Stoves for cottages Wood long burning: descriptions, recommendations and price

The reason why it is worth choosing a durable burning furnace. due to its high efficiency (95%). High heat exchange rates are explained by the furnace design. The boiler has two combustion chambers, in one of which the fuel itself is burning, and the gases are burning into another. Thus, heat from gas combustion additionally heats the room, and not just goes into the chimney.

In addition to the fact that such a furnace is economical, it does not need constant care. Fuel goes much better, so waste is obtained by a minimum. The efficiency of such furnaces is about 90-95%, whereas in conventional. only 50-60%.

However, they have a disadvantage: inside the ash accumulates in combination with moisture (if the firewood is used for the furnace), so long burning furnaces can make an unpleasant smell. Accordingly, such stoves are recommended to be equipped outside the house, in an isolated extension. It will be necessary literally 1-2 kV. m room with good ventilation.

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Pluses of furnace heating

Furnaces on firewood are quickly heated and distributed heat over time. The brick is highlighted with radiant energy that is good for health. In the house where the furnace is always comfortable and warm. Thanks to the pitch indoors, natural ventilation is created. In constructions, a cooking surface is often arranged on which you can cook. In addition, on such a furnace you can dry things, shoes and products.

The combined furnace is a device that has several functions. This can include the furnace-fireplace, heating and cooking and Russian oven.

The only significant disadvantage is bad heating of remote premises. That is why the entire design is trying to install in the center of the house for uniform heat recoil. In large homes, it is desirable to install several stoves that have a combined chimney. The cooking surface is usually installed by location to the kitchen.

Heating equipment differs in appearance and design.

How to increase the efficiency of your woodburning stove

Typically, the furnace is installed between several adjacent rooms so that they all warp evenly source Pechnoy.Guru

furnaces, firewood, long, burning, their

Typical structure of the wood structure

Heating equipment is represented in different design. Two-chamber units can be additionally used for cooking, arrangement of the heating system of the house with water radiators.

There are models that perfectly fit into the interior of a private house. Fireplaces of long burning.


Assortment of one-functional stoves is wide, but all models have a common constructive solution. This is a hollow metal case with technological holes for channels and openings under the door, internal partitions between cameras and ashtar.

Consider some design features:

  • The bottom of the hull is represented by a small compartment, the ashtel is divided with the furnace with a grid-cooler;
  • Under solid fuel, the camera occupies most of the internal space of the unit;
  • The upper chamber of the pyrolysis gas survival has the form of the dome;
  • The channel for supplying primary air is an analogue confused and / or the ash bar in a traditional one-chamber furnace;
  • The chambers doors are more often made with an insert from heat-resistant glass for visual control of what is happening inside the device, which adds aesthetics;
  • The solid fuel is taking place in the direction of the second chamber;
  • The air takes part here not only in the ignition and afterburn of the peroxide gas, but in cooling and self-cleaning of the sash (there is a small gap for its further passage in the furnace);
  • The nozzle for chimney has a cross-sectional diameter of 80-150 m;
  • Doors in the side wall of the case serve to clean the compartments, have a continuous execution without inserts.

Operation of equipment is allowed in two modes. For rapid heating of the room (for example, a country house), the mode of operation involves extending the shifting valve, open primary air access. The second option is relevant for long-term heating of the building by maintaining the constant air temperature. It is ensured by the flow of fuel and burning pyrolysis gas.

With water contour

Such furnaces are designed to maintain houses with a large area, several isolated rooms. Such designs allow you to solve the task of heating the entire object with one device. The feature of the design here is that the water heat exchanger is built into the furnace housing. Also here are 2 nozzles for the input and output of the coolant.

Consist the ovens of long burning with water loop from similar with the basic version of compartments and channels, partitions, housings with doors. The constructive solution of the heat exchanger of the heating device is presented in this way:

  • Sealed layers with water along the walls, top of the case, partitions between combustion chambers;
  • Water “shirt” from the sides and above the heat chamber;
  • Gearing grille from water circuits (allows you to use heat that is allocated during the tension of fuel).

Flanges or couplings for a threaded joint of the heat exchanger with pipes for feeding and reverse water input from the water heating system of the house with radiators (in the region of the ash bar and the top of the furnace). Additional cooling elements in the heat exchanger can be built. A series of models has a thermal insulation layer inside the hull to eliminate burns, overheating and self-burning of surrounding items or decorative trim. If this is not provided, the unit itself becomes not only the source of heat, but the element of the heating system of the house.

We begin and work

Practical advice! Get ready that all work performed will be accompanied by noise and mud. It is better to start collecting a long burning oven on the street or in the workshop, you can in the yard under a canopy. Take care so that the source of electricity is nearby, if you work the electric welding.

