Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period are absolute contraindications for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal requires the achievement of adult age. Patients up to 18 years old (but not younger than 16) need written permission of a parent or official guardian. Elimination of unwanted hair in this case is carried out in the presence of a parent or official guardian.

What effect to wait?

What effect can be achieved after the first procedure? Perfect smooth skin waiting not worth. At the first epilation session removed from 15 to 50% of hairs, falls out from the next day after the procedure. Cosmetologists advise at this time to use special scrubs that will accelerate the process.

Many girls without thinking choose laser hair removal as the main procedure to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the skin. The reasons are as follows:

  • Session lasts from 15 minutes to an hour (full body processing).
  • Painful sensations are minimized. Girls with sensitive skin cosmetologists offer special anesthetics.
  • Lack of scars and scar.
  • Long effect. Repeated procedure is carried out in 6-10 weeks.

For complete removal of vegetation, it will be required from 4-7 to 12 sessions.

The effect of depilation is much better than from the first session of laser hair removal. in the first case, vegetation is completely removed, in the second only begins to fall out the next day. The loss lasts 4-10 days. Remember that laser technology gives a significantly more resistant effect, removes hairs together with bulbs.

How laser is affected

When you can see how the hairs remain on the skin. The thing is that the effect of the beam is not instant. The mechanism of exposure to the laser beam on the hair follicles and roots is based on the penetration of the laser into the deep layers of the skin (about 2-3 millimeters). Waves work only with a bulb, not cutting and not pulling hair itself. This affects a positive way on the epidermis, not traumating it and not delivering unpleasant sensations. For sensitive thin skin in the intimate area, such an impact is especially important because it does not cause undesirable consequences, in contrast to others, non-laser methods of getting rid of hair. With you do not notice any subsequent strong redness, nor ambulances, nor irritation. Every hair follicle laser seems like absorbs, forcing melanin (color pigment), located inside, absorb light flashes. Hair is heated from the inside, and over time it is simply destroyed and falls out, allowing the skin to become smooth, and you deliver aesthetic pleasure. Before the root is filled again with juices and give rise to the hairs, it can pass more than one year. Since the mechanism of active action of the beam is directed to the hair and on melanin, the skin does not heat up, which means there is no burn.

The viability of this high molecular molecular pigment (this is how scientifically define melanin) just affects the thickness, rigidity and saturated color of such hair hated hair in these zones. They cease to annoy us even after. Reviews indicate that the hair falls out within two weeks. But this applies to those covers that at the time of the procedure are in the phase of active growth (that is, they are on the surface and visible at the time of manipulation). The action of laser rays is most noticeable and effectively precisely for hard and dark hair. Those hairs that have not appeared above the skin during the first sessions can be easily removed during subsequent procedures. In most cases, experts are recommended from 5 to 10 sessions. The length of the hair for laser epilation of the bikini does not matter, since the doctor can have a pre-slightly shave hair in the processing zone, shortening them to the desired size. The full course of manipulations allows you to completely get rid of the hair in the intimate zone for a long time.

How long does the effect hold?

After the course of the procedures, the hair will stop growing. But this does not mean that no longer bother you in life. For the perfect effect it is necessary to conduct a supporting procedure once a year. How many new hair can grow. depends on the hormonal background of the body.

On the eve of the ray of the expected epilation, the procedure is carried out on smooth skin without visible hair, including laser hair removal for men. Observe important rules without which the procedure is impossible, it will simply be effective:

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  • You can not attend the solarium, the sunny beach is 15 days before the epilation and 4-7 days after.
  • It is impossible to be recorded on the procedure after the course of antibiotics of the tetracycline and fluoroquinolone group, only after 2 weeks.
  • It is impossible to carry out wax hair removal, shigaring, pull hair with tweezers 3 weeks before the procedure, only shave.
  • It is impossible to apply cosmetic products, tonic, creams, gels on the epilation zone 3 days before the procedure and after.

After the procedure, avoid sunlight and use SPF protection. If necessary, on the night, apply the cream “Bepanten” 5%. Refuse to visit the baths, saunas, baths for 5-7 days. Need to replace them with shower.

Consequences of the procedure

Certain cosmetic risks for epilation are associated with skin damage. Depending on individual sensitivity, arise:

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Cold compress, cream with decanteral coping with hyperpigmentation and swelling. Burns and scars arise extremely rarely, sometimes due to the fault of a specialist who has carried out epilation. Before going to the salon, learning information about him, read reviews.

Heavy side effects in epilation laser are missing. Manipulation does not lead to exacerbation of gynecological diseases, does not contribute to their occurrence.

Cosmetologists in proven clinics ask questions about the health of the client, find out the presence of chronic diseases, whether such a technique was previously carried out and what were the consequences.

Differences of laser hair removal from other methods Removing unwanted hair

Today, the concept of female beauty and smooth skin without hair is inseparable. Every woman stands in front of the choice when looking for the best ways to guide beauty, and in a delicate issue of unwanted hair removal especially. What to choose: painless laser hair removal with long-term effect or wax strips, shugaring, daily shave? Most women prefer the modern method of guiding aesthetic beauty. laser hair removal. It is fast, painless, for a long time.

We will conduct a comparative analysis of popular unwanted hair removal methods.

Laser hair removal. is it harmful to health

To understand how the procedure affects our body and what happens to it during manipulation, let’s find out how the laser works. The point directed beam of light waves penetrates a certain place where hair follicles are located. The laser does not act on the cells of the epidermis, since the wavelength is set to a certain depth of 2-3 millimeters, it affects and affects the internal, not an outer layer. So for most of us unambiguously, you can eliminate the harm of laser hair removal.

As before, women, but in some cases, men, got rid of unwanted hair on the body and face? What are the only ways they did not use: everything began with a razor machine and tweezers, then tried an electric epilator. All these methods did not give a long-term result, and sometimes they even led to sad consequences: Sensitive skin was red, some hairs were rotten, recreation arose. Not always it was painless, and none of these manipulations worked with the hair onions, but only cut or died the hairs.

In the case of laser epilation. what effect we are waiting? The hair removal method in this way is valid other than. And it is with this that possible contraindications are associated with. The process of the destruction of the hair follicle occurs when the laser beam is exposed to the laser beam, it also affects the vessel feed on the bulb. Our skin and our hairproof is naked by a certain pigment, it is called melanin and gives the color to our hair and the shade of our skin. Under the influence of the beam occurs by absorbing the pulse to the most melanin and the destruction of the hair onion.

hair, laser, epilation

If we also speak in this case about the dangers of laser hair removal, then only in the context of the exposure to the laser on certain parts of the body: the method involves heating, and if the procedure is incorrect, then small burns are possible. But the maximum that you will feel. it is almost imperceptible tingling and a warm wave in those areas of the skin where manipulation is carried out. Therefore, our main recommendation: Use the services of specialists and attend the aesthetic medicine clinics that conduct procedures certified high-quality devices.

If you compare hair removal with wax or sugar (shugaring) with laser hair removal, then contraindications and consequences will be different. Pulling hair sticky compositions for sensitive skin sometimes threatens irritation and folliculitis (so-called hair bulbs). Some complain about strong rashes or even blisters at the session site, and many just shy to admit. And although such unpleasant sensations are not immediately manifested, irritation and allergic reaction can delay in contrast to the effects of laser hair removal. Influence on health without scars and scars, without redness and other unpleasant reactions. this is exactly what we want from the magical procedure. We are looking for an efficient and affordable method with minimal discomfort and complete elimination of the problem. The safest technique is considered to conduct a hair removal session with a diode laser.

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Laser Hair Removal. Understanding Hair Growth Cycles

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