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Hair dryer. an indispensable tool for drying and hair styling. He will also be able to give the hairstyle the necessary amount or make it unique. Due to the popularity of these instruments, modifications with a variety of features set appear. One option is a hairdryer. How to choose the right model to you exactly, and what first to pay attention to the purchase of a hair dryer?

Hair dryer is a combination of several tools (hair dryer, calculus and jerks), allowing not easy to dry, but also to simultaneously lay curls. In fact, the device helps to perform the function of the brash. laying a hairdryer and a round brush, with the control panel on the handle.

Among the advantages of using the device, the following can be distinguished:

  • creating a beautiful hairstyle;
  • Comfortable use, including daily applications and traveling;
  • Saving time when laying;
  • smooth, well-groomed hair;
  • copes with curly curls;
  • genting effect on hair;
  • affordable price.

The main disadvantage. the noise and weight of the device.

  • with a rotating nozzle. in the process of work the brush is spinning, reducing the number of manipulations by hand and accelerating the styling process. Allows you to create an additional volume, straighten the curls or twist strands. Requires a certain skill in application;
  • with a fixed brush. well dry hair with the help of incoming hot or cold air through the holes between the bristles. To create styling, you need to make additional actions by hand, winding curls on the discourse.

Type of battery element From the network
overheat protection There is
Purpose Styling and drying hair
Nozzles 3 pcs.
Equipment Concentrator, brush with a diameter of 38 mm, round nozzle with retractable teeth
Power 1200 W
The weight 420 g
Producing country China

How to correctly choose a hairdryer

Often the question arises that better. hairdryer or hairdryer brush. Before purchasing, the Accent should be made on certain criteria:

  • Performance. The main parameter, from which, above all, will depend on the result. When the hair is short or medium, then 800 W will be enough. The optimal indicator will be the performance in 1000-1200 W. It helps to dry and lay the hair regardless of length and density. Products with indicators less than 700 W will be the best road variant when it is necessary to dry hair after cleaning and make a hairstyle.
  • Modes. In the simplest and budget products, the smallest number of such functions is envisaged. For the purposes of high quality results, various temperature and high-speed modes must be present in the scene, of which it is possible to choose the best for a particular action. The presence of cold blowing will give the opportunity to fix the hairstyle for a long period of time.
  • Nozzles. The cost of the device will depend on their number. When you need drying and curling, it is possible to do without straightening. In mandatory procedure should be made accent on covering. It will become optimal from ceramics, which will save hair from overheating. Toothners are made from different materials. Natural bristles are ideal for thin and confused hair.
  • Protective function. Most of the phenomena do not destroy, but positively affect the structure of the hairpool. Due to ionization, a large number of negatively charged particles are formed, making it smooth, iridescent, which reduces static action. Locks will look well-groomed, easily succumb.
  • Comfort with functioning. Various factors affect this parameter. Ergonomics of the case is extremely important, he must easily be placed in the palm of palm. Comfortable location of the keys helps in the shortest time switch to the required mode. A large mass creates discomfort during a long-lasting process, therefore, the Accent should be done on this indicator. Rotation of wire for 360 degrees will give the opportunity to prevent its confusion. The presence of hinges for hanging makes it easier when it is required to comb hair or apply tool for laying.
  • Wire length. Short cord will be inconvenient while working with the device. He will not give the opportunity to move away from the outlet and will limit the freedom of movement. Most models are made with a cord in 2 m. These are optimal parameters. In addition, it is possible to find on sale devices with a length of the cord to 2.7 m.
  • Style. Modern developers belong to the appearance of their own products rather responsible. Directly on the design make accent first of all women. Most select a functional device directly under the interior. The most common products will be a silver, black or white shade model with bright colors keys.
  • Storage. Most of the packages are provided for cases, comfortable for storage, as well as during transportation. Loop on the case helps to suspend the device anywhere, it will be near.
  • Price. This indicator includes various factors. The more functionality and the number of nozzles, the higher the price. When it does not require a large number of features in the product, it is possible to select a budget product with good performance and required brushes.
  • Developer. Most long trusts only popular and proven brands. This will be the right solution, but it should be noted that in some cases directly for the brand will have to overpay a certain amount. For acquisition, a large number of analogues of less well-known manufacturers have a lower price.

These recommendations will help you choose the best hair dryer brushes. The best harapers that combine various functions, and in responses of specialists and user reviews will become an alternative solution to the visit to cosmetic salons.


The capacity of the product depends on both the speed of drying and the speed of laying. As a rule, more powerful modifications have a lot of weight. However, manufacturers increasingly find ways to avoid weighting technology without prejudice to its technical indicators.

Number of modes and speeds

Temperature range of the device and the ability to adjust the rotation speed of the brush allow you to choose the perfect mode of drying or laying, adjusting the device to your needs.

Brush and work surface coating

It is necessary to give preference to natural bristles, as it slightly electrifestives hair. The best coating of the surface of the hair dryer is Ceramics or Tourmaline. The first material helps smooth out flakes, gently waters the surface of the hair, from which it seems more healthy, brilliant and alive.

