: the main characteristics, pros and cons

Restability and popularity of any trading brand depends on many criteria, key of which are impeccable reputation and constant orientation on innovative products. So, the rapidly developing household appliances market, annually replenished with an impressive number of widespread devices. And such a tendency inevitably entails the growth of competition, which impartially “filters” each manufacturer. And for several decades, the world-famous Electrolux and Bosch is withstanding this tough calibration.

Bosch is the leading for the release of many types of household appliances. In the ratings of dishwashers, this brand traditionally occupies high lines. German firms always famous for their reliability and high quality assembly. Durability of the instruments always attracts buyers, as this is an important factor when buying expensive equipment.

The developers of the company Bosch equip their dishwashers fairly good features. As a rule, there are 4-6 modes of washing, good capacity and quite a large number of additional features. German developers pay great attention attention, so their devices are always equipped with multistage protection.

In dishwashers from Bosch, various sensors are often installed, determining the rinse level, water flow, water purity, and T. P. In order to save, the devices are equipped with such a convenient function as half loading, which reduces resource consumption and washing.

Bosch dishwashing devices have a wide range in which you can find budget options and luxury. Judging by the reviews of buyers, the disadvantage of the dishwasher of this company is too strict conservative design and monotony of color solutions.

Swedish company Electrolux has very good feedback from those who used this technique. Dishwashers produced by this company. high-quality and durable devices, perfectly cope with their responsibilities. Buyers celebrate high quality dishes, rich functionality and beautiful modern design.

Most of the Swedish dishwasher models accommodates the maximum number of tableware sets at one time. The devices are supplied with two or three baskets, which allows you to simultaneously wash the devices of various purposes and different contamination. Swedish developers often use innovative methods in their devices.

New models are equipped with an improved urinal system of dishes, which effectively and evenly sprinkles water. Many devices have functions of economical washing and delicate instrument processing. Dishwarves Electrolux differ in a reduced level of noise and resource savings.

Many buyers noted that Swedish dishes werehing devices have a great design that is available in several colors. This is important for modern consumers who care about the beauty of the interior.

By cons. As well as often they are not equipped with blocking buttons from children.

Both manufacturer care about economical resource consumption, so Bosch and Electrolux technique is very energy efficient, t. E., Devices carefully spend water and electricity resources.

Choose a dishwasher

Greetings to subscribers and celebrating Picabab users! Today we will talk about dishwashers.Traditional remarks (sometimes it seems to me that nobody reads them): Everything written here. My personal opinion, formed by 10 years of experience in sales of this technique. I was both the seller and promoter, so I can silence important from advertising press releases. And further. I have long been in the profession, and therefore I can sometimes not even notice how I use unconventional slang words. I just don’t seem like that. If you are unpleasant to read it. Please just do not read. If there is constructive. Welcome to Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Immediately I warn you: there will be a lot of text! Go!

BOSCH / SIEMENSPOSTOMOBERS 45 cm wide assemble in Germany. What is building that separately standing. There is no difference between them. Since the autumn 2019, the assembly in Germany ceases, will be collected either in Poland or in Turkey. If we talk about 45 cm, then there is a constructive feature: double sprinkler between the upper and lower basket. By logic, it is better laundered and the top and bottom.If we talk about 60 cm, then I absolutely do not recommend the Polish assembly. bottom data dishwasher made of plastic. Taking into account the Condestation drying that Bosch uses, it contributes to high humidity inside the camera of the machine until you open it. In principle, drying. This is the only jamb dishwasher Bosch. If you (like me) take a plastic container to work, be prepared for the fact that after washing in the dishwashers of Bosch / Siemens, you will get them clean but wet.Of minuses. Foolish programs and cunning additional functions. Why dishwasher at the same time eco mode (50⁰), mode 60⁰, 65⁰ and 70⁰, but there is no auto mode? Why does a stupid night program? Well, the main trick of all Bosch of the world: half of the load. People think that by clicking this button, they will reduce the consumption of electricity and water 2 times, and why then wait for a full filling of the car if half can be washed? That’s just half the load consumes almost the same electricity as the eco-mode, and the water takes the least 2 liters. For expensive Europe, this is a lot. For us. Not an argument. The “Hygiene Plus” function, allegedly, disinfects children’s accessories: nipples and so. I have two little daughters, but I have never used it. I do not fit the head condensation drying and disinfection at the same time.Some machines (not only Bosch) have a third box. This is the top tray in which, instead of a basket, fold spoons and forks. On the one hand, it increases the download of the dishwasher for 1 set, on the other. a little worsen the quality of washing in the upper box. Third box. It’s good, but without it you can live. Checked)

