Electric heated towel rail with heating cable do it yourself

There are three installation options Electronic heated towel rails:

Before instrumental installation, at first it is necessary to underline the installation site of the EPS in coordination with light rules.

Laying wiring in the bathroom

If the installation of the towel rail coincides either precedes laying the tile in the bathroom, then you should send attention to the rules for laying cables and installation of electrical outlets in wet rooms.

electric, heated, towel, rail

We will see the mounting tips on installing wiring in the bathroom:

How To Install A Hot Wire Heated Towel Rail

Electric towel dryer do it yourself. / Krutseesamelki.

  • Fishing line for the power trimmer is obliged to have a ground;
  • All elements of the mounted wiring must be waterproof;
  • On sockets and lighting devices, you need to install a separate automation (UZO), which will turn off the power supply in the case of current leaks;
  • It is better to choose copper wires with a non-combustible winding;
  • Immediately use a triple cable for grounding all electrical appliances.

To lay the cable to the planned outlet first, it is necessary to make an angular grinder of the stroke (groove) for the wire.

Then a drill with a special nozzle in the wall is deepening for a socket.

Then the cable is stacked in the stroke, which is pressed by special homutics or is simply fixed every 15-20 cm cement substance. After that, the waterproof socket itself is installed. detailed instructions for installing outlets in the bathroom can be found in this material.

When installing electronic heated towel rail with hidden input, the setting is not required. Pretty in a suitable place to throw the “tail” of the electric pipe measuring 10-15 cm.

If you have already purchased an electronic towel rail and you have a rosette in a comfortable place, then it’s time to go to the steps of the equipment on the wall.

Direct installation of heated towel rail on the wall

Conduct the installation of an electronic heated towel rail to the wall better with the assistant. You can do this without the help of others, but better, so that one person holds the device, and the 2nd screwed it to the wall by self-draws.

Electric towel dryer do it yourself. How to shove the thermokabel? What power?

Between the vertical wall and epps legs, do not forget to slip rubber or plastic seals, which come in a set with a heated towel rail.

Turn the heated towel rail only after turning off it from the electronic network. After installing EPS on the wall, you can go to the very responsible step. the inclusion of equipment in the network.

Commissioning rules

Before inserting the cord of the heated towel rail into the outlet, definitely schedule the use annotation, which is equipped with equipment.

Even if the EPS does not have an adjustment component, you still need to get acquainted with the subsequent features of the equipment:

  • the greatest power consumption;
  • Small and greatest heating temperature;
  • the greatest time is in the on state;
  • Restrictions on the types of tissues that can be dried.

Do not forget about the threats of burns in kids when contacting with parts of the electronic heated towel rail. Better to talk about a new device with small family members, and it is better to imagine the usual acts of kids in the bathroom when the EPS is turned off.

This will dial the potential threats and warn injuries.

It is impossible to start exploiting electronic heated towel rails:

  • before the end of the mounting on the wall;
  • disassembled;
  • indoors with damaged wiring;
  • When connected to a non-grounded outlet.

Before turning on, wipe the housing of the heated towel rail with a moistened napkin, remove the construction dust, fat stains, wait for the surface drying. If the abstract is read and all security requirements are observed, it can safely include an electronic towel rail to the network.

Main list of materials for replacement and stages of work

In order to replace the towel rail in the bathroom, you will need:

  • Product itself;
  • brackets;
  • PVC pipes;
  • apparatus for welding and spike PVC pipes;
  • Perorator, wrenches, construction level, roulette and marker;
  • Scissors for cutting PVC pipes;
  • Connecting PVC. fittings and couplings;
  • ball valves (2-3 pieces), including the crane of Maevsky.

The replacement of the heated towel rail is with their own hands, the implementation of the following work plan:

  • Buying the design itself and all necessary materials.
  • Conducting preparatory work.
  • Dismantling of the served heated towel rail.
  • Installation of bypass jumper and ball valves, as well as welding PVC pipes.
  • Mounting the towel rail in the bathroom and the construction of the design system.

Installation of the device in the bathroom

There are three installation options for electric heated towel rails:

Before the tool mounting, you must first determine the installation site of the EPS in accordance with the simple rules.

Device location rules

In Khrushchev, the place for the heated towel rail does not have to choose due to the geometric restrictions. But in private houses and modern apartments with large bathrooms it is advisable to consider the following rules when installing EPS. The main criterion when choosing a place is its moisture proof.

It is advisable to adhere to the recommendations and place the electric heated towel rail in the zone as shown in the figure. EPS, located in the zone, is recommended to provide protection against splashes

The described rules are not a whim of some author, and created for the safety of people during the operation of heating electrical equipment.

