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Where to fall asleep in the washing machine Ariston?

This provides a special compartment, which is located in the cuvette. There is a label on the container that will not allow overdoing with the amount of poured chlorine. Do not forget that with frequent automatic bleaching, damage to the parts of the washer.

Pull the compartment of the washing machine on yourself until it stops so that it seems to be the outward Car Hotpoint-Ariston

  • Pull out the powder tray until you stop.
  • We carry out the edges of the tray housing on the right side and raise it a little up.
  • Pull the tray on yourself and pull it out of the washing machine.

Where to float the powder and air conditioning

In most cases, there is a tray in the automatic washer in which three compartments are:

For prewash. indicated by the Roman numeral I or Arabic 1, in some cases the letter A. This compartment is designed for the washing mode of particularly dirty things (using pre-wash). If you used this mode, do not forget to throw powder into this compartment, otherwise the first stage of washing will be wasted.

For the main washing. marked with the Roman number II or Arabic 2, sometimes the letter B (b). This is the main compartment for the powder and most often you will use it. The main modes of washing pass to it.

Air conditioner / rinsing compartment. marked or flower. How clear from the name is designed for air conditioners and other softening fluids, at the last stage of washing.

In various models and brands, the machines compartment, where to add powder to the washing machine is located differently. Next, we will analyze the most popular models and their trays, with the photo and the designations of the desired compartments, but still we will analyze another way to pour powder.

Pour the powder directly into the drum. I do not recommend anyone to do this, but there are times when it is necessary. There is a myth that this method reduces powder consumption. In fact, it all depends on the washing regime, because if you first wash the powder in the drum, we must understand that in most work modes, water is poured several times in the drum and merges, and therefore, sheeps all the powers. When you use the tray, the powder from there is used gradually. There are several situations in which you still have to use this way and all of them are connected with a breakdown of a tray or in its absence.

Now let’s figure out different models of trays of the styrel and where to throw powder in them.

Where to paint the powder in the washing machine Samsung (Flip samsung)

Indesit where to pour powder in a washing machine (indesitis ssyupace)

Where to fall asleep washing powder in the washing machine lg?

In LG washing machines, the detergent / detergent dispenser is located at the top and is located directly on the front panel. How to open a compartment for washing powder? If the technique is absolutely new, then the compartment for the washing powder can be protected by a scotch or adhesive tape.

For weakly polluted products made of cotton and mixed fabrics, the “Express Wash” mode is suitable. The main features of this program are fast, but intensive washing, as well as rapid water heating to a given temperature.

What tool use?

Before switching on self-cleaning, it is worth stocking appropriate cleaning agent. An ordinary powder will not fit. a special composition is needed, which is bought separately. It is better not to experiment with stamps, but to choose already proven cleaners.

  • Liquid remedy produced in Japan and able to cope with soap raid, fungus, scale and other mud. It is realized in bottles of 550 ml, which is enough for one-time cleaning machine with a capacity of up to 9 kg. The cost varies between 6-6.3 dollars.
  • Japanese pills with recognized efficiency. Remove any contamination and attract a relatively low price. A pack with 5 tablets costs about 2 dollars.
  • Dutch powder against mold for any types of stylish. Sold with packs of 0.162 l for 10.

Before use, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions on the package and strictly follow the dosage. Otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved, and the expensive means will spend in vain.

Than not to clean the machine?

In an effort to save, some hostesses begin to “cherish” and look for an alternative to an expensive powder among breeding agents. Tips and recommendations are on the Internet, however, not all of the listed “counterparts” can be considered efficient and safe.

So, most often on the forums it is advised to use whiteness, various acids and the Coca-Cola drink as a detergent when turning on the self-cleaning mode. Unfortunately, none of the listed liquids will save, on the contrary, will damage the machine and will entail additional expenses.

  • White. It is considered to be a powerful and efficient cleaner and, due to the concentrated chlorine in the composition, quickly mocks the inside of the mud and scale. However, there is a significant “but”. the substance strongly corrodes the rubber parts, which will lead to breakdowns and leaks.
  • Acid. Like white, they will cause significant damage to the rubber cuffs and gaskets of the machine. Plus, metal components will suffer: darkens the drum, the shaft and tan are oxidized. Some users burned the liquid and the drain hose.
  • Cola. It is famous for its cleaning qualities, but the concentration of active substances is not enough to completely clean the machine. It will take about 15-20 liters, which are more expensive than special safety.

