Overview of the best hoods without removal in ventilation. Rating on user reviews

Exhaust devices that do not require connecting to the ventilation system at home and removal of air outwards, in our latitudes are still in the wonder. They write little about them and say, rarely buy and even less often leave reviews. And quite in vain: these hoods have plenty of advantages. Among them, simplicity of installation and care, free air exchange, regardless of whether the unit is included, as well as the ability to install it anywhere in the apartment. at least the wall, even in the center, though the ideal kitchen planning. But if you choose a device without finding out its features and key characteristics, or encounter an unfair manufacturer, advantages can be leveled. So that such a disappointment has not comprehended by our readers, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the rating of the best recycling hoods.

Kitchens can have two types of ventilation: Natural and Forced. Each options are characterized by both positive and negative properties.

We will not consider external execution, today there is a huge range of models. It is necessary to dwell only on the principal differences of devices. Forced ventilation also has two types.

Exhaust air without cleaning is fed to vertical ventilation channels. The flow hood removes the air, the pressure drops in the kitchen, fresh air flows through the slots in the windows and doors or from special blood.

Hood has special filters, the air is driven through them and cleaned from fat, smoke, harmful chemical compounds and unpleasant odors. Clean air again served in the room.

Types of kitchen hoods

All household exhausts must pump the amount of air equal to a 10-fold kitchen volume. Such a requirement is contained in sanitary standards, it is based on the fact that heating devices work in the kitchen premises, there is often open flames, food is preparing, humidity is increased. All these devices contribute to accumulation of carbon dioxide, water vapor, extraneous smells.

Sanitary norms require the organization of exhaust air removal

If you look at the kitchen grill, which worked on a stove in the average family during the month, you can see a significant number of pollution. Obviously, without this device, all dirt would be asslaved on furniture, ceiling and utensils. Increased humidity contributes to premature destruction of furniture, spoils the decoration of ceilings and walls. At high temperatures and open flames of oxygen significantly decreases.

So much dirt accumulates on the ventilation grille

Polluted air must be removed. This goal is achieved in two ways: the withdrawal of dirty air will outward and replacing it clean or circulating filtering.

a) recycling b) removal of exhaust air with a flow of fresh

With a discharge

Hoods for the kitchen with a tap in ventilation are the classic and most familiar devices that are installed in the immediate vicinity of the stove as the main source of pollution. The air intake umbrella is equipped with a special removable grid, on which fat and dust droplets are settled. It is necessary so that the dirt does not get into the common channel. Ventilation is usually forced, using built-in fan.

Removal of air through ventilation vents with exhaust fan

To operate such an exhaust, it is necessary to ensure the influx, since the air outflow is significant. In the absence of tributary. a window or a special supply channel. the so-called overturning occurs when the air from the ventilation channel itself begins to the room with a sparse atmosphere.

Hood that connects with the ventilation channel

Without removal

Hoods into the kitchen without removal in ventilation are powerful air filters. They are also mounted near the plates, but have smaller dimensions. In addition to the removable lattice and fan in their design, filtering systems are included:

  • A rough filter, delaying moisture, fat drops and household dust, is a shallow plastic or aluminum removable reusable grid;
  • Coal filter that removes microparticles, absorbs water and smell pairs, this filter is designed for about a month of use, after which it is subject to replacement.

The performance of such a cleaning system corresponds to sanitary standards, however, it has to use more powerful electric motors. Over time, as the filters are contaminated, the performance drops. A coal filter is not cleaned, it must be disposed of and replaced by a new.

Types of exhausts in constructive execution

Kitchen stove can be located in various places of the room, even in the middle of it. Therefore, the hoods can have a different design depending on the location of the plate. Allocate the following main types:

Various designs of hoods depending on the location of the plate

Wall-mounted options are the most popular due to the classic plates location scheme. May have a wide variety of dome forms.

Island. located above a separate stove, which does not have an adjunct to the wall, and are attached to the ceiling with a cable or a special pipe. Most often have a dome form to capture more steam. In accordance with the designer idea, there may be a real decorative element of the room.