Connecting EPS to the network

If the bathroom already has all the interior decoration, and you are not going to change anything, then in this case, the heated towel rails are preferably located closer to the power supply.

Using carrying for the permanent electrical heated towel rail is dangerous: may have a fire. Especially it should be feared cheap models without a fuse

Replacing the electrocable for a longer option or its elongation by creating a bit to lead to a loss of warranty service to the device.

Therefore, options for connecting an electric heated towel rail when removal of the socket, you can offer a bit:

  • Buy floor heated toweling. which can be set closer to the outlet if necessary.
  • Install an additional waterproof outlet near EPS. extending the cable in the box from the available point of power supply. This option is the least aesthetic and unsafe option.
  • In the presence of removable ceiling panels, you can stretch the cable from the ceiling lighting by installing an additional outlet under the ceiling above the heated towel rail.
  • Extend electrocabel. annuling free warranty service.
  • Stamp neatly the wall from the existing electrified point and install an additional water-recessed waterproof outlet.

Although electricity consumption of EPS rarely exceeds polneck, the socket for its connection must have a sufficient supply of power and be moisture-proof. In case of careless handling of the shower nozzle, water can get to the electrical contacts and will occur short circuit with fire.

Therefore, use only moisture-proof certified electrical equipment in the bathroom.

Certified waterproof equipment is more expensive, but protects your family from accidents. Modern models organically fit into the design of the bathroom

The introduction of the latest technologies in the field of physics of materials makes the use of devices absolutely safe even under 220 V. New dielectric materials and innovative engineering insulation techniques guarantee the lack of lead currents in the housing while maintaining its high thermal conductivity.

But you should not neglect the installation of protective equipment, because its work is calculated just in cases of breakage of electrical appliances and disorders of their insulation.

Laying wiring in the bathroom

If the installation of the towel rail coincides or precedes the laying of the tile in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the rules for laying cables and installation of electrical outlets in wet rooms.

Consider the installation recommendations for installing wiring in the bathroom:

  • The dryer for the power trimmer must have ground;
  • All elements of the mounted wiring must be waterproof;
  • on sockets and lamps need to install separate automation (UZO), which will turn off the power supply in the case of current leaks;
  • It is advisable to choose a copper wire with a non-combustible winding;
  • Be sure to use a triple cable for grounding all electrical appliances.

To lay the cable to the planned outlet, initially need to make an angular grinder of the stroke (groove) for the wire.

For the formation of a comfortable wide groove, a special double abrasive disc is used: With it, you can make a smooth strainer

Then the drill with a special nozzle in the wall is deepened for the outlet.

So that drilled holes are obtained at one level, you can use special wooden stencils, the diameter of the holes in which coincides with the diameter of the sockets

Then the cable is stacked in the stroke, which is pressed with special homutics or is simply fixed every 15-20 cm cement mortar. After that, the waterproof socket itself is mounted and mounted. detailed instructions for installing outlets in the bathroom can be read in this material.

When installing the electric heated towel rail with a hidden input, the outlet installation is not required. Enough in the right place to leave the “tail” of the electric pipe size of 10-15 cm.

If you have already bought an electric heated towel rail and you have a socket in a convenient location, then it’s time to move to the wall mounting step on the wall.

How to drill holes in a tile?

After completing all the measurements and marking a point marker for screwing the fixing EPS screws, it is necessary to drill holes for installing a dowel.

We will reveal some secrets of the correct and safe drilling of tiles:

  • It is not recommended to drill holes near the edges of the tile and in the intercutant intervals;
  • To exclude overheating of the drill, you can periodically dip it into a glass with clean water;
  • If the drilling is carried out by a crossover drill, then the tile is turned on to be disassembled, and then reduced in the periodist mode;

What is the case

Electric heated towel rail can be made of square / rectangular pipe, oval or round. To serve a “towel” for a long time, the thickness of the pipe wall must be at least 2 mm. Then the welds will be reliable.

If we talk about appearance, it is more decorative and unusual products of profiled pipes (rectangular or square). From this material, we make models in modern style, they are suitable for interiors in the style of minimalism, High-tech. In such cases, the place for them is chosen “in front of”, and they serve more for decoration.

Styles and versions are diverse

Not always to the heated towel rail, you want to attract attention. In this case, round pipes are perfect, and even painted in neutral color (white, gray) or in the color of the walls. Color most often ordinary steel, but many manufacturers can editorially paint and stainless steel. Practically no stained brass and copper models. They themselves are decoration. And buy them precisely for bright and memorable appearance.

