Laser hair removal: how many procedures?

The modern method of getting rid of hair on the body and face with a laser is an opportunity to effectively affect the hair follicles, remove excess hair in the right places, and therefore get rid of small trouble. Previously, we regularly paid enough time, destroying hair cover on their own, machine, epilator, in some places even. tweezers. Hardware cosmetology and open science The properties of the laser saved us from this.

Naturally, many are thinking about laser hair removal: how many results of one session are enough, it is necessary to repeat how many times still visit the salon or the clinic to be the maximum effect. Laser hair removal allows you to forget about the need to constantly think about repeated manipulations, but to get perfectly smooth legs, a bikini zone or other parts of the body, you still need one session. To figure out why this happens and whether it is a trick of doctors, we will analyze with you in this article features of the laser action and the features of our organism with you lacked by nature.

How to get rid of the hair for a long time with a laser. general information

Although in this article we would like to make Accent on a bikini laser hair removal, the Extra class masters will hold you a removal session on any part of the body. In cosmetology clinics, women are constantly coming, who ask to save them and destroy the mustache over the upper lip. For someone critical is the presence of fine hairs on the contrary. Popular hair removal manipulation in axillary depressions, on legs and arms. The huge plus laser in this direction is the lack of the need to grow hair before the procedure. We have already spoken about minimal pain, but we emphasize that modern devices affect very delicately, have special nozzles with a cooling effect and make a session very comfortable, quick and even pleasant.

What a result is women and men after such manipulations?

  • Gentle leather resembling velvet when touched.
  • Long effect.
  • Disappearance of gun over the lip and zone Bennbard.
  • Positive result Even with strong scolshing back, legs, hands.
  • There is no irritation on sensitive skin.
  • Inflammatory processes do not begin.
  • The lack of ingrown hairs (unfortunately, very often they appear in those who use a razor, uses an elementary electric epilator or does in the cabin shugaring).

The effect after laser epilation of bikini additionally lies in the fact that you will be delivered from the unpleasant sensations that begin if the hairs are growing in an intimate zone. No discomfort and chance forget about machines for a long time. In addition, it appears easy confidence and feeling of readiness for spontaneous dates. Doesn’t among your friends, those who at least once refused Randevo, knowing that the hairs in the field of bikini did not remove? Therefore, it is the laser epilation of the bikini zone that has become one of their most sought-after procedures.

The hairs in intimate zones and around them have the property to be more rigid than on the whole body, often more dark or saturated with color, so much noticeable, and skin cover, on the contrary, light and gentle. The energy of the laser beam perfectly performs its work, it is absorbed by hair, not an epidermis, the impact goes to the root of the hair, and not on the skin surface.

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How is the procedure for laser epilation of the upper lip in the cabin

If you come with your problem to a cosmetologist, as an effective solution, it will offer laser hair removal of the upper lip. Agree only if you are confident in the professionalism of a specialist. For example, wizards can be chosen on the recommendations of its environment. Search for a suitable interior for reviews about the procedure for laser epilation of the upper lip.

If none of the friends and acquaintances did not use the services of a cosmetologist, make sure the specialist’s qualifications can be, if it first draws an evaluation of indications to perform this manipulation:

If you have a small amount of dark hair in the corners of the lips or a lot of thin and light hair over the upper lip, then the laser will cope with their removal. Especially such mustache are characteristic of women with dark vegetation.

If you have some dark hairs over the whole lip, then laser hair removal will cope with this problem. This often occurs in women with hereditary genetic predisposition to the appearance of mustaches.

If dark hair is much and this is not a hereditary disease, most likely you have a violated hormonal background. Cosmetologist in this case should not carry out you a procedure for laser hair removal over the upper lip. To begin with, you should consult with a gynecologist and an endocrinologist.

Laser hair removal is impossible with highly tanned skin. Wait until the tan comes up, and only after that sign up for the procedure.

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Before proceeding with laser hair removal over the upper lip, a beautician to protect your and your eyes is put on special glasses that should fit tightly to the skin. A significant part of the procedure is drawn by an anesthetic gel.

The doctor then processes the lip zone with a laser for 3-5 minutes. Rays penetrate into the skin at 2-4 mm, the dark pigment (melanin) absorbs them, as a result, the hair is destroyed. At this point, you can feel a little pain from the thermal effect, because of which irritation appears on the skin or even burn. Do not be afraid, redness quickly disappears. As a result of the first session of laser epilation of the upper lip, 15-40% of hairs are destroyed.

This zone is considered one of the most hormonally dependent. After the first exposure session of the follicle laser, which previously slept, wake up, and hair begin to grow again. Most of the cosmetologists assures that it will be possible to completely get rid of unwanted vegetation after 8-10 visits, if the client has no problems with hormones.

How many sessions of laser epilation of the upper lip will need, depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each particular person. Clinics with more modern equipment guarantee that they will cope with hairs for 4-6 procedures. At the same time, between them should pass at least one month. If your hormonal background is unstable, then more sessions will be required to get rid of the mustaches.

Laser hair removal on face: stages and nuances of the procedure

Laser hair removal will help get rid of hair on chin, cheeks, or top lip. They not only bring discomfort to women, but they can even lower self-esteem.