It makes no sense to save on cleaning the machine. Aggressive and untested chemistry will do more harm than good. The likely probability is that budget experiments will bring to the fact that they will have to acquire a new washer.

hotpoint, ariston, washing, machine, pour, conditioner


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How much is the washing machine hotpoint ariston?

for washing machines Hotpoint-aristonnation of washing machine suppliesHotpoint-Ariston VMSL 501 B Whiteot 14 150 p.Hotpoint-Ariston RSD 8239 DX Whiteot 21 990 R.HotPoint-Ariston WMTF 601 Whiteot 29 990 R.HotPoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L Whiteot 21 250 R.1 more string

In most “stylish”, the cuvette for the powder is divided into three compartments, one of them is designed for the dry powder of the main washing, it is indicated by II or B. In this compartment and you need to pour liquid powder. But in some automatic machines, pour the gel-like tool in this compartment is prohibited by the manufacturer.

Where the powder where air conditioning?

Automatons with vertical loading cell for powder, air conditioner, bleach are placed on the inside of the hatch at the top. Frontal eraklock compartment for detergents, as a rule, is in the left corner from above. Depending on the brand, its design may vary.

During manual washing, the air conditioner is added to the water, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Withstand underwear in solution need 5-10 minutes. After it is pressed and drying, you can proceed to the iron process.

Where to fill the rinse

Air conditioner makes things soft and gives them a pleasant fragrance. But to feel this effect, you need to know how to use a rinser with machine washing. If you apply an air conditioner for the first time, you can not always immediately understand where to pour it, especially if the guide to the car is lost. Our instructions will help dealt with this issue.

First, it should be understood that the rinser should be used only for rinse in linen, but not during washing. Therefore, pour it into a section for washing powder is incorrect. the tool will be wooing when washing and will not give any effect.

For air conditioning in the machine, there is a separate compartment, the location of which is different depending on the model of the unit. If you got a machine with a vertical load type, then the cuvette for detergents will be under the lid. In the models with the front load, the tray of the retractable and is located at the top of the left (in rare cases. right).

We suggest to get acquainted why the washing machine does not erase

Read the instructions

A manual is attached to each washing machine where it is necessary to have information about where to fall asleep or pour. If the instruction is lost, it can be found on the Internet, where there are guides almost for all existing styral models. Usually the relevant information is made in a separate section of the manual, and they are very easy to find.

It happens so that the machine is old, and the instruction to find it is impossible. In this case, you can contact the manufacturer (every company producing household appliances, there is a website on the Internet, where there is contact information). But usually it is not required. the desired tray is easy to find independently.

Knowing where to fall asleep powder in a washing machine, you will improve the quality of washing and warn the appearance of breakdowns associated with the laying of detergents on the hoses and the “internals” of the device.

With normal processing (without soaking and using air conditioners) fill only 2 container (B). When washing with soaking. 1 (a) and 2 (B).

When processing, implying soaking, washing and softening clothes, put powder into large compartments, and in a small rinser.

hotpoint, ariston, washing, machine, pour, conditioner

Modern women do not imagine life without a washing machine because it saves strength and time. However, purchasing a new unit, especially with the instructions in a foreign language, they do not know where to fall asleep powder.

Not only of its operation depends on the correct operation of the device, but also the quality of washing.

Consider where to fall asleep the powder in the washing machine of the vertical and horizontal sample, and where to fill the rinsers for a full washing.

The most popular manufacturers of automatic machines, are company: Beko, Bosch, Indesit, LG, Samsung Atlant, Classixx, Diamond, Eco, Electrolux, Virportul, Kandy, Ardo, Siemens, “Beko”, Ariston, Gorenje, Hotpoint, Innex, Zanussi. Most of them release devices 2 samples: horizontal (tray is located above the drum) and vertical (container is inside the washing hatch).

Any machine machine is equipped with a container for powders, bleaching and DR. necessary for washing, but manufacturers cannot agree on the designations of the compartments, therefore, before filling in the conditioner or powder, consider the signs near each compartment. They can be drawn, pasted or more often “litim” on the plastic surface.