Required materials and work tools

For the device with their own hands, the ovens of long burning will need the following devices, tools and consumables:

  • The barrel is metallic to 200 liters (size and volume is not sufficient, if the furnace is required for a bath of small power, it can be made from an empty gas cylinder.);

Please note: if you plan to make a gas cylinder oven, then it is advisable to use a ballroom with a volume of 27 liters. When applying a slight capacity cylinder, the furnace will be low, it is not enough even for heating a small bath.

  • two small segments of the steel pipe, authentic and shorter;
  • Metal chaserler;
  • Hoven for metal, steel hammer, ax, cive;
  • measuring devices (roulette, construction level, plumb);
  • Red brick for masonry device (approximately 50 pieces);
  • reflector (optional element);
  • a small piece of sheet steel;
  • Welding unit, electrodes;
  • Mixture Construction or Material Material Materials.

Principle design of the furnace

Long burning brick furnace with your own hands in its external parameters differs little from the usual design, and therefore its frame can be put out of the brick alone. The internal structure is distinguished by the internal structure, where a long-burning boiler is formed, and it must be erected, given all the basic rules. Such a furnace has, as it should be made by any furnace, fuel chamber, in which the process of combustion of firewood is ensured. The difference from the ordinary design is the presence of a special mine in the furnace connected to the intermediate cap. It is necessary to hold combustible gases that must completely burn in the furnace.

Wood furnace for home: Heating stove on long burning firewood, brick, stone oven for heating. Warm house

Heating furnaces of long burning. installation instructions with their own hands, species. solid fuel, cast iron, with water contour, buleryan for cottages, price, photo

A brick furnace or a long-term combustion boiler on firewood as follows. Fitters of firewood are loaded in the furnace mine, which are flammable from below with free air access. After that, the air flow is limited by the closure of the flap, and the formed combustible gas is sent to the main chamber (cap), lifting up. There is a complete combustion of gases, and heat energy warms the walls of the furnace.

Ha ha! Sawdust and trunk!

Oven on sawdust. good trial stone for heat engineering. But not because sawdust and other waste of woodworking everywhere are pile. Sawing waste, will be known to the reader. valuable secondary raw materials and are utilized in many ways for a variety of purposes.

But in nature there are huge and almost yet untouched reserves of mineral fuel, as a caloriest, like sawdust, and also badly burning. combustible shale. Until now, technology of full and safe burning slate on an industrial scale does not exist. Underground gasification of shale deposits is environmentally friendly, whatever approve the authors of the newest developments. The United States, actively offering their shale revelations to foreign partners, at home gasifies the slate epizodically and on a small scale.

But household sawdust oven. another thing. Here enthusiasts have where to attach and mind, and hands. And examples of successful designs already have.

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Slants since the times of the USSR are actively engaged in Balts, there are their large reserves; In fact, the combustible slate is the only easily accessible view of natural fuel in the Baltics. Lithuania has long been serially produced shale boiler Stropuva. Runet with him introduced a user under the pseudonym Bubafonja, and now the stove-bunch. a favorite sample for copying lovers.

Bunch. the oven is not perfect, but the principles are laid in its design, allowing to create devices more perfect. Therefore, with a bunch, you need to figure it out more. Bubafoni scheme is shown in rice.

The principle of the bubfoni action is simple: the fuel bookmark is thin with a thin layer as a solid array. If you put in a bunch of a whole round wooden chumbach, he ends in the same way. All pyrolysis stages are mixed and in space, and in time. In the cavity above the bookmark, there are minor remains of volatile.

Air enters the center of the zone of the vertical pipe duct. And to go up, he does not give him a blowing with blades, in the focus, referred to as the pancake (part in, remember? There, its configuration is improved by active fuel), welded at the mouth of the duct. Unlike widespread conviction, damn does not attach a bookmark. He needs heaviness, so that under his own weight, fall down after the burning fuel without jealous, otherwise the furnace will breathe easily, and the bookmark is very difficult to smear.

Pancake blades. not just partitions forming aircraft. They should be curved to shut down the flue gases from under the pancakes clogwise, if you look at the top. It is necessary that gases, before you go into the chimney, made several turns over the pancake, delayed in the furnace and knitted. If damn with straight partitions, the efficiency of the bubfoni is unlikely to exceed 60%. Incorrect (left) and correct pancakes are shown in rice.

Incorrect and correct pancakes Bubafoni

Note: Wardrocated in the center of the right pancake is an unsuitable asterisk will not give there a post-fuel column (if it is too wet), plugging the air duct. And in the centerpoint of the asterisk, the air will be held in the center of the zone. Very reasonable solution.

About chimney and condensate

For normal operation, bubfoni is needed expanding, smoothly or jump, chimney, chimney with uneven length. “Whistling” chimney equal to the length of the section will extend the air from under pancake before he has time to react with fuel. That is why the chimney of Bubafoni recommend collecting smoke gases into countertocks, t.E. gradually increasing the diameter of the components of its pipes. But it is difficult, but a M-shaped joint of two pipes of different diameters (long. greater) will give the same effect due to the formation of a pressure jump on the junction.

