Film wax in granules. how to use.

Film wax in granules. an improved version of the epilation material. The working structure is granules that are mounted under the influence of temperature and after applying the skin form plastic mass. Film easily breaks off, capturing the maximum amount of hair. As a result, the procedure is simply transferred simply.

Hot film wax in granules. truly unique formula, whose key feature is in practicality and absolute security. However, the list of advantages does not end.

What else should pay attention when choosing

We present the rating of waxes for depilation 2020. The best 12 funds that were selected by our experts on estimates and user reviews.

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
Best Warm Waxes for Depilation
one. Depilflax ivory wax in cartridge from 14 Spain
2. Kapous Professional Wax “Chocolate” in the cartridge from 12 Russia
3. Veet Warm Wax with Essential Oils from 3 France
4. Italwax Warm Wax “White Chocolate” in the cartridge from 110.00 Italy
Best Hot Waxes for Depilation
one. Depilflax Wax Hot “Pink” in Briquettes from 560.00 Spain
2. Beauty Image Hot Wax Standard Natural in Discs from 1200₽ Spain
3. Starpil Wax Hot “Cotton” in Briquettes from 950.00 Spain
4. Kapous Professional Hot Wax Yellow Natural In Discs from 73 Russia
Best film waxes for depilation
one. White Line film wax ITALWAX “White Chocolate” in granules from 3 Italy
2. Depileve film wax for intimate depilation in the bank from 900₽ Spain
3. Cristaline film wax with oiled rose Moskuet in granules from 1000.00 USA
4. Depilflax Wax Film Blue in Granules from 3 Spain


Whatever the rapid and convenient wax depilation procedure, it has a number of contraindications. If you have doubts about holding depilation, be sure to consult your doctor.

    Pregnancy, taking contraceptive or hormone-plane, antibiotics. In all these cases, the skin often becomes more sensitive, before the procedure, it is necessary to make a test on a small area of ​​skin. it is necessary to see how it will respond to the procedure within 24 hours;

How is the procedure of wax epilation in the cabin

Preparations for the procedure of wax epilation.

This is a stage that cannot be ignored, because the degree of pain and the final result depend on it.

Preparations need to start a few days before the expected date of epilation wax. Do not use moisturizers that create a protective barrier on the skin. For three days, stock the work area, which will help to avoid ingrown hairs. Refuse a session during menstruation, general alert or poor well-being. all these factors can increase painful sensations. It is not allowed to conduct chemical skin peeling procedures, and the first visit to the beautician after it is possible 10 days later.

Before the start of the Vaxing, the Master will drive a tool to the dermis, which minimizes pain and improve the adhesion of hairs with wax.

Note that the procedure is carried out only in the case of the length of unwanted hairs from 5 mm.


When working with hot and warm wax, you must use rubber gloves.

Warm wax epilation is performed using strips. You can purchase them in the form of a roll and cut into the procedure or buy ready-made.

Never come across warm wax epilation? Do not know how to do it? Below will look at the sequence of actions that you need to follow to achieve a qualitative result.

film, depilation, granules

Wax resin warms up to about 50 ° C. You can do this with the help of excoplava, in time the process will take about half an hour. Warm wax is most often sold in cartridges and with various additives in the form of chamomile, honey, algae and t. D. If the material is hot or cold, the procedure will fail.

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The skin is processed by a special composition in the form of an emulsion, cream or lotion. Menthol-based emulsion is very popular, which effectively minimizes painful sensations.

Wax is applied to the working area in the direction of hair growth, and the strip is imposed on it. It is necessary to leave one of its edge free to be convenient then tear off the skin. At the time of removal of hairs, hold the skin, it will help reduce pain. Unwanted vegetation on the knees and elbows to correctly remove with the bent position of the limbs.

Note that warm wax is applied strictly in one layer. For each site, use it only once, re-applying can lead to burn or irritation.

After the wax depilation or epilation, it is necessary to handle the skin with a special means in the form of a lotion or milk. Emulsion is also perfectly suitable, but oils can lead to cluster.

Wax epilation with strips, impregnated with warm wax, in the bikini zone and armpits inexpex. But this type of vacting is perfect for removing vegetation in the field of arms, legs, abdomen, back and even on the face.