Dishwashers of this manufacturer increased markedly in recent years. The assembly of all models occurs in Poland first, the Airdry function added. The meaning is that 10 minutes before the end of the cycle, the dishwasher itself opens the door and, thus, you will always know when the program is finished. Electrolux uses turbo dryer, that is, air is served to the chamber under low pressure. Air circulation and dry dishes. In terms of sink quality 45-centimeter good, and for small (up to 30 thousand) money there are cars with a convenient auto mode: the mud sensor in the machine itself determines the temperature and amount of water to the cycle. Bosch a similar dishwasher will be more expensive than thousands for 5. If we talk about 60 cm wide about the dishwasher, then this year the cool Intuit line came out, where finally the 3rd box appeared, for 45 thousand you can take a dishwasher with an additional sprinkler on the bottom and patenting glasses holders. In width 45, Intuit also went out, but there they, for my taste, are expensive.

Everything is difficult here. Try not to get confused. Everywhere used “Turbosushka” (air), plastic not odorous.Americans Whirlpool (own, for example, the Kitchen AID brand) bought ariston and indiste a couple of years ago. All embedded dishwashers emerging under these brands are going to Poland. What to say about them? 45 cm. quite good. Nothing outstanding in them is not, but, taking into account the small price, quite an affordable product. Recently 45-ku HotPoint was sold for 21 thousand. And it is inexpensive. In the amount of 60 cm and there is a gorgeous dish with a 3rd box and an additional sprinkler with a price of 30 thousand! For this money you can take either an empty Bosch Pole or Chinese. Adequate electrolyks (and bobbs) will start from 40, so, in its price, it is a very cool dishwasher.Detached dishwashers of these brands are collected in. Russia. Virlpula Lipetsk plant expands and makes more and more things. What to say about these dishwashers? Very inexpensive (compete with the Chinese), surprisingly adequately assembled, nothing will be laughing, but it’s difficult to say about reliability. Their release began only this year. So the information is not enough, take at your own risk. But, in contrast to Midea, do not smell 🙂

Superlookster in technique. The indigenous Chinese company, which burst into the Russian market with styralls for 15 thousand and dishwashers for 17-18. There is everything in it. and the third box and airdry, like the electrolus. There is only high quality plastic (something has to save) and a reliable engine. In fact, this is the first price and in the building and in the detached, so, it does not break immediately. and thank God.

All 40 cm gorenje dishwashers are collected in China at the Midea factory. Therefore, there is Airdry, like an electrolux. That’s just incomprehensible, for which you are overpaying 5-7 thousand. Slightly better fittings and more recognizable brand. But it is not worth the money that they ask for them. 60 cm dishwashers are made in Slovenia, they are designed for the European market (there are no 45-ki there) and are already collected better. But in Russia they are not at all popular and now they can be checked about 20 with a little. For such money. than successful purchase.

Hansa itself really wants to be German, but she came from Poland. And the dishwashers are at all going to China. For my taste, they are even less reliable than Midea, although they are equally. Nothing remarkable, except in them.

Here everything is not easy too.Of course, Cuppersberg has nothing to do with Germany. Like Sigmund Stein, for example. The company is most likely Russian, plays, among other things, to similar to the legendary German technique Kuppersbusch. Well, the company is trying to position like a borger. That is, there are no plants, everything is released under license, but quite good. And, in general, they succeed.The lion’s share of cooper dishwasher is done in China. All I managed to find out: exactly not at the Midea factory as a whole, good dishes for good money. But I would not take myself. There is always a reasonable alternative from more well-known and proven brands. Cooper really cool Portuguese hoods.

