Does defrost requires a refrigerator with a NO Frost system

In recent years, refrigerators equipped with the NO Frost system have become very popular. A considerable role in this was played by advertising, arguing that such aggregates do not need manual regular defrosting. However, this statement is true only in part, because for conducting general cleaning in the chambers, periodic defrosting of the refrigerator NO Frost will be required. In addition, the refrigerator must be defrosting during preventive inspections, for the time cleaning the ventilation system, to eliminate faults.

Work without annea (this is what the technology name is translated) is provided by air-circulating air, which is supplied by a built-in fan. The evaporator is made from the camera to the rear wall of the unit. Air flow passing through the evaporator, cooled and goes into the chambers.

Giving heat, it, together with water vapors, returns to the evaporator, on the cold surface of which moisture settles in the form of condensate, forming when frozen. 2. 3 times a day, during the compressor stops, scores the electric heater and outwards. The appearance of a land on the walls is possible with a frequent opening of the door, if it remains open for a long time, or due to a defect on the seal.

On the models of Japanese and South Korean production (Samsung, LG) such a defrost system is installed in both chambers. This is due to the increased humidity of the air in these countries because of the proximity to the sea, and the refrigerator Nou Frost copes perfectly with this problem. European manufacturers produced similar models (for example, at Stynola), but there are also combined, in which the freezer is equipped with no frost, and the refrigeration chamber is a drip system.

How to defrost a refrigerator LG NO Frost

Everything without exception, modern models of LG refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrosting NO Frost system designed specifically in order to prevent such unpleasant phenomena as the appearance of the Inea and the nondes in the freezer, the formation of mold or the occurrence of an unpleasant odor.

NO Frost / Total No Frost is a cooling technology with a circulating cold air, evenly distributed by refrigeration and freezer. The technology is based on the operation of one engine, one evaporator, as well as devices of ventilation and air purification, which prevents the formation of the ENEY due to the absorption of vapors secreted by products.

But even the refrigerators LG NO Frost need a periodic manual defrost. This is necessary for several reasons:

Why defrost the refrigerator LG NO Frost?

  • The refrigerator defrost allows the maintenance of the refrigerator chambers in purity, because during the use on the walls there may be microparticles of products, food residues and T.D.
  • Regular defrosting of the refrigerator allows you to extend the life of its operation and recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Despite the fact that NO Frost technology assumes the absence of ice, it may form for the back or side walls of the refrigerator. where the evaporator is located. This is a natural process provided by the manufacturer: From time to time the compressor is automatically turned off, the heater is activated, eliminating ice and frost. Then liquid flows into a special tank. Nevertheless, the defrosion of the refrigerator LG is manually recommended as a prophylactic measure.

How often do you need to defrost refrigerator LG NO Frost?

Defront LG refrigerator with NO Frost technology is enough 1-2 times a year, but manufacturers recommend keeping it off for 12-24 hours to have time to evaporate liquid even in the most hard-to-reach places.

If you have regular interruptions with electricity, as a result of which household appliances are de-energized for several hours, then you need to defrost your LG refrigerator more often. preferably three times a year.

Refrigerator defrosting LG NO Frost: step-by-step instruction

If you defrost your LG NO Frost refrigerator for the first time, before starting carefully examine the user manual, where you can find useful information that will help defrost the refrigerator most effectively.

  • Remove from the refrigerator and freezer of your refrigerator LG all products.
  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the network by driving the plug from the outlet.
  • Gently remove all glass / plastic shelves and remove all containers and thoroughly rinse with warm soap water. Wipe dry, and then leave to complete drying at least 60 minutes.
  • Wipe the walls and the inside of the door of the refrigerator with a damp sponge (you can use a soap or soda solution), and then wipe them dry.
  • Be sure to wipe the rubber seals of the door of the refrigerator LG.
  • Wait for full refrigerator defrost. Ideal time. 12-24 hours, but if you do not have such an opportunity, then manufacturers are recommended to comply with at least minimal defrosting time, which is 3 hours.

If you turn on the refrigerator faster, then the condenser will not have time to reset the pressure, when turned on it will increase dramatically, and this may cause engine overload and, as a result, reducing its service life and even failure.

  • Make sure that there is absolutely dry inside the LG refrigerator and only then turn it on to the network and start exploiting. Wet surfaces will lead to condensate and land formation.

IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to defrost fridge in the heat to avoid a large temperature difference inside the refrigeration chamber and outside. It may adversely affect the compressor. Summer defrost refrigerator is better in the evening or include air conditioning indoors.

Why in the refrigerator No frost Aplaimes appear?

