What do snowflake, drop, sun, etc. Icons on the air conditioner

Air conditioner service involves regular cleaning of internal and external blocks, disinfection and refueling / refueling with refrigerant if necessary. Do this specialists advise at least once a year.

In addition, preventive inspection is carried out in order to notice malfunctions on time, replace parts, lubricate the mechanism, check the equipment for leaks and other. You can read this in more detail in the article “Maintenance of the air conditioner with your own hands”.

Does Fan Mode In Air Con Use A lot Of Energy

If the device is not planned to be used in winter, it must be “canned”, prepare for the cold:

  • Turn on the air conditioner to the “Ventilation” mode and leave a working at least 2 hours. Thus, from the radiator will leave the moisture.
  • Clean all filters.
  • External device unit tightly closed with waterproof material.
mode, conditioner

The window air conditioners will have enough to close the part located on the street, film or other material intended for the shelter of things from external influences. But sometimes even after the manipulations made through the device, the cold air goes into the room, then the block is removed for the winter.

Plans to operate the split system in winter? In this case, get an additional “Winter Set”. It consists of three important elements: a fan speed regulator, drainage tubes and compressor heaters. They are not allowed to climb the blocks and the system, as well as regulate the pressure in it. But it is worth warning. under these conditions, the device will work only in cooling mode! It is relevant in stores and catering facilities.

Classification of devices

All air conditioners are divided into the following main types:

  • Window models. installed in the window opening;
  • The wall variant. consists of two blocks, the evaporator is located inside the room, and the remote. beyond it;
  • Models of the floor location. installation on the floor, with the output of hot air through the window;
  • Combined class.

In addition, experts share split systems according to functional features:

In the last option can include features such as ionization, moisturizing, flavoring and air purification.

Cooling in winter

If you ever had to face server rooms, then you should be known that the temperature of many of them reaches the contraindicated values ​​to them. It is for this reason that the installation of air conditioners is necessary here. But here as a supplement will need to purchase a winter configuration, presented pressure switch, some lane are also needed.

Pressure relay is responsible for adjusting the frequency of the revolutions made in the street block, increasing or lowering, so the pressure inside the capacitor. As for the Tan for a compressor crankcase having a built-in sensor, at a certain temperature it starts or disables it. At a temperature values ​​below zero, it warms the crankcase so that when the system is turned on, it does not occur with hydrate, and the compressor valves did not break. If the drainage goes outside, then the TEN is also needed for its heating, since at low temperatures the drainage tube will freeze, and therefore water from the indoor unit will begin to pour out into the room, so the dance for heating is placed inside the tube. If all of the above options are needed to you only in winter, then you can set the seasonal switch. a kind of sensor, which at a certain temperature will include or not include additional options.

Designation of icons on the air conditioner console

The number of buttons and their values ​​depends on the brand of air conditioner. Symbols are applied on the buttons or they may simply have an inscription.

So, what indicate the icons on the air conditioner:

  • ON / OFF. turns on and disables the device.
  • Snowflake (Cool). cooling.
  • Sun (Heat). Heated. There are only those models that support this feature.
  • Drop (DRY). Drain. Need to remove excess moisture from the room.
  • Fan (FAN). changes fan speed.
  • Four arrows of the lobby (swing). change the position of the curtains, directing the streams in the desired side.
  • Asterisk (SLEEP). turning on the night mode, in which the device starts working on small revolutions.
  • Arrogors up / down or plus and minus. allow you to make the temperature above / below.
  • Clock (Timer). Install the operating time of the air conditioner.
  • Mode. chooses the mode of operation.
  • Clock. Sets the time
  • LED. turns on the remote control display.

Basic functions and operating modes of air conditioners

Air conditioning is a climatic unit that supports the set temperature parameters of the air indoor. However, despite the seeming simplicity of the question, very often becoming a surprise (not always pleasant) facts related to the possibilities and restrictions.

  • For example, a common misconception is the assumption that the air conditioner for cooling the room takes the air from the street (“. After all, he has an external unit, and he and a fan!”).

In fact, speaking of air conditioning, as a rule, imply cooling or heating of air indoors without mixing fresh. At the same time, the “ventilation” regime in most air conditioners implies only the recycling of air masses inside the room provided by the fan section of the internal equipment unit. Therefore, it is important to know what you get, acquiring one or another model, and consciously choose air conditioning.

However, like other problems of air conditioning, the problem of the substitution of fresh air from the street or emission to the outside can be solved! It is only necessary to think about choosing more serious ventilation systems or on the use of semi-industrial or industrial air conditioners that can partially cope with the task. There is always a choice and you need to represent possible alternatives.

Any air conditioner first must ensure the correct operation of this particular function. If the selection of the device was based on the exact calculation of the required cooling power, he can constantly maintain comfortable air parameters. In this case, the power consumption will be several times lower than its refrigeration capacity due to the specially organized heat transfer process between the inner and external blocks.

Using air conditioners with fresh air beam

If we consider standard air conditioning and ventilation systems, fresh air submers can perform channel air conditioners. The devices are sewn into the suspended ceilings and with the help of air ducts provide a flow of fresh air, followed by processing in a volume of up to 20% of the overall air produce.