How to choose and pay attention to?

Before buying an embedded dishwasher, you must consider several important criteria affecting its work and efficiency.

Among the fundamental indicators are distinguished:

  • the quality of washing and drying;
  • capacity;
  • Protection against leaks and children;
  • functionality and variety of embedded programs;
  • consumption of water and electricity;
  • The level of the noise produced.

The quality of washing with a mixed dishwasher depends on the car wash class and drying class.

The highest class of washing is indicated by the letter A. 60 cm wide devices provide better cleansing than narrow models, due to the fact that the dishes are located in them more freely.

The most accurate and actually appreciate the possibilities of the household appliance using the study of customer reviews.

dishwasher, bosch, electrolux, choose

Embedded dishwashers 60 cm wide, as a rule, can accommodate up to 12-14 sets of dishes.

Such a capacity is suitable for a large family or people who often receive guests.

Otherwise, it is worth stopping the choice on the device with a width of 45 cm.

Most of the models of embedded dishwashers are equipped with a complete or partial leakage protection system, which ensures much more secure use of the household appliance. Also, some models are equipped with children’s protection, which makes it impossible to interfere with the device.

Modern models are equipped with various embedded programs that allow you to select the necessary automatic washing mode. The most common is a regular program for everyday washing, an intensive program for highly polluted dishes, an express program and T.D.

The most optimal level of noise produced during the operation of the dishwasher is considered to be 45-52 dB. Avoid models with higher indicators.

What is the similarity of manufacturers?

This freak confirmed the dependence of the quality of the dishwasher from the price.

“Dishwashers Economy segment worse laundered dishes than premium class technician. At the same time, dishwashers with relatively low on average spend 35% less energy and water resources. If we talk about the leaders of the rating, the highest ball scored cars remarkably that the difference from the car for a hundred thousand and in fifty thousand is less than 0.1 points, “said Sapuntots, Deputy Head of Roskatkaya.

The best dishwashers for all groups of indicators are recognized:

Water saving

Dishwasher spends significantly less water than a person. So, a family of three or four people spends about 150-300 liters of water in the dish, and the car is only 7-20 liters of water.

The smallest water consumption in the usual mode is marked with the economy of the Candy CDCP segment. 7.7 liters.

The worst indicators in the ranking of this indicator were Miele G4263VI- 18.7.

Newness from IKEA, Bosh, Daewoo, Indesit, Siemens, Electrolux and other brands were unable to get ahead of the most economical leader from Candy.

By what parameters to compare the dishwasher models of these brands?

It is best to compare dishwashers for those characteristics that are most important to the consumer. These characteristics include:

  • capacity;
  • water consumption;
  • power usage;
  • noise;
  • protection system;
  • drying type;
  • Number of programs and functions.

Capacity of the dishwasher is measured by the number of standard sets of dishes included in the car. According to this parameter, the machines are won by brand of electrolyks, as they have a loading from 6 to 15 sets, while Bosch and Siemens make only 14 standard sets of dishes. But it is worth noting that only in the dishwashers of the Bosch brand and Siemens compact models have loading 6 and 8 sets, while the compact machines of the Electrolux are calculated only on 6 sets.

By energy consumption, dishwashers of data stamps are in the same category. Full agenic models on average consume 0.8-1.05 kW / h, narrow models consume 0.7-0.83 kW / h, and compact models 0.6-0.7kW / h. Water consumption in different types must be compared depending on the type of model, which we have done, the result was presented in the form of a table.

What’s the Difference? Bosch Dishwasher Series

Note! This analysis was conducted on the basis of the information of the Yandex Market information, the dishwasher models available for April 2016 were considered.

