How to wash the refrigerator inside after defrosting

The operation of the refrigeration unit is associated with the appearance of pollution and a musty, unpleasant odor. Process. inevitable if you do not take a number of actions in a timely manner. To eliminate unwanted aromas, spots and dirt, industrialized and folk remedies can be used, time.tested.

Keep the freshness of products, prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, extend its life is easier than it seems if you take care of cleanliness. To simplify the process, it is recommended to make a cleaning schedule. But some housewives pay attention to the unit only when there are problems, which is wrong.

Minimum care should be done daily. It implies timely removal from the outer surface of the newly emerged spots, divorces, prints. Efficiency should be shown, since old pollutions are much more difficult to remove. The handle must be wiped every day with a napkin saturated with an antibacterial composition.

The frequency of general cleaning depends on: the intensity of the use of the refrigerator, the type of cooling system, the degree of workload. Washing is carried out every 3 months, although someone does it more often. In order to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor, it is necessary a couple of times a month, or better. to conduct an audit once a week. This is done by freeing shelves and boxes from products that have lost fresh.

The procedure for performing work

Before the first use, it is necessary to wash the refrigerator to exclude the appearance of a stable “chemical” smell. To do this, you can use “store” or home remedies. The most popular among housewives are a solution of soda (2 t. l. for 3 liters of warm water) and a solution of 9%vinegar (1 h. l. 3 liters of water).


The refrigerator washes is allowed to start only after disconnecting the unit from the power supply network. Previously, it is necessary to put the temperature control controller at zero mark.

All foods and containers are taken out of the camera, a thorough audit is carried out, getting rid of the delay and spoiled food. Cooked and frozen foods are put in a bowl and placed in a dark cool place or immersed directly in the pelvis in a bath with ice and cold water.

All stained containers and packaging are also washed out, otherwise after repeated laying them in the camera the smell will not go.

You can speed up the defrosting by spraying the walls from the spray gun with hot water. You can put an open container or plastic bottles filled with hot liquid in the camera. As it cools, the water is changed to hot, and so on until the ice is thawed.

All removable shelves, containers, side racks will have to be removed. Wash them most efficiently. directly under running water or in a pelvis with soapy.

How to quickly wash with the help of folk remedies?

Safe cleaning, without the use of chemicals, will provide home preparations prepared according to folk recipes.


The usual vinegar copes well with cleaning and eliminating extraneous smells.

  • We prepare a washing solution. vinegar with a concentration of 9% is diluted with water in a proportion of 1 to 1.
  • In the resulting solution we popped clean fabric or sponge and wipe all surfaces.
  • Then you can walk in the same areas again, only now clean water.
  • We complete the process with a clean fabric with a clean cloth, after which the refrigerator is left with an open door for at least 3 hours, so that the smells are finally disappeared.

With the help of vinegar, you can perfectly cope with fat in the oven, instructions in this article.

The safest, but at the same time one of the most effective cleaning products is food soda.

It can be used as a powder, only you need to make sure that your refrigerator model is allowed to wash with soft abrasives.

gentle cleaning will provide soda solution:

  • In a liter of water, dissolve 2 table. tablespoons of soda.
  • Take out all the shelves and bars, wipe them with the resulting solution.
  • Wash the entire refrigerator inside.
  • Rinse the remains of soda with a rag moistened with clean water.
  • Dry the surface with a dry towel.

Soda will serve not only a good cleaner, but also disinfect all the details of the device. With it, you can wash almost all of household appliances and not only. So, with the help of soda you can easily and simply wash the electric kettle.


Lemon juice acts like vinegar. acid effectively breaks down fat, removes pollution and unpleasant odors.

The lemon is poured with boiling water so that it gives more juice, cut into two halves and one of them is well squeezed into a separate vessel.

The resulting juice is diluted with a liter of water and used as a detergent for wiping the internal and outer walls of the refrigerator.

In general, citric acid is a universal cleaning agent. For example, with its help you can clean the microwave from fat, which is written in this article.

Hydrogen peroxide

This medical drug is considered the most powerful in the fight against unpleasant odors. In the open air, he quickly evaporates, taking with him all the “aromas”.

  • In a liter of clean water, dilute a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Add a small spoon of vinegar to the solution.
  • Carefully process all walls, removable parts and components.
  • Improte the refrigerator.

