Top 10 best electrical stoves for a bath: 2021 rating and what device to choose for heating steam room

Reliable electric furnace for sauna or bath makes it easy to equip an efficient home or commercial steam room. In the model market are presented in different forms and price categories. You can choose as a simple, good-quality unit from the budget series, and the device of the latest version with a large number of additional options and frills.

To make it easier for you to navigate in a rich assortment of electric furnaces represented by various manufacturers, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the models most popular among buyers. In this article, we considered the characteristics of the 12 best electric furnaces, and also led the selection criteria for the electronics.

The rating includes products of domestic and foreign brands. Models similar on the principle of operation, but noticeably differ in power, sizes, installation method, cost and configuration. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of the presented devices, it will be much easier to determine the choice of a suitable option.

Features of the work furnace with steam generator

As noted earlier, installing a heating device with a heat exchange device in the bath, you will always be provided with the most comfortable conditions that are easy to control by adjusting the amount of heated wet air and temperature level.

The principle of operation of the steam generator of the wood furnace is as follows:

  • The water tank is filled manually or automatically;
  • From the tank, the liquid enters the chamber of the formation of steam;
  • Reducked up to 650 degrees of the wall of the device contribute to the process of water evaporation;
  • Hot wet air enters a bath through the housings of the furnace convector.

If the heating of the room is provided by the electrocamenake installed earlier, we advise you to purchase a separate unit. an electrical compact steam generator.

Advantages and disadvantages of the electric furnace for a bath

The electric oven for the bath perfectly solves the task of heating the room and bringing water to the desired temperature without using wood and other fuel. Solving, buy it or not, you can be guided by the advantages and minuses of installing electrical heating equipment.

The main advantages of the electric furnace for a bath:

  • Accelerated room heating with support for stable air temperature indicators;
  • uncomplicated selection in size and volume of stones loading;
  • Installation of equipment does not require coordination with government agencies;
  • speed and simplicity of installation, furnace maintenance;
  • The fuse from overheating is built into the device, it improves safety;
  • the absence of chimney and carbon monoxide, making dangerous classic wood and coal furnaces;
  • allocate the location for storage of fuel do not need.
  • Active use of furnaces will significantly increase the payment for electricity. Often visiting the bath with the whole family may be overhead for budget.
  • The dependence of the available power of the furnace from the electrical network in the house / in the country.
  • Thermal power. If you compare the electrical elements with natural fuel in classic furnaces, it is not always possible to achieve a similar level of heating.

Listed advantages and disadvantages are inherent in the sauna oven. This applies to both the open and closed design of the designs.

Useful video

Check the video review on the electric oven for the bath and sauna from the manufacturer Harvia: what it looks like and works, what malfunctions may occur.

Open your own bath is not so difficult. It is enough to purchase basic materials, equip the room and connect the furnace. The only problem is fire safety, which cannot be paid attention to.

When you are going to install the oven, pay attention to the strength of the place where the device will be located, on the safe distance of items from the design, on the protection of the room and the isolation from the chimney.

Mounting and operating tips

To extend the service life of the steam generator and ensure the safety of its use, you must follow the following rules:

  • In order to ensure safety, the electric steam generator is not installed in the steam room, but in the adjacent room.
  • Couple feeding line should be as short as possible. so pairs will not have time to cool.
  • Steam pipes make inclined to avoid condensate accumulation after turning off the unit.
  • Connecting to the electrical network is performed with a grounding circuit and the RCD, the leakage current should not exceed 30 mA.
  • Capacity with a steam-forming liquid is better to equip a sound alarm for any type. this will prevent work without water, and as a result, Burning.
  • Water from under the tap is not recommended. it is better to skip it through the filter.
  • For the recreation effect in the liquid, you can add purified tinkers and aromatic oils.
  • Periodically, the elements of the steam generator are cleaned of scale, poured into the device a solution of citric or acetic acid.

Possessing minimal plumbing skills, build a steam gun or steam generator for a bath can be in one day. These simple devices will allow to obtain a sufficient amount of high-quality steam. From now on, the double room will become extremely pleasant, and its health effect on the body will reach the level that only a real Russian bath can provide.

Thanks to the versatile hobbies, I write on different topics, but the most beloved. machinery, technology and construction. Perhaps because I know many nuances in these areas not only theoretically, as a result of study at a technical university and graduate school, but also from the practical side, as I try to do everything with your own hands. Rate article:

Choose a steam generator oven

Choosing a bath oven with a steam generator, it is worth not to forget about the fundamental characteristics of the equipment, which will depend on the quality of the warm-up of your room /

Power is something to pay attention to first. You can independently calculate the required power of the furnace for a bath with a steam generator. The formula is drawn up on this: when the room is up to 10 m³, it is necessary to choose equipment by power, taking into account 1 kW / m³.

When the steam room is quite large, another calculation is taken as the basis. 0.8 kW / m³. Make a similar calculation in power is very simple. But it is worth understanding that it is worth using this formula only in cases where the bath is well insulated, there is a high-quality vaporizolation and ventilation system. If a window has a window, a glass door or one / two outer walls, then the power of the device should have even more value somewhere and a half times.

It is also worth saying about the working voltage of the bath furnace with a steam generator. this is also an important item when choosing a heating device. There is a certain relationship between the power characteristics and voltage. If the power indicator is above 7 kW, then it is necessary to connect the unit to the 380 volt electrical power grid. For less powerful furnaces, the network is 220 volts.

With periodic interruptions in the electrical network, it is necessary to apply the backup power system or voltage stabilizers. If you provide stable power outlet operation, thereby contribute to the long service life of the furnace equipment.

