Malfunctions of the gas column NEVA 4511 and the ways to eliminate them

Especially do not be upset if it took the repair of the gas water heater “Neva“. After all, it is possible to perform it quickly, and there will be no problems with spare parts. How to identify and troubleshoot, our article tells.

We will introduce the design features of the equipment of the Neva brand used in the heating of water for hygienic and sanitary consumption. We submitted useful information will help unmistakably find the cause of breakage. Guided by our advice, you will easily restore the operability of the column.

Survey and elimination of reasons

So why the gas column does not turn on? Wine can be a number of situations:

  • Error connecting pipes;
  • Lack of thrust in chimney;
  • High sensitivity of the protective relay;
  • Discharged ignition batteries;
  • Weak water pressure or its complete absence;
  • Filter pollution;
  • Deformation of membrane.

Consider all the listed reasons in more detail and analyze the effective methods of their elimination:

Cause: Error connecting pipes

The water heater protection system itself overlaps the gas supply if errors in the pipe connections are made. To prevent this, simply stick to a simple and understandable scheme:

Even if it does not receive gas in the gas column, check the position of all shut-off valves, which can be installed on the gas pipeline. It is possible that after installing the device, you simply did not open one of the cranes.

Reason: no thrust in chimney

Due to the pollution of the chimney as a result of the accumulation of soot or hitting it, the vector of the combustion of combustion products changes down to the opposite. It threatens two dangers:

  • Returning mixture of carbon monoxide with air extinguishes burner. As a result, the protection system is triggered, and the operation of the gas water heater is blocked;
  • Returning a mixture of carbon monoxide with air penetrates in residential premises. This option is even worse, as it carries the danger of health and even the life of households. It is possible in the case when the forces “overturned” traction is not enough to slight fire.

Check the condition of the ventilation channel with your own hands is very easy. It is enough to bring to the inlet litigation lit by the match: if the flame is dismissed inside, it means that the chimney works efficiently, if not. it is necessary to take appropriate measures.

Let’s discern in what to do in the situation described:

A photo Description
First check. Does anyone have set over the release of the ventilation mines satellite antenna. This may be quite enough to create the effect of the reverse thrust. In this case, the problem can be solved by negotiations with the neighbors without calling the chimney cleaning professionals.
Call specialists for cleaning the ventilation channel. If no external factors interfere with the output of combustion products, it means that the cause of the lack of thrust is uniquely lies in clogging the chimney. You can try to clean it and independently, but there is a danger that you will damage neighbor branches without relevant experience with your actions.

Cause: High Sensitivity Protective Relay

Gas column lights up, after which it will soon fade? In this case, the problem is most likely lies in a too sensitive relay, which has the overheating protection. There are two solution solutions:

  • Temporary. You should open the window to reduce the temperature in the room;
  • Radical. Finally solve the problem can only be replaced by the relay.

Cause: Discharged Batteries Ignition System

Another reason why the main burner does not light up, there may be seed batteries. It is possible to determine this by idle clocks of the piezelie element during the turn on hot water.

It is also worth noting that the described problem concerns exclusively water heaters equipped with an automatic inclusion system.

Cause: not enough stream of water or its complete absence

In order for the gas column to be turned on, the water pressure should be present. If it is too weak, the unit will not turn on. In this case, you must first clarify the source of the problem, opening a crane with cold water in the bathroom:

  • If the level of water supply and is weak there, it means that the case is in the system of urban water supply. Here you can not do anything, you have to wait;
  • If the liquid runs normally, most likely clogged the column itself.

In the second case, you can call the masters, and you can try to clean the device yourself. The instruction looks like this:

  • Overlapping gas supply;
  • Unscrew the pipes;
  • Remove the gas column with loops;
  • We install it upside down on the table;
  • The syringe poured inside a special cleaning fluid.The price of such a mixture is not very high, and you can buy it in any specialized store;
  • We leave the unit for a couple of hours.

Cause: Filter Pollution

Another reason for improper work column can be filters pollution. Scale, rust and other insoluble impurities over time scoring grills, and they need cleaning. In this case, it is not about one object, but immediately about several:

A photo Title and location of the filter
Water node in the column itself. In some cases, it can be cleaned by the method described above, and others will have to disassemble the device and clean the lattice manually or fully change it.
Filter rough cleaning. Located on a pipe supplied to a water heater Cold water.
Filter on the mixer.