The drug is allowed to use for irrigation of especially contaminated surfaces.

wash, refrigerator, purchase, necessary

The finished aqueous solution is poured into a bottle with a spray gun and sprayed dirty places. After 10 minutes, the contamination is removed with a soft wet rag.

How to Deal With Flooded Appliances. Recovery & Restoration

Laundry soap

The soap has cleaning properties due to the alkaline composition, which is fatal for mold and microbes, and also copes with the removal of pollution.

Instructions for use:

  • Half of the bar of laundry soap grate.
  • Dissolve the shavings in a small amount of water until the gruel is obtained.
  • Process all areas with the mixture and leave it overnight for the reaction.
  • In the morning, wash off the soap composition and wipe it dry.

Advice! The smell of rotten meat will help get rid of the refrigerator processing with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

With the help of laundry soap, you can wash the refrigerator outside, the instructions are here.

The better to wash the refrigerator

There is an effective professional Smelloff tool from smells in the kitchen.

Despite the fact that the neutralizer is a professional tool, any housewife can use it.

Stages of destruction of the smell:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the power and defrost it (it is better to transfer it to another room/camera for the time of defrosting and processing the refrigerator).
  • We remove the resulting water using disposable towels or rags, leaving the surface with absolutely dry.
  • If there are parts inside the refrigerator that can be removed, then we do it and process them separately, leaving them until completely dry in the room without draft.
  • After making sure that all the surfaces are absolutely dry, we apply the neutralizer using spraying (if necessary. shed), paying special attention to the corners, pens, egg cells and sealing rubber bands on the doors.
  • After processing, we leave the refrigerator with the door ajar until completely dry and only then ventilate.

The main mistake made by housewives is that to achieve the fastest effect, they completely open the refrigerator, as well as windows, creating a draft. In this case, the product does not dry out in a natural way, and therefore does not have time to absorb in the surface completely and destroy the smell.

When using Smelloff, ventilation should be excluded. not to open windows and doors during processing and action.

Smelloff (can be used to clean the refrigerator and other different surfaces)

We also mentioned a soda solution, which is considered a universal and very effective means in the fight against smells in the refrigerator. As an alternative, they advise using:

    • Fresh lemon or lemon juice. All internal surfaces are rubbed with a half cut lemon or a solution of juice in a concentration of 2-3 t. l. for 250 ml of water;
    • table or natural vinegar in a proportion of 1: 1 with water;
    • hydrogen peroxide. It is usually used after the use of soap solutions;
    • ammonia diluted with water (1 t. l. by 250 ml).

It is not necessary to wash away these compounds, just give the refrigerator for some time to ventilate from the sharp smells of vinegar or ammonia.

When traces and smell of mold appear, it is recommended to use chlorine.containing bleaches diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10

Some advise washing a refrigerator with a toothpaste, which has a pleasant menthol aroma and effective cleaning properties.

Smell elimination and aromatization

In refrigerators, you cannot use chemical air fresheners and flavorings. They are easy to replace with home improvised means that absorb unpleasant odors and significantly improve the situation.

wash, refrigerator, purchase, necessary

The dried loaf absorbs extraneous smells and excess moisture from the refrigerator

As the absorbents that take extraneous smells, you can put in the refrigerator:

    • crust of dried black loaf;
    • filler for a cat’s toilet from silicahel granules or zeolite;
    • several crushed pills of activated coal;
    • Food soda.

Lay the absorbents on a saucer or pour into any open container and place on a free shelf.

Also in open dishes are placed flavorings:

If washing and aromatization did not give the expected result, perhaps the cause of the unpleasant odor is the clogging of the drain. A similar situation occurs quite often in non.freezing refrigerators, where water drains along the back wall. When it stagnates in a groove, a characteristic swamp aroma appears.

When problems in the refrigerator work, it is better to immediately seek help from specialists

In addition, a constant persistent odor is an indicator of malfunctions in the operation of the device (for example, if the liquid was numb into some hidden compartment or under the skin). In such cases, you first need to repair the refrigerator, and only then wash it.

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Preparation for washing the refrigerator

Before washing the refrigerator, you need to prepare the equipment for this process. Full cleaning of the device is impossible without defrosting. Modern units require defrosting about 1-3 times a year, if you notice an unpleasant odor, then the procedure can be carried out more often. First disconnect the device from the network and remove all food products from the camera. Make sure to transfer them to the balcony (in cold weather) or in the container with ice. Remove the removable elements. To learn more about the defrosting procedure, read this article. As a rule, this manipulation takes from 3 to 10 hours. The easiest option is to leave the technique to defrost all night.