And one more important factor requiring attention is the volume of loaded stones. Additional functions like the supply of the sound signal in the absence of liquid in the steam generator container and the aromatization of the pair will make the use of the steam room easier, at the same time creating a necessary pleasant atmosphere in it.

Making a steam generator with your own hands

For the manufacture of steam generator, the home master will need water capacity, heating source, steam pipe, control and control devices.

In the cedar barrel it is necessary to spend a tube with drilled holes

Safety valve through which excessive pressure is praised. an important element of the security system. To its choice and adjustment should be approached with special care. If the safety valve is not installed, then on the steam line should not be shut-off valves that limit the output of the steam. Filling the capacity with water occurs through the connection to the water supply or to a separately worthy expansion tank located above the boiler.

Pipes from stainless steel, cast iron or metal plastic used as steam pipelines. Material must be chemically neutral, not distinguishing harmful substances when heated. It should be remembered that the pressure boiler. source of increased danger. It is no coincidence that there is such an organization. Kotlonadzor. Construction and operation of the homemade steam generator requires experience, knowledge and skills.

The place where the steam generator will be located, should be dry and well ventilated

The main advantage of the steam generator. its design can be gradually complicated by adding controls. What, in turn, allows you to vary the development of steam in a wide range of volume, temperature and dispersion, selecting the most comfortable conditions to an individual user.

Electric furnace for sauna: design, characteristics and selection subtleties

It so happened that the bath is an integral part of the mentality of our person. This Russian bath or Finnish sauna on firewood is perfect, but not always feasible, often in urban conditions it is simply not possible. In such cases, electrical stoves for saunas are good alternative. About their advantages and rules of choice we will talk now.

Design furnaces

  • The electric oven in the sauna is pretty simple, naturally, one of the main elements of the design is the heating element. These can be lane or designed specifically for these furnaces Ribbon heating elements NTLP. The latter are more attractive in that they do not burn oxygen, consume less power and heat up faster.
  • Actually Metal Case. The most common corps of stainless steel, they are safe and durable. There are hulls from high carbon steel or alloys, but they usually enjoy less popular. The case must necessarily have ventilation channels.
  • Also necessarily there are heat-insulating steel screens and controls.
  • Electric stoves for sauna in some sets can go with a steam generator and water tank. Most common electric heaters, they are closer to the classic concept of the steam. Less often meet a converter-type furnace, where hot air is served in a steam room with a fan.

IMPORTANT: Despite the fact that the device of the aggregates is quite simple, we do not advise to collect these aggregates by handicraft.

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First, when using quality materials, you will save a little.

Secondly, the error in the calculations may entail the danger during operation and cost much more expensive.

Characteristics and fineness of choice

  • Electric stove for sauna requires a minimum of time for maintenance. No need to control the combustion temperature, plus there is no need to clean the chimney and combustion chambers.
  • No need to harvest solid fuel. which sometimes takes a lot of space.
  • The unit is controlled automatically. Some models provide electronic programming of parameters with the recent statement function and timer, plus remote control.
  • Availability of protective automation. which eliminates the closure and overheating of the system.
  • Electrical systems are completely environmentally friendly. There are no emissions into the atmosphere of harmful gases.
  • For these designs do not need chimney. Thanks to which the bath can be equipped with almost any room, right up to basements. The main thing is that ventilation worked.
  • Famous global manufacturers produce this product on a block principle. Thanks to which the assembly technology is greatly simplified, instructions are attached to the aggregates, on which it is elementary to assemble the system with their own hands, plus in time, such a system is mounted for 1 day.
  • To improve the bathhouse, any room with good ventilation and reliable wiring.
  • Thoughtful, ergonomic design.
  • Wide range of structures. which includes both units for personal, home use and powerful industrial aggregates designed for large volumes and long-term continuous operation.
  • Electric stoves for sauna provide smooth and uniform heating steam.

Scheme of parallel connection of heating elements.

If we compare with the pros, the shortcomings of the electrical systems are negligible.

  • Romance Mix Baths, there is no characteristic odor of wood and crackling firewood in the furnace.
  • Some indicate the presence of electromagnetic radiation, but in the modern world, electromagnetic radiation is surrounded by. And then you do not go to the sauna every day every day.
  • Significant costs of paying for electricity bills, but firewood and coal also cost money. Plus, the comfort that these aggregates provide is worth the tools spent.
  • To begin with, you should decide how much you are willing to spend on arrange. Because the price depends on many factors is power consumption, dimensions, manufacturer authority, availability of automation and electronics, plus its quality.
  • Next, you should decide on the volume of the steam, for the average value for calculations is taken by 1kW, 1m³. For log baths 1,4kw on 1m³. If you have not been lazy and equipped your steam room with good additional thermal insulation, then 1 m³ can count on 0.7kW. If there is a window in the steam room, then you can safely add 20% of power.
  • Deciding with the project capacity, go to the parameters of the power grid. 220V electric stoves can be used, but they are not more powerful than 6 kW and are designed for homemade, small wage, plus before mounting, it makes sense to check the condition of the wiring, cross section and a cable brand.

On the video, this article shows a universal oven for a 220V network.

Tip: If you can connect to three-phase network in 380 V, we advise you to connect to the three-phase network.

furnace, steam, generator, bath, sauna

Such networks are more adapted for such purposes.

  • Note that the greater the power of the unit, the greater the size of the aggregate itself, taking into account the weight of the stones sometimes makes sense to pay attention to the strengthening of the foundation under the oven.
  • The weight of the stones is calculated on average 4.5kg of stones on 1m³ Steer. At the same time, the minimum quantity for the sauna is 2,5kg, the maximum 6.5kg per 1m³.

Sauna Steam Generator with Programmable Controller for Shower,Sauna Bath,Home SPA

Universal small-sized oven with control on the case.