Xiaomi HL Folding Electric Kettle KP-808 Square

Xiaomi HL Folding Electric Kettle KP-808 folding 40689 Small and light tea bags drink hot drinks while traveling, but worry about sanitary conditions and the quality of the kettle at the hotel. Then use the folding portable Xiaomi teapot. He will not take a lot of space, easily folding

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Good look, good water

Components directly in contact with water, such as the inner part of the kettle, the inner part of the cover and temperature control sensor, made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 304 standard POSCO GB4806.This type of stainless steel is safe and widely used in the Medicine and Food Industry. It has such advantages as, resistance to corrosion and scale formation, lack of smell, as well as easy cleaning.

Dop.: AISI 304 Stainless Steel Kettle Control Information AISI 304

Control Element Standard Testing Test Requirements Test Results PB





GB4806 Quality control on the basis of 4806 requirements Compliance with quality standards
GB / T5009.81-2003 ≤0.01mg / dm2 Not finished
GB / T5009.81-2003 ≤0.4MG / DM2 Not finished
GB / T5009.81-2003 ≤0.1mg / dm2 Not finished
GB / T5009.81-2003 ≤0.005mg / dm2 Not finished
GB / T5009.81-2003 ≤0.008MG / DM2 Not finished

Control data received from companies SGS and CTI. These results comply with all quality standards.


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Folding Kettle Xiaomi HL Folding Electric Kettle

Many do not represent their lives without an electric kettle. It’s good that in our time they have become very comfortable and safe. In this review, we will talk about the Mi Electric Kettle kettle, the manufacturers of which are Xiaomi. I will try to tell the teapot in detail about this.

Power 1800 W
Maximum volume 1.5 L
Inclusion indicator there is
Protection against inclusion without water there is
Automatic shutdown there is
Corpus material Metal / plastic
Colour white
Network cord length 0.75 M
Width height depth 20.4/23.5/14.5 cm
The weight 1.1 kg

As usual Xiaomi do beautifully and at the same time minimalist. I think many will like the ease of the kettle. White, cylindrical, neat with Mijia logo. The hull is made of high-quality plastic, and inside the kettle is completely metallic. To the touch pleasant and clean is quite simple. Because of the large lid radius, the hand can easily fit into the kettle, which simplifies washing.

The button for opening the lid is on the handle. And under the handle there is a trigger of inclusion. The kettle, together with the stand, seems one whole, as the stand is also white. In general, it looks very stylish, I think the kettle will fit into any kitchen.

Let me remind you that this model is simple and they will not manage to manage through the application. The kettle itself is light, as well as the stand from him. There is a cool mechanism in it that will not give to turn on the teapot while it will not be water in it.

The kettle works quite noisy, especially if it is filled completely. And if we talk about the smell, then no smell of rubber, plastic no. Burning about it will not work, because after boiling hot only inside, and the body outside remains warm.

Landing the kettle on the stand is almost no sound. On the back of the stand there are rubber legs that create a sliding resistance over the surface, but the kettle is still moving due to its light weight.

I am glad that the case material is not brand, and the plastic matte. For a long time, the kettle remained the same white. The wire for may seem short, length is 75 cm. Be sure to take into account this, otherwise you will have to use the extension.

After boiling, the kettle automatically turns off. Fit into the kettle of half a liter of water, and boils for 4-5 minutes, which is fast enough. After turning on the kettle, the red indicator lights up on the button.

The kettle cover is fixed in three positions:

  • Fully closed
  • After pressing the button, opens half-open (semi-open)
  • Fully open (to such a position can be brought only with the help of hands)

It seems to me that the kettle opens half to protect against splashes of hot droplets, which accumulate on the lid after boiling. And so this probability minimized.

Folding Kettle Xiaomi HL Folding Electric Kettle

Voltage differences and high-frequency interference. “Business card” power grid. In order not to spoil the expensive equipment, as well as place it in a convenient place for you, regardless of the location of the socket, take the network filters and extension cords.

Reduced analogue of the thermos, that is, in a cold time, tea or coffee will be saved by hot, so can be taken with you.

Tea lovers, have long learned the truth that the best tea is this one that is not packaged, and a brewed tea leaves in a brewing kettle.

  • Type: Electrocarrine
  • Power: 1800 W
  • Weight: 800 gr
  • Dimensions: 224 x 146 x 241 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Volume: 1.5 L
  • Type of heating element: closed spiral
  • Cord compartment
  • Power supply: from the network
  • Input parameters: 220V ~ 50 hz

The country of production from the penultimate delivery was: China

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Stainless steel kettle for 1300 is not bad. Heats quickly. In the switch small red LED. There is a nuance. turns on through the European sportsman, comes with.

Normal kettle for its price. It feeds on the network through the adapter, is included in the price. There is no filter from scale in the aids of the kettle.

All is well, but there is no possibility of visual control of water level. you need to open the kettle lid every time to check if there is water and whether it is enough

From stainless steel with an indicator-red diode indicator, use the adapter. comes through the euro (when ordering to check for free).Boils quickly but noisy.No water level is visible, it is necessary to open.

I use a week. The kettle really likes. It is very important for me that immediately it does not smell the burner tin (yes, be sure to sniff new teapots and greatly surprise differences). And then I regretted that I did not buy two (the second would give to relatives).P.With. passed only a week, I do not know how it will be later, will not leak and t.D.

I love!

Good afternoon, readers of the site “Ozzovik”! For the past few months, we had a kettle at home, who boils on the stove (you know such a whistle!), once I really wanted such a kettle and I acquired it, but he turned out to be very.

Production quality, appearance, thermos design, solid stainless steel flask, no noisy, without collective farm backlight

Devices from Xiaomi are perfectly shot. All smartphones, hours, scales and other. Some can say, they say this “daughters” Xiaomi is pured, the company itself began to do everything in a row. Well, excellent, it became more than good quality things.

0˚C in 5 minutes

The heating element of the kettle Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle will boil 1.5 liter of water in just 5 minutes, heating water to a temperature of 100˚C. In addition, the heating element provides uniform heating of water throughout the area, and its quiet operation. will not create discomfort when using the device.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle Teapot is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which does not release toxic substances and is safe for human health. The top flask of the kettle is almost not polluted and quite easily cleaned.

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folding, kettle, xiaomi, electric

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EAN 6923185606345 Type Kettle Maximum Power 1800 W Volume 1.5 l case material plastic heating element closed spiral display no thermostat Yes Indication of inclusion Yes Water level indicator No double walls Yes Break teapot.

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