Wash the refrigerator inside after defrosting. Prepare the necessary inventory in advance (rags, sponges, detergents, empty dishes if you plan to prepare solutions according to folk recipes). plan for the work

To wash the refrigerator correctly and eliminate extraneous smells, you should adhere to a certain algorithm:

All removable elements (shelves, containers) carefully rinse in the bathroom. If you use rather aggressive products with a chemical composition, rinse the parts under the pressure of the shower with warm water several times. Wipe the boxes, shelves and containers dry with soft non.abrasive material. Returning wet elements to the camera is not recommended.

Put a napkin or towel on the bottom (floor) of the refrigerator. It will absorb water flowing during cleaning.

Now you need to wash the refrigerator inside. Your best assistant is a soft porous sponge or gauze fabric. Moisten it in the selected solution or a washing tool and clean each corner in the chamber. Washing is carried out only in the direction from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the back wall and door, as well as inaccessible sections. Refuse scrapers and metal brushes, which easily leave scratches on a plastic coating. Pick clean water in a bucket and remove the remnants of detergents with a clean sponge. Then wipe the surfaces dry with a towel or napkins dry.

Attention should also be paid to the freezer. Cleaning in this site is carried out after completely thawing ice. The detergent solution is conveniently sprayed on the inner surfaces using a spray gun. Do not forget to remove the remaining moisture with an absorption cloth.

wash, refrigerator, purchase, necessary

Remember that you can return frozen food to the freezer only after the temperature in the chamber drops to.18 c.

So, you managed to wash the refrigerator inside and destroy harmful bacteria. But that’s not all. Do not forget to clean the rubber seal. Remember: it is forbidden to treat with vinegar and other acids. The best option is to clean the element with an old toothbrush. The elastic band can be washed with the means that are in every house. For example, grate 50 g of laundry soap on a grater, combine with 3 large tablespoons of tooth powder, mix with water and several drops of essential oil. Grind the mass with a brush on the surface of the seal, remove the remaining with a damp cloth and dry naturally. If the gum has dried up, vegetable oil can be applied to it.

Successfully coped with work? If all the removable elements are dry, then it’s time to return them back. Then lay out fresh foods. Pay attention to the fact that containers and other containers are perfectly clean. For example, at the bottom of the pots there should not be a soup of a soup, and on the outer walls. dried fat.

That’s all: now the equipment is completely ready for further operation!

Removable elements of some models can be washed in a dishwasher. A household vacuum cleaner is used to clean the capacitor.

How to wash a refrigerator without harm to health

How and how to wash the refrigerator correctly, every housewife should know. To do this, you need to study different methods and means of cleaning, instructions and safety precautions.

When washing the refrigerator, you need to observe elementary safety rules that will protect from harm to health. Of course, the refrigerator is not source of radiation or poisonous gases to be afraid for your life. But still observing elementary rules will protect from all troubles.

  • disconnect from the electric network;
  • work in rubber gloves;
  • prevent detergent from getting into the eyes due to its irritating properties.

It is necessary to take into account the factor of allergic reactions to substances contained in household chemicals or lemon and other components of folk remedies.

The sequence of washing the refrigerator

Before washing the refrigerator, you need to turn it off from the mains to exclude the possibility of obtaining an electrical injury, including for defrosting the freezer. While the freezer is defrosting, you need to put all the products into a cold place to preserve them. Spoiled products need to be thrown away.

Next, we pull out all the boxes and shelves, preferably in a warm place, possibly in the bathroom. This is due to the fact that when washing them with excessively warm water, the formation of a crack is possible due to a sharp temperature difference.

We are waiting for the defrosting of the freezer and only after that we begin to wash it.

While the freezer is defrosting, you can wash the refrigerator outside, clean the boxes and glass shelves in the bathroom. You can first rinse them with warm water so that they slightly increase their temperature. Next, wash thoroughly with a cleaning agent.

After the freezer is defrosted, we begin to wash the internal compartments. We remove the accumulated liquid with a sponge. Using detergents or folk remedies carefully my everything from the inside.

Когда внутренняя часть вымыта с помощью моющего средства, протираем влажной тряпкой и даем холодильнику высохнуть, дверцу оставляем открытой. After drying, put all the compartments back in the refrigerator and only after that we include into the network.