Ostrovaya-type kitchen hood with storage facilities

Built-in exhausts are used for small rooms and mounted in a decorative box or built-in kitchen headset locker. Most often equipped with a special retractable panel to increase the working surface. The main advantage is saving space in effectively work.

Kitchen Rangehood Ventilation Solutions

Built-in hood with retractable panel

Fireplace hoods for kitchen without removal in ventilation

Low awake Elica Easy WH / F / 50 White

In this household appliance, all modern ideas about the aestheticism, convenience of control, power and ability to create a truly cozy room atmosphere.

Built in the design of the new generation fans increase the life of the device, as well as high-quality assembly.

Equipped with a fat filter, which in a few minutes absorbs tobacco smoke, soot and oil microparticles, the housing is easily mounted using prepared mounts.

  • electronic type control sensory;
  • Chassis size 50 cm width;
  • handles up to 800 cube. m / h;
  • 3 speeds are provided;
  • An additional 2 modes. intensive and perimetic suction;
  • LED backlight of 3 lamps;
  • Noise is only 61 dB;
  • Universal design and color solution;
  • Cost from 35000

Miele DA 7090 W BK with a width of 100 cm

Ergonomic externally product of the famous brand looks in both home setting and a restaurant or bar.

Due to the large area of ​​the suction surface, as well as the presence, in addition to the grease, coal filter, the air indoors will be perfect and quickly cleaned without removal to the street. If necessary, you can use not only standard mode, but also high power.

Elegant metal and glass device housing harmoniously complement kitchen interior or living room. Especially effective installation of the model in the kitchen studios.

  • electronic control on sensory basis;
  • large embedded width 100 cm;
  • Productive potential is 550 cube. m / h;
  • The unit provides 1 engine;
  • Works in 3-speed mode;
  • Intensive mode is available;
  • there is a contamination indicator;
  • Halogen backlight can be adjusted by intensity.

Best Moon BK 50. Classic Forms and Modern Equipment

Extraction in design and design resembles a suspended lamp, so it will not be attracted. This is a multifunctional assistant, the case of which is characterized by smooth lines, technical capabilities. high performance, and convenience. maximum comfort.

With the help of two complementary filters at once, the degree of air purification reaches excellent indicators. over, the absorption of odors and Gary occurs both directly above the hob of the plate and on the periphery of the room area.

  • Modern electronic sensory control system;
  • Ceiling installation with typical embedding width 50 cm;
  • Aggregate Processes 550 cubes. m of an hour per hour;
  • Large speed range. 4;
  • Illuminated halogen with 3 lamps;
  • 2 filters. coal and fat;
  • there is a technical opportunity to recycle the hood with a remote control;
  • Cost from 40000

Mini-sizes and maxi possibilities from Faber Zoom Isola XA 40

Such compact equipment, according to the reviews of the owners, qualitatively cleans the air in small rooms and as convenient as possible in managing.

It is enough to customize the timer or in the hands of the remote control to control the process of cleansing the air from various kinds of contaminants at a distance

If you are not accustomed to pay attention to minor smells, the contamination indicator will prompt when you need to include a useful device

The shiny silver surface of the housing made of metal, highlighted by 4 light bulbs, resembles the original ceiling installation made in the style of Hi-tech.

  • electronic control;
  • High-performance work. 830 cube. m / h;
  • additionally turns on the intensive mode;
  • there is a contamination indicator;
  • 3-speed mode;
  • integrated timer;
  • in the configuration of the remote control;
  • halogen adjustable backlight of 4 lamps;
  • Low noise model. 66 dB;
  • Compact dimensions 40×40 cm.

Methods for mounting extracts without an air duct

The usual exhaust, with a removal of polluted air, does not differ in its device from the model without an air duct. Equipment without removal of air has a more diverse application by ways of its installation. Extract without an air duct can be installed both separate device and built-in kitchen set. By types of fasteners, devices are divided.


