Cleaning the filter in the washing machine is indissed with his own hands

Date: March 28, 2021 Drain filter is a detail present in any modern car indesitis that protects the pump and nozzles from damage to small objects and garbage that falls into the tank in the washing process. It can be buttons, coins, jewelry, cut off from clothes, bones of bras, if the underwear is not erased in a bag for delicate washing and t.D. If the washing machine began to fill the water poorly or stops during pressing or rinsing, one of the possible causes may be a closed pump filter. To eliminate breakdown, you should know how to clean the filter in the washing machine Indesit.

You can do it with your own hands, without resorting to the help of representatives of the service center.

Why require cleaning?

The element crashed by mud provokes problems:

An unpleasant smell appears. a consequence of breeding of a dangerous pathogenic flora from hair, skin particles.

The clogged filter leads to the breakdown of “helpers”. How to understand that it is time to clean the drain filter:

  • The time of washing increased;
  • The machine works with Natuhai;
  • The display issues errors;
  • Electronics is knocked down. washing modes are confused.

How to clean Indesit IWB5113 filter (difficult to open!)

The most unpleasant. the machine does not blame, does not press and does not merge water. A sudden stopping of the machine will require professional intervention.

Signs of presence of blockage

To identify the presence of a blockage in the drain filter by the following features:

  • The machine does not turn on and gives an error. The error code can be any, while it is important to make sure that the device is properly connected to the water supply and the power grid, and the drain hose is located at the desired angle;
  • The time of the drain of water increases due to the long removal of it from the drum or at the end of the cycle of the laundry remains wet, and a small amount of fluid is present inside the tank;
  • Do not work “Spin” or “Rinse”.

Watch signs on your device? Not really

Washer filter cleaning

Clean the filters once in 2-4 months depending on the frequency of the washing machine. With the daily use of the unit, perform cleaning monthly.

In the absence of timely care, the contaminated filter may cause the following problems:

  • Violation of the drain of water from the tank, which prevents the normal operation of the aggregate;
  • The appearance of unpleasant odor due to the reproduction of bacteria in the accumulated garbage. The bad fragrance can proceed from the tank, drum and move on underwear;
  • breakdown of the drain pump. The trash from the filter is able to damage the pump or blade the impeller, which will lead to the need to repair or replace the part.

The order of cleaning the drain and filling filters differs. In the first case, the procedure will not cause difficulties and will take a minimum of time. When cleaning the drain compartment will have to work a little to effectively remove all pollution. But if you follow step-by-step instructions and all recommendations, cleaning will not cause difficulties.

How to clean the filling filter

  • Disconnect the unit from the power grid and disconnect the water set hose.
  • With the help of pliers gently remove the filter. It is a small metal mesh.
  • Remove pollution with an old toothbrush. Do not use aggressive chemical. For cleaning a fairly warm soap solution.
  • Carefully rinse the mesh filter and wipe it.
  • Install the filter in place and connect the hose.
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The filter is located on the rear panel of the washing machine and protects it from the garbage from the water pipeline. To clean it, it is necessary to overlap water, unscrew the hose and remove the mesh filter

How to clean the drain filter

To clean the filter of the washing machine, turn off the unit from the power supply and water supply. This is done for security purposes, so as not to get a blow to the current and do not fill the floor with water if you have to move the unit.

Prepare the necessary tools and auxiliary items: screwdriver, passatia, sex rag and shallow capacity.

The order of cleaning the drain filter in the washing machine:

