What frying pan do not fit the glass ceramics?

For conventional glass-ceramic plates. Since the entire surface is heated, it is unacceptable to use a saucepier and pans made from soft metals: copper, aluminum without a special coating.

It is important to know which dishes cannot be used:

  • having rough, uneven bottom;
  • Casuals with an expedited surface;
  • Aluminum dishes without a special coating;
  • Pans, frying pan, buckets having a diameter less or more size of a glass-ceramic burner. If the diameter is less, the heating will occur slowly.

Is it possible to put a cold saucepan on a ceramic slab?

Glass ceramics is not afraid of heating, but may suffer from a sharp temperature drop. Cold Water Contact Contact (which will immediately turn into pairs) can lead to cracks or change of surface color.

The glass-ceramic plates are a variety of electric stoves. The first are suitable for cooking absolutely in any dishes with a smooth smooth bottom, but induction plates are intended only for products made of steel or cast iron. You can use and enamel dishes on the glass-ceramic plate.

What kind of dishes does not fit

Cannot be used for glass-ceramic plates of dishes, which was previously used on the gas burner. Irregularities of the bottom of such a saucepan and frying pan can damage the coating. The appearance of spots on the cooking panel, which will not get out. In addition to the old dishes, the following types are also prohibited:

  • Pans with a rough or damaged bottom.
  • Skin with welded seams or registered damage.
  • You can not use aluminum dishes made of copper, brass or ceramics. These materials leave spots on the surface of the cooking panel, which cannot be displayed.
  • It is not recommended to use glass containers from heat-resistant glass. The surface of the heating element will transmit heat too long. This increases power consumption.

It is important to choose the size of the kitchen utensils for the glass-ceramic cooking panel, its coincidence with the diameter of the heating part of the panel. Apply the containers whose diameter is less than the cooking panel is not recommended. Such frying pan and pans are not suitable because there is a possibility that the glass-ceramic cooking panel will overheat. You can use enameled dishes, but only under the condition of a smooth bottom.

Bottom of the dishes should be perfectly smooth

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How to choose the dishes

When choosing dishes for cooking surfaces, there are several fairly important nuances, which and talk further.

note! Ignoring mandatory requirements for cooking panels, especially induction, can lead to a complete way out of order.

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First of all, it is necessary to once again note the mandatory requirement for the smoothness of the bottom. Any extraneous deposits, the more remaining after the use of gas plates, can clog the cooking surface and significantly reduce the effectiveness of heating.

Bottom of the dishes should be perfectly smooth.

It is recommended to use the bottom with a diameter corresponding to the size of a separate panel. For a smaller diameter of the dishes, an increased energy consumption appears inexorably, with a significant increase, protection can work and heating can not start at all. For the best heating, it is recommended to choose utensils with a bottom of a thickness of at least 3mm.

The bottom diameter must match the size of the panel.

The easiest way to check is whether the metal surface is suitable for the induction cooking panel. the use of a magnet. If the bottom of magnets, the dishes can be used. However, one hundred percent guarantee of the best quality of heating and compatibility will give the acquisition of dishes with the corresponding magnetic layer.


The volume of the dishes under consideration should be taken into account not only on the basis of energy efficiency. Too big utensils can completely remove the panel. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the requirements for each model before using one or another tableware on it.

The volume is selected based on the requirements of a particular plate model.

Wall thickness

The wall thickness should be considered from the point of view of the most efficient heat exchange. At the same time, too small thickness can lead to deformation of dishes.

For most recipes, saucepans and pans with walls in 2-3mm. Thickness.

Wall thickness should not be too big and not too small.

note! When applying too thin utensils, the heating element is caused due to excessive overheating.


Special requirements for lids are not presented, the basic rule. they must provide optimal heat exchange inside when cooking, as well as to remove excess steam when it appears. At the same time, the lid should remove such a number of steam so that it does not condense on the cooking surface.

The best advice in this case is to acquire dishes for cooking panels with a set immediately with covers, all the heat exchange rates are maximally complied with.

It is advisable to acquire dishes already complete with a lid.

Why the dishes should be “special“?

After purchasing a new technology with ignorance that for use need special dishes for the glass-ceramic slab, often an awkward situation arises. Many are confident that you can use already existing, especially if it is in good condition.

  • Smooth bottom. This parameter must be followed to reduce the cost of electricity, and extend the service life of the plate. If there is at least a small bending on the bottom, it creates an air layer between the cooking surface and dishes, which reduces the absorption of heat from the plate and can lead to its overheating.
  • Availability of a special icon. In order not to guess how much dishes for the new slab meets all the following requirements and can it be used, make sure that the icon with the designation of the glass-ceramic hob.
  • Ferromagnetic properties. Plates with glass ceramics recognize only such dishes. The cooking surface does not heat up completely, while remaining cold, whereas the burners and pan or frying pan occur.
  • The diameter of the dishes and the size of the burner must coincide. It is necessary to prevent surface overheating, and as a result, quick failure.

When fails with one burner, you will have to change the entire cooking surface, so be careful.

Compatibility for other characteristics

Since the principle of operation is aimed at interacting with the bottom of the ass, their compatibility will directly depend on the bottom of the kitchen utensils.

Council from Forumov

Aluminum products without coating often leave traces on the panel. Do not use them if you do not want to sip the flare.


When many years ago changed the kitchen and put the glass-ceramic cooking panel, the question of the dishes immediately. : Gleam: I had to upset. : sorry: Everything that was before. Tefal mostly. did not fit categorically. aluminum prints remained on the stove, with difficulty rubbed by special means. I had to buy steel dishes. Switched to the chapener. Madly expensive, of course. But then there was no other alternative, to be honest.

When buying dishes pay attention to the icons. is it suitable for glass ceramics. But at the same time, even on Tefal, this icon will be, but traces leaves. So focus on smooth and preferably steel bottom. Size. the main thing so that no less burner. it is possible. But not too bigger, of course. For example, the burner is 17 cm, and the bottom of the dishes are 20 (this is for example).

And buy at once the means for cleaning the glass ceramics special. Nevertheless, to preserve beauty for many years it cannot do without them. We have already had 10 years old. very beautiful and reliable (TTT on it)

Cookware for induction slabs must have magnetic properties. In the operation of the plates are not as complex, and the dishes are used different.

Anna Ivanova:

I also have induction. The main thing is that the dishes are magnetized. and less in diameter takes. Enameled also takes.

For the best effect, pick the optimal diameter and thickened bottom. Get dishes with a thickened bottom.


It is advisable to coincide the diameter of the pan and the burners. Desirable dishes with a thickened bottom.

In general, at the bottom of the pan and skils there are symbols. on which stoves can be used. I am within a few years before buying and after replaced almost all the pans.