Coating from tourmaline in combination with ceramics is more durable, effectively eliminates static electricity, evenly holds and distributes the temperature. The substance is more delicately in relation to dry or injured hair.

Rotation of components of nozzles

The mechanism of the rotor wraps the modeling nozzles of the hairdryer automatically. Thanks to this, the user does not make unnecessary movements, engaged in styling with ease. However, modifications with the rotating head are more expensive.


Important and indispensable for certain types of hair option. Helps keep moisture in scales, preventing curls.

Number of nozzles

The wider the configuration of the device, the more hairstyles can be created at home.


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Feng-brushes are convenient household appliances, whose name speaks of their appointment. They combine the functions of the hair dryer and brushes and help quickly and easily put hair the way you want. If you love large or small curls, hairdryers will delight with great convenience in comparison with ordinary hair dryers. Your hands will not get tired and will not be covered, because you do not need to keep the hair dryer in one hand, but in another comb. Hairdryer brushes more carefully and carefully dry your hair, do not confuse them and do not overheat. Lovers of straight hair will appreciate these devices that will give hair amazing smoothness and silkiness. Our site presents hairdryer brushes of various manufacturers. Models differ not only by appearance, but also power, functionality, the number of nozzles and the price range. Article “How to choose a hairdryer and a hairdryer?”Orienses you in a wide range of instruments of this category and prompts the right decision. Buy a hairdryer stands for those who often travel, but wants to look attractive.

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High-quality and functional hairdryer greatly facilitates hair styling and becomes indispensable for women who drive hair every day. Compared to a conventional hairdryer, the device with a rotating brush is more convenient to use, as one hand is free. Overview of the features of popular models, as well as customer reviews will simplify the choice of a suitable hair dryer.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush

The device greatly facilitates the fitting of the hair, but at the same time does not overheat them. Due to the capacity of 1 kW, the process will raise a minimum of time. It is worth noting that this is one of the best models of 2020.

3 temperature modes and 2 air flow velocities are provided. Thanks to ionization, hair is not electrified.

hairdryer, styling, hair, rotating

Hair dryer weighs only 600 grams, so suitable for long work.

You can do different hairstyles with nozzles with a diameter of 30 and 50 mm. Model is completed with a long cord.

Hairdryer can be hanging on the wall for the loop.

Rowenta CF 9520

The stylish hairdryer of golden color has an ergonomic design and power of 1 kW, cutting process of laying.

With it easy to create hairstyles, as in the beauty salon. Available 2 temperature modes and 1 speed of blowing.

Ionization provides harmless air effect.

The hairdryer is made of heat-resistant platform capable of withstanding long heating. When overheated, the protective shutdown function works.

hairdryer, styling, hair, rotating

The filter can be removed to clean the internal surface of the device from dust and hair particles.

Includes brushes for 40 and 50 mm. The device is connected using a cord 1.8 m.

Babylisspro Bab2770E

Ergonomic and magnificent on the characteristics of a hair dryer with a power of 0.8 kW for rapidly laying hair in a gentle mode.

Two temperature modes and one blowing speed are available.

The model is made of heat-resistant plastic, so it can withstand long heating.

Includes brushes with a diameter of 40 and 50 mm, which allows you to do different hairstyles. Due to the 2.7-meter cord, use the hairdryer is very convenient.

Rowenta CF 9530

1 kW model with two nozzles suitable for thin short and long thick hair.

You can simultaneously dry and put strands. Ceramic nozzle covering reduces harmful effects on hair.

Brush rotates in both directions, spinning resistant curls.

Thanks to the function of double ionization, natural moisture is held. Due to the long cord, foes and bends are excluded in hairstyles with sharp movements.

Modes are adjusted by a convenient mechanical switcher. For weakened hair there is a cold blowing.

Babyliss 2735E / 2736E

Hair dryer with 4 replaceable nozzles and 1 kW power will make a variety of styling without harm hair.

The device is made of high-quality materials with high wear resistance and long-term heating resistance.

You can clean the filter device from dust.

With the help of a hair dryer, you can straighten your hair, give them volume, twisted the tips and twist the curls.

Blowing cold air makes hairstyle. 2 temperature modes available.

How to use a hairdryer brush?

In order for the laying, curling, passed without difficulty, it was effective, you need to adhere to the rules of operation of the instrument:

hairdryer, styling, hair, rotating
  • correctly choose. Short hair is better dried and lifted on a slower, first speed. High speed is suitable for long;
  • Properly pick up the nozzle, in accordance with the length of the hair, so that the effect is noticeable, and the laying was as pleasant as possible;
  • To curl, you need to take not very thick and wide strands, otherwise they will be bad, not fully coolant. In such a matter, it is not necessary to hurry, then the hairstyle will turn out beautiful, and the curls are equally cool;
  • Gently bring styler to the head, trying not to touch her to avoid burns. During operation, the device is strongly heated;
  • Do not overtake the curls on the brush not to expose them to excessive exposure to high temperatures and do not damage their structure.

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