How to choose a vacuum cleaner for the pool: dozen best models on what to watch before buying

The pool is the perfect place of rest. Nothing can be better than soaring in the sun, swim in hot weather. But so that the reservoir looked neat and served not one decade, it must be cleaned regularly. This is especially important if the bowl is not equipped with a filtering system.

Remove the entire garbage from the bottom helps the vacuum cleaner for the pool. a special kind of cleaning equipment, designed to work in extreme conditions. Such an assistant is indispensable to care for various types of artificial water bodies. Before the owner of the pool is the difficult task of choice. the market of aquate equipment offers many different models.

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How not to be mistaken with the purchase? We will help you in solving this issue. The article presents the rating of the best submariner vacuum cleaners, describes the features of different types of devices, and also lists the main criteria for choosing cleaning equipment for the pool.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pool

The cleaning of the pool is a completely simple process that takes you not so much time if you take care of the purchase of necessary accessories and will be regularly monitored. Circulation and water filtering provides a filter pump, the disinfection corresponds to the chlorine generator or water soluble in water, but what to do with heavy trash and sand parts that settle on the day? In this situation, the vacuum cleaner for the pool can not be better useful. And how to choose it right. we will tell now.

There are several models of such devices presented by the Intex brand. Let’s deal with what they differ, what pros and cons have, and most importantly. which one is best suited for your case.

Other its names. underwater or bottom robot vacuum cleaner. This is a fully automatic device that will free your hands and time! With the help of hoses that are included, you attach it to the outlet feeding into the pool clean water from the filter pump. the flow of water provides repulsion of the vacuum cleaner from the bottom of the pool and it starts moving, “crawling” along the bottom and changing the direction after contacting Wall. During the movement inside its body, a reverse thrust is created, thanks to which the whole garbage is sucked inside the device, stuck on the bottom of the bowl. How to collect and connect the entire design correctly and connect the entire design in this article.

  • After the connection, it works automatically and without human participation. you can leave it overnight and already in the morning you enjoy bathing in the purest water!
  • The device is completely mechanical and works without batteries and power supply. This is an extremely simple design in which there is nothing to break. Inside there is a container for collecting garbage, if necessary, it needs to be emptied and put in place.
  • During his work, a filter pump should be included with a water supply speed of at least 4000 l / h. It does not matter, the cartridge or sand filter at the same time you will use. At lower pump power, a sufficiently strong water flow will not be ensured, which will move your cleaning device.
  • The kit includes connected hoses with a total length of as many as 7 meters. if necessary, you can use their length not fully, adapting the entire structure for your pool size.
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This option is perfect for the owners of medium and large pools equipped with a fairly powerful water purification filter pump.

The innovative device submitted by Intex in 2016 is designed to facilitate the care of the basins of all sizes, including those not equipped with filter pumps! The secret of the manual vacuum cleaner is that it works from a powerful nickel-metal hydride battery. that is, you do not need to connect it to anything, you are not limited to a long hose and you can clean completely any pool. right up to the usual.

Features of the underwater rechargeable vacuum cleaner:

  • You will not need electricity at the time of work. powerful NI-MH batteries are charged from the usual USB in just 50 minutes and provide sufficient water suction force.
  • Suitable to pools of any size and shape. Does not require connecting to the filter pump.
  • Fastened to a telescopic holder up to 239 cm long (included). There is a special adapter for connecting to longer Intex holders to 279 cm.
  • With this vacuum cleaner you can clean not only the bottom, but also the walls of the pool. The kit includes two comfortable brush nozzles.
  • The vacuum cleaner has an automatic protection system. it turns off when you get it out of the water, and also if you drop it into the pool and do not raise for a long time. It significantly saves battery charge and improves safety.
  • The device is very convenient and mobile, the weight of the entire design assembly does not exceed 2.5 kg.

This model will suit any pool, and it does not matter what he is diameter, you have a filter pump or not. Fast recharge of batteries, low weight, comfortable telescopic handle. everything is done to remove garbage from the water could be quick and easy.

This kit includes not only the manual vacuum cleaner, but also all the necessary cleaning accessories. a sump for collecting garbage from the surface of water, brush for walls and bottom, telescopic holder up to 279 cm. Excellent solution for those who do not want to buy accessories separately and prefers immediately to have a full finished kit. The nozzle-vacuum cleaner in this case is attached to the aluminum holder and is connected using the hose to the inner hole, which supplies water into the filter pump. Large trash particles are delayed in a special flask, which is attached to the base of the nozzle, and small dirt falls into the filter and settles in it.