Household chemicals

You need to choose how to wash the refrigerator. Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of washing products. But the use of ordinary drugs is not always effective. This is due to the fact that the detergent is poorly washed off with water. And specialized gels, in addition to light washing, also have an excellent aroma and bactericidal property.

Popular products to wash the refrigerator:

  • Edelweiss. Domestic detergent in the form of a spray gun. Applied to the washing surface and after half a minute is removed with wet wipes. Pluses is an economical use mode, a neutral environment without irritating and pungent odors.
  • Set of detergents of the TOPHOUSE line. The country of production is Germania. In addition to convenient spraying, the kit includes a cotton napkin and the washing of the walls of the refrigerator does not require washing. The detergent has a bactericidal effect, eliminates smells well and removes fat pollution well.
  • Light House ReFridgerator Cleaner. Allows you to wash the refrigerator well. Translated as “clean house”. Low price and economical use are good help when choosing a cleaning agent. Applied to the washing surface and after 2 minutes is removed with a damp sponge. No need to wash off.
  • EFTO cleaning. It is produced in the Baltic states, it is convenient to use, the refrigerator is not required. Applied to the washing surface and after 10 seconds we remove the dirt with a sponge. Without a pungent odor.
  • Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner from Luxus. A feature is the basis of plant components, which allows you to use when allergies to components of detergents. To clean the refrigerator, it is necessary to spray the product to the washroom and after 5 minutes remove the traces of fat and dirt with a damp sponge.
  • Cleaner “My dear house” from the manufacturer Limpiya. Looks in the form of foam, it needs to be applied for 5-15 minutes and then calmly removed with a damp sponge. Well eliminates pungent odors and fat spots.

You can use disposable napkins for daily cleaning of the refrigerator, German and domestic production, conveniently and just for surface daily cleaning.

How to wash the refrigerator from household chemicals, it became clear. But there are still folk, improvised means, we will analyze them in the next section.

Refrigerator cleaning with folk remedies

In the first place, of course, baking soda, an indispensable remedy in the arsenal of a housewife. We take 2 tablespoons of baking soda, dissolve in half a liter of water and treat pollution. After half an hour we wash off a fat spot. The plus is accessibility (everyone has soda) and the lack of allergic reactions when using it. Well, and also, of course, the cleaning properties of baking soda.

Further, folk ingenuing offers the use of ammonia alcohol. Well removes mold and yellowness from the walls of the refrigerator.

A solution of ammonia can be wasgun a refrigerator inside.

Another way is to use toothpaste. It turns out that its cleaning properties are used not only for teeth brushing, but for the refrigerator chambers, removing dried fat spots. Need:

  • apply a small amount to the sponge;
  • wipe the areas of dirty spots;
  • After a short time, just remove from the walls with dirty spots with a damp sponge.

And finally, folk resourcefulness tells the use of laundry soap. You need to take one piece of this soap, grate on small sawdust, pour all this with warm water.

Tips and recommendations for proper care of the refrigerator

Choosing the necessary and cleaning tools of household chemicals and folk recipes, it is important to understand the task and complexity of the refrigerator pollution. If you just need to remove a fat spot or get rid of the smell, then folk remedies are well suited. Suppose a toothpaste on a fat spot softens it and help remove it from the walls of the refrigerator.

But if you need to completely wash the refrigerator, then, of course, it is better to use household chemical products. Fortunately, the choice is great and the ability to choose will satisfy the most meticulous buyer.

  • initial sink when buying a refrigerator;
  • daily wiping of shelves and light pollution;
  • weekly sink;
  • General cleaning of the refrigerator.

As soon as the refrigerator was delivered from the store, it must be immediately cleaned of dust, because different customers opened the doors, so the light washing without using cleaning products looks logical. To preserve the freshness and purity of food, so that it is pleasant to use the equipment, you need to properly care for it.

Daily cleaning of the refrigerator with wet wipes from dirty spots and door handles will make the technique a standard of freshness and cleanliness, and the products will always taste and smell. The weekly flushing includes an inspection of spoiled products and their removal, more detailed cleaning of the internal walls, removal of food particles, fluid in the pallet that can drain down the compartments.

The refrigerator washing is often made without the use of household chemicals. Perhaps cleaning with improvised means:

The smell of the cut slices of lemon left in the refrigerator absorbs well.