With the correct operation in the refrigerator LG NO Frost should not be formed on the interior walls of the refrigeration and freezer cameras. If this happened, there may be several reasons:

Features of the refrigerator with the NO Frost system

In additions, the same temperature is maintained throughout the chamber. Thanks to blowout, the cold is rapidly restored after opening the door.

Cold air flow can be different: normal, vortex or horizontal circulation.

If we are talking about a refrigerator with windy defrost and freezer, and in the main chambers, then there are 2 types of such aggregates. The design is more efficient when the defrosting system is provided for each camera. So arranged more expensive devices. In cheap models between them, air circulation tubes are installed.

Features of the defrost

First you need to get products from the refrigerator.

It is more convenient to draw defrost in winter, because perishable products can be reached on the balcony. In summer, they can be kept in a container with ice water or thermos.

How to defrost kitchen unit:

  • Set the temperature 0 ° C and disable the device from the power.
  • Remove all shelves and drawers.
  • Open the door and wait a few hours while the ice melts. On the bottom you need to lay a rag and put the tank for melt water, if the tank for collecting fluid is not provided.
  • Wash the walls of the soap solution. It is not recommended to use toxic means, because products are stored in the refrigerator. Soft rags or napkins are suitable for washing, non-abrasive.
  • Clean the ventilation and drain hole with cotton chopsticks.
  • Wash the camera with a dry towel and leave the device to dry out the open door. It is desirable that the device will defrost day. But if you need to urgently download products, you can just give it to dry.
  • Connect the refrigerator to the network.

Where you can and can not install a microwave oven in the kitchen, microwave installation rules

Products better shift to the unit not immediately, and when he picks cold.

Attention! Ice must hone naturally, even if the device is no longer new. Do not speed up this process using a hair dryer. Also can not chop out the ice with a knife. it is fraught with damage to the surface of the chamber, and in the worst case, the person will be lit. if the blade will slip.

Drip thawing

Such a defrost system (it is also called a “crying wall”) installed in most refrigeration chambers. It is quite easy to operate and does not require private hand defrost (every six months, as for “Nou Frost”).

Behind the back wall is the evaporator. cooling element. He takes heat from the chamber and gives cold. This happens due to the fact that the compressor is inserted pressure and submits to the evaporator of the refrigerant. The temperature of the rear wall decreases, and it accumulates and frozen moisture.

Through equal intervals, the compressor turns off, and the ice begins to melt. Tala water flows into a special tank. When the compressor turns on, the moisture evaporates.

Windy defrost

This is “Nou Frost”. The principle of such a device is that the fans are uniformly mixed cold air through the chamber.

Behind the back wall is the evaporator. Fans are blown by cold air, and condensate is formed on the walls, which turns into Animes. The compressor is turned off for a short time, and the heater turns on. Thanks to this, Yeay pulls off and evaporates.

Speed ​​of increasing land

The defrosting of the refrigerator is carried out to remove the land, which is formed on the body of the evaporator during operation. The rate of formation and increasing such “coat” is determined by the following parameters:

  • device model;
  • the presence of a NEO Frost system;
  • degree of filling refrigeration chambers;
  • The number of opening-closing the door during the day;
  • The average moisture level in the room where the refrigerator is located;
  • The service life of the unit and its technical age.

Do not exceed the daily capacity of the freezer

When searching for new equipment, we often pay attention to some parameters, and then, as soon as the device appears in the house, we forget about it.

Freezing power determines the total weight of frozen foods that can withstand the freezer, so it can quickly freeze them and maintain the selected temperature. Each extra weight reduces freezing efficiency.

If you feel that balancing on the verge of equipment performance with the weight of frozen products, then purchase reliable electronic scales. Then you will be sure that you do not overload the freezer at your own request. Otherwise, the temperature will be higher than the installed.

Do not stuff freezer to the edges

This is another rule. There may be several reasons for the failure, some of which you can unconsciously call.

  • Even when the products are light, but their too much, they can break the operation of the freezer, more precisely, cold air circulation. And if the freezer is packed to the edges, it will not be frozen well.
  • Food should not come into contact with the inner walls, because it will freeze slower.
  • Do not put the food too close to the fan or air intake, otherwise it will not work.
  • Also make sure that the evaporator is not too much ice, so take care of the regular maintenance of the freezer.

How to put food in the freezer?

You need to know that freezing is usually most effectively on the top shelf. The earlier something freezes, the fresh and richer than the nutrients will be.

Many people adhere to the principle of sufficiently dense food placement. You can do the same in one exception. It’s about adding another meal to freeze it. Should not put new products with already very frozen. For what reason? Not to raise their temperature.

Make sure that all packages are dry, otherwise they will freeze together with other frozen packages.

How to freeze and store seasonal vegetables and fruits?

Some people do not see problems with freezing vegetables and fruits. In the end, this is a good way to extend their expiration.