Consider the epilation steps with hot wax:

The material is originally sold in solid form. It can be pills, cubes or granules. That is, at first it must be heated. This can be done in the canxooplava at a temperature of 80 ° C. Only in this case the wax will start melting and reaches the desired temperature 45 60 ° C.

Armpit depilation with HOT FILM WAX “Italwax”

The duration of melting wax depends on its shape and composition and ranges from 3 to 15 minutes. As a result, you need to get a consistency of thick sour cream.

Before a session, we must apply special means on the skin with an antiseptic effect, for example, chlorhexidine.

So that the material is well clipped with skin and unwanted hairs, use talc or baby powder. This will help reduce the amount of sweat and salae, thereby contributing to the removal of even the smallest porcers.

The wax first need to apply on the wrist, checking the comfort of temperature.

With the help of a special spatula, it is necessary to evenly distribute the means of skin in the direction of hair growth. Three seconds enough to interact wax and bristles. Halfing the strip over the thick edge, it is necessary to disrupt her with a sharp movement of the hand towards the growth of hair. At the same time, the skin needs to hold.

If the waxing layer turned out to be too thin, it is allowed to impose repeated. On the same work area you can apply it for no more than three times. Wax epilation of bikini zone strips with hot wax is carried out by small areas in order to reduce pain. If unwanted hairs remained after the procedure, they can be removed by tweezers.

At the end of the skin it is necessary to apply children’s powder or talc, and later an antiseptic, for example, chlorhexidine. The latter needs to be continued to use both at home after each reception of the soul. These tools will help completely remove wax balances.

Vaxing hot resin perfectly copes with unwanted vegetation in the bikini area, armpits and on the face.

Use of funds

Products are designed to eliminate hair in men and women. Before performing the epilation, it is important to inspect the skin for damage. in some cases therapy should be postponed. To get a good result from the procedure, you need to grow hair for a length of over 3 mm.

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Film wax epilation is performed most often in the cabin conditions. For therapy need to warm up products. It is important to observe the temperature regime so as not to apply burns. Manipulation is allowed to exercise independently. To do this, you need to spend several sessions in small areas to understand the principle of operation.

Rating top 8 waxes for depilation

ITALWAX Pool Wax Pour Homme

Granulated Hot Wax Designed for Husty Male Hair Growing. But many masters use granules for intimate depilation in women. He is able to accurately repeat the body contour and capture even short hair, since it is highly pile. Scope: Middle Pads, Eyebrows, Face and Bikini. Applied with a spatula and at the same time do not need to take into account the direction of growth. Therefore, the axillary depressures can be removed by one application, which is much more economical in comparison with the analogues. Operating temperature is 42 with.

  • perfectly copes with rigid hair;
  • practically no redness remain;
  • excellent adhesion and clean removal;
  • Economical use.

I have a private studio and this wax I imhibilize not only men, but also women who have a very hard hair. Plastic material and it is convenient to work. And after removal, clean skin remains without redness and burning.

If, after removal of the applique, wax remained, then this is the reason for its uneven application (thick middle and thin edge). Try to apply hot wax slowly, evenly over the entire surface and pressing a spatula.

film, depilation, granules

Kapous Professional fat-soluble

Kapous manufactures fat-soluble plastic material in banks of 800 and 400 ml, as well as in cartridges. The consistency resembles honey. Cartridges with different roller widths for use on face, legs, hands and back. The operating temperature is 55-60 s. Suitable for people with sensitive skin type. The product is intended for the following types of hair: Hard, medium rigidity and short. Contains titanium dioxide and natural components (beeswax, resin, vegetable oil). Technique of working with this product Bandage, that is, special fabric or paper strips are required. Does not require talc.

  • quickly melts and holds its properties for a long time;
  • Excellent capture of hairs;
  • practically does not remain on the skin;
  • pleasant aroma.

Not first time to depilation of cabbuse. I really liked it from the first time. Excellent consistency like Iris. Floating for 3-5 minutes in the microwave. Not liquid and perfectly captures hairs of different rigidity. But there are small traces after work. I wash off vegetable oil.

Titanium dioxide is always present in high-quality wax. It protects the skin from the effects of UV rays after the depilation procedure.

