How much time laser hair removal is done

On average, the session lasts from 15 to 60 minutes. It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to epilize over the lip, armpits, chin, bikini and mammary glands.

How often you need to go to procedures?

In the middle between sessions of epilation should take about a month and a half. For regular customers whose skin is accustomed to the effect of a laser, it is possible to reduce the interval to 4 weeks.

Does the exposure zone of epilation depend on the exposure zone?

The more extensive and more complicated the zone, the more time you need to process it. For example, laser hair removal above the lip, chin, mammary glands or belly lines will take about 15 minutes. Hips, back, stomach, legs have a large area and their processing takes from 20 minutes to an hour. Intimate hair removal is also very variable in time. depending on the hairline and the requirements of the client, the procedure time can increase to an hour.

I have very bright skin. Can I do laser hair removal and how long it will last?

The European type of appearance with fair skin and dark hair is ideal for laser hair removal. Since the laser affects the dark pigment contained in the hair, the effect after hair removal can be seen after 2-3 sessions.

I have tanned skin, and in many salons they refuse me the procedure. Are they really right?

It is more difficult to work with tanned skin, there is a danger of hyperpigmentation, but still the rejection of the procedure is unlawful. It is real to remove hair with tanned skin, but you have to change the laser settings, reduce the energy density of the device. The duration of the procedure in such a client can also be increased.

Does the duration of the session depend on the type of laser?

Laser installations for hair removal are now available for every taste and budget. The most effective is the diode laser, which works in 4 types of power. Thanks to flexible settings, cooling system and a thin ray, the procedure time is reduced, and the risk of unpleasant consequences and sensations is reduced to zero.

Which affects the duration of the procedure?

The experience of your girlfriend will not help here. the duration of the session is determined individually. Before the procedure, the specialist will examine you, find out the features of the skin and hairline, determine your phototype, hair structure. By the aggregate of these signs, he will build a laser settings and tell you the approximate duration of the procedure.

How many procedures will be required to completely eliminate hair?

This figure depends on the amount of hair, their color, structure and zone of exposure. For a significant reduction in the amount of hair on the arms and legs, 5-7 sessions are enough. But with hormone.dependent zones, it is more difficult. the area of ​​armpits and bikini must be treated for at least 10 sessions. In more detail about how much is enough and how often you need to do the procedure.

Reviews of the patients of our center for laser hair removal chin, armpits and other parts of the body are posted on the site.

“What you need to know when passing a course of laser hair removal?”-answers the cosmetologist of the clinic Kim Valeria:

Operating principle

Laser hair removal is famous for combining incongruous. painlessness and effectiveness. How it turns out? Lazer beam affects the so.called “targets”. chromophores. The latter can be hemoglobin (with a laser removal of vascular defects) or the melanin pigment contained in the hairs (with the elimination of vegetation). Under the influence of a ray 700-810 of nanometers, melanin is heated and the cells are damaged, while the surrounding tissues remain unharmed.

A. hair until the laser radiation is exposed. B. solid.state Alexander Laser 755NM: Destroyed hair folikulas of thin and thick hair: there is a zone of peripholicular damage.

The hairs burn immediately, and the damaged hair follicle falls out for a couple of weeks. As a result, hair growth ceases. Sometimes follicles are restored over time, but this is a long process that occupies several years. In this case, the course can be repeated. The darker the hair, the more melanin in them, and the more effective the effect. If melanin is contained in large quantities in the skin (for example, after tanning), then burns are possible, therefore, before the procedure, in no case should you sunbathe.

However, now technologies have appeared to circumvent this ban, but we will talk about them at the end of the article.

Chromophores can be not only natural, but also artificial origin. For example, tattoos also absorb radiation and may turn pale as a result of processing, so they are sealed or painted over the procedure with special pencils.

