The washing machine is constantly gaining water and drains: what to do

It is very difficult to present a modern apartment without the presence of a washing automatic machine in it. This household invention has become a reliable assistant to housewhoes, which can simply download dirty underwear, install the necessary washing mode, turn on the unit and engage in other economic affairs. All work Assistant will perform independently in automatic mode.

But any household appliances are not insured against various faults that can bring users a lot of concern. Therefore, if you find that the washing machine is constantly gaining water, it is necessary to establish the cause of the possible breakage, and solve the ways to eliminate it. Delegation of solving this problem can lead to more serious trouble.

Incorrect connection

If the machine was set relatively recently, it is possible that the cause of water overflow is incorrect connection. So, if the drain hose is located below than the tank of the washing machine, water can be completely merged into the sewer. Water level sensor in such a situation will signal the need to add liquid. Due to the constant water care in the sewer, its entry into the tank simply cannot stop.

Normal is considered to be a connection at which the drain hose is fixed at an altitude of about 60 centimeters from the floor level. It is usually connected to the sewer pipe or a siphon.

If you check at what level there is a hose is impossible because of the protrusion on the wall, locker or other reasons, you can spend a small experiment. To do this, you need to run the typewriter in the usual mode and wait for the tank filling torque. The next step is to activate the drain, in 5-7 seconds. to pause. Now you need to trace the water level in the car for a few minutes. So, when a pause button is activated, the drain will stop. it means that the machine is connected correctly and the cause of a constant unauthorized dialing of water in a malfunction of any other node. Incorrect connection will be evidenced by the continuing drain, which will be accompanied by a characteristic murmur in the pipes. After detecting the cause of the fault, you should reinstall the typewriter, following the instructions. To perform this repair of the washing machine, special skills is not required.

Breakdown Pressostat

If the washing machine worked well for a long time, and suddenly began to constantly pour water, it means that the reason lies in the breakdown of any of the device nodes.

Control over the amount of water entering the water tank provides a special sensor after the amount of water in the tank reaches a certain level, the sensor is triggered and the water set is stopped in the washing machine.

The most common cause of the non-stop water set can be a breakdown of the press. To be unreasonable, the sensor may be due to oxidation or closure of contacts, loss of tightness of the membrane.

Faulty sensor can be repaired or replaced with new. If cracks will be detected on the tube going to the pressostat, the normal operation can be restored, sealing damage.

If it is necessary to replace the sensor, when the new part is selected, it is necessary to be based on the data applied on the old Press Sport. The sensors are applied to the marking, which indicates the contact number and group. It is with the help of this information that you can choose a new press service.

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When the press service is working, to its irregular work can cause the formation of a blockage in the pressure tube of this sensor (it may be a small garbage, precipitate or scale). The indicators of the water level sensor may also affect the malfunction of the hose or the shutter of the pressost, which can also clog.

If the pressost tube clogged, it can be cleaned simply removed from the mount and thoroughly blowing.

In order to get to the press, it is necessary to remove the rear wall of the washing machine. In most devices, it is located in the upper left section of the case and is a noticeable detail against the back of the other parts. Before you shoot it, it is advisable to check its contacts for performance. Cleaning oxidized contacts can reanimate water level sensor. If it does not help, it is necessary to replace the item. To remove the pressost, you need to disconnect the tube connecting the press service and the compression chamber. Next stage. Turning off the terminals and unscrewing the screws. After that, the sensor is easily removed and a new serviceable part is installed in the reverse order.

Invalid installation of drain sleeves

Diagnosis of household appliances is always performed from simple to complex. Therefore, experts recommend first to check whether the device is connected correctly to the sewage. Incorrectly located drain hose may well cause breakage.

Included with the ladle, there is always an instruction where the basic rules relating to the installation of equipment are prescribed. Even depicted how to connect hoses to house communications. Unfortunately, many users do not sharpen attention on the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the output points are incorrect.

The drain hose must be at the level of 50-60 cm from the floor, otherwise water from the tank will leave grashecom.

If the drain sleeve is “putting” by the floor, then the water typed water will be spontaneously flow from the system. Press the press, recognizing that the tank is empty, will give a signal on the fee, and the control unit again “orders” the inlet valve to fill the washer. This process can last in a circle for a very long time.

Therefore, first of all, inspect the drainage hose, make sure it is located on a sufficient distance from the floor. If you visually check the sleeve does not work, it can be done by another way:

  • Enable equipment;
  • Activate any wash mode;
  • Wait until the washer pulls water;
  • Click on the “pause”, move the selector to the “Dummy” mode;
  • Run the function;
  • In the middle of “descent” suspend the cycle.

If the water still be gradually poured out of the tank after the process is suspended, it means that the reason is exactly in the drainage hose. If the fluid level does not change. you need to think further.

Incorrect sewage connection

Special attention should be paid to the proper connection of the washing unit at the first installation or after transferring the machine to another place.

