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Top 20 best solid fuel boilers: 2020-2021 rating and how to choose the best model

With the onset of cold weather, the acquisition of the heating boiler is becoming an increasingly relevant problem for owners of private houses or workshops.

Today in stores there are many heating devices operating both on solid and on combination fuel.

Solid fuel devices work on firewood furnace, coal and other solid fuel.

Bookmark, usually, through horizontal furnace.

german, long, burning, boilers, solid, fuel

Some devices are equipped with additional options.

To competently pick up the boiler for heating, you should consider the features and characteristics of each model.

Wolf Gmbh

Wolf GmbH is available on the market for more than half a century. Proven itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality equipment.

The range of gas aggregates has the following series:

  • Floor gas boilers with a cast iron heat exchanger Wolf FNG and an open gas burner. As a fuel, they use liquefied gas, natural gas. Power 10, 17, 21, 26, 34, 41, 57 kW.
  • Outdoor boilers wolf chk. They are cast iron, with an atmospheric combustion chamber, attractive design, single-mounted. Power of models 22, 29, 37, 45, 60 kW.
  • Pig-iron boiler floor Germany Wolf Chu under the burner. He does not rust. Can work on liquid fuel. The series has a power from 22 to 60 kW.
  • Wall-mounted Gas Copper Cup of German Two CGG Series. His feature is high power, performance, and at the same time efficiency.
  • Warm Gas Copper Wolf CGU Series. Feature simple and comfortable design. Complete Cooling Burners.
  • Single-connecting boilers of the Wolf CGB series. Very environmentally friendly, economical. Models (them 7) are easily operated. Have an average efficiency of 105.5% and power from 11 to 100 kW. May dump area from 110 to 1000 m².

Wood heating

Firewood is an oldest type of fuel, famous for people from the moment of launching fire. Wood heating in private houses is used in two versions: obtaining radiant energy from hot stoves, furnace housing and chimneys and as a heating element with water heating system. In the first case, the flow of the wood heating process depends only on the plot and the quality of wood fuel, in the second case, the functionality of the heating circuit is added.

It is worth adding that modern solid fuel boilers can work not only on firewood, in pellet boilers applied an improved principle of wood heating. When wood waste was used instead of firewood and pellets made on their basis, allowing you to automate the process of burning fuel.

Wood heating

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4 options for mounting heating in the Moscow region

Rubble gas, liquefied gas from Gazgolder

from 1173 / m 2

Solid-Fuel Boiler Presentation CGI animation

single-phase (220V) or three-phase network (380V)

from 1164 / m 2

Firewood, coal, then other types of solid fuel

from 1203 / m 2

Liquid diesel fuel for special boilers

from 1238 / m 2

Most often, the coolant is chosen liquid (special or water), that is, the dacha water heating is organized, as the air, steam or furnished system for country houses in the Moscow region is not popular. Also, it is possible to install combination heating, for example, to use an electric boiler together with diesel for a backup source.

Basic services for the installation of heating

from 843 / m 2

from 500 / m 2

from 450 / m 2

from 9600

from 5000 / pcs.

from 3000

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Compact Russian steel boiler Zota Carbon-20, operating exclusively on the corner. Maximum power. 20 kW. Loading top, maximum fuel number. 24 kg. This is enough for the work of the boiler for 3.5-9.5 hours, depending on the temperature regime. To monitor the temperature and pressure of the coolant on the front part there is a thermomanometer. If necessary, you can install a TEN with a capacity of 3 to 9 kW for the use of electricity in the absence of solid fuel. Among the features of this model: movable grate, water-cooled lower part, available for aggregates of this class. Price. With timely cleaning and proper configuration does not require additional maintenance and will work more than 10 years.

The main technical characteristics of ZOTA SARBON-20

Value characteristics
Rated power, kW 20
Heated Square, m² 160
Kpd,% 80
Fuel Coal 10-50 mm
Heat exchanger material steel
Number of contours one
The combustion chamber Open
Diameter of chimney, mm 150
Dimensions, mm 775x465x970
Mass, kg 176
Motherland Brand / Production Russia, Russia
Price, 47 900

Top. 3 solid fuel boilers of long burning

Solid fuel heating devices of long burning steel was the first step in the development of this type of technology, to which the main advantages of which include a significant increase in the operation time of the device on one of the firework or coal.

ACV RADIJATOR FK1. a heating device of long-burning from the manufacturer from Serbia has a maximum thermal power of 23 kW, which allows for domestic or industrial premises of up to 230 m².A distinctive feature of Radijator FK1 are a hermetic combustion chamber and a forced air supply for uniform and long fuel combustion. The boiler is optimized for work with all kinds of fuel, however, the most good results produces when using coal.