Air heating function, as well as cooling, can be performed using all the same freon heat exchangers (evaporator and capacitor) and air conditioner compressor. The heating system is reverse cooling process where the evaporator and the capacitor actually change places. To ensure air heating, only the refrigeration scheme should be reversed (reverse scheme) and it turns into a heat pump. Alternatively, an additional electric heat exchanger can be used to heat the air masses, which without a reversive scheme can heat the desired air to a given temperature, but there are practically no such systems on the Russian market now.

Ventilation mode is present in all air conditioners without exception. It is designed to “drive” stagnant air through the room with a fan in the inner block, thereby contributing to a uniform distribution in all zones, working for recycling. For example, when heating the dwelling of the central heat supply system, all warm air accumulates under the ceiling and so that the ventilation mode in the equipment is very much and use it to evenly disperse it.

Each air conditioner is equipped with one or more sections of filters, allowing to clean the air indoors from the rising dust, sometimes odors. The first or only filter in the device is used, as a rule, a coarse cleaning filter of the EU3 or EU4 class (small mesh). it cleans the air from dust particles. The second stage of filtration can be used as a coal filter, capturing odors, or a fine cleaning filter, saving allergies, even from pollen plants, or yet other filters offered by various air conditioners manufacturers. If your conditioned room is included in the category of “clean rooms”, it is best to provide a special system of air purification system installed separately.

List of wall conditioner modes

Increasingly, we ask questions about the appointment of certain modes of operation of air conditioners that are implemented in our store. For answers to your questions, this article is written. Here we will look at the main modes. these are the main teams, changing the nature of the air conditioner units. Additional functions, these are teams facilitating or controlling the main modes. here we will not consider them.

The air conditioner displays heat from the room, absorbing it with the surface of the radiator internal and highlighting it through the surface of the radiator of the external block. Temperature range is manually set from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius. To quickly reduce the temperature in the room, turn on the fan to the full power. Noise level will be maximum. For more efficient cooling, install longitudinal blinds in a horizontal position. cold air will be distributed for the larger area of ​​the room.

Air-conditioned air will be several degrees below the temperature. Avoid being in the cooled airflow, in hot weather it is easy to sharply. Turn on the air conditioner for half an hour before your arrival function “Timer”

The air conditioner displays the cold from the room, absorbing it with the surface of the radiator internal and highlighting it through the surface of the radiator of the external block. Temperature range is manually set from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius. For more efficient heating, install longitudinal blinds at an angle approximately (selected individually) 45 degrees. so heat is more effectively spread throughout the volume of the room. In heating mode, air conditioning absorbs less energy than oil or convector heaters.

Conventional, lower and middle class, air conditioners, are not able to heat the room at negative temperatures on the street. Operation under these temperatures displays compressor or fan. For heating in winter, it is necessary to install the “Winter heating” or purchase a model with the manufacturer installed at the factory. Cheaper Set Winter Set

(AUTO). automatic mode

The generally accepted comfortable temperature for residential premises is the temperature of equal to 22. 24 degrees Celsius. In automatic mode, air conditioner will maintain this temperature. In the day heat, it will cool if it becomes colder on the street, then the air conditioner will begin to heat.

Drainage mode in the air conditioner works just like the cooling mode, only on small turns. The task of this function is reduced air humidity. Moisture condensed on the radiator of the indoor unit flows into the pallet and is displayed through the drainage system. Drain will save you from stuffing in hot weather.

If you dry underwear in the room, just woven the floors or made a wet cleaning. You poured neighbors or you poured them. Turn your conditioner to drainage mode, surfaces will dry faster, you will avoid unnecessary dampness in your home. Do not abuse this function, some materials come into disrepair (dry) under reduced humidity

In ventilation mode, the air conditioner works like a fan. Just mixes air masses creating a stream without mixing fresh air outside. Fresh air supply can only be carried out by climatic technique of semi-industrial category. In this mode, no cooling, nor heating.

To increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, open the window, you will have good ventilation with a flow of fresh air

During operation, a lot of dust is settled on the grilles of the indoor unit. When you turn on the “Clean” mode, air conditioner go into intensive cooling mode. Thus, condensating on the edge of the radiator of the inner block maximum moisture. Which flushes the dirt into the pallet and goes through the drainage pipe. This feature should be used at least twice a month.

Do not forget that you need to wash the air filter at least once a month. Just rinse it under the jet of warm water

When installing the system in the turbo, the inner block fan goes to maximum turns. When the specified temperature is reached, the turnover is reduced. This mode is suitable in situations when you need to quickly cool the room. Not all split systems are equipped with this function.

Recommended for cooling rooms where people sleep, always use sleep mode. After turning on this function, the air conditioner reduces the fan turnover to a minimum, to reduce noise. Gradually increases (when cooled) and lowers (when heated), the temperature ensures a comfortable sleep.

