Head of Epilation. Answers to Questions

The question that worries almost every woman and many men. In the Gid on the epilation, we will try to answer it.

The modern beauty industry offers a large number of ways to remove hair on the face and on the body as for a short time, and forever. Each method has its advantages and features that should be met in advance.

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Top 10 rating creams for depilation of intimate zones

Leader among bills. The tool smells like, has a tender texture. The cream easily copes even with the heightened hair. After depilation, the skin becomes gentle, perfect smooth. The maximum time of the cream is 10 minutes. Although the hairs can be removed after 2-3 minutes after applying. Designed for the area of ​​bikini, armpits and other parts of the body. There is a line of Veet Suprem Essence for depilation in the shower. Cream is applied to the skin shortly before taking the soul. After 3 minutes of water procedures, it is simply washed off with a sponge. Apply it for epilation on hand and legs, as well as other parts of the body. Aloe extract further moisturizes the skin, softens irritation.

Of the minuses: High price compared to similar goods of competitors.

Everyone will die, but I will stay

“Remove the hair follicle forever. the task is almost impossible. But with the help of a laser, it is possible to ensure that the hair will be in an inactive condition for a long time, “says the doctor Elena Gavrilova. “In the XXI century, she continues,” it is simply indecent to resort to some other, less efficient, more complex and dangerous ways “. By the way, in most cases, with mechanical removal of hair, it is necessary to deal with their rustling in the skin and inflammation of follicles (folliculite), and the laser method does not only increase this risk, but also protects against it, since the light radiation itself has an additional aseptic effect. Electropilation can lead to hyperpigmentation, and the laser, on the contrary, is specifically used to get rid of it. Over the past five years, huge changes have occurred in laser hair removal. The effect that modern lasers helps to achieve, and did not dream of those used ten years ago. And although even the most powerful laser cannot order the hair to finally stop breaking through the smooth skin, however, the full course of procedures is able to force five years to forget about this annoying problem.

Myth is inefficient. On laser epilation should be walking over the result. Actually. This myth has very understandable origins. In the Russian aesthetic market, many non-professional equipment. Beauty salons buy low-quality or outdated lasers. A good European apparatus is from 2.5 million, and the Chinese counterparts. 200-300 thousand. Their effectiveness fully corresponds to price. There is another moment. In some salons in pursuit of profits of patients, they are asked to come to the procedures at least once a month. And this is wrong. Once a month go to the clinic is not necessary, but when the hair industry is again, you need to plan the next visit. The fact is that the effective removal of hair with a laser is not possible at any time. There are only three phases of hair growth: anagen (phase of active growth), as well as telogen and catagen (phase of peace and diefing, on which the pigment in the follicle is no longer). The impact of the laser is only the hair in the anagena stage. Such on the body about 15-20%. That is why it takes six. eight procedures to walk to the victorious end. Therefore, the solution when coming to the following procedure must be accepted individually. It depends on the individual height of hair growth, as well as from a particular zone: on the face, the hair grows faster than on the legs, and on the legs faster than on the stomach. On average after epilation, they grow in one. three months. Then. even less. Skip the next procedure undesirable. it reduces the effect. Before laser epilation, it is required to shave the hair so that the laser energy does not sput on all hair, and concentrated only in the root.

Myth photoepilation is more efficient and safer. Actually. Photoepilation is also good, but it is a more time-consuming procedure (requires the use and further washout of the gel), and after it holds on the skin there may be swelling and redness. In addition, it, as a rule, requires a larger number of sessions. After all, this is not selective, but high-intensity light. And its impact. percutaneous. If you correctly set the parameters, there will be no burn, but, nevertheless, this risk is. And laser hair removal is based on selective photothermolysis. Laser beam is selectively absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle. The skin does not use absolutely completely, therefore it is not injured. Laser hair removal requires a patient a minimum of hassle. To prepare for the procedure, it is necessary only to remove the hair from the surface of the skin. Between procedures, they can also be shot or cut off (but not to pull out!). Already after the first session drops from 20 to 70% of hair.

Myth Epilation result depends on which laser is used. Actually. There are only four types of lasers: Ruby, Alexandrite, neodymium and diode. But the gold standard of epilation are two: Alexandrite and diode (but only world manufacturers and recent generations). They have high selectivity (valid only on the pigment of the hair, and not on the skin) and work close to the infrared spectrum (800 nanometers). Due to this, even if you set the strongest parameters, you can not cause burns and even redness of the skin. Therefore, such lasers can remove the thick hair, including in intimate zones. But it is important to navigate not just on the type of laser, but also on its technical characteristics (large wavelength and high power). European devices have a capacity of at least 2500-3000 W, in Chinese. only 800 W.

Myth Laser will not help if the skin is dimly, and the hair is light. Actually. If the laser works in the infrared spectrum, then the obstacle for it is not even affiliation of the patient to the Negroid race. But he really will not remove bright or gray hair. there are no pigment in them. Here only electricity will cope.

