Why water comes slowly?

It happens, the washing machine does not gain water at all, but more often the water goes to the drum, but extremely slow. If you suspected a nonladny, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Water supply power in the crane. A weak pressure may cause water under insufficient pressure, therefore, the machine cannot operate in the same mode. Check the condition of the input water supply valve into the drum. It can be partially blocked.
  • Filter status at the input valve. If it is scored, then the washing machine does not gain water at all or does it very slowly. The filter externally resembles a dense mesh. His goal is to detain any pollution falling into the water. With frequent and intensive operation, the filter can score and lose the former bandwidth. At the same time, you will notice that the machine does not pick up water at the same speed. About how to clean the filter, our next article will tell.

Washing machine does not gain water. Check water supply faucet

How it would not be ridiculous, but one case out of ten why water does not enter the machine. There is a fault of the water supply crane or it just blocked. In order to check the factor or not, it is necessary to disconnect the water supply hose from the washing machine.

Be careful, even if it seems to you that you blocked the water supply. From the hose can go water. Therefore, it is necessary to substitute any capacity for collecting water. If the water from the hose is under pressure (pressure), then the crane is correct and the reason for the breakdown is another. If water does not go out of the hose and you are sure or it seems to you that the crane is open. then the reason is in the crane itself. You just need to replace the crane to a similar.

Lock Lock Fault

It often happens that the washing machine does not gain water, the tank is without water, if there is no signal in the control panel from the hatch blocking system. If there is no click, which is characteristic of closing the hatch, the control board will not start the water set mode. May not be completely closed door. Wearing a hatch loop will not give the language of fixation to fall into the hole. Quite often, breakdowns of the hatch lock device (UBL).

Diagnose the breakdown of this part of the device, which is why the washing machine does not pour water, problematic. First of all, you should check the hatch to the skew. close the door and hear click. If this was not, then you need to clean the place where the tongue includes, from a possible blockage and check the loops. In the case of loops, they are enough to tighten or replace. If the mechanism has failed, it is recommended to refer to the master, in order to avoid drawing more damage to the washing machine.

Water does not go to the tank of the washing machine

When the washing machine does not gain water, many immediately come to mind to mind that the control module is to blame. I’ll say right away, this is a rather erroneous opinion, maybe there may be a control unit, but based on my experience, I can say what happens on a lot less often than for example, the problem with the engine, and here the engine you ask. I will answer in this way, the main reason for such a malfunction in the washing machine, for frequencies there are trifles, to which a simple manner simply does not pay attention, but the masters know very well about them. For example, in modern laughing, the filling hose is equipped with a filter, this is an ordinary small grid of stainless steel and in the valve body is about the same, only much smaller, so when, this filter is very clogged with sand or something else, then about the bay Water speech can not go, it is so simple example. Well, now I will proceed to a difficult one, but for you started watching the video with me that you are on this topic, and then decide can you make repair with your own hands or not

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Watch the video. Washing machine does not pour water. Possible reasons

does, water, drum, washing, machine

Well, as impressed, I think there is nothing complicated. Yes indeed, almost every spare part is responsible for a set of water. Vina, it became self-diagnosis. Almost all modern mothers have such a function, on the one hand it is very good, but on the other, there are difficulties in determining the faulty item, since the control module does not always show the error code that accurately indicates the faulty item. It also happens that brains can point out the breakdown of the part that is not at all relevant to this malfunction. But still let’s consider in order, those options for which the washing machine does not gain water

  • Faulty Lock Lock Castle is the first thing to watch. Luke Castle answers almost for everything if you look at him from the point of view of the average man, then it can be compared with an ordinary light switch, that is, it performs the same function as the chopper. This is how the hatch castle depends on whether. If on the control panel, the programs are selected normally, but after starting the program, nothing does not happen, then first pay attention to the flashing of the lock indicator if it flashes, as with an open door, you either did not close the hatch or something happened with Castle
  • Faulty Valve of Water Bay. In cases where the hatch lock is a worker, the second that needs to be done is to check the water set valve. In the video, I showed how it was done and do not forget that if the valve coils are whole, that is, the resistance of the windings, such as it should be, it does not mean that they work properly, the valve itself is sticking. It is better to check, since I showed on video
  • Faulty Ten. Simply put, if the TEN is in the cliff, then the function of self-diagnosis, will not see it as a whole piece and will not give commands to the valves for a set of water. In addition, there is often a current leakage on the body, so the TEN must be checked not only for a transk, but also a megometer, how to do it in the video below
  • Pomp or as it is also called a drain pump. there is the same thing as with a heating element, that is, anem, if the pump windings in the cliff, the washing machine does not pour water
  • Motor or Engine. Again, it is necessary to determine the opening in the windings or most often it happens that the brushes are erased and of course check for leakage on the body, how to do it well shown in the video that you can see above
  • Water heating temperature sensor. here it is advisable to look for a table of resistance and look at the good of your thermistor, it is the same temperature sensor. But I will say that, in fact, he practically does not come out, for his entire practice, changed only a few times
  • The press service, it is the water level sensor. it breaks extremely rare, but it can do not have little trouble, although the troubles are more connected with the unnecessary set of water than with the fact that water does not flow into the washing machine. Two types are different: electronic and mechanical. It is difficult to check the electronic, usually done by replacing, but in mechanical, you can blow and listen to clicks, well, and call it to switch contacts
  • The control unit of the washing machine. there is nothing to talk about if you checked everything I wrote above and stayed on your list, only the brains of the washing machine, feel free to call the masters and do not heave the brains
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I looked at almost all major faults related to why the washing machine does not gain water. The search direction is given to you, the rest is yours.