Depilflax Hot “Pink” in Briquettes

Hot wax must be melted at a temperature of 60-80 s. Texture of this product plastic. Quick normal and hard hair. The composition includes: natural beeswax, pine resin, antioxidants, rose oil and titanium dioxide. Depilation can be made of armpits in the field of bikini and on the face. Technique of work manual, that is, no strips are required. Briquettes allow melting material dosage. Gives the skin elasticity, relieves irritation and has a weak healing effect of wounds. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • easy mowers;
  • copes with short hairs;
  • Comfortable packing briquettes;
  • does not leave traces on the skin;
  • Do not burn.

I took a test for home use. Melted on a water bath. It smells good and working with him very convenient. First, dosed by briquettes. Posted a bank how much is required. Secondly, it is easy to apply and do not need napkins, which is economical. Thirdly, removes short hairs and everything is perfect smoothly.

Depileve film for intimate depilation

Creamy Structure Warm Wax Designed to work in an intimate zone. Suitable even for deep bikini. The product works with rigid and short hairs, but not suitable for thin hair. Contains a natural pine resin, cocoa oil and oats extract. Moisturizes and softens the skin. Operating temperature 39 s, so no burns on the skin. Technique: Manual without strips. Texture Gentle and soft. Does not fully freeze, as it is warmed up to the body temperature. It does not matter to delete in growth or against growth. The main thing is to do it in the opposite side of the application and a smooth layer.

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Depileve film for intimate depilation
Type warm
Epilation technique Manual
Hair Type Hard and moderately hard
Peculiarities armpits and bikini
  • works clean with proper use;
  • There are no strong painful sensations and irritations;
  • Very economical flow;
  • Comfortably apply.

Used at home for bikini and armpits. One banks 400 ml was 4 times. Excellent material for depilation. After it smooth skin and no irritation. Drown on the steam bath for about one minute the whole bank. I take wax from the edge. First used without a talca, but with him the process goes better.

Italwax Warm Wax “Azulene”

This product is designed to depilation of thin and light hair. Differs in a high degree of adhesion, which allows the procedure purely and with less pain. Applied thin layer. Requires warming up in cartridge up to 40 s. Natural composition: Pine resin and vegetable additives. Also contains a drawing of a pharmaceutical chamomile with antiseptic properties. The impact on the skin is careful, does not cause redness, burning and allergic reactions. Wax is designed to work on large surfaces: hands, legs and backs.

Skin preparation to the procedure

Use film wax is recommended at a length of hairs 5-8 mm. Otherwise remove unwanted vegetation will not work. Too small hairs will not be able to hook, and the longs are blown away during the procedure.

  • Apply hot wax should be on low-fat skin. For this, the surface is embedded, wash off with water and rinsed with a towel. Refrain from the procedure will have to if on the skin there are wounds, ulcers, abrasions, burns.
  • Degreased surface-processed surface with a face lotion on a rapid basis. Apply the composition is necessary on dry skin.
  • If the roasted particles are visible on the surface, then the skin is tightened before the procedure. You can dry the treated surface using a talc or powder.

Find out the pros and cons of Shugarring and compare with this method, perhaps, see you like more.

Film wax allows you to “forget” about unwanted vegetation on the body for 2-4 weeks. The drug is suitable for all skin types and for any body sections. The advantages include:

  • Efficiency (captures all hair) and a long result;
  • does not require high time time;
  • Safety (with normal vaccination, the wax is used hot, the temperature at which the film is melted. 37-40 degrees and, as practice has shown, they can be used, without fear of burns);
  • Negative consequences (irritation, allergies) are extremely rare;
  • less painful sensations (compared to other methods. due to slower frozen);
  • versatility (any hair on any parts of the body);
  • simultaneous skin peeling (cleansing from dead particles);
  • efficiency in use (a thin layer is applied);
  • Due to the rubber when removing it does not break, does not crumble;
  • does not contain preservatives;
  • the ability to spend at home yourself.
  • painful sensations (especially in intimate areas);
  • removal of powder hair, which leads to their subsequent flaw;
  • The optimal hair length for removal should be at least 5 mm;
  • Small red dots may appear (will disappear on the 2-3rd day).

Thus, the film wax is an excellent option for those who do not like to visit salons, as it is very simple to use them at home. The procedure does not take much time, less painful, has less unpleasant consequences.