Flat hood without an air duct has a classic view

hoods, kitchen, connection, ventilation

Such equipment has a classic look. Hood is installed perpendicular to the surface of the working wall.


Install in the kitchen set. Extracts of this type. a great option for a small kitchen where you need to save space.


Installed under kitchen furniture elements. Also save place indoors.


Modern type of hoods, saving space in the kitchen. Such equipment is installed at an acute angle to the working wall. If there is a need to use an exhaust, it is enough to arrange parallel to the plate and turn on. Undoubtedly, it consists in the opposite position. Installation of an inclined type exhaust is not particularly difficult.

All necessary attachments for it are included in the list of parts coming with the equipment.

The difference of models of extracts as with a tap into ventilation, and without it, divided by the location of the device in the kitchen. Such consider:

Installation of seated devices, produced close to the working wall, above the cooking surface. Such hoods are considered classic and used in small-sized kitchens, and where the stove is located next to the wall. Corner devices are able to save space. There are those on the junction of walls of the kitchen, in the corner. And island, on the contrary. require space. Such devices are installed above a single table. Mounted island style type fixing to the ceiling with a special frame.

Modern draws without an air duct can have different functions

Modern equipment can be attributed to one of the main assistants of the host house. Their functional abilities can be automated and its use will not bring high costs of electricity. Modern hoods equip the special set of additional features. They complement the device both in terms of decor and in the use mode. These include:

  • Highlighting the working area. Application of one or more lighting lamps, gives us convenience in use. When the lamp burns out, it is easy to replace.
  • Automatic switching on the device. This function is very convenient, especially with large volumes of cooking on the hob. As soon as the stove is turned on, the exhaust engine is automatically operated.
  • Remote control. Hood without removal in ventilation, with the presence of such a function, controlled from the remote.

The development of kitchen equipment does not stand still. Every year new kitchen hoods appear, capable of improving the ability of previous models and bring greater comfort to users.

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Device and principle of drawing without air ducts

Standard kitchen device, in fact. a fan that pulls the air and injected it into the air duct. And if it is in a private house, then. to the street. This is a hood with a tap in ventilation.

Hood without injection to the air duct is not connected. It is not ventilating, but a circulation product. The air in this case is not removed from the kitchen, and is filtered and exits indoors.

In this regard, such devices are called recycling hoods. A two-stage filtering method applies in the case. Leaking through the filters, the fledal air is not removed in the well, and falls back to the kitchen room.

It blows out through the holes that are located in front or side of the device housing. Sometimes on hoods without an air duct on top there are boxes with holes, and then the filtered air comes only to the ceiling of the room.

And in other cases such products have the same principle of operation as traditional hoods with an air duct. At the same time, two types of devices are distinguished: with mechanical and electrical control. Electric appliances can have sensory or push-button coordination.

The model with a mechanical mode has a runner with which the power is turned on and adjustable. With mechanical exhaust control cost slightly cheaper than electric drive.

Principle of operation of the flow and circulation exhaust

Types of hoods depending on fastening

Significant factor when choosing a exhaust device is the installation of the product. The best option would be the simultaneous purchase of furniture and equipment. How do products differ depending on the location?

They are three main types:

  • Suspended models. The advantage of wall articles is that they are suitable for any small kitchen. The extractor is fixed exactly above the stove, and performs its tasks with coal filters. Due to such a location, there is often an additionally kitchen cabinet instead of the air duct.
  • Built-in drawing. The device is mounted in the tube, which, accordingly, hangs above the stove. Such products are more efficient in performance, as they have a panel extended. With it easier to adjust the ventilation process. The built-in model has a metallic filter that does not need to be changed, but only to wash it.
  • Dome devices. Fixed to the ceiling and can be placed from the kitchen wall. Previously, similar products were used in restaurants and cafes, and now the dome model can be found on the market, with different size and design. Today there are extracts from wood, metal, glass and other material.

As in principle, the extractor will work without air ducts. does not depend on each individual location, but the advantages of such devices are obvious.