Features of the manual vacuum cleaner in the Deluxe set:

  • The hose coming from the nozzle is connected from the inside of the pool to the inlet that takes water into the filter pump. it does not matter, sand or cartridge. Mandatory condition: the power of the filter pump must be at least 3028 l / h.
  • To the telescopic holder, first the flask is attached to delay large garbage, after it the nozzle is mounted. Thus, your filter pump is not clogged and only small garbage and sand will fall into it.
  • You can clean this device both the bottom and the pool walls. And using a brush and a cincure in addition. with ease of remove all the garbage from the water.

Functional Bestway 58339

Thanks to the membrane technology, the cleaner works practically silently and copes well with pollution. Cleaning membrane can easily be replaced. With the help of special technology, this is done with one turn and click.

The design includes 11 connecting parts of the hose with a total length of more than 8 meters. They can be combined depending on the size and shape of the pool. Automatic garbage bag cleaner. The hose of the submarine vacuum cleaner must be connected to the filter hole. For the operation of the water-cut flares, a filter with a pump with a capacity of at least 5700 l / h. Average

  • Long hose from 11 connecting parts;
  • Easy replacement of cleaning membrane;
  • For operation no additional cost costs are required;
  • affordable price.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaners are similar to improved model hand cleaners. Their main difference is the presence of a special garbage collection bag. The bottom of the domestic reservoir they can clean and without the participation of a person, and the walls will have to be brushed manually. Let’s try to figure out which vacuum cleaner it is better to buy, and is it worth overpaying for a semi-automatic. Such water vowes are already hard to attribute to the category “budget”, rather this is the average price for devices.

EMAUX CE306A Showa Designed for cleaning the bottom and walls from various types of pollution for all types of pools. Underwater vacuum cleaner is intended for cleaning in pools up to eight meters.

The use of vacuum cleaner for the pool

This device is an indispensable attribute of any pool if the owners want to swim in clean water. In addition, the vacuum cleaner collects a different garbage from the bottom and walls, it also helps to fight blossoming water, since once again produces water circulation. And this is for the smallest algae, which cause green water, is an obstacle to rapid reproduction.

Vacuum cleaner for pool Vacuum Intex

The constant use of the water vacuum cleaner allows less frequently changing water in the pool and increases the life of the filter system. In addition, work with a water vacuum cleaner eliminates the full drain of water, which is much easier, faster and more convenient than manual cleaning of the walls and the bottom of the bowl of artificial reservoir.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to bring a good underwater vacuum cleaner, since their cost is still overwhelmed in Russia. However, among the proposed equipment for cleaning the pools, the spectrum of which, by the way, is very wide, you can choose the least expensive and it will be a manual vacuum cleaner for the pool.

A Homemade Pool Vacuum That Anyone Can Make

Types of basin cleaning equipment

Water vacuum cleaners are divided according to the principle of their work into several groups:

There is one more type that does not fall on the bottom, but floating, on the surface of the water mirror collects a light rubble that did not have time to settle on the bottom, called a skimmer.

Manual vacuum cleaner

Manual devices are the cheapest and simple. They are presented in the form of a metal rod, which can be lengthened, electric motor, nozzles in the form of two brushes of different shapes, corrugated hose and electrical cable. Such a vacuum cleaner is convenient to clean artificial reservoirs of small volume, inflatable, film or plastic.

Corrugated hose through which dirty water is given, connects to the skirmar or the pool filter. Connection is carried out either directly to vacuum nozzle, or a special adapter is used. Using manual device is limited to the length of the handle. Therefore, it is not possible to apply it for basins of the large area and depth.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaners

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaner for pool EMAUX

These devices differ from the manual vacuum cleaners with a more complex cleaning part device and the water jet power control function. Semi-automatic devices clean the bottom and walls of the pool bowl more carefully and faster than manual. The device has a special membrane, with which it is joined to the surface of the bowl, following the example of the sucker. Collecting in one place all the available dirt and deposits, it moves to another polluted area. The movement of the semi-automatic vacuum cleaner occurs in chaotic mode.

Semi-automatic semi-automobiles are available with different functions. Some of them need to join the sammers of the pool or the general system of filters, some are equipped with an autonomous garbage container, which remotely resembles the hand vacuum cleaners with similar bags.

Distortication of autonomous action

Automatic robot vacuum cleaner

These devices are more often called the robot vacuum cleaner for the pool, since its work can be carried out even without human participation within 8 hours. This is possible because there is a program in the robot, which selects the mode and the duration of work, after the end of which the device turns off automatically. If the owner decides to take part in the cleaning of the pool, then the robot management can be carried out using a remote control.

The good these devices are that they can clean almost any artificial reservoirs, regardless of the material of their manufacture. And, of course, such devices use better for large-sized pools and volumes.

The robot vacuum cleaner works offline, without connecting to skimmers or filtering system.