When you sleep, the temperature of your body decreases. If sleep mode is not turned on, easy to cover. A slight rise in temperature at night, will save your health and strong sleep

Feeling (FEEL, I-FEEL)

From English, the name of the air conditioner function is translated into Russian as:

In different models, this mode works in different ways. If the air conditioner is equipped with a universal control panel, in this technician mode independently determines the operation mode. This is an analogue of the auto function. Depending on the temperature and humidity, one of the following options is activated:

In models that use the non-unauthorized, but the original remote control, it can be the TOOO WARM and TOO COOL buttons. They are transferred as “too hot” and “too cold”. When pressed, the air conditioner increases or reduces the operating temperature.

In modern premium models (for example, Mitsubishi Electric), a microprocessor participates in the mode definition. Air conditioning remembers the last settings and establishes user preferences. For example, if you install a temperature of 18 and 22 degrees more often, when activating the i-FEEL function, it turns on by 20.

In addition, pressing the Too Warm and Too Cool buttons changes the temperature to another value. If you often used them, the change in the mode can be 2 or 3 degrees, if rarely. 0.5 or 1 degree. These data are stored in the memory of the air conditioner.

On some FEEL models, it works in different ways. They have a temperature sensor in the remote control. From its testimony depends on the work of the air conditioner.

In the usual air conditioner, the air temperature is determined by the sensor located in the internal unit. If you set the cooling mode by 20 when the air near the sensor cools up to 20 degrees, the compressor will stop or reduce the operating speed.

In this case, the air will be colder at the bottom (cold air is heavier than hot and descends down). The farther from the air conditioner, the warmer there will be air. In addition, it will be faster from the environment, furniture, technicians and people.

When working in I-Feel, Feel or Feeling modes, the air conditioner measures the air temperature using the sensor on the remote control panel. He supports it in a certain area. This is useful if people are far from the inner block. Temperature regime is exhibited more accurately.

Tips on how to competently use the air conditioner

“Who has a remote control from the air conditioner, the main office”. This rubber stroke has long become an office folklore. But whether everyone knows how to use them to correctly so that the technique serve in good by all indoors?

So often happens: by purchasing complex equipment, we rather begin to press on all sorts of buttons, set it up for the Nativity, and the idea that you need to get acquainted with the instruction, usually visits when the technique fails. Our review is precisely for those who are not used to driving themselves reading instructions. After reading it, everyone can easily control the remote control and set the necessary parameters.

Manufacturers of climate techniques, anticipating the expectations of their buyers, sometimes create air conditioners and split systems, but at the same time, any super suites remain very concise and easy to use, with a standard set of buttons required for the desired settings.

The most important button of the remote control. MODE. Select mode.

When you press this button, the air conditioner is adjusted to different air supply modes: one press is automatic mode;

Two Pages. Cooling Cooling Cooling. Quickly or slowly. it all depends on the specified parameters (about it. farther);

Another press of the MODE button translates into DRY mode. drainage. Air conditioning goes to slow, average speed;

Another press of the MODE button and FAN mode, in which the air conditioner starts to work quietly, in a slightly slow pace than in the previous mode.

Turbo mode Enhances the operation of the air conditioner above the listed modes in the MODE button. In addition to automatic regime.

TEMP- Press up or down, the temperature of heating or cooling is set.

FAN- selects the speed of rotation of the fan (3-4 different levels of speed), feeding freshness and coolness. Does not work with automatic mode.

mode, conditioner

Swing. Direction of horizontal damper. One Pressing Swing Button.The damper swings up and down constantly, when repeated presses, locks its position. In some models of split systems, you can adjust the direction of vertical dampers, if this function is not, then they will have to be adjusted manually by sending the air flow in the right direction.

Quolet- This function allows you to dispel the flow of cold air much stronger, excluding the direct flow in the way in the indoors of people.

Auto Clean- useful button for disinfection and drainage of air conditioning parts. It is necessary to give air conditioning from time to time in this mode at least a couple of hours. Then you can not be afraid of the appearance of fungi and other troubles in the technique.

OK and Cancel- confirmation buttons and cancel settings.

Smart Saver. allows you to hold the temperature at a certain mark. Air conditioning reaches a given temperature and stops working. When the temperature in the room starts to change, the air conditioner will turn on again.

Good Sleep. In this mode, the cold air will be facing the ceiling and will not interfere with sleep.

Sleep. sleeping mode. Within two hours each hour the temperature rises on one degree, then it rests on the achieved, and after 6 hours the air conditioner is turned off.

ECO. button is responsible for power saving mode. Air conditioning begins to work on low revs.

Clock Shows the time exposed. You need to set time using temperature arrows.

On Timer- include timer.

Time Up- button to add time when setting the timer;

OFF TIMER- Turn off the timer;

Time Down- Time Reduction Button, when setting the air conditioner timer to shut down.

Many models of modern split systems are equipped with an electronic display, which shows the information about the specified settings in the panel of the internal unit. If there is no display, the settings can be controlled using the remote control. During pressing each button, the internal unit of the air conditioner will publish a characteristic sound, thus reacting to the console command. If “PIP” did not sound, then the button must be pressed again.