And finally, the general cleaning, which is carried out for the freezer once every six months, and for the refrigerating compartment every 3 or 4 months. Household chemicals are used, and folk remedies can be used as an addition to the general sink.

Despite the daily observance of cleanliness and the washing of the refrigerator once a week, still every six months you need to defrost the freezer, otherwise the smell will not be quite pleasant, and eating will be spoiled. instructions for cleaning the freezer

How to wash a freezer?

If you started general cleaning after defrosting, do not miss the freezer chamber. When “centuries.old” ice growths inside it, it makes sense to extend the defrosting all night. Professionals advise not to delay the procedure: as soon as the ice layer on the walls is more than 0.5 cm, we need defrosting. If you expire, then the whole “flood” will happen when defrosting.

Clean the cleaning itself according to a simple instructions:

  • Remove all products, leave the door open.
  • If some pieces of ice succumb, it makes sense to collect them in a bucket. You can use an ice ax or ordinary wooden sticks for sushi.
  • Leave a pallet or baking sheet under the door so that melt water drains there. Put a rag, towel under the container so that the excess fluid does not spill over the floor.
  • As soon as the zone is completely thawing, wipe the freezer compartment with a napkin moistened in ordinary clean water. Wipe dry with paper or microfiber wipes.
  • Shelves, nets, ice molds make sense to wash in soapy solution.
  • Wait until the freezer dries completely.
  • Turn on the refrigerator. let the free 15 minutes work the freezer to work empty. Then load the provisions into it.

How to wash refrigerators of various models and manufacturers?

Useful tips for cleaning refrigerators of different brands

Whatever the manufacturer of your unit, you can act according to the general instructions published above. But at the same time, pay attention to the following:

wash, refrigerator, purchase, necessary
  • To clean the refrigerator No Frost, defrosting is not required. Disconnect from the network, unload products and start cleaning.
  • How to clean the refrigerator “indesit”? If you have an obsolete model unit, do not forget about defrosting. put a pallet under the bottom of the technique so that melt water does not spill through the floor.
  • If there are glass boxes and shelves, do not immerse them immediately in hot water, otherwise the glass may crack. To clean the atlant refrigerator without problems, study the instructions for the device, consider the recommendations of manufacturers. For example, the use of branded cleaning tools.


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Basic Rules

The defrosting of the equipment includes several stages, the observance of which will ensure uninterrupted operation of the unit after thawing:

  • Preparatory. Transfer the thermostat to the “0” position and turn off the household device from the power source, remove all the existing containers, shelves, remove the products. Take care of the preparation of accessories for washing the refrigerator: rags made of soft fabric, foam sponges, cleaning products.
  • Thawing: defrosting time of the device is from 3 to 10 hours. Read more, how often you need to defrost the refrigerator.
  • Cleansing the internal surfaces, drainage opening and removable elements of the unit.
  • Washing the sealant on the door, the capacitor and the outer parts of the refrigerator.
  • Wiping all elements and surfaces with a dry cloth, connecting the device to power supply.

ATTENTION! Since the freezing of the refrigerator takes a certain time, take care in advance about where you can place all the products for this period: in the cold season it will be convenient to use the balcony, loggia. To carry out the procedure in spring or summer, prepare a cooler bag, a wide pelvis, plastic containers with water pre-frozen in them.

Correct defrosting

The optimum ambient temperature for the operation of refrigeration equipment is from 16 ° C to 32 ° C of heat. The defrosting of the device is carried out in the same temperature range. It is not recommended to start thawing the device in hot times: at the end of the procedure, the electric motor and compressor operate in an enhanced mode for recruiting cold in the chambers, and the high temperature in the room will create an additional load on the functional nodes.

To speed up the thawing process, a fan is used, placing it opposite the open door of the refrigerator so that the air flow is directed to the chamber. Will help reduce the time of procedure installation in the compartments of bowls filled with hot water.

Modern models of refrigerators are equipped with a tray for collecting melt liquid, if there is no such element in the device. a pelvis is placed under the freezer and put on the floor (around the lower part of the device case) are several old towels.

If you have a bosch refrigerator, then we recommend reading this article.

REFERENCE! Turning off the power unit is mandatory when defrosting a one.compressor refrigerator. Cameras in two.compressor models can be defrosted separately, installing a thermostat in a zero position and without removing a network fork from a socket.