Built-in hood in the kitchen

How to choose a kitchen hood over a stove: Important Criteria

Determining how to choose a hood into the kitchen, you should pre-examine the operational characteristics of the devices. An important parameter is the power of the device, which is in the range of 150-350 W. It is selected depending on the size of the room. Should not be purchased for a large room device having a small power that simply cannot cope with the task.

It is also not recommended to give preference to a model with a high power exceeding the optimal value for a particular room. Such a decision is economically unjustified, since electricity costs will increase. In addition, the more powerful hood for the kitchen is characterized by an elevated level of noise.

When choosing an exhaust, first of all, you need to pay attention to the power of the device

The performance of the device is selected based on the exhaust load intensity. For a small family, in which simple dishes are preparing, a model is enough with an indicator of 200-300 m³ / hour. For large families who use a variety of food, exhaust having performance 300-400 m³ / hour. For those who often prepare a lot, it is necessary to give preference to models with a capacity of 500-600 m³ / hour.

An important meaning is the noise level, which determines the comfort of the use of the device. The optimal indicator for a small space is 45 dB. For spacious premises, this parameter can reach 55 dB.

The size of the kitchen exhaust with a coal filter without removal into the ventilation must correspond to the gaps of the hob. An ideal option is the model, the dome of which will be beyond the plates of 10 cm. Convenient in operation is a backlit model.

How to choose an exhaust without removal: other important parameters

It is advisable to choose a high-quality device from a proven manufacturer, who has proven itself in the household appliance market. An important nuance is the type of filters that are used in the system. From this criterion depends the degree of distribution of cassettes, since they must be changed periodically.

Comfortable hood noise level is 45-55 dB

The material used for the manufacture of the housing with a coal filter affects the features of the device’s care. The most capricious equipment from tempered glass.

Some exhaust options are equipped with a speed-mode change feature. This option allows you to adjust the filtering intensity depending on the type and quantity of food, which is prepared in the kitchen. It helps reduce electricity costs.

Coal filter for drawing: a great way to clean the air indoors

Options and species. For what purpose is used, it is possible to clean with your own hands. How often requires replacement. Review of the best coal filters.

Hoods in the kitchen without removal in ventilation may have a mechanical or electronic control panel. The first option is presented in the form of buttons or sliders. Push-button adjustment is popular because it is more convenient. The slider setting is distinguished by low reliability and may after some time begin to sign due to the accumulation of fat deposits.

Helpful advice! Some modern models for ease of use are equipped with a filter contamination indicator, remote control, the automatic power on and disconnection option, the timer, for hours, which increases the cost of the device.

Dimensions of any exhaust must match the size of the plate

Extracts with an electronic panel are characterized not only by convenience of use, but also increased cost. The command can be supplied both by means of a touchscreen display and using a remote control.

What types of kitchen hoods are presented on the market?

Types of kitchen hoods without connecting to ventilation do not differ from those models that are connected to the removal.

  • Built-in option. such models are designed for mounting in kitchen furniture (here the main thing is to comply with the terms and recommendations of the installation, so as not to block outputs for purified air).
  • Suspended option. classic models that are mounted on the wall or ceiling. Due to the lack of communication to ventilation, occupy less space in the kitchen.
  • Inclined extracts. Popular option for modern kitchen design. Mounted most often on the wall.

In addition to the types of form of technology, several attachment methods are distinguished. For example, island hoods are attached to the ceiling and do not depend on the wall. they can be hung in the middle of the room (for example, to arrange a working area of ​​the kitchen with a stove). Such a solution is relevant in large homes or apartments. Corner hoods can also save space by placing in the angle.

When choosing, focus on the design of kitchen furniture and general room dimensions.

When choosing, you should focus on several important devices of the device. These include productivity, the level of the noise published and the ability to adjust the speed of the engine. Today there are several most models that can boast outstanding technical characteristics, moderation costs and good reviews from the owners.

Elikor Davoline

The model is the best choice for those who need an inexpensive device for cleaning the air without removal into ventilation. It has a classic design that looks good in any interior.