All that he collects from the bottom and walls of the pool bowl is settled in a special filter, which is inside it. After each use of the robot, the filter is subject to mandatory cleaning and flushing.

Is it possible to replace it?

The use of vacuum cleaner for the pool is not always. If the pool is equipped with a powerful circulation system with high-quality multistage filters, it is no need to produce additional cleaning.

In addition, the functions of vacuum cleaners are performed by standard devices. skimmers, on the suction nozzle of which mesh tank are installed. Water passes through them, and the garbage remains in the container, which only one should periodically shake out.

ECO-VAC 1400

Water vacuum cleaner for all domestic water bodies. High Power Turbine Country: Denmark Central Rating (2019): 4.4

If there are several reservoirs as a pond, a fountain or frame pool on the household site, you can get a vessel for care to the versatility. a vacuum cleaner with a built-in suction turbine. Its capacity is 1,400 W, which provides high vacuum and rapid suction, foliage and other waste from a depth of 1.5 m.

The pump is characterized by a small noise performance, and the vacuum cleaner itself works in alternating mode, alternating water intake with drain. After full filling of the container with a capacity of 35 liters, the unit stops and goes into standby mode until the container devastates. Reset of dirty water is possible in a drainage system or in beds for watering and simultaneous fertilizer.

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What is a vacuum cleaner for the pool

Water vacuum cleaner is very convenient and indispensable equipment, which helps to cleanse the garbage and dirty floor and the walls of the bowl. At the time of cleaning, it is consumed by a minimum of time and forces. Underwater vacuum cleaners, which differ from each other with power, the diameter of the hose, nozzles and other equally important characteristics is an urgent need. Competent Care of the Bowl surface significantly prolongs the service life of the pool and extends the operation of the auxiliary equipment for filtration purification.

Why need

Vacuum cleaners for swimming pools help remove garbage accumulating in the pool and suspension, which appear on the surface of the water. A high-quality and powerful model can remove contamination of any character from the bottom and walls of the bowl. In addition, during the implementation of sanitary and hygienic events, there is no need for water descent, because the equipment works under it. Another important point. with the help of such a vacuum cleaner to cope with the cleaning of a stationary, inflatable or frame pool may even be new.

How does it work

Planning to buy for cleaning the walls and the bottom of the bowl, one of the underwater vacuum cleaners, first familiarize yourself with the principle of its work. almost all modifications is identical. The device sucks contaminated water, after which it passes it through the filter and throws back to the reservoir. To start the manual instrument for the pool, one end of the hose is connected to the cleaning brush, and the other to the skimmer. The filtration pump at this time should work. Before the procedure for cleaning the hose with a brush needs to be immersed in water so that it is supplanted.

Underwater vacuum vacuum cleaners, presented in the modern market, differ in power, performance and other characteristics. You can order suitable products in a specialized online store with delivery by mail, St. Petersburg or any other city. You can find on sale both simple designs and autonomous modifications with remote control. To date, the following varieties are distinguished:

Robots vacuum cleaners for the pool

Fully autonomous Intex vacuum cleaners. this is the last word in harvesting technique for large stationary pools. They are made to perform cleaning without active human participation.

Unlike manual and semi-automatic water vacuum cleaners, in which the entire electric part is over the water, the automatic robot vacuum cleaner during cleaning is completely immersed in water together with the entire electrical part. Robot-vacuum cleaner Intex gets its cleaning devices. brushes. until the bottom and carefully clears it, alive sucking all the trash found. Automatic vacuum cleaners connect to the electrical network, and operate at low voltage supplied from the transformer, for safety reasons. The radius of the robot vacuum cleaner for the pool is limited to the length of its cable.

Unlike manual and semi-automatic water vacuum cleaners, the robots automata have nothing to do with the filtering system or skimmer, and for this reason, it is absolutely free to move around the pool, cleaning it.

Robots vacuum cleaners for the pool sucking a small garbage into the filter built into them, which should be cleaned manually after each cleaning.

Water robots vacuum cleaners clean the pool, working in two main modes. The first mode of operation of such vacuum cleaners. from the remote control. That is, in this mode there is some person’s participation, which is undoubtedly necessary if the pool has a non-standard form or some of its sites are very clogged. It looks like playing a children’s toy on radio control. The second mode of operation of robots-vacuum cleaners for the pool. independent. That is, in such autonomous mode, the vacuum cleaner in its work is guided only by the cleaning program, methodically circling the bottom of the basin in search of garbage, can also, if it is provided by the manufacturer, clean the walls and steps of the pool. In this mode, the Incex vacuum cleaner robot, by completing the desired work, as a rule, in a few hours, it will turn off on its own.

Robots Vacuum cleaners for the Intex basin Users love for their reliability, ease of operation and compact dimensions, which allows you to use them in household cleaning.