For optimal combustion in the bub, the ratios of the size of the gas-air path. The diameter of the air duct should be 1/5-1 / 7 from the diameter of the fuel chamber. The chimney must be one and a half wider times, and the chimney is still one and a half times wider. In most cases, this is provided with an air duct diameter of 100 mm, chimney. 150 mm and chimney. 250 mm.

And wood, and slate, suitable for firebox, contain from 8% to 30% moisture. Bunch digest and fuel with 50% humidity. This moisture (by the way, it is she seduces the water) in the chimney, where the temperature falls below 100 degrees, forms abundant condensate. From the chimney literally pours stream. Therefore, it should also provide a drainage collector with a drain ball crane. It is the ball. condensate, to put it mildly, far from key purity, and the ball valve is easy to be easily cleaned without disassembly.


On the bunch, you can wear a hot water circuit (right in rice. above), observing the same condition as for the burzhuyki. a small indentation from the walls. Otherwise, the efficiency will fall sharply, and on the walls will go squeezed in the stone of the Nagar, which will not take. By the way, and the screen for bubfoni is needed as well as for bourgeities. For normal operation, the bunching should also be late. The burning in the bube is regulated by choke on the air duct.

The homemade bunch of barrel is shown in rice. on right. This is its maximum sizes, and the minimum are:

  • Complete height, without taking into account the protruding part of the duct. 600 mm.
  • The inner diameter of the heat chamber. 200 mm.
  • Diameter Pancake. 140 mm.
  • Duplex duct. 75 mm.
  • Diameter of chimney. 85 mm.
  • Diameter of chimney. 100 mm.

What’s wrong in the bub?

As already mentioned, the bunch. the oven is not perfect. First, it does not work on highly active fuel. coal, pellet and t.P. precisely, it works for some time after the extracts, and then suffocating. When it comes to carbonization, the smoldering layer with a pancake is rake up to the point that the local microconvection simply does not allow the air inside. When the hot layer will fit up, then the air is unnatural, the air supply is not enough to turn out again. Putting it is useless. the forced impact on the self-regulating system leads to the fact that the air flies over the fuel and flies into the pipe, having carried away with it unspent oxygen.

Long burning furnace homemade

Homemade oven of long burning with pyrolysis gazes: step-by-step photos of the furnace of bourgearies.

From the profile pipe made heat exchangers.

The figure shows the air supply scheme into the secondary combustion chamber of pyrolysis gases, which is distinguished by burning in the lower chamber.

Next, the author welded two tubes for air supply to the secondary chamber.

From sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm, made the walls of the furnace.

Front wall removable, attached on bolts.

It was necessary to compact the front wall, a mixture based on clay.

Shifting valve, to adjust the thrust.

Long burning furnace with your own hands

Long burning furnace on firewood made from barrel with their own hands, for heating garage: step-by-step manufacture with photos and description.

welcome all! So I decided to do, the oven of long burning for his garage. The option with the burzhuyka immediately disappeared, as it should often throw up firewood in the furnace.

The design of the furnace is very simple, its main advantage is the duration of work, the oven on one of the wood laying is on average 24 hours.

The duration of burning is still dependent on the quality of wood, if the firewood is drunk, then it will burn around 8 hours.

Now consider the process of making homemade stove.

Take a Soviet 250 liter barrel with thick walls, barrel at the edges of the rings, which in our case will not give metal when heated.

From the cut covers, we will make the piston, it should be adjusted under the barrel, so that the distance from the circle to the inner wall of the barrel was about 20 mm. throughout the circle.

In the middle of the disk, cut the hole under the air supply pipe (pipe diameter 70 cm). To the disk weld 4 channel 40 x 65 mm.

Schawler creates an air layer between pancake and firewood, which makes it possible to burn firewood. Smoke comes out between the pancake and the wall of the barrel into the chimney pipe.

Piston is ready, the pipe piston serves as air supply to the combustion chamber under the pancake piston.

On the side of the top of the barrel we make a hole and weld a piece of tube with a diameter of 140 mm, under the chimney.

Metal sheet 4 mm thick make a hermetic cover for the stove.

Make the chimney, for good thrust, the pipe should stand half a meter above the roof visor.

So that the stove can be removed from the chimney, there is such a clamp to connect the chimney pipes.

At the junction of the pipe, you wind asbestos tissue so that there is no smoke into the room.

Pipe goes to the top of T. shaped tee.

Use the stove is quite simple, fill the barrel of firewood and sawdust.

Ignite, cover the barrel with a lid, the piston do not yet put, after 3. 5 minutes the firewood flared up, put the piston and close the lid, everything.

In the garage of 40 square meters.M The stove goes to the operating temperature in 10 minutes, on pine wood and sawdust burns 10 hours. As you can see, from the old barrel, you can make a simple and practical oven for long burning.