Whole vegetables and fruits should be ported and placed in special packages. However, in front of it, it is sometimes better to freeze them, freely put on the regiments of the freezer, and then put in hermetic bags or containers. They will not slip so much, which is important, for example, in the case of raspberry or blueberries.

need, defrost, fridge, frost

Most of the products should be thoroughly washed and dried before placing a freezer (with the exception of raspberries and strawberries). The cold does not kill all the bacteria that you must remember. Some only fall into the hibernation or slow down their development in food. For this reason, all products must be clean and dry. Dry them on paper towels.

Some vegetables and fruits before freezing should be blanched, that is, boil some time and put in cold water. This, for example, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, beans, spinach, asparagus, brussels, beets, beets or peppers, and apples and pears.

  • Those products that have bones should be without them.
  • Stick up the rules not to keep frozen fruits and vegetables close to each other.

Never freeze oranges, melons, watermelons, grapefruits or kiwi, as well as vegetables: cucumbers, radishes, leaf salads and tomatoes. They are not suitable for this, because there are plenty of water in their composition: lose their consistency and will not be delicious, although sometimes a shorter period of stay in the freezer will not hurt.

How to freeze and store meat?

First make sure that the type of meat is suitable for freezing. No need to postpone freezing for a long time, as it should be as quickly as possible so that the meat does not lose freshness. If your freezer has an accelerated freezing feature, use it.

Some people wash meat before freezing, then it should be thoroughly dried, but, as a rule, washing occurs after defrosting.

Nothing prevents twice to wrap meat if the packaging is too thin. Pay attention to the tightness of the packages and the lack of air in them.

Purposing will help you defrost this type of food faster, and individual pieces will not stick to each other. It also contributes to faster freezing.

Do not freeze meat in the shopping package. It is low quality and does not have sufficient resistance to moisture. It is better to purchase separate films intended for freezing products. As a rule, polyethylene films, aluminum foils and containers.

Never put meat in the freezer, which has already defects. Why can’t do it? Because of the much rapid growth of bacteria in a frostbed food and, as a result, high risk of damage to this food, even with repeated freezing.

This applies not only to meat, but mainly everything that you put in the freezer. Exception is cooking or frying after defrosting and re-freezing finished dishes. Bacteria will die during intensive heat treatment.

If you put several types of meat in the freezer, sign it, so that there are no doubts later.

How to freeze and store fish?

Fish can not be frozen, defrost and freeze again. Her wash after defrosting. Portions of fish fillet as needed to put in hermetic bags or foil. It is advisable to separate pieces of parchment paper. All the fish that should appear on your desk in the future should be cleaned.

How to freeze and store mushrooms?

The main point is to know what raw mushrooms can boldly freeze. Unfortunately, chanterelles become bitter, although they can be boiled, cool and dry.

Basically, all other mushrooms are cleaned, and then freely placed in hermetic packaging or containers.

How long can you freeze food?

As a supplement, we present the maximum duration of freezing of popular food. It is reasonable, in addition to the product name, write on the packaging products the date of the beginning of their freezing.

Why defrost?

It is from the exhaust system that depends the rate of defrosting.

  • How often do you need to defrost a refrigerator NOU Frost? If you have a dry freezing system, then turn off the device from the network for several hours so that the system is completely excavated, you must have a minimum one. This applies to all models, whether you are indesit, Bosch, Samsung, Biryus, Saratov, or another famous brand.
  • All models that have no frost system that implies automatic defrost, it is necessary to manually defrost every 3-4 months.
  • If you have an old refrigerator, then you need to do it even more. Terms depend on the amount of land on the walls of the freezer and refrigeration chambers.

As you can see, the defrost is necessary for all models. both old and modern.

In any refrigerator, the system sends the air to the evaporator, it is cooled there and fills the cold chamber.

In the devices without dry frost (it can be not only the models of the old sample, but also the budget devices of the modern assembly) on the walls from the cold air appears to appear. According to her thickness, the hostess understood, it’s time to stock with basins, rags and time to remove it. After such prevention, the refrigerator started working quieter, the specific smell disappeared. Mistresses for a month sighed calmly. Approximately so much time required to flash again covered the walls.

Danger of land

  • The most important danger is that it worsens the work of the device on the walls, which leads to premature wear of parts and their breakdowns.
  • The device takes more energy if there is a lot on the walls, as it turns on more often.
  • Products face. They are difficult to extract.
  • The door does not stick tightly, which gives the air to do insight. Products faster come into disrepair.
  • There is a smell that are impregnated with all products on the shelves.

If you follow defrosting and hold it regularly, then increase the life of your device.