On the container of each machine (from the edge), symbolic images explaining where to fall asleep powder, bleaching, staineds and rinsers. For each compartment there are 3 types of identification signs:

  • Ι, 1 or “A”. This compartment symbolizes soaking. It’s not worth putting cleaning if the program used does not provide for pre-wash.
  • II, 2 or “B”. The main compartment. dry powder poured into it, pour liquid powder or washing gel, regardless of the selected program.
  • “Star”, or “Flower” (the smallest department in size). In this compartment you need to pour out products, softening clothing, “blue” or bleach. Identifying signs

If you got a device without identification marks, try to recognize the purpose of the trays by conducting an elementary experiment:

  • Run the machine without laundry and detergents in any mode that does not include a soak cycle.
  • After starting, slightly open the tray and see where the water starts to pour.

As a result of these actions, we conclude: this department is intended for any washing, the 2nd (large). for the means necessary for soaking and the last for air conditioners.

Note! Any model of machine (Indesit, Samsung, Bosh, Eco, Candy, Whirlpool, Veko, Ariston, etc.) will endure even repeated conduct of this experiment, so do not be afraid to conduct it.

The detergent tray is located in the upper corner of the front of the washing machine body. By pulling it out, you can see several compartments for different stages of washing. Most often there are three. Sizes and designations of compartments may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But in general it looks like this:

  • Compartment for washing powder used in the main wash. This is the largest compartment where powder is poured or gel-like detergent is poured. Typically, this compartment is signed by the icon II or letter B.
  • Compartment to add funds intended for soaking. Here are stained fiftesers or bleach, if you plan to pre-soaked clothes in a washing machine. This separation is slightly smaller than the previous one. Sign it like this: i or a.
  • The rinse compartment. It is here that the air conditioner is poured. This is the smallest cuvette, often denoted by a flower or an asterisk. This compartment can be seamless, which indicates the maximum rinse bay level.

Questions Quiz HotPoint Ariston | Topic Author: Mateo

Questions 1st stage: 1 Where the embedded HOTPOINT-ARISTON technique is produced? Italy2 Which world famous designer, winner of the Golden Circul Award is the creator of the design and ergonomics of the entire line of the built-in HOTPOINT-ARISTON technology? Makio Hasuiki3 Which System ensures the highest quality of baking of any type of product, both at the door and against the wall? Dual Flow4 what is the name of the system stopping the gas supply if the flame accidentally goes out? Gas control5 What is the name of the cleaning of the oven using a special automatic cycle at a temperature of 500 ° C? Fast Clean6 What is the name of the technology patented for the hotpoint-ariston brand, which provides the vertical distribution of the flame, having a single flat surface of the burner, with hundreds of holes? Direct Flame7 as a function is called, thanks to which, you can program work and automatic shutdown of all the burners in the interval from 1 to 99 minutes? Timer 8 What is the name of the technology that allows the surface to “fit” under the saucepan on the burner, automatically determining its size and location of each individual pan and activating only the heating zone that is necessary? Flexy Zony9 The technology that heats ferromagnetic cookware using electromagnetic vibrations is called Induction 10 The technology that allows you to put two pans or two pots on the same heating zone by selecting two different temperatures is called Flexy Zone

Questions 2nd Stage: 1 What washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston, the only on the market, has double glazing of the hatch, opening the door from left to right, control embedded in the door? Aqualtis (Akvaltis) 2 What diameter loading hatch at the washing machines HotPoint Ariston series Futura? 34 cm3 What is the minimum depth of washing machines Hotpoint Ariston with loading of linen 8 kg? 44 cm4 how many colors of the booty hatch washing machines Hotpoint-Ariston is presented in the shops in Tekhnodom? 35 What is the name of the ozonization function of the refrigeration compartment in the HOTPOINT ARISTON refrigerators? Active Oxygen (asset oxidgen) 6 What, record low noise when washing, guarantees technology in washing machines HotPoint Ariston. Super Silent? 51 dB7 What an angle of tilt drum at washing machines Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis series? 8 degrees 8 What alloy, which completely eliminates the possibility of corrosion, are all drums of Hotpoint Ariston washing machines in the new Aqualtis series made of? Titanium9 Which world-famous designer is the creator of the bright and concise design of the Hotpoint Ariston Aquatis series washing machines? Makio Hasuiki? Not

Questions of the 3rd stage: 1 Specify the name of the device used in the washing machines of the Aqualtis series, allowing you to easily use liquid and dry detergents Easy Dose2. Is it possible to open the door, during washing, in washing machines Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis series? Yes3 What combination of features in the Woolmark Platinum Care program guarantees a perfect wash of wool and cashmere, without the risk of stretching and shrinkage? low temperature and high stirring speed4 What is the name of the operating mode of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine, during which all important internal parts are cleaned of scale, grease and other contaminants? AUTO CLEAN5 The name of the device used in the washing machines Hotpoint Ariston, which makes it easy to use liquid and dry detergents Easy Dose6 in what the difference of the oven hotpoint ARISTON series Open Space? OpenSpace oven. 70 liters7 in what the principle of operation of Active Oxygen technology? Name 3 advantages. The formation of ozone molecules. 1) Conservation of freshness 2) Elimination of bacteria 3) Long-term timeline of the product Products8 In which products Hotpoint Ariston has Active Oxygen technology? Refrigerators and dishwashers