  • Find the filtration system. Remove the decorative hatch, pushing the latch screwdriver. You can remove the false panel by shifting it a little to the side or pulling on yourself.
  • In the filtration system there is always some water, which will outward after removing the part. To avoid the flood, place a low tank below the hole or decompose the sex rags. Some washing machines are equipped with an emergency hose or a special gutter for water removal.
  • Unscrew and pull out the filter. In some models, the washing machines will have to pre-unscrew and get a cap or bolt.
  • Spend filter cleaning. First of all, remove large pollution. hair, coins, buttons, threads, etc. Then clean the filter from the plaque with the hard side of the sponge. Do not use hot water and aggressive substances so as not to damage plastic and sealing gum.
  • Clean the hole where the filter was installed. Wipe everything with a wet sponge, removing the flare and dirt remnants.
  • Spend the drain pump and pump. Enclose a flashlight and remove all visible pollution.
  • Install the filter into place. Twist it on a thread without applying excessive effort to not damage. Make sure the item is installed tight and right.
  • Connect the unit to the power grid and install the plugging hose to the place. Run the washing machine in test mode without linen. Check if there are leaks. If everything works well, set the false panel to the place or close the hatch door.

In the drain filter there is always some water. To prevent it out on the floor, prepare a low capacity or bed old rags

How to choose a new filter

If the filter is clogged and cannot be repaired, it must be purchased separately or complete with snail and install in a washing machine. When choosing in the online store or on the site, you need to select a filter by such parameters:

  • Compatibility with the model of the aggregate. It is necessary to check that the type and size of the spare parts accurately corresponded to the former details. Some manufacturers on the market offer spare parts that are suitable for several models of aggregates with the same filter fastening system. In this case, in the specification, it is necessary to check the availability of your model of technology;
  • Fastening system (latch or bolt). When buying a snail filter, you must pay special attention to this parameter, because with the help of fasteners the slot is attached to the pump. It is better to take an element with you and pick up the same;
  • manufacturer. It is recommended to purchase original components, so you can guarantee their full compatibility with a washing machine. However, there are interchangeable spare parts that are suitable for techniques of several manufacturers.

In any case, when choosing it is better to take a filter with you and ask the consultant to pick up similar to its design fully corresponded to the old filter.

How to clean the filter element of water fill

Not in every washing machine can be found the filter for washing machine. The main task of this filter is to clean the water entering the water from rust, sand and all sorts of pollution. Structurally, this filter element is a small mesh, which in the process of work is gradually contaminated. For this reason, it must be regularly cleaned from the accumulated dirt.

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Removal of the filling filter using the passage

The filter needs to be tightened to the stop. Otherwise, water can start leaking.

If you definitely do not know where the filter is located, then you need to know that this element is located directly next to the filler valve. To this valve fasten the hose of tap water supply.

  • First you need to overlap water;
  • At the next stage, you need to unscrew the hose of the tap water supply;
  • After that, with the help of the passage, the filter element itself is pulled out;
  • To clean it, you can use a conventional toothbrush with rigid bristles;
  • At the end you will need to collect everything in reverse order.

If the water is very tough in your region, then you will need it somewhere three or four times a year to engage in such a procedure.

IMPORTANT: To extend the service life of the washing machine and its filter elements, you can set a special external water filtering device.

External flow filter

How to extract and clean the filter in the washer

To eliminate the danger of electric shock before starting work, turn off the machine from the mains.

When unscrewed parts from the drain system, water residues flow. To this should be prepared, laying on the floor of the rod and substituting a low basque. Removing a cleaner in machines with a different type of loading type has its own characteristics.

With horizontal loading

In order to remove the cleaner from the machine, you should first remove the protective panel. She is attached to the housing with latches. According to the user manual, you need to insert a flat screwdriver into the hole between the panel and the case. Gently pressed on the edge of the plank and remove, pulling to yourself. Directly behind it is the filter cover. It needs to be unscrewed by turning the handle against the movement of the clockwise.

Then pull out the cleaner from the machine, clean well and rinse to remove the accumulated dirt. If necessary, soak in an aqueous solution of citric acid. The filter was cleaned into the previous place, pre-released the thread from the possible layers of garbage with a moistened rag.

Claimed drain system Check for leakage in the junction of the cleaner with a pump. If when you turn on the machine in the wash mode, it is necessary to flow, you should check the filter installation correctly (the part must be screwed exactly, without skew). With the loss of elasticity of the sealing gum, it is required to replace it with a new.

With front load

In washing machines, the filter is indesitis is in the same place as the equipment with horizontal loading of linen. But it is not closed with a panel, but a round timber. It can be discovered, slightly approaching a flat screwdriver.