Myth Laser procedures can not be done in the summer. Otherwise you can earn hyperpigmentation. Actually. The high-quality laser acts selectively only on the pigment of the hair, and not on the skin, so it does not cause hyperpigmentation. But the lighter skin, the less painful and more efficient will be the procedure. So two weeks before and so much after not to sunbathe. After the session, it is also better to refrain from visiting a bath and sauna. First, the sun and thermal impact on themselves stimulate the hair follicles, and secondly, the tan on the skin is inflammation, and therefore the procedure on the tanned skin will be held with greater pain.

Myth Epilation with a laser is painful and expensive. Actually. The minimum discomfort during the procedure is possible, because the destruction of the hair follicle occurs by its intensive heating. Part of the heat gets nervous endings, so in the process there is a slight tingling. But with pain from the electroepilation, these sensations do not compare. As for the price, this service is not cheap. But in the long run, it will be more profitable than any mechanical ways of hair removal. After all, six. eight procedures will allow to get rid of hair for the years (who has five, who has seven and more).

Myth If extra hair is associated with hirsutism (excessive hair growth in women on male type), the laser will not help. Actually. Laser hair removal enters medical standards for treating hirsutism. But first it is important to find out what the girsutism is connected with. If it is a family history or idiopathic girsutism, not having concrete causes, it’s one thing. But if it is associated with a disease, then you first need to control and compensate for the main disease, and then engage in epilation. Then you can achieve good results. Therefore, before removing the hair, the doctor must collect anamnesis and exclude (or confirm) endocrine background.

Burn after laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the procedure for hair removal by affecting them a concentrated beam of photons (light). Simply put. their burning. Burns appear for the same reason as during the sun. too strong exposure to light.

Laser hair removal can lead to problems if:

  • Used defective equipment;
  • the procedure is carried out inexperienced master;
  • Selected laser of too high power;
  • The skin is already damaged. there are burns, tan, strong irritation, various skin diseases.

In the 3rd case, we are talking about the power of a single installation. For example, ruby ​​lasers use red photons with a long wave, which is why their rays are stronger than others, therefore, they are easier to damage the skin. While the Alexandrite installations produce small photons on short waves, so they are weaker, and therefore safer.

To avoid burns from laser hair removal, follow simple tips:

  • Contact only proven salons with high-quality equipment and experienced masters. They are better looking for customer reviews.
  • During the consultation, ask to show certificates confirming the qualification of the Master.
  • In advance, learn the features of the procedure. the sequence of actions of the master, contraindications, the duration that is used and t.P.
  • Spend a trial removal on a small area of ​​the skin and look at the result.
  • Do not conduct the procedure after the tan or before it.

In addition, doctors are recommended to refrain from laser hair removal during the reception of sulfamed drugs or antibiotics. The same rule applies to people with skin diseases.

What to do when burn still appeared? First, inspect it, then consult with the master. As a rule, he knows what to do. In most cases, if there is a small burn, you will advise you to use the previously mentioned panthenol or another burning cream. And you will recommend to avoid open spaces and / or use sunscreen.

When burning from laser epilation, it is not recommended to do the following things:

  • sink or destroy the crust that appeared on the burn place;
  • use various scrubs or other means with a strong physical or chemical impact on the skin (for example, with manual washing and / or cleaning);
  • visit solariums or sunbathe in the sun;
  • If the burn is big, you should not do what causes a strong sweating on a damaged skin area.

In the same cases, when the burn is strong enough or occupies a significant section of the skin, it is necessary to refer to the doctor. Otherwise serious problems may arise.

Shugaring. the most “sweet” epilation method

Recently, seeing popularity in popularity is not inferior to wax epilation. Many fair sex representatives consider hair removal of sugar paste less painful. pasta does not stick to the skin, capturing exclusively hairs. It is difficult to answer, what epilation is better. in efficiency, wax and sugar paste for depilation are the same. However, both in the other method of removing unwanted hair have its advantages.

Distinctive features of Shugarring

  • For the procedure used ingredients of natural origin.Sugar paste does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for use on sensitive skin;

Paste for depilation “pebbles and harsh”. home sugar epilation

Environmentally friendly, genuine sugar paste for indilation “pebbles and harsh” is designed specifically for the procedure of Shugaring at home. The uniqueness of the paste is its 100% natural composition. from packaging and paper strips, to the pasta itself! Therefore, acquiring the “pebble and halch” paste, you not only get rid of unwanted hair for a whole month, n and take care of the environment. The paste is very economical in use. one jar is enough for 3-4 leg depilation procedures or 15-20 procedures of the bikini and armpit zone.