A reliable Italian engine and a centrifugal fan answers for suction air from the cooking surface. They provide coal extractor capacity in 290 m³ / h. With the help of an ergonomic slider, the owner can choose one of the three velocities of the motor. Low price caused the deterioration in the quality of the structure. It is made of thick metal, which will not rattling even when the device’s maximum speed is activated.

  • Quality assembly.
  • Convenient slider control.
  • Easy access to the coal filter, which greatly simplifies the process of replacement.
  • Low cost.
  • An incandescent lamp is used as a backlight, which cannot be called economical in terms of electricity consumption.
  • Low power cord length.


Minimalistic elegant carbon filter exhaust design will decorate any kitchen. Performance is 350 m³ / h, so it is suitable for premises of up to 7 kV. M. The successful decision of the KRONA engineers was the placement of the lighting lamp in the front, due to which the most light falls on the nearest burners, which people enjoy most often.

Management is carried out using the drilled switches. 3 engine speeds will allow the owner to adjust the device under its needs. For example, during the preparation of one dish, it is enough to choose a small speed at which the extract will not make a lot of noise.

GeFest in-2501

The model is distinguished by high quality assembly and simple installation. Fat metal significantly increases reliability. The hood is also equipped with a coal filter, so it does not require a removal of ventilation. With its task, it copes perfectly, quickly pulling couples from a cooking surface, cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors.

At maximum speed, the performance will reach the value of 310 m³ / h. At the same time, the noise level will be high (65 dB), so it will be problematic with someone in the kitchen when the device is turned on on the full power will be problematic. The illumination function is performed by two incandescent lamps that are easily replaced if necessary.

Jetair Orion LX 60 IX

Embedded coal hood with extendable air intake panel. Its capacity is 560 m³ / h says that it is best suited for small or medium-sized kitchens, the area of ​​which does not exceed 11 kV. M.

The manufacturer did not save on the backlight, so modern halogen lamps embedded in the body. They create a pleasant video spectrum and do not consume a lot of electricity. Three speeds are switched using convenient buttons. Powerful motor quickly gains the desired speed and provides high-quality suction of smells from the stove. The function of automatic power on the exhaust when it extensions allows not to waste time on manipulation with the control panel.

  • Quickly draws unpleasant odors.
  • Pleasant bright backlight.
  • Moderate noise when working at the first two speeds.
  • Stylish design.

Midea MH 90i 350 x

Extracted type with a coal filter belonging to the average price segment, which has a solid performance of 900 m³ / h. It will effectively eliminate foreign odors even with a large area of ​​kitchen. Due to the circulation function, the installation can carry out without removal into ventilation.

The model is fully embedded, that is, it will be hidden inside the cabinet. This allows the buyer not to worry about whether it will look good among the kitchen headset. Equipped with aluminum grease filter. He perfectly delays fat particles without giving them to stick on the engine and other internal details. Thinner air purification from unpleasant odors performs high-quality carbon filter.

  • Fully embedded in the kitchen cabinet, so suitable for the kitchen with any interior.
  • High performance.
  • Economic in terms of energy consumption LED lighting.
  • Small noise level.

Kuppersberg Onda 60

Simple, reliable fireplace hood with a filter that will satisfy the needs of most buyers. Its high cost is justified by a lot of productivity (800 m³ / h), high-quality LED lighting, stylish appearance.

If something fits on the cooking surface, then the unpleasant smell will not spread across the kitchen, but quickly slips into the inlet of the exhaust due to the powerful engine. The manufacturer made a bet on a simple control that even people who do not love to master modern household appliances.

Zigmund Shtain K 296.61

The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the design of the model, successfully aligning metal and glass. The fireplace extractor has a noble appearance, which even demanding buyer will appreciate. Smell from cooking and cigarette smoke perfectly delays a coal filter.

Rating of the best draws without removal in ventilation for 2022

According to numerous reviews of buyers of goods presented categories, the most popular models of the following manufacturers became the most popular.

hoods, kitchen, connection, ventilation


This product occupies a leading position in the list of better equipment. Although the price is high (about 150,000), but it is justified with quality and productivity (1200 cubic meters. m / h). Stylish Product Case, made of high-quality wood. Manage this product conveniently through the remote control. Also on the housing there are backlit and a regulator of three cleansing rates.