Another feature of the ACV RADIJATOR FK1 design is cooled with water cooled and vertical heat exchange surfaces. Such features increase the efficiency of the boiler and increase its efficiency to 85%.

  • In this series, TT techniques implemented active overheating protection, the source of the signal for which the copper heat exchanger is served inside the combustion chamber;
  • The smoke plug when booting coal or firewood increases the comfort of working with the heating device;
  • increased to 5 mm thickness of steel walls of the combustion chamber increases the durability of the heating system as a whole;
  • Built-in thermal combustion products catalyst increases environmental quality heating instruments.
  • This heating device is not a non-volatile device. to work automatics and fan it is necessary to connect to the AC network. Expert’s opinion: a very high quality and expensive model of Serbian production, the high efficiency of which is fully justified invested money.

Zota Bulat 18. a long-burning model from the well-known manufacturer from Krasnoyarsk has a maximum thermal power of 18 kW, which is enough to heating the premises of up to 180 m².The increased combustion cycle is achieved using a two-way structure of the high-volume firebox and using chamotte brick on the removal of burnt gases. Also used secondary air supply system for non-burned solid particles. Maximum performance and combustion time is achieved on the corner, however, and on Zota Bulat firewood shows quite good results.Maximum convenience and result can be achieved by installing the 18-set TURBOSET kit on BULAT 18, which translates the boiler in the semi-automatic discharge. The combustion time in this case increases by 50%.

  • In non-volatile mode, the operation of the device is adjusted by the flap pondered to which the optional thrust control can be installed;
  • Removable hatch over a mine for flue gases will simplify the periodic maintenance of the heating device;
  • In the ZOTA BULAT housing, a technological hole is provided for the installation of electric tanks that perform the role of a backup heat source.
  • In the reviews, many consumers complain about the insufficient door seal for loading coal or firewood, which has to be refined independently.

Expert opinion: a good TT boiler of the average price category, the maximum capabilities of which are optimized for the installation of the turbocharger and the smoke tube of sufficient height with a very good burden.

Bourgeoi to modern. 16. non-volatile pyrolysis type model from a well-known Russian manufacturer operated on the domestic market for more than 10 years and during this time has established itself as a reliable and economical source of heat supply of country houses or cottages. The power of the device is 16 kW, which is enough to heat the house with an area of ​​up to 160 m².From the distinguishing features of the bourgeois to the modern, two combustion chambers should be noted. One occurs slow burning of firewood with limited access to oxygen, and pyrolysis gases released in the first chamber are combined. For high-quality combustion of pyrolysis gases in the design of the device, there is present tubes and injectors of heated air.The special design of the boiler with two combustion chambers provide practical full combustion of firewood, efficiency of about 90% and open time on one load from 6 to 12 hours.

  • The non-volatible method of pyrolysis of firewood is a very rare variety of boiler equipment. foreign models require the presence of electricity;
  • Chammatory icon of the combustion chamber allows us to use firewood with humidity up to 50%, but at the same time will have to partially sacrifice efficiency;
  • Chess system of heat exchange surfaces makes it possible to significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient to the heating circuit coolant.
  • The performance specified by the manufacturer is achieved only with a moisture content of firewood less than 20%, which requires certain measures to store them;
  • A rather difficult period of the output of the boiler on the working indicators requires certain skills in its extract.

Expert opinion: an excellent non-volatile pyrolysis type boiler, a small price of which compensates for some small deficiencies of assembly. It should be noted that non-volatile pyrolysis devices without forced superior air is practically absent in the market of heating equipment.

What solid fuel boilers come?

Before buying a solid fuel boiler, you need to decide which device to install. By design, boilers can be ordinary, where water heating is carried out by burning firewood, and the products of this combustion are discharged through the pipe. There are pyrolysis solid fuel boilers for home. In such aggregates there is a long burning of fuel. They are called more “long burning boilers“. Pyrolysis aggregates provide greater burning duration due to design. The burning of fuel and volatile substances occurs separately.

Solid fuel boiler for long burning heating requires less frequent loading firewood or other fuel. These devices are more economical classic wood counterparts. In such a boiler, you can burn even large firewood, the main thing is that they were dry. The combustion process is regulated by the primary air, which is served in the boiler. With all its economy, the device gives a good efficiency.

Popular manufacturers of solid fuel boilers

In the online store “ »There are on sale heating boilers on solid fuel from foreign manufacturers, for example. German company Buderus, Czech brand Protherm, Italian brand SIME. Presented products have high quality manufacturing. Manufacturers provide goods warranty up to 24 months.

Order equipment in the online store “ »right now! On this orders will need only a few minutes. Goods will deliver to the specified place in a short time. Our company provides services for installing heating boilers. If you need these work, specify this from the manager when you purchase a contact phone: 8-800 333 83 28.