Especially with the fact that it is currently actually increasing the hair on the head and get rid of them in all other places by any available ways. The vegetation on the female face does not look aesthetically and spoils even the most attractive appearance. Therefore, in pursuit of beauty, women seek to get rid of unnecessary hair. One of the most effective methods is just laser hair removal.

There are, of course, other options. This shave, wax epilation, shigaring and plucking, depilators creams. These options are the simplest and tested, but, alas, the result will be preserved for a short time, besides there are restrictions on the use of face on the skin.

How to prepare for deep bikini epilation?

Laser epilation of an intimate zone causes many questions in patients, because he is quite intimate. Preparation for it Classical: pubis and crotch should be carefully chosen 1 day before the procedure or on the eve. Note that sessions do not coincide with the beginning of menstruation and its ending. It is these days that women have a pain threshold lower than on other days.

Important! Between procedures, it is possible to remove hair only with a razor. And better not touch them at all, do not irritate the follicles so as not to provoke growth. After completing the course, you will not need any depilation methods.

Laser face epilation: its features and advantages

Unwanted vegetation on the face. this is a problem not only men, but also women. Hair in this zone looks nonethetically and spoil even very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, in demand and effective ways to eliminate this problem. What is this procedure that there are contraindications and consequences, you will learn from our article.

Face is a business card of every person, and women especially. Which methods do not resort to modern fair sex representatives to get rid of unwanted vegetation. This is the use of razor machines, and the use of various creams for depilation and wax strips. That’s only after such ways to expose hair on the face grow faster and become even tougher.

Laser hair removal is a popular modern technique that is used not only women, but also men in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure is that the device is guided by the hair onion and the flash is flashing. Laser beam, passing across the hairs, reaches the bulbs and warms the pigment melanin in it. The hair follicle overheats and destroys. Through a small length of time, hairs weakens. It is worth noting that the adjacent tissues are not damaged.

The procedure of laser hair removal is not recommended to all. An important role is played by the patient’s color. This method of deliverance from unwanted vegetation is suitable for people having a natural hair color from lightly blond to dark.

The darker the hairs, the better they are removed. Very bright and gray laser will not remove, as they contain too little melanin necessary for the effects of the beam.

The device does not apply to all follicles. Some of them are not active, are at rest or growth. Therefore, to completely remove your hair, not one procedure will be required. The exact number of sessions defines a specialist depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person and its skin cover. Most women on average enough from four to nine procedures every 7-10 weeks.

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Customers with sensitive skin noted that manipulation is absolutely painless. In rare cases, it is easy to burn. In such situations, the exposure section is treated with painkillers. The laser epilation procedure takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

Among the popular women’s zones for this manipulation can be allocated:

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Tradition with deep roots

Have smooth skin. the dream of many women. But from nature, few can boast of it. Especially the yuzhanki whose hair is thicker, darker and thicker than nigeon and Asian. It was not for nothing that it was in Arab countries such ways to get rid of excess hair like shugaring and a triding, which are still in demand today. Than only women do not remove hair in beauty and home salons: hot and cold wax, resin, thread, pembassal, sugar, caramel and, despite the existence of long-term ways to combat excess vegetation, a variety of depilation methods (mechanical removal of the visible part of the hair).Ged to find fans. Well, every one. After all, according to the beautician Maria Lebedeva explains: “With constant mechanical removal, the hair is thinned, become softer, lighter and less often, and grow slower. But there is at depilation and substantial flaws. After such an impact, the hairs start to grow into the skin, and subsequently have to deal with the problem of the challenge hyperpigmentation “. In addition, this method is hardly suitable for hair removal on the upper lip. “When pulling hairs on the face,” says Maria Lebedev. they can, on the contrary, to strengthen, their growth becomes more intensive. This is due to the development of collaterals in the microcerculatory bed after damage to the vessel, feeding hair “.

Unlike depilatoris (hair removal creams), the actions of which are enough for a week, exist hair growth inhibitors. Their huge quantity, but only one cream is officially proven effect, which contains emphlorinitine hydrochloride. It does not remove the hair, but significantly slows down their height. This tool can be used both in itself, and in combination with other methods. In folk medicine, with the same purpose, the curkum and the unripe fruits of walnuts are used, but, of course, their action is not officially proven. Effective method for removing single hair (especially bright or gray) is an electrophalation. The method is based on the action of electric current (the needle through which the discharge passes is introduced into the hair follicle and destroys it). However, it is impossible to use this method on large areas of the body. it is too long this process. And besides painful, few people can withstand it. In addition, this point technique requires a high-qualification master, virtuoso skill and experience, otherwise you can get burns, scars and pigmentation.

The consequences of improper skin care after the first epilation

Cosmetologists are not in vain recommend not to injure irritated skin after laser hair removal hot water, ultraviolet and incorrectly selected cosmetics. Otherwise, the epidermis has undergone illuminated treatment can heal much longer, and it will not look too beautiful.

So, non-compliance with the correct care after the first epilation by the laser may lead to the following consequences:

    The appearance of red or brown spots on the skin;

If the listed symptoms do not pass a week later, even subject to skin care rules after epilation, it is important to contact the beautician who has conducted a procedure, or a dermatologist.