  • convenient parameters;
  • stylish design;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • high performance;
  • Availability of additional functions.

Also is the leader among the ceiling machinery this brand. Made of high-quality metal and glass in modern style, equipment not only performs their direct functions, but also serves as an additional design element in the interior of the room. A wide flat surface is securely attached to the ceiling and starts using the control panel. An additional feature of this model is a pleasant illumination, the presence of four speeds and two modes of operation. The suction of the purified air is also carried out around the perimeter of the structure. Low noise effect highlights this brand among the analogs. This product preferences are preferred by the owners of overall premises. Its value is about 140000 It should be noted that this product is not intended to clean the air from dust. There is no coal filter in it.

  • durable and high-quality design;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • remote control;
  • low noise effect;
  • Availability of additional functions.

This variety of drawing also has a ceiling mount. Its compact dimensions similar to a small lamp, as well as a stylish design of white glass provide ease of use in restaurant establishments. Such products do not occupy a lot of space, as they are high above the cooking surface. But despite the large distance, the equipment has a powerful motor capable of fourth velocity to ensure air purification in the amount of 650 cube. M / C. To maximize the speed did not make a lot of noise, special devices that drowned noise effects are built into the product. Therefore, at maximum load, the noise indicator SMEG KSCF90B is at 50 dB. This model is equipped with the following additional features: backlit, automatic shutdown after completing the use and air absorption around the construction perimeter. Manage this product is made using a remote console. Two filters are built into the product: coal and grease.

Also highlights SMEG KSCF90B among “conifers” its economy. The value of energy consumed is only 107 W.

  • miniature;
  • Beautiful design;
  • great quality;
  • high performance;
  • efficiency;
  • minimum noise effect;
  • convenience in management;
  • the presence of two filters;
  • additional functions.


Decoration of any room will serve this model. Suspended on four adjustable cables, it looks more like a beautiful chandelier than on an exhaust. Establishing it is used, the fact that the height of the ceiling to control the equipment using the touch buttons does not matter. In any situation, the length of the cables can be adjusted under the individual parameters.

The combination of painted glass and high-quality metal in the manufacture of goods gives it a stylish modern view. Optimal dimensions constituting 1.01 x 0.43 x 0.43 m, contribute to increasing popularity among consumers.

This model produces air purification in two modes. In the first case, its speed is achieved up to 720 cubic meters. m / h, and in the second 24-hour air purification is carried out at a lower speed. Management of modes occurs by touching the touch keys located on the housing. Remote control in this product is not provided. Additional functionality in Falmek Rubik Isola 450 43 BK is the presence of a timer, with which you can adjust the duration of the air purification process.

The “highlight”, as well as an excuse of a rather high price, component of about 200,000, is recognized by the model of various types of smoke and impurities in the surrounding air and when they have an independent turning on. Also in the additional possibilities of this product enters the ionization of space.

With high performance Falmek Rubik Isola 450 43 BK has a low noise level.

  • stylish design;
  • Ease of use;
  • high performance;
  • air ionization;
  • the presence of three speeds;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Large Cleansing Zone.

This is one of the budget options for suspended hoods without removal. Their price ranges from 3500 Choosing Darina Flap 501 x is perfect for miniature kitchens. Its small dimensions (0.5 m) allow you to comfortably place above the cooking surface. Made of high-quality metal, it presents a standard classic with mechanical control. Pretty low productivity (250 cubic meters. m / h), but sufficient for compact premises, ensures very quiet equipment. Its noise level is only 35 dB. Thanks to the coal filter, the surrounding air is effectively cleaned from dust pollution and smells of preparation. In addition to universal functions in this model, the backlight and anti-rotary valve have been added.

  • universal classic model;
  • optimal dimensions for small rooms;
  • low noise level;
  • the presence of additional functions;
  • Budget value.