Choosing a cleaning tool

After preparing the technique for water procedures, choose how to wash the refrigerator and evaluate the condition of the external and internal surfaces of the device: the choice of cleaning drugs depends on the degree of contamination of the elements of the unit.

To remove small, fresh spots, it is enough to use detergents for dishes, soap.

If the mold “settled” in the refrigerator, there are stuck pollution. you need disinfectants. about how to get rid of mold in the refrigerator here.

Folk methods

The choice of a cleaning substance for washing equipment is an important point, since the use of chemically aggressive products can harm plastic and rubber parts of the unit.

In addition to special drugs that are sold in household stores, folk methods will help to clean and disinfect the camera cameras:

  • Dilute the table vinegar with water in equal parts, moisten a rag in the solution and treat the internal walls of the device;
  • the surfaces will purchase a clean shine if wipe them with lemon juice mixed with water (1 tablespoon of sour product per 250 ml of liquid);
  • The plaque, spots of various origin removes soda: dissolve a tablespoon of food product in a glass of warm water and treat the internal elements of the refrigerator with the composition.

Folk methods are also widely used to wash multicooker, read more on this page.

IMPORTANT! After the use of folk remedies, be sure to wipe the walls of the cameras several times with a rag moistened in clean water.

Household chemicals

Ready.made drugs produced by the chemical industry for the care of household appliances are presented for sale in the form of disinfectant sprays or liquids.

The most popular means are:

  • Topper-the product contains surface-active substances and alcohol. The spray has antibacterial properties and quickly removes any pollution. The product is sprayed to the surface, leave it for 3-5 minutes, and then wipe the device with a damp sponge.
  • Clin Home. gel based on glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and other functional additives. Allows you to easily clean the old spots, yellowness on plastic elements. A small amount of the drug is applied to the sponge and the walls of the refrigerator are treated with it, then the device elements are wiped with a damp cloth.

IMPORTANT! You can not use powder drugs for washing the domestic device, since abrasive particles that make up their composition are left on plastic and metal details the smallest scratches.

We wipe it inside and outside

One of the common mistakes that owners of household appliances make in the process of washing is ignoring the stage of purification of internal parts (shelves, containers) and the rear wall of the unit on which the capacitor lattice is located. Removable elements can be washed in a dishwasher, in a bathroom or a wide basin.

Recommendations of experts

Grounded on a grater and mixed soap with a small amount of water will help get rid of smells, mold and dirt. The resulting gruel is applied to the walls, a rubber seal and inaccessible sections of the refrigerator, after half an hour it is washed off with water and wiped the surfaces dry.

It is important to defrost the device in time: for models with a drip system of thawing, the procedure is carried out once every 3-6 months, units with know-frast require the elimination of ice crust 1 time in 6-12 months. The main criterion indicating the need for defrosting is the presence of a snowy “fur coat” on the walls of 1 cm or more.

ATTENTION! It is impossible to accelerate thawing by riding ice from the surfaces of the compartments with sharp objects. a knife or fork can break through the wall and damage the tube with a refrigerant.

How to wash the refrigerator from the smell: an instruction that will definitely help

We tell you what means to use to get rid of the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator.

It seems that some smells soak the refrigerator through: they smell of shelves and even rubber seals. It is not so easy to get rid of such, but possible. For this, ordinary home remedies are suitable, which will easily be found in the kitchen. We tell you how to wash the refrigerator from the smell and what you need to do so.

All about cleaning the refrigerator

The refrigerator camera is a closed space, so unpleasant aromas arise in it and spread very quickly. Rubber gaskets, as well as the plastic from which the shelves are made, can easily absorb the smell. Therefore, even if you regularly wash the surfaces, problems sometimes cannot be avoided. Even a new unit that you just brought from the store can smell unpleasant.

often the problem arises due to spoiled products that you forgot inside the camera. They could appear on them. The fungus is also able to settle inside rubber gaskets, with this trouble you will have to fight more carefully. Incorrect care, breakdown of details, blocking of the drain hole. all this can also be an indirect cause. And even the fact that you do not carry out regular cleaning, as required by the operating rules, can lead to unpleasant consequences.

You should not put off the struggle in the far box: the longer you are inactive, the more difficult it is to get rid of the smell later. In addition, he can greatly ruin the dishes that you store inside. Only the master will be able to fix the broken details, but to remove mold and smells on their own. Therefore, we figure out how to wash the refrigerator inside to destroy the smell, and what is worth doing before that.