Remove the door and replace the glass. instruction and precautions

And the connection of the oven can be done to the electrical or gas network.

Attention! If the electric network can be connected to the electrical network independently, it is impossible to embed a gas cabinet without attracting specialists.

The installation of the oven can be carried out in two ways:

  • Traditional when the oven was installed under the tabletop. The top element of such a design may be a cooking panel.
  • The built-in oven is installed separately from the cooking panel, placing it above the tabletop level. This makes it easy to follow the preparation of food, simplifies care for working surfaces, but in this case you need a closet in which niche can be distinguished.

No matter where the oven will be installed, niche must comply with a certain size. Today, the dimensions of the embedded technology are standardized, you can find models (for example, oven and microwave) of the same sizes that will be able to harmoniously add each other in one wall kitchen.

Buy the oven and the kitchen module under it can be in such a sequence:

  • First, design and order a kitchen set, and then under the specified sizes of the future niche choose the oven (all this can be done in the same cabin);
  • You can first buy a oven, and then when designing a kitchen wall, specify the size of the acquired model.

Household chemicals

  • Gala. one of the inexpensive, but very effective means for cleansing kitchen surfaces from pollution. Wet a sponge in the water, press it out and apply a little gel on it, foil. Treat the glass glass, after 15-20 minutes, throw the flare and fat, rinse the surface of the water several times.
  • Sanita Antizir. a thick gel is able to remove even very strong pollution in a few minutes. Remove the remnants of water with water.
  • Degreaser Meglio. After spraying spray on the surface, the drug penetrates the oral water, destroying its structure. After half an hour after processing the door, wipe the glass by an ordinary rag: pollution will come off without much effort. This drug is effective for eliminating old, dried fots fat and nagar.

IMPORTANT! In the process of working with chemicals, be sure to protect your hands using rubber gloves. It is also desirable to wear a medical mask.

Required tools

Before putting the door of windshirts, be it an electronic or gas model, you need to prepare subsequent tools:

The latter will come in handy when it is necessary to install a new glass. When cleaning, rubber gloves are worn. While working with glass. dense mittens. The design of many models of modern oven allows you to remove the door and without tools, but they are needed to repair other details.

How to remove the glass part

The door of the oven is usually equipped with two glasses, one of which equipment owner can remove independently. The second is attached to the housing, which is noticeable in the photo. Remove the glass from the oven is completely simple, but it is worth it in mind that it is necessary to remove it with the door to ensure the safety.

This is due to the fact that it can shut from a random touch and harvest a person. Another caution described in the instructions for closets Ariston, burning, Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, is a reminder of the effect of exposure to the front glass, which, with non-accurate user actions, can crack.

How To Remove Your Oven Door For Cleaning | AEG

  • First you need to put the door of the oven handle down on a soft and smooth surface.
  • After that, depending on the type of device, unscrew the mounts or immediately start moving upwards, if the presence of bolts is not provided by the design. In some cases, it may be necessary to disconnect the holding structural elements.
  • After the glass part was freed from the mounts, it is necessary to gently lift it and remove it.

How to use oven hansa

Hansa Oven Features depend on the model plate or oven. To clarify the configuration rules, operation, as well as the features of the oven refer to the appropriate instruction.

Before starting cleaning the oven or oven, it is necessary to turn off the power supply, make sure that the knobs of all regulators are in the “off” position and make sure that the stove and oven are completely cooled. For washing, you need to use warm water with a soft detergent.

hans, plate, remove, glass, oven

In order to provide more convenient access to the camera of the oven, you can remove the door. To do this, open it, lift the fuse in the loop. Then slightly enclose the door, lift it and extend forward. To put the door to the place, repeat the steps in the reverse order.

How to connect Hansa slab

Connect the HANSA plate or cooking panel is easy if you follow all instructions instructions. To connect gas plates, we recommend using the services of a licensed gas driver.

To connect the Hansa electric stove to the wiring, you will need the help of a qualified installation specialist. Remember that it is impossible to install a stove or cooking panel in the immediate vicinity of the refrigeration or freezer.

How to turn on the oven hansa

In order to turn on the electric oven or oven Hansa Plate, you need to decide on the necessary working conditions. Set the temperature control knobs and select mode to the desired positions. After turning on the oven, two control lights will light up. one of them informs that the oven is turned on, and the second thing is that the desired temperature has not yet been reached. Upon reaching the required temperature, this light bulb will go out.

To turn on the Gas Oven Hansa, burn the match, press the control knob until you stop, then turn it left to the temperature of the selected temperature. Bring the burning match to the fastener opening, burn the gas and hold the handle by clicking about 3-10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the action. After reaching the desired temperature in the oven, the thermostat will automatically reduce the flame.

Purification glass

Many people often think about how to wash the surface of the oven, but forget about glass, and here it often remains the burnt fat. It is customary to purify with soda.

Powder pour on the moistened surface of the glass and leave for 30-40 minutes.

After that, it is enough to protect the surface with a damp sponge and a dry cloth. Thanks to this processing, glass will again become transparent.

These simple ways really help remove Nagar and old pollution. As a result, the oven will be pure, and food will not be corrupted by the smell of burnt fat.