Cause: The deformation of the membrane

A gas column does not work as well in the case of cracks, breaks or other deformations on the membrane. In this case, it is necessary to replace it.

Gas column is the popular flow-type water heating equipment, which is most often used to organize heating and hot water supply systems in private homes and apartments. Like any complex, modern apparatus, the gas column is subject to various breakdowns, most of which are easily eliminated by their own.

The output of the gas column can be associated both with external factors (for example, mechanical damage) and with disorders of individual column nodes. The most common problem with which the owners of gas water heating equipment are facing. the failure of the device from work when water is turned on. Why the column does not turn on? There may be several reasons.

Faults of speakers

Specified problems and elimination options are suitable for all models of “Neva”, including: 4510, 5514, 4511, 4513, 4510m, 4513m, 4610, 5611. Separately, consider the error codes and breakage on the example of some models.

To get to the internal assemblies of the device, you will need to remove the casing. How to do it with your own hands:

  • Be sure to cross the flow of water and gas.
  • Pull the regulators on yourself and remove.
  • In some models behind the regulator installed screw. Unscrew it.
  • Disable temperature indicator wiring.
  • Remove the casing fastening bolts.
  • Pull the lining on yourself, then up.

Breakdown “Neva Suux” 6011 and 6014

Causes of troubleshooting.

The burner does not ignite. No spark. In this case, the temperature indication does not work when the mixer is opened.

  • Weak water pressure. If in the crane a small pressure, you need to wait until the feed is restored. Perhaps the installed model is too powerful for your water pipeline. Also check the adjustment toggle switch, set the maximum value. With frequent problems with pressure, it is recommended to install a circulation pump.
  • Droinated batteries. Some users mislead the scoreboard. If the display glows, the user thinks the batteries in order. But for ignition candles requires a greater charge of current. It is important to choose high-quality batteries.

The manufacturer recommends installing batteries like LR20 (alkaline). Therefore, the salt elements of type R20, which are sometimes used, will not give stable operation. Alternative to LR20 are CR20, but their cost is much higher. For replacement, turn the handle in the battery pack.

column, neva, malfunction

Recommendations from specialists: more often inspect the contacts in the power supply. The technique works with water, so contacts are subject to corrosion and chemical raid.

  • Fault Sensor Protoka. Check and replacement required.
  • Rubber membrane wear. You can understand this in visual inspection. Open the mixer and see how the pusher works. If it does not move, then the membrane is damaged or stretched (in the photo marked with a blue arrow). Red arrows marked places that are subject to leaks.

You can remove the water part along with the gas. The order of dismantling is marked by letters:

  • A. After turning off the fuel supply, the liner hose is unscrewed.
  • B. Cold Water Nut Weaken.
  • B. the nut of the water block and the radiator nozzle is unscrewed.
  • M. shut down the electromagnetic valve wiring.
  • d. the microswill cable is turned off.
  • e. bolts fastening the flange connection.

E-card breakdown requires a specialist call.

Trub on the body of the device. I heard clicks, as when forming a spark, but the ignition does not happen. So, the insulation of the candle is broken. If defects are detected when inspected, you need to put a good part. Also the cause of the breakdown is the disruption of the sealant connections of the cable with the control unit. Return the cable into the socket.


NEVA LUX Error Codes

Display allows the user to see the fault code. Self-diagnosis of the column issues a digital value when the work fails.

E0. the boiler is turned off. Fuel does not enter the system. Check out the gas valve, perhaps the feed briefly turned off.

ERROR E1. the control board does not receive a signal from the flame sensor. Passed more than a minute.

  • Air in the gas pipeline. This happens when it is first turned on either when the device is long disconnected. Open and close the hot water several times until the burner lights up.
  • Fuel supply valve is not open until the end. Unscrew the crane.
  • Insufficient pressure in the gas highway.
  • Ended fuel in the cylinder. Need to replace the balloon.
  • Violation of the wiring between the water node and the flame sensor, the electromagnetic valve. Inspect the loop for insulation damage.
  • The electrode shifted from the place, does not reach the burner. Retail the item to the same place.
  • Electrode and flame sensor were covered with soot. Clear details can be brushed.
  • The contacts between the Candle of the ignition and the high-voltage wire.
  • Nozzles clogged soot.

