How much time erasing machine indesit?

The fact is that the intensive program already provides for a high heating temperature (up to 90 ° C), as well as long rinsing. Then the process can last from 2.5 to 4 hours. Pre-washing is soaked for 120 minutes at 30 degrees.

The spin cycle depending on the loading of the drum continues in the range of 2-5 minutes. The larger the volume and weight of the linen, the longer the cycle of the washing machine turns out.

What InDesit offers?

The mode is a process distinguished by certain conditions. The temperature varies, the drum rotation speed, time and target. The program is a certain procedure that, distinguishing the conditions of washing, may consist of several modes.


  • Cotton. Drawn T-shirt or Cotton Box. The user can choose variants with different temperatures and duration:
  • 90-95 degrees. option is good if you need to wash blurred kitchen towels. The drum is loaded completely. And the cycle time is almost 3 hours.
  • 60 degrees. With intense rebuilding, the process is shorter, since the soaking step is excluded. Duration is reduced to 2.5 hours. This option is chosen for highly polluted white products. tablecloths, towels, bed linen.
  • 40 degrees. Recommended for colored products. Duration. about 2.5 hours.
  • Synthetics. Depicted flask with temperature. There are two options:
  • 60 ° C. 1 h 25 min.
  • 40 ° C. Big version lasting 1 h 11 min. Loading. 50%. This is usually 2.5-3.5 kg, depending on the model.
  • Wool. Drawn Motok Threads. For woolen and cashmere. Duration. 55 min. Temperature. 40 ° C. Tighter speed reduced.
  • Silk. In the picture. Tag. For curtains from thin fabrics, for viscose and underwear. They are erased at 30 ° C for 55 minutes. Load the drum by about 20%. to 1-1.5 kg. None prescrat.

Some models may contain separate modes, without an accent on the fabric. There is a washing:

  • Preliminary. Used instead of soaking. Geese rotation in a slightly warm (30 ° C) water.
  • Daily (Casual). Standard Program for Operational Outstanding Lightly Contamined Things.
  • Intensive. For cotton and flax. Hot water. up to 95 ° C. This is an analogue “Cotton 90 ° C”.
  • Delicate. similar to “wool”. You can wash completely different fabrics having one general trait. special requirements for the process conditions. Wool, organza, lycru and other delicate matters are dismissed at 40 degrees.


They are chosen for specific things. taking into account the tissue and the degree of pollution:

  • Jeans. The icon corresponds to the name. Created specifically for denim. Erased at 40 degrees. Loading. up to 2.5 kg. Drum revolutions reduced.
  • Mode fast washing. Picture. Hasiki. Express version allows you to wash things for a quarter of an hour. Loading. about one and a half kg. Temperature. 30 ° C.
  • Shoes. Figure. Sneakers. Created for sports shoes. Ked, suede sneakers. Erased in bare water, two pairs at a time. Cycle duration. 50 min.
  • Sportswear. There are models with two options. usual and intense. Water heats up to 30 ° C. Time. 1 h 20 min.

SM “Indesit” has also special features:

  • An additional rinse is an intuitive designation. variations on the theme of droplets and basin with water;
  • Spin. drawing in the form of twisted spiral;
  • Eco Time. Reduces water time and consumption. Combined with “synthetics” and “cotton 40”.
  • Easy ironing. painted iron;
  • Deferred Start. Clock Icon.

How to change the mode in the washing machine indie?

We translate the regime handle to the zero position (neutral or stop) (in Figure I). Click on the “Stop” button (in some machines, when you click on the button, you need to withstand 5-7 seconds to activate the discharge (in fig. N). Select a new mode and activate the wash with the “Start” button

The program “Casual Washing“. Mode designed for synthetic things without strong pollution. To preserve the color of things, the temperature of the water during washing does not exceed 40 degrees, and the cycle lasts 1 hour (60 minutes).

How long does the spin in the washing machine last?

The spin cycle depending on the loading of the drum continues in the range of 2-5 minutes. The larger the volume and weight of the linen, the longer the cycle of the washing machine turns out.

Expose water heating up to 90 degrees and thorough wash things. Usually the program duration is about 2 hours. There are accelerated modifications (“Cotton quickly” and.): In these cases, underwear is erased at 60 or 40 degrees.

How many cotton eco is erased 40?

To do this, press the “Start / Pause”, “pause” or just “Start”, and then turn the programmer to the position “Stop”. If the unit does not provide for the ability to suspend the cycle, then immediately taken for the regulator.

What can be washed at 40 degrees?

Some machines have various versions for washing only black or only white linen, and sometimes these modes are combined, for example, “Black / White 40”. This means that in this mode you can erase both black and white underwear. at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Often an excessively long washing cycle says that the machine has difficulty with a set or drain of water. It is possible to notice this in time that the washer spends on the bay or opposite. reset water. It is possible that there is no such breakdown: simply arose with water supply.

Tips for selecting temperature and regime

Before washing, you need to learn the labels on products, paint the underwear by type of fabric and degree of contamination. This will help to set the correct modes, do not overload the machine with unnecessary functions, save things from excess friction.

Exceed the upper boundaries of the recommended modes should not. Basic rules when choosing a wash modes:

  • Cotton white things are allowed to erase at high temperatures (60-95 °), press on maximum revolutions (up to 1400);
  • Colored products made of natural fabrics. 40 °, press. up to 1,400 revolutions;
  • flax. 40-60 °, spin. up to 600 revolutions, for clothes, disconnect;
  • Synthetic and tissue with m synthetic threads. 40 °, spin. 600 revolutions;
  • Silk, wool, other gentle fabrics. 40 °, 400-600 revolutions.

Manufacturers have thought out the work of their products. when choosing a type of fabric exceed the permissible temperature and the number of revolutions is impossible.

How to clean & replace the filter on a Washing Machine (Indesit)

InDesit Innex Modes

InNex model line washing machines are equipped with a “magic button”, one pressing which will allow the machine to independently select the desired washing mode. Blue button with the inscription “Pushwash” launches the washing program of cotton and synthetics with a temperature of 30 ° C. The duration of the program is 45 minutes.

Watch instructions for washing machine Indesit Innex

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In 2011, Bonn University conducted a study of consumer preferences that showed that Pushwash is the most frequently used washing program in Europe.

In addition, the consumer offers 14 different programs. Including the novelty “Reinforced”, which lasts 9 minutes and specially for washing blankets, down jackets (“Poo / feather”), dark fabrics and other.

long, rinse, washing, machine, indesit

CM series power consumption class InNex. A, which reduces electricity consumption by 30%. And the electronic flow meter regulates the amount of water used depending on the actual loading volume of the drum.