ARALT 9 Thanks to what is provided with a uniform heating of the dishes when cooking on the surfaces of HotPoint Ariston series DIRECT FLAME? vertical dance, thanks to the patented burner10 in which year, Indesit was founded and by whom? 1930.

Questions of the 4th stage: In which country there is NO production of Hotpoint Ariston refrigerators and washing machines: Poland, China, Russia, Italy? ChinaItems with which elements, previously not intended for machine washing, are now easy to wash in the Ultra delicate cycle: chiffon, organza, sequins and beads, silk? Sequins and beadsWhat angle of inclination do all Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis washing machine drums have for max. contact of linen with water during washing? 8 degrees What is the warranty period for the quality and durability of Super Silent motors in Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis washing machines? 10 years In what year did the two oldest brands in Europe merge into a single whole: the English Hotpoint and the Italian Ariston? 2007 What is shown in figure 1? Oven handleWhat is shown in Figure 2? Glass-ceramic surfaceWhat is shown in figure 3? HoodWhat is shown in Figure 4? Coffee machineWhat is shown in Figure 5? Dishwasher control panel (dishwasher)

Milentina TECHNODOM, Hello! Thank you for posting the answers, now we know which questions were answered incorrectly.And in the 4th stage I answered all questions correctly. then.

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How to upload?

Washing machines of various manufacturers have a significant difference in the set of programs and modes of washing. The amount of powder that will be spent in the process of a particular wash program indicated in the operating instruction manual. In addition, each manufacturer of the synthetic detergent for automatic machines indicates its approximate dosage on the package. But all this data are conditional.

The following factors may affect the dosage of the washing powder.

  • The source weight of the loaded linen. The more weight, the more funds need to add. If only a few things are to be washed, the estimated rate of the product must be reduced.
  • Degree of pollution. If things are strongly contaminated or have difficulty outlined stains, the concentration of the powder should be increased.
  • Water rigidity level. What he is higher, the greater the detergent will need for a positive result of washing.
  • Washing program. For different types of tissues, a different amount of washing means.

Download the powder, the stain pressure or bleach is necessary strictly in the appropriate tray before starting the washing process.

In order to pour powder, it is best to use a special measuring cup.

It has a convenient nose, allowing you to pour powder exactly in the compartment, and there are marks on its walls, so that you can easily measure the required amount of powder. You can buy it in any economic store. Also, some manufacturers of washing powders put it in packaging with a tool as a pleasant bonus. Usually this applies to packages with a large weight.

It is believed that the powder can be filled directly into the drum after loading the linen. This method has both positive and negative sides.

The advantages include:

  • Less detergent consumption;
  • the possibility of washing with a breakdown of cuvette;
  • The possibility of washing when clogging hoses feeding water for flushing powder.

The disadvantages of the method include:

  • the likelihood of elevation and appearance of spots on color clothes as a result of granules;
  • Bad quality washing due to uneven distribution of powder among things;
  • Incomplete dissolution of powder when washing.

Hoe u de Hotpoint Waterman wasmachine pompfilter en dispenserlade kunt reinigen

If there is a need to add a tool directly to the drum, for this you need to use special plastic containers.

Their use will protect underwear from elevation, and small holes in the lid of such a container will allow the powder to dissolve inside, and the soap solution to pour out into the drum gradually.

Detergent in the form of gels and capsules can be loaded directly into the drum of the washing machine. Most often they do not have aggressive components, and their application will not lead to it.

In some models of washing machines, manufacturers have provided a dispenser for gel-shaped linen care products.

It is a record that needs to be installed in the main compartment for powder, where special grooves are located. Then pour gel. There will be a small space between this partition and the bottom of the compartment, through which the gel will fall into the drum only when water becomes.

The easiest way to deal with the addition of air conditioner. You can pour it both before washing and in its process, before rinse. The amount of rinse required is indicated on its packaging. But even if the air conditioner is used less or more of the specified norm, it will not affect the purity of the linen.