User manual

“Neva-4513” should be established by experts. The device is not allowed to use if there is no traction in the chimney. Repair and disassemble it independently prohibited. If the unit is in a faulty state, it must be repaired, refusing it to function until the troubleshooting. In order to eliminate the likelihood of human poisoning with carbon monoxide, the device must be installed in a well-ventilated room where the slots are present at the bottom of the door or wall.

If you felt the smell of gas, then you should immediately block the crane, which is located on the gas pipeline in front of the column. Need to open the doors and windows to ventilate the room. It is impossible to include electric light or electrical appliances until the problem is eliminated. The “Neva-4513” column should be installed in non-residential heated rooms or in the kitchens. The volume of the room should be 8 m 3 or more.

The work of the device is accompanied by an oxygen burning, so it is important to have a window with a window to provide a permanent influx of fresh air. The gas column “NEVA-4513” must be connected to the chimney with an intense burden

It is important to provide a closer way to chimney. You can check the presence of thrust using a candle whose flame should be delayed inside and go out. Install the device can not be over the source of heat or open flame, it concerns electrical heating devices and gas stoves.

What to do if the column does not turn on

Opened the mixer, but did not wait for hot water? All because the technique does not work, the burner does not ignite. If the device is under warranty, you can contact the service center. If the warranty is already invalid, then you can handle yourself. All problems and solutions we will describe in the article.

The examples below are characteristic of the “Neva” models 4610, 3208, 4510, 4510 m, 4511, 4513, 5514, as well as “Neva Transit”.

The column lights up badly, flies smelled

In this case, the security system is activated. Most often, this problem can be found in automatic technique with electronic ignition.

The task of the stobnant. to upload the burner. He must work continuously. Having warmed the thermocouple, the spinner brings it to the burner, where the fuel mixture is ignited. If ignition does not occur, protection sensors turn off the technique to avoid carbon monoxide accumulation.

To repair, you need to understand how the security system functions.

Thermocouple consists of a alloy of several metals. When heated, it produces EMF (electromotive power), so manifold solenoid valve. Why the column is not lit for a long time? Often, the insulation of the thermocouple conductor is disturbed. it fails. Rollable wires can close the housing.

It is impossible to just solder a departed conductor, then the thermocouple will not be able to carry out the current. Need to completely replace the node.

When the thermocouple reaches a certain temperature, produces electric current. It leads to a valve terminal. The latter opens, running gas in the burner. If there are no sparks, the flame does not ignite. the thermocouple cools, returning the rod at the starting position. Valve closes, fuel supply stops. Therefore, when the mixer is opening, fire will not happen.

The same happens when wicking wick. This can happen when the fuel supply or draft. To check the phytyl, do this:

  • Take the AA battery 1.5 V.
  • Connect to winding coil.
  • Languate phytyl. If burning. Detail working. When the battery is disconnected, the flame should go out.

If the windows and bad ventilation are closed in the room, the device overheats and the thermal stitch is triggered. This means that overheating has reached 90 degrees. To make sure that the cause of the problem is in the fuse, disconnect the conclusions and close each other. If the technique began to work as usual, the inspector replacement is required.

Conclusions and useful video

How the gas column works: the principle of operation of the device:

How to adjust the position of the flame adjustment sensor:

The analysis of the two no obvious reasons why the gas column can turn on and immediately shine:

How to diagnose a malfunction by removing the heater housing:

The main problems when attenuation of the heater are listed. In most cases, they do not depend on the model of the device or manufacturer. With some you can cope yourself. But if not sure about this, it is advisable to contact the service center or gas service.

Want to tell about the personal experience of diagnosing the cause of the attenuation of the column and the method of personnel repair? Or you have questions that we have not touched in this material? Write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев, participate in the discussion. the feedback form is below.

If you encounter a breakdown of the water heater, do not panic. our article will help. Malfunctions of the gas column “Neva” may occur for various reasons, but you can select typical. Tell how to repair the “Neva” models at home.

Important! If your technique is under warranty, you should not engage in self-disassembly, otherwise free maintenance.