Dry frost

In modern devices, the principle of operation has been preserved the same, but the NO Frost system does not allow to appear on the walls. But this does not mean, as many people suggest that since the moisture is not formed, there is no visible to sleep, then it is not necessary to defrust the device with such a system of work, it is enough just to wipe the walls from pollution and spots.

In fact, it is not. How often do you need to defrost the No Frost refrigerator so that it serves properly? Opinions of specialists diverge. Some assure that such models do not require defrosting. There are cases when refrigerators worked up to 10 years, never disabled from the network for defrosting. But the majority recommended for the prevention of defrosting the device at least once a year. There are several reasons to listen to this advice.

From moisture on evaporators (and we remember that it is she turns into cold), which are equipped with modern models, condensate may form. That is, it is necessary to defrost a refrigerator to control the level of humidity, not allowing its increase. If you do not follow this, on the walls and on the details (compressor, tubes) will start to appear in the time and frost. Replacement of parts costs.

Also, the defrost to study should be done well to wash the refrigerator at least once a year. After all, most often the hostess wipes the walls and shelves with a damp cloth, sometimes do not even turn off the device from the network.

  • First, it is unsafe and for you, and for the device itself. Keep the open door on the refrigerator is not recommended.
  • Secondly, in a hurry you do not wipe the refrigerator included in the network, carefully. But to monitor his cleanliness at least in order not to create a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms.

Considering all of the above recommendations, the technique can work out a sufficiently long service life. However, before proceeding with cleaning, you should find the instructions and familiarize yourself with the requirements for defrosting. Additional conditions are:

need, defrost, fridge, frost
  • Heat. Cleaning the best in the cool time of the year or in winter. Then you don’t have to worry about the safety of the products and the efficiency of the device.
  • Do not immediately turn on the refrigerator. The interval between inclusions should be at least 15 minutes.
  • Frequent electricity interruptions negatively affect household appliances. In this case, the refrigerator defrosting should be carried out once every 4 months.
  • Control over pollution inside cameras. The dirt or stain appeared is best removed immediately, and not wait when they dismissed.

How to defrost a Freezer easily in under 15 minutes. Remove ice from Freezer to keep it efficient

Discussions about whether it is necessary to defrost a fridge with a dry frost, stop at the moment when it comes to the need to wash the kitchen appliances. to do it with the device included in the power supply is simply unsafe. In addition, the disconnection may be needed in the following cases:

  • the need for a service inspection of the instrument systems;
  • Cleaning the ventilation systems of the refrigerator (they are the basis of the dry freezing system);
  • Elimination of minor malfunctions.

Specialists in servicing refrigeration units differ in the opinion of how often the refrigerator “Know Frost” refrigerator. But the majority agrees that careful inspection of equipment and cleaning in the device must be carried out at least once a year.

Answering the question of how often it is necessary to defrost the refrigerator “Know Frost”, some hostesses are based on the year: turn off the unit once every three months in warm time, once every six months. in the cold

We suggest familiarizing yourself with what to do so that it does not smell in the refrigerator

Before defrosting a refrigerator with a dry frost system, it should be removed from it all products and turn off the power supply. The following rules should be followed during the work:

  • Do not defrost a refrigerator with a “Nou Frost” system in too hot or too cold weather. sharp temperature differences are badly affected on any home appliance.
  • If there is an opportunity, you can alternately defrosting the instrument chambers (this is provided in devices with two cooling circuits).
  • To carefully clean all surfaces of the unit, it should be moved away from the wall.
  • How much time to defrost refrigerator “Know Frost“. depends on the funds used: it is possible to completely dry the internal space of the unit using a hair dryer, if it is not. it is enough to leave the instrument door open to one and a half open.
  • If even on the surface, an injury was formed, in no case should it be scattered using a blade or knife, because there is a big risk of damaging the elements of the aggregate.

Refrigerator No Frost: defrost or not?

Of course, the approval of manufacturers that their aggregates do not need defrost, do not perceive too literally. The presence of a “magic” function of automatic defrosting does not eliminate the need to periodically clean the refrigerator chambers.

The fact is that in the process of operation inside the refrigerator, various contaminations could have been formed, the residues of the products, crumbs and t.D. And then, in order to eliminate the likelihood of the development of unfavorable environment for products, the unit will have to be periodically (1-2 times a year) manually.

In addition, even the most “tricky” refrigerator No frost can over time to freeze, lose coolness and t.D. And then the manual defrost will be just a forced measure, otherwise the refrigerator will not work properly.

Attention! If the refrigerator No Frost wore a lot of ice and snow in the freezer, it says about the faulty work of the aggregate. Defrosting will help get rid of the tax maximum for 1-2 weeks, but it may aggravate the happening breakdown. We recommend calling technician repair masters.