As a rule, problems due to which water does not flow into the washing machine or water is recruited slowly, often associated with the disregard of the recommended rules of operation of the device. To reduce the likelihood of damage to the unit, it is enough to remember about such simple tips as:

  • prevent foreign objects in the washing machine. Each modern model of the washing machine has a special compartment in which a variety of small items can accumulate, like buttons, coins and other small things that are not taken out of s before washing. Therefore, it is important to periodically check this department and when discovering unnecessary items, to remove them;
  • Connect a washing machine to voltage stabilizer. Racing in the power grid can adversely affect the operation of the device. Consequently, the presence of protective shutdown mechanisms will significantly extend the operational period of the household appliance;
  • use special preventive drugs against scale (rigid water contributes to the formation of plaque on the internal parts of the device, which has a devastating effect on the device);
  • Properly install siphon. Errors when assembling a siphon can also cause malfunctions when working washing machine.

In the absence of relevant knowledge, it is not recommended to engage in self-evaluating problems, especially if the washing machine does not gain water. Employees of the service center without any problems will appreciate the state of the assembly nodes, determine the faults and eliminate them without affecting the working areas of the machine.

Causes: Washing machine does not gain water

Usually new machines work properly. But after a couple of years of service, it may occur such that the machine does not pump water or pumps very little. Washing mode can be turned on, but water is not poured.

does, water, drum, washing, machine

Some reasons for which water fence does not occur, can be eliminated independently.

For example, water can not be at all, because it turned off utilities, which often and dense prophylactic or repair work. Fix the position of things will be able only to service themselves, turning on the water. It remains to wait for it.

The washing machine may not gain water due to the poorly closed door of the hatch

  • The reason may be in the crane that feeds water. It can be discovered not to the end, and maybe broken.
  • Luke door closed badly or broken. When closing you need to fix the door well, otherwise the hatch will not be blocked, and, therefore, the machine will not be erased. If the plastic guide is damaged. then the door of the hatch begins to work faulty. The reason may be in the fixing tongue.

In the event of a manhole breakdown, it needs to be dismantled and set the rod to its place. You also need to fix the thermal block of the hatch, without which the machine can not work. Many private masters and service centers are engaged in replacement of thermal blocking.

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Incorrect connection and machine operation

The washing machine may not gain water due to the breakdown of electronics, due to the reasons that are mechanical, and because of the problems that are not related to the work of this device. Any of these reasons leads to the fact that the water pressure during the operation of the washing machine is reduced, or the process stops completely.

You can independently correct this problem, especially if the reason is not related to the electronics breakdown. It is necessary to carefully digitize household equipment in order to most accurately figure out the cause of the breakage.

Washing machine can work perfectly properly, but at the same time the water ceases to pour. The reasons why the washing machine does not gain water, may be in the following cases:

Often the washing machine does not dial the water because the drain pipe into the sewage was incorrectly connected. If such a reason is evident, it is necessary to check how the drain hose is located, how correctly the norms are observed when it is lifted to height, as well as the absence of fuses and inflection.

Also, the machine does not gain water due to the fact that there is no water or pressure in the pipes too weak. This moment is simply checked enough. You should disconnect the bulk hose from the machine, lower it in the bathroom and open the valve. With a weak water pressure, it is necessary to induce plumbing, which will check the blockage in the pipes, which pressure in the water supply system and the condition of the valve.

In addition, the washing machine does not gain water due to the violation of the rules of operation of the device. In this case, it should be checked if the water supply hose is not deformed, does it have fractures or bends, which would interfere with water flow.

If such malfunctions failed, you should look for other reasons.

does, water, drum, washing, machine

Water in the drum when Washing Machine is off!!

Blown Filter Ink Valve Machine

If the entire plumbing is in order, the washing machine is connected correctly and no problems arise with the hose, then, most likely, the cause of the malfunction is the most consumer device.

The easiestly eliminated problem in this case, if the inlet valve filter is clogged.

This zoom is removed independently. For this you need:

  • from the washing machine to disconnect the hose required for water supply;
  • With the help of pliers gently remove the mesh filter;
  • remove small garbage from it and rinse thoroughly;
  • Install the filter and the hose back into the car;
  • Check if the washing machine works.

Pump plum in the cliff

It would seem. the non-obvious cause of the lack of water intake. But in SMA, the following algorithm is laid. if the car can not merge water, then it should not. In automatic stroels, a malfunction diagnostic mode is built, which is expressed in information informing in the form of error codes.

If the drain pump is in the break, the water will not arrive, and the corresponding malfunction will be displayed on the display. After replacing the pump, the problem will go and the washing machine will work fully.