Satinelle Prestige epilator for wet and dry epilation 9 in 1

Now there are many devices such as Philips Satinelle Prestige Bre652, which allow you to carry out both dry and wet hair removal under water, which significantly reduces the pain effect. Due to the unique textured ceramic head and the increased rotational speed of the disks (2200 rpm), this epilator carefully captures and quickly removes even the thinnest and 4 times shorter hairs than when the wax epilation. Hair after epilation also grow more weak and thin.

This model of epilators is also equipped with a rich package. Thanks to the nozzles you can prepare the skin for hair removal and facilitate hair removal process. A unique disc feeder for removing flabber skin on the feet and around the nails will allow you to make a neat pedicure in just 5 minutes!

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We told you about ways to remove hair on your arms, as well as about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. If you wanted, but doubted what kind of hair removal procedure to choose, we hope this article will come by the way, and you will handle how useful information for yourself.

VEET vs. NAIR Hair Removal Comparisons

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Skin care after the first epilation

  • Exception of hot baths. Doctors cosmetologists do not recommend taking a hot bath or shower on the first day after the epilation session. And the bath and sauna are prohibited until irritation characteristic of the laser, which can take from several days to week. In the first day, it is better to limit water procedures at all, and if necessary, take a short cool shower, trying not to apply any detergents to epilated skin. This will warn the development of irritation. Generally thermal impact at first it is better to reduce to a minimum. Also, it is recommended not to swim in the pool at full healing of the top layer, as chlorine contributes to the irritation of the epidermis;

In order to maximize the likelihood of ultraviolet falling on an epilized region, it is better to carry out a laser hair removal procedure in autumn and winter.

After the first session of laser hair removal, less than half of the hairs are removed.

Elevated in the skin melanin after the tan will reduce the effect of the next epilation session. In addition, laser hair removal on tanned skin is possible burns. Otherwise, on epilated areas, it is possible to appear red or brownish spots, peeling, the occurrence of black dots, and the hair destruction itself will be less effective. Trucks allowed to use a week after the first session, but provided that there is no irritation on the skin. It is best to distinguish the irritation of drugs containing panthenol or aloe juice healing.

Hair removal at home


Shaving. the most accessible method of getting rid of unwanted hair at home. Before using the razor, it is necessary to carefully treat the hair zone. To avoid irritations, it is recommended to use disinfection products, alcohol, skin treatment lotion and T.D. After that, apply to the processed segment of the foam or shaving gel. In the case of their absence, you can use the usual soap or gel for the shower. With the help of a razor, you can perform both the classic bikini zone haircut, and process the deep bikini zone. But be careful: the razor is easy to cut. In addition, after the usual shave, hair can grow into the skin. To quite avoid, use the body scrub more often.

It is noticed that the male razor for the depilation of the female body is much more convenient. In addition, her blades are better cut off unwanted hairs.

Cream for depilation

Modern girls can also choose for themselves cream for depilation. It is applied to pre-cleaned skin and wait specified in the instructions for use. Cream is convenient to use and in the case when you need to remove all hair with an intimate zone. To do this, apply a tool only on a problem zone, leaving a strip with hair without cream. Waving the necessary time, remove the hair with a special spatula. Depilation cream is well suited for Brazilian bikini. Just choose a special tool for sensitive skin.


To remove hair with the root, you can use an electric epilator. Choose a model equipped with special nozzles for sensitive skin. The procedure for removing hair with an epilator is quite painful, especially in an intimate zone. Therefore, it is best to treat skin with painkillers before epilation. For example, it can be a cooling lotion or a pharmacy “Menovazin”.


Biopilation. hair removal with a special tight mass, which is applied to the hair, and then removed with the hairs. When creating such a mass, you can use vegetable oils and herbs.


Vaxing is called hair removal with cosmetic wax. So that wax epilation leaves for himself a bad feeling, use the tools in front of it for skin adhesion


Shugaring (derived from the word “sugar”). It is hair removal with sugar (caramel) paste. This method is successfully suitable for total hair removal, including for a deep bikini zone. You can perform the procedure at home. And the use of natural components when cooking paste makes it possible to use it with almost everyone without restrictions. Sugar epilation is contraindicated only with allergies to the components of the recipe.

Make a paste for Shugaring home is not labor. For her, take:

Mix all the ingredients. Put on a small fire and bring to a boil. Then leave to boil the mixture until it gets caramel shade. Remove from fire. Pour to comfortable dishes and leave for cooling. After that, blind from the resulting pulling the ball and roll it on problem places, pulling them the hairs. Or apply caramel on a piece of fabric and, applying it to the hairs, dramatically remove the strip along with unwanted vegetation.

Apply sticky mixture needed against hair growth, and tear off. by hair growth. The advantage of such a procedure is the simultaneous peeling of the skin, which allows you to avoid rustling of hair. Shugaring, Vaxing, shave can be used during pregnancy. Salon procedures. photoepilation, laser hair removal, electroepilation. and a number of contraindications are met and not recommended for chronic diseases.