Electric towel rail can be from:

The most inexpensive version. structural steel. From the inside it is covered with anti-corrosion composition, the paint or layer of spraying (chrome, nickelting) is applied on top. Such models mainly make the “dry” type. with a cable or dry ten. But there is a liquid type.

traditional forms. different types of “Forest”

durable stainless steel products. They can serve 10 years and more. But under the condition of mandatory grounding (to eliminate the possibility of electrocorrosion). Some manufacturers are offered to eliminate corrosion to cover pipes inside the polymer layer (SUNERA). Good solution, but significantly raises the price. But the service life is more.

Some decorative, some consider copper or brass electric heated towel rails. Here you can argue, but interesting models really have. True, the price is completely immodest. If we talk about practical moments. the care of the heated towel rail. then it is copper and brass that require the greatest and thorough care. Their surface must be regularly polished using special means. Otherwise, in conditions of high humidity, it becomes very unsightly.

With thermostat and without

ELECTROBOLENE FOLLOWERS WITH THERE. The thermostat allows you to choose a temperature to which the surface will be heated. It can be located on one of the racks of the ladder (usually downstairs), at one of the ends of the zigzag or on the cord fork. Most often is a disk with division or heating temperature.

How the thermostat on the electric heated towel rail? When the preceded temperature is reached, the heating elements (cable or tank) are disconnected. They turn on when the temperature becomes less than one degree. This method allows you to select the mode of operation, avoid overheating and high electricity consumption. But, more often it is a timer. And cable, and the launches “live” much longer. In any case, in domestic models.

The thermostat is usually located on one of the ends of the housing. There may be models with a regulator on a fork

It is necessary, however, it is necessary that the electric heated towel rail without a thermostat has a built-in thermocouple, which just also turns off the heating when a certain temperature is reached. The difference is that you are not able to change the temperature. The device works on factory settings. In such models, the operating temperature of the heating surfaces is usually indicated.

There are still models (Sunerg) with a timer. After the specified time, the device will simply turn off. But the same work can perform a socket with a timer. This small device is included in the rosette, in it. the device. After the exhibited period of time, the power supply is stopped.

How to make a combined towel dryer do it yourself?

Consider how to assemble the heated towel rail. So, in front of us a towel rail with bilateral connection.

It usually consists of two racks and several enshrined intermediaries. see. Four nozzles are located at the top and bottom of each rack.

Two of them. from the rising side. we will use to connect to the pipeline. Of the remaining two, the bottom will be needed to install the Tan, and the upper. the crane of Maevsky.

If the diameters of the carving of the dryer, the Tan and the crane of the Maevsky coincide, the assembly is carried out very simple: it is enough to wind the carving of parts by the sealing material and screw into the nozzles. But often the nozzle has a larger diameter.

Then it is necessary to make an adapter in the form of a sleeve, in which the external thread will correspond to the thread of the nozzle, and the internal. set part. On the one hand, the adapter needs to be sharpened so that two faces are formed to capture a wrench.

Features of installing electrical models

Unlike water models, electric drying can be installed anywhere, as they do not depend on the location of heating pipes and hot water supply. In this case, special attention should be paid to the quality of wiring.

  • The location of the installation is selected taking into account the level of protection of the device from moisture. Distance to bathroom or washbasin. not less than 60 cm.
  • The minimum distance to the floor is 20 cm, to the wall. 30 cm, to the surface of furniture items. 75 cm.
  • The heating device cannot be placed directly under the socket.

Connecting to the power grid is performed in accordance with the international standard NFC-15-100.

The electrical wiring under the heated towel rail is performed in compliance with the electrical safety standards in rooms with high humidity:

electric, heated, towel, rail
  • Connection through a three-core cable with grounding;
  • only hidden wiring is allowed;
  • The socket must have a rubber seal and cover covering the contact holes;
  • Copper wires of MAROK and VVGng-Ls are used for the power grid.

Mandatory condition for installing and operating electrical appliances. Using UZO. Turning the device when the current performance is exceeded.

Oil heated towel rails require hard locks, and cable can be installed in any position

When installing the dryer, you need to select the correct connection scheme, which will ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment. With natural circulation of water, you should not make any alignment of the lumen, loops, extra bends, as well as applying components of a smaller diameter. To use a heated towel rail as the main heating device, it is recommended to calculate it on the required heat transfer. High-quality installation is carried out with the help of “Americans” and transitional couplings of the corresponding diameter pipes.

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