Further cleaning sequence is as well as in the machines of the previous type:

  • You need to unscrew and get a cleaner from the nest;
  • Remove the dirt from the thread, check if it was not stuck in the landing site of the garbage;
  • Clear filter according to the scheme described above;
  • Install the device in place.

Then cover with protective hatch. Check how the washing machine works, whether there are leaks in the field of drain system. If you have noticed that water drops are distinguished in this place, you should again remove the filter from the landing place and check the integrity of the thread and the absence of deformations of the sealing gasket. Eliminate the revealed errors and screw the part into the nest until you stop without distortion.

Rules for cleaning washing machines Indezit

So that the WIUN 102 washing machine or any other model can continue to work, it needs to provide good care. It consists in regular cleaning of household appliances, as it has a property to pollute. A completely anyone can cope with this task.

Features of cleaning the drain filter in the typewriter

To clean the drain filter in the washing machine. Indesit, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • First you need to remove the filter. It turns away enough enough: you just need to take up the recess, which is located on this detail of the washing machine-machine of the company Indiese, and turn it counterclockwise.
  • If the item is fixed with a bolt, it must be removed by a conventional screwdriver.
  • If the item is stuck, and it cannot be removed in the usual way, then you should put a washing machine on the side, unscrew the pump from it, and then get the work item to be cleaned.
  • At the end of the dismantling, the remaining water. After that, you can clean the hole where the item was located. You need to remove all the garbage, pull out minor items that often fall into this part of the washing machine Indezit.

The method of cleaning the pump in the washing machine

Clean the pump in the washing machine Indezit home appliance owner will help the rules for conducting this procedure. They include the following steps:

  • First you need to clean the impeller. It connects parts of the body details. To remove it, it is enough to unscrew the screws.
  • The revealed impeller, which is the most important part of the pump in the washing machine of the company Indesit, should be carefully cleaned, remove the whole garbage from it, accumulated during the styricties.
  • After removing the dirt wipe the part inside.
  • Next, you can safely install the impeller in place.

After the pump cleansing is performed, it is necessary to check the performance of the technique. If the water merges normally, and the Washing machine itself Indesit does not make any noise, it means that the task was performed correctly. Otherwise, you need to call the wizard so that it checked the pump state.

Cleaning order of the filter

In some models, the indesitis is present a filter, which, like the pump, needs purification. This device has a form of a mesh designed to filter water. Clean the washing machine-machine indesit, and specifically this item, so can be:

  • Overlap.
  • Unscrew the bulk hose.
  • Passage to pull the grid.
  • With a conventional toothbrush, remove all pollution on the details.
  • Now the grid is rinsed under strong water pressure.

Clean the drain and fuel filter is not so difficult. So that everything happens correctly, you only need to clearly follow the instructions.

Overall cleaning of the washing machine-machine Indezit WIUN 102 from pollution

If you clean only the pump, a drain hose or another item, it will not bring much benefit. Upon completion of all work, it is necessary to carry out a common flushing of the washing machine Indezit. The procedure can be carried out in such ways:

  • To begin with, you should clean the drum, inside which dirt constantly accumulates. No effort to apply. You only need to purchase a special cleaning agent that deletes any contamination. Purchased powder should be covered in the tray. After run the longest washing mode, preferably at maximum temperature. At the end of cleaning the drum wipe with a clean sponge.
  • Globally clean the drum along with other internal parts of the machine from dirt will help lemon acid. It will take about a pack of acid 100-200 g. It should be full in a special tray or straight into the device drum. Next you need to choose a long wash mode. During operation, the technique should heat the water at least than up to 90 ° C.

The main stages of the work that help to understand what is the way to clean the washing machine indesitis from dirt, is shown on video.

If suddenly, a buzzing sound is heard during washing, you need to temporarily stop the work of the machine. Most likely, non-standard noise appeared because of a piece of scale, which got into the drain. It must be urgently to get enough to damage the device. After that, you can safely resume the washing process.