According to the collected information, it can be concluded that the most economical compact models are available at Electrolux. But full-size and narrow water consumption is a little more economical at Bosch and Siemens.

dishwasher, bosch, electrolux, choose

One of the important features is the level of noise, all because many include dishwasher at night or day while sleeping small children. Noise Indicator Bosch Dishwashers varies from 54 to 41 dB, Siemens from 52 to 41 dB, in Electrolux from 51 to 39 dB. In general, the indicators are not significantly different from each other, so you need to compare specific models of each other. According to the protection system, it is also difficult to choose the best brand. After all, all three representatives have dishwashers, both with complete and partial protection against leaks, as well as protection against children.

Dishwashers from Electrolux won the type of drying, as among them there are cars both with natural drying (condensation) and turbo. Bosch and Siemens at the moment on sale models with a turbosuchka.

And finally, the most interesting thing is the number of programs and all kinds of additional features and options that make the management of the dishwasher simple, and the quality of washing is high. In terms of the number of programs, in general, all three representatives do not differ, on average it is 5-6 main modes, including fast sink, intensive and economical. However, ELECTROLUX has Bio dishwashers (use of bio-detergents) and EAT-Load-Run mode (fast washing for 30 minutes).

A distinctive feature of the dishwasher Bosch and Siemens can be called the presence of such additional functions:

  • Hygieneplus. processing of dishes with water and steam of high temperature;
  • Intensivezone. washing of highly polluted dishes in the lower basket and weakly controversial dishes in the upper basket differs in the velocity of water supply and its temperature;
  • SHINE DRY. special drying technology based on the use of zeolite mineral;
  • VarioOSPeed Plus. Acceleration of washing by increasing energy consumption, time savings ranges from 20 to 50%.

Undoubtedly, in terms of introducing Bosch technology and Siemens ahead of Electrolux. However, such technologies are reflected in the price of the dishwasher. As for the quality of washing, then say what brand the machine is deteriorating better. Judging by consumer reviews, then all machines have both positive and negative feedback, among all representatives there are models perfectly cope with dirty dishes. To obtain more or less truthful results, it is necessary to conduct research on specific dishwasher models. Many factors will affect the quality of the sink:

  • Washing program (duration, temperature);
  • the quality of detergent;
  • Sprinkler shape;
  • the degree of contamination of the dishes;
  • Location of dishes in containers.

No one will have to carry out such a test in the store when buying a car, so you will have to judge the quality of washing only on technical specifications. And the better these characteristics, the greater the chance that the quality of the sink will be better.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bosch dishwashers appreciate their German quality and reliability. Like any technique, the Bosh models have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  • facilitate life, especially if you have a big family; Dishwashers accommodate from 14 to 17 sets of dishes;
  • disinfect dishes: this is a very relevant function, if there are small children, animals, allergies;
  • The built-in model can be placed in a convenient location: under the sink, worktop or in the kitchen cabinet;
  • silent work;
  • Models are economical, and moderately consume electricity and water.

Professional Evaluation of Electrolux Technology

Swedish washing machines quality assembly are not inferior to German machines. However, it is important to watch in which country equipment was performed. Washing, collected in Europe, differ greater reliability than technology mounted in Russia and China.

The quality of Russian and Chinese models away from the ideal. We can consider weak places such electrolyks:

ELECTROLUX machines, assembled in Europe, do not indemnify any users or masters.

Therefore, choosing the washer, it is very important to look at the assembly country. Masters even advise to give preference to used machines from Europe than to buy “Fresh” Russian Electrolux. However, it should be borne in mind that acquiring the support unit should not count on the guarantee. If there is no possibility to find the European model, it is recommended to stop the choice of professionals on machines produced in China.

Assortment of styrals of both brands is wide enough. You can find narrow, and full-size models, detached and embedded, with the option of loading linen and without. To the attention of buyers are presented and “Frontali”, and “vertical”. Machines are distinguished by modern, stylish design, high performance. You can find economical automata that consumes the minimum of water and electricity. Therefore, in order to understand what is better, you need to choose specific models and compare them in all indicators. But if you evaluate Bosch and Electrolux, collected in Russia or China, will won yet “German”.