Recipes for bilateral grill frying pan

If you and your loved ones love such dessert baking like an apple pie “Charlotka”, but in your house there is no brass cabinet or multicookers to bake her, but there is a double-sided frying pan with the “Turbogril” function, then consider that your problem is solved.

You can easily prepare this delicious delicacy right in it. And do not worry that the cake will not succumb to or not work at all, just gather with thoughts and forces, and risk. Now you will see the end result will not disappoint you. Apple “Charlot” in a bilateral pan will be no worse than in the oven or multicooker. And if it also to introduce multi-colored candied in its composition, it will become even more painful and tastier.

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What is this magic assistant? “Master Heat” is an innovative solution for the preparation of various culinary sings. These are two rectangular halves, reliably fastened with each other magnets that allow you to turn the dishes without excess fat, splashes and burns. All you need is simply putting the ingredients in the pan, close it and flip it over!

The design “Master Heat” will ensure uniform preparation, will avoid the burning, the evaporated plate and useless spending time, and will also get rid of the need to use additional devices, such as blades for turning and tapes.

The manufacturer has provided a plurality of nuances: for the output of the steam there is a special hole, for the flow of fat. the tank, for the safety of your hands. the handles from a special material, for tightness. silicone rim throughout the perimeter of the closure. This frying pan does not just show you new opportunities cooking dishes, but will also be your favorite and indispensable assistant!

How To Use The Dessini Double Grill Pan


Frying pan “master heat” bilateral. customer reviews

What else can serve as a confirmation of how convenient to use is the two-sided frying pan “Master Heat”? Reviews will help to make an objective view of the product and will help you take the right decision.

Positive feedback

Double frying pan is convenient. Bought it 4 months ago and do not redeem. Folds are connected by magnets tight, no spray on the stove, at any time you can flip for roasting from all sides. Especially pleased its dimensions: I immediately prepare food for the whole family.

Negative feedback

The price of a frying pan is high enough. At the same time, the quality of the sealing gum leaves much to be desired, I had to change it after 12-15 times the use. Cook on it well, but wash in the sink, when it is sizes, inconvenient.

Two more real revocation

Very grateful to her husband for giving me this miracle utensil. Already tried to fry steaks, fish, cutlets and potatoes. Everything is carefully plotting and it turns out delicious, when turning it out, nothing falls out and does not splash. In addition, I noticed that she is now less time.

Super pan! Everything is perfectly done, oil saves, the stove after cooking is clean, a lot of food is preparing at the same time. Bad that big, wash in the sink is uncomfortable, and in the dishwasher can not.

Very significant and necessary thing in the farm bilateral frying pan master heat. Customer feedback testify to this:

  • Ease of use and care.
  • Practically doubled the time of cooking dishes, if you compare with similar dishes of the usual type.
  • Saves oil that requires the minimum. What is important, food prepared under such conditions practically does not burn, it turns out juicy and tender.
  • According to users of such dishes, food cooked in it is tastier than in a regular type pan.
  • Due to the ease of cleaning and washing, detergents are less consumed.

The advantages of frying pan celebrate and professional cooks, they also leave about it predominantly positive feedback. In the conditions of a cafe or restaurant, where several dishes can be prepared for the minimum amount of time, the size of the dishes and the speed of cooking dishes are especially relevant.

For these reasons, it is widely used in kitchens of houses, apartments and in catering establishments.

Meat steak frying secrets on a black grill

Properly cooked meat in the grill pan, no one will leave indifferent. Submitting such a dish to the table, you are hungry tickle, and make a variety to the usual menu. The versatility of meat snacks is that it is possible to file it, both on the usual family dinner and for a festive table.

Pamper yourself and your favorite men satisfying, roasted in a grill frying pan, meat. after such a meal they will be on your hands to wear from pleasure.

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The grill frying pan is very popular among professional cooks, as its use gives dishes of special shades of taste. You can use such a simple and useful device at home, the main thing is to make the right choice when buying. Let’s try to understand all the subtleties of the choice and use of this type of pan.

Feedback: Two-sided frying pan with OMS granite coating. I and so loved to cook, and now even more

Decided to change the pan, old.cast iron bulky and heavy, and even became pancakes to pester. In general, ripe on the grill and another for the pancakes to buy. The search on the Internet brought to the turbo grill. Read-characteristic liked. This is such a double frying pan who has two surfaces and one is simultaneously lid. Made of aluminum with special granite coating. One surface more for grill, other smooth. Prepared her husband and he ordered her her. Delivered quick and money for delivery did not take.

I immediately tried it. First washed with detergents, then added some oil. By the way, oil consumption due to the non-stick coating is minimal, and it should also be prepared on a small heat-high heat transfer, and the hermetic cover accelerates the cooking process. Silicone gum allows you to close the lid. Hole side-edition extra steam. Cooking time is almost the same as on a regular pan, but on minimal fire, and this is an economical consumption of gas.

Skin diameter 37 cm It is large enough. It is more suitable for gas stoves, since letters on the reverse side can scratch the surface of the electric stove. I also like that the turbo grill is quite lightweight, as for two skumps and can meat, for example, do not turn over, with immediately turn the surface, which is also convenient.