For the correct operation of gas columns with an open combustion chamber, you will need a good thrust and correct smoking arrangement. Most modern models are equipped with an automatic security system that prevents the device starts, subject to the absence of traction.

Next, consider how you can check the craving in the chimney of the household gas boiler and the column.

Method # 1. Using anemometer

Professional check of thrust in the chimney of the gas boiler and speakers are carried out using a special measuring device. anemometer.

With it, you can make sure there is air traffic and determine its strength. The indicator should be 1.96-29.40 Pa.

Method # 2. using matches

If an anemometer is not available, you can perform the check as follows:

  • Prepare paper strips and consolidate them on the entrance site in the mine channel. It should be pre-removed the horizontal part of the chimney pipe. Movement of part of the leaflet will signal the presence of thrust.
  • Determine sufficient traction can also be using a flame. The tight match should be directed vertically towards the viewing window of the facial panel of the water heater.

Chimney should be checked before the ignition of the water heater. The flame brought to the viewing opening at the top of the column during her work must be drawn into.

column, neva, malfunction

Check the thrust in the gas column is necessary every time before turning on the device. Output the window for air inflow

Method # 3. Checking the thrust sensor

There are several regulating modules in the water heater. Overheat, thrust, ionization sensors, water pressure prevent emergency situations.

The thrust sensor tracks the temperature of the output gases, and when it reacts accordingly:

  • Inside the sensor is a bimetallic plate attached to the gas valve.
  • Metal, expanding as a result of overheating, transmits a signal to turn off the gas supply.
  • The cooled plate returns to the original sizes, opening the valve.

Check the sensor service is recommended when systematically disconnecting the column.

You can do this in several ways:

  • Place the mirror next to the sensor, its surface should not be pumped when the water heater is turned on;
  • The sensor service will indicate the shutdown of the gas column when the chimney is closed by the flap by 2/3.

In some models of the water heater, the regulator is installed on a plastic fastening that can be easily shifted from. It will also turn off the column shutdown.

You can test the function of the sensor and using an ohmmeter, its resistance should be equal to infinity. Otherwise, the detail should be replaced.

The sensor overlaps the gas supply in the event of a gas leakage and with a bad tap of combustion products. Feebility of the protective element. Warranty safe use of the water heater

Home hosts with a constant break of fuel supply often just turn off the sensor, after which the water heater really starts to work without interruptions. But such a decision violates the safety equipment for gas equipment. Water heater will remain without protection, during leakage, carbon monoxide will fall into the room.

Use the gas column in the absence of sparsery in the chimney channel is strictly prohibited. Consider possible causes of absence of traction.

Why there is a spark, but the column is not turned on for all nonsense models

Cleaning heat exchanger from scale

    Accumulation of scale. A frequent reason for the malfunction of the device is the accumulation of scale on the heat exchanger tube, which does not make it possible to warm the water to the required temperature, often contributes to the fact that water is bad flow, that is, it has a small water pressure. This leads to an increase in gas consumption. Skip creates inside the effect of thermal insulation.It is periodically necessary to clean, for this, special fluids are used, which are sold in the store, their minus is high cost, you can also use them often. From the subwoofers can be used citric acid or vinegar.

The heat exchanger is immersed in water tank, on 1/3 part, fill the heat exchanger tube with a heated water solution with citric acid.You should put a reservoir for fire and 15 minutes boil, wait until the water cools. Then install it on the column and connect to the tube with water. To the outgoing tube of the heat exchanger joins the hose, the second end is lowered a bucket. Turn on the water and it will squeeze the scale together with our solution. If necessary, you can do again.

Reviews and advice

When working columns, people sometimes face other problems.

Victor installed alkaline batteries on the “Neva 4510″ column, but they “fly out” every 2-3 weeks, although the column works only.

Viktor Mazkalov installed the “Neva 5514″ column in the place of the old, which worked for 12 years. When the batteries change to new ones, but then 3-4 clicks and the column goes out.

Oleg is very pleased with his semi-automatic column. The problem is only in one: it is very difficult to change and put batteries.

Tip: In order for the column to work longer and did not fail, it is recommended to include cold water during its work only as a last resort. Also do not leave hot water in the radiator. It is better to immediately merge, otherwise the radiator will quickly clog out.