There is a reasonable question: the washing machine is constantly gaining water what to do? It is believed that the device is connected correctly if you connect the drain hose with sewage through the siphon. The working end of the device should be placed above the drum of the machine, t. E. At an altitude of about 60 cm from the floor surface. Such a location completely eliminates spontaneous water leakage from the tank. Otherwise, the washing machine “Samsung” dials the water constantly, since the level sensor is triggered by lowering the water level and gives the signal to the pump to pouch the fluid. In this case, the washing cycle increases in time and the quality of work suffers.

What to do and how to fix the breakdown?

When the washing machine itself picks up the water in the off state, it is necessary to quickly proceed to troubleshoot. If the liquid detected in the drum goes from the sewer compartment, first of all, it is necessary to clean the siphon and the filtration system of the drain system. It is under the hatch cap in the lower right corner of the machine. To open it, you need to click on the lid or pose the edge. Inside you will see a screw that carefully unscrew. This is a filter, and in it you will find water and garbage accumulated during operation.

Before removing the filter, prepare the container where water flows, or lay the rag.

Washing Machine Filling Overnight with Water When The power switched off

All the design is thoroughly rinsed and wipe with a wet sponge. Pay attention to what state is the system. If it is completely covered with screaming, it should be replaced by a new. If the details are clean, without a fall, it can serve further. In addition to washing the filter, you need to clear the walls of the filtering system inside the typewriter using a sponge. After cleansing the pump system, turn on the washer into the drain mode. Blades should rotate smoothly.

If the cause of the blockage in connection with the sewage tap, you need to clean the hose.

  • To do this, the washelf dealers and overlap the water valve.
  • After you make sure the machine does not work, remove the blockage. Through the filter compartment, the spent fluid pouals and unscrew the tube from the sewage or siphon to clean it.
  • The drain hose is cleaned with a special cable and washed with warm water with lemon acid.
  • Return the design to the place and include a test start type.

Blown tang

The reason why the machine is gaining water and immediately drains, and at the same time does not respond to the press of the buttons, it may be conclusted in the distorted by. In this case, turn off the device is obtained only by pulling the cord from the outlet. Such problems occur when trying to use water heating modes, cold wash remains working.

This means a malfunction of the heating element. Tan. The control unit does not determine the presence of hot water and does not go to the next after a set of water washing stage. Such a problem often arises with old models of cars. On the indicator of new models or “indezit” equipped with a self-diagnosis system, in this case the error code will highlight.

You can verify the correctness of the assumption using a multimeter:

  • Remove the back cover of the washing machine;
  • Remove the TEN, gently approaching the screwdriver;
  • put a multimeter to the transverse mode;
  • Connect the ends of the multimeter to the two extreme protruding parts of the Tan.

If there is no reaction to the device, it means that the TEN is broken and is subject to replacement. It can be purchased in the store and easily install yourself. The main thing is when installing do not drag the gum.

Additional causes of Tan problems:

  • Availability on the scale of scale due to rigid water. Solution: It is necessary to remove the heating element, soak in vinegar and brush to remove the flight.
  • Weakening or oxidation of electrical contacts. Solution: Clean and pull up connections.
  • The adjustment failure in the thermostat that is responsible for measuring the water level and turning off the Tan. Solution: Calling a specialist.

Advice! In order for the TEN to serve for a long time, it is worth not only to make a loop on the hose, lifting it by 60 centimeters, but also to make a plum point itself, “Running” to her a piece of pipe. It will save from excess water drain, and Tan will have to work with a smaller load.

Preventive actions

Compliance with the technical recommendations of the manufacturer on the installation, the first start and maintenance of the washing machine reduces the likelihood of low-quality washing:

  • Installation on a flat plane with a uniform distribution to all support legs will exclude vibration;
  • Water supply interruptions due to the fluctuations of the hoses will warn the correct connection of water input and wastewall;
  • The correct connection to the electrical network, through the automatic fuse, with the mandatory ground, will exclude “punching” with current;
  • Installation of the purification filter at the inlet into the water supply system will prevent the penetration of rust and dirty impurities;
  • Periodic cleaning of the filter of the washing machine will provide sufficient pressure and removal of heavy particles;
  • High-quality powder will create an active medium to eliminate stains, and the use of air conditioner will give fresh clean clothing;
  • The preliminary definition of origin of stains will allow the use of special cleaning formulations in a timely manner;
  • Periodic use of cleaning agents of the heating elements of the machine will exclude scope of scale.

Skip on the heating element

Attention! When identifying indirect signs of a malfunction of the washing machine, it should be turned off: pull out the plug from the power outlet, and the water supply is blocked. If the malfunction has been reflected on the display of the machine by alphanumeric designation, then when contacting the service, this code must be reported.

In the presented video material presented the procedure for diagnosing a household washing machine:

Introduction to what to do if the washing machine does not turn on or refuses to wash high quality, warn the panic mood of the hosts. Making simple recommendations will make it possible to establish the cause and, if necessary, contact your third-party assistance.