I have already tested the pan and prepared an express dinner.Frying pan is very easy. Manufacturer of this product-Turkey. But I think the Chinese copies will be pulled soon. so far have not met. Inside found coupon offering account replenishment by 30-50 UAH, for writing a review in social networks, and what we have to review Write? A couple of kopecks on the phone-nice. Price, I think, lightly overestimated.999 UAH., But really it could cost hryvnia 600-700. In general, inspire while on new culinary masterpieces, and you decide you need such a “miracle” or not. To new columns!

Sizes and materials manufacturing

Materials used today for the production of bilateral skilots have a number of necessary characteristics:

  • capable of keeping heat for a long time;
  • evenly and quickly heated;
  • do not contain harmful impurities;
  • Do not emit sharp odor when influencing;
  • practical;
  • well amenable to clean and washing.

Typically, the case materials are cast iron or cast aluminum considerable thickness. Cast iron has advantages over its reliability and less deformation at high temperatures.

There are models made. There is a probability of their corrosion, so they are not considered practical. To increase the service life, the manufacturer often resorts to coatings with anti-corrosion properties, which increases the final price.

You can find in the trading network and marble frying pan (more correctly, having marble coverage). However, their disadvantages include insufficient durability of marble as natural material.

Ceramic models are becoming increasingly relevant. They are heated by almost the same period of time that the metal, and in maintenance is easier. Yes, and the non-stick coating is not applied separately, but is natural.

double, grilled, frying, oven, effect

A double-sided frying pan is qualitative, the wall thickness of which is at least 1 cm. Masses and the height of the side walls. What it is higher, the ideal to cooking conditions.

The inner surface of the bilateral frying pan has a non-stick coating, which, being the achievement of the modern kitchen industry, has learned cooking without oil, without fear of harm from the components of the suppressed fat. Relief bottom. ribbed, which also plays a big role to reduce cooking time.

A layer of special varnish is applied to the outer surface of the bilateral frying pan, which is characterized by heat resistance and protects the metal from corrosion. With proper operation, cracking the varnish and its exfoliation is excluded. On the handles, the manufacturer sets special polyurethane or silicone overlays to protect the skin of the hands from the burn.

Square models of the bilateral silver offered today (for example, “Happycall”, “Turbogrill”, “Master Heat”) have a similar structure, slightly differing in size. On average, the width of the frying surface is 22 cm, the length is 28 cm, the depth of one. 3 cm.

There are also options for round models of bilateral skin. They are cheaper than rectangular, but a little functional in matches, adaptation to round konford stoves.

Features of the device

Such a frying pan is the perfect option for making steaks, sausages, fish and many other dishes. It allows you to prepare exquisite dishes without the usual grill grill and pallet for outflow. over, it is used not only on gas stoves, but also on electric, and even on open fire in hiking conditions. Such a frying pan. truly universal solution! It is two deep bases that are interconnected by loop. Each is equipped with a handle with a magnet, which guarantees a reliable fixation of the device.

Double-sided frying pan combines the functions of classical frying pan, grill and even ovens.

It is worth noting that today there are models that are also used for the preparation of desserts, baking waffles and pancakes. And yet, the most common classic option, such a synthesis of a conventional saucery and grill, with the help of which quickly and just prepare dishes without excess fats and with maximum benefit.

Convenient design, non-stick coating and the ability to prepare without spatulas and tapes make 2 third-party frying pan useful in any kitchen.

The use of a bilateral pan allows you to do without all kinds of blades for turning out products and helps save your kitchen in pure form, without fifth fat.

They received a special popularity with the advent of non-stick coatings, which allowed cooking food with a minimum oil and not to burn.

Device forms are varied: round, hemispherical or square. But the cooking process is the same for any form: products lay inside and close tightly. As necessary, the frying pan is turned over compressed handles.

Today the kitchen industry continues to improve.

Double Skin. GRILL. EGGo magnet is not heated and will help easily

Smart utensils! Korean dishes HappyCall. Cooking with minimal oil. If you do not like to wash dishes!

Dishes Nappy Call. this is:.Aluminum alloy and stainless steel.Internal diamond spraying, resistant to scratches and corrosion.Resistance to deformation.Uniform anticipation of the surface.ease of use and care

The purchase of the Korean tableware brand Happycall. sets of saucepan, pan and pans:

IH Double frying pan (deep). for induction, double Titanium grill frying pan and double grilled grill frying pan. Wapelnica and Sandwichnitsa. Stainless steel utensils t.M.»S Master» (Yu.Korea). does not burn! The handle is not glowing! Frying pan and pans for induction.

The dishes are very worthy. Quality at height. Reviews. Attention. Photos may differ!

Flashcall frying pan:. preservation of taste and nutrients. can be used for cooking vegetables, fish, seafood, meat, chicken, pizza, popcorn. economical oil consumption, less gary and smoke. food is preparing fast and tasty, keeping food All useful properties. a corrugated surface on one side, the grill frying surface on the other. food does not burn. the ability to open a two-way frying pan 0-90 degrees non-heating handle, resistant to high temperatures

Skin from the famous Korean brand HappyCall will serve you for many years! The main advantage of these products is the presence of a five-layer diamond spraying, which exhibits increased resistance to corrosion, scratches and other injuries. Thanks to him, food does not burn even when using the minimum amount of oil, and the product is easily cleaned by one hand movement.