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An important nuance: the laser destroys only hairs in the growth phase. Therefore, no matter how effective the processing may be, to achieve complete smoothness of the skin, several sessions will be required (the doctor will determine the exact amount). But when all the follicles are destroyed, you can forget about the problem of unnecessary vegetation on the face and body for at least several years.

What lasers are used to provide services

There are different types of equipment, and a number of parameters affect the result of the procedure. First of all, this is a type of laser. Consider what options exist.

  • Neodymal. In this case, the tip of the tip is made of neodymium crystal, and the wavelength is 1064 nm. Such radiation is absorbed not by melanin, but by hemoglobin, therefore, the laser is used mainly to remove vascular defects. Sometimes such equipment is also used to get rid of excess vegetation: the beam coagulates the vessels feeding the hair onion, destroying it. However, the procedure is accompanied by pain and ineffective compared to other methods of hair removal, so it is not popular;
  • Diode. The standard wavelength is 810 nm. The method is well suited for removing thick dark hair. They fall out within two weeks after the session, so that it will not work to achieve instant smoothness of the skin. However, the technique is quite popular;. This is the “gold standard” of laser hair removal. the most effective method of existing. The wavelength is 755 nm. The beam is perfectly absorbed by melanin, so the removal of vegetation. even thin and weakly pigmented hairs. takes a minimum of time. Thanks to the cooling tip, unpleasant sensations during the procedure are excluded. Due to its effectiveness and painlessness, Alexander REMITION is very popular;
  • Ruby. This is an outdated variety, which, however, is still used in some salons. “Rubin” hair removal is painful and not too effective. The head of the tip is made of artificial gem, and the wavelength is 694 nm. Radiation is well absorbed not only by hairs, but also by leather, which can receive burns as a result of processing. In addition, the session takes a lot of time due to rare light impulses.

Neodymal and ruby ​​lasers to destroy the hairline are rarely used. But the diode and Alexander. the main competitors in the market.

Which one is better? To understand this, you need to evaluate such a parameter as power.

Recall just in case that laser hair removal, like other hardware procedures, should be held in specialized clinics. There are several reasons for this: only in clinics at your service qualified specialists with higher medical education, high hygienic standards and modern expensive equipment, which ordinary salons simply cannot afford.

Laser hair removal at the price of wax: deception?

The basis of all conscious and unconscious delusions are the issues of benefit: for the clinic that specializes only in hair removal, the worst event. If the patient has stopped growing hair. In this case, they lose the client. We know several places where the patient does well and correctly every 3 procedure to extend the number of visits as much as possible.

In general, this is a topic for a separate analysis, but you can briefly note several main points.

The most important thing when conducting effective (. ) laser hair removal. experience and honesty (. ) the cosmetologist, the level of education of the leadership of the clinic or salon, as well as the effectiveness of the laser installation.

The most common misconceptions and tricks:

  • Often, instead of laser devices, IPL installations are used (for photo removal). Stragey is different. that many “cosmetologists” do not understand the difference between broadband light and laser radiation. Or deliberately replace these methods for their benefit.
  • Use inexpensive installations for hair removal: such devices do not provide the necessary capacities, often you can not visit the territory to attend the removal procedures on such lasers endlessly, the result will not be the result. All of the above is relevant for used devices.
  • Forced to attend procedures much more often than necessary, attracting an inexpensive cost of the procedure itself.

The formula of effective hair removal: an experienced cosmetologist of a high.quality (expensive) apparatus of a wide profile clinic (not only by epilation).

Laser hair removal hair removes forever?

With reservations. yes “. However, in order to really remove all hair, you need a cycle of procedures. Let’s briefly figure out why.

Our body hair tends to fall on their own. The thing is that the hair growing from one root has its own stages of life.

  • Anagen is the stage of life and active growth. In this stage of the hair, there is a connection with the root, nutrients come from the root, the hair grows.
  • Katagen is the stage of hair life when it dies and falls out. At this stage, the root is separated from the supply capsule and dies, the hair falls out. The body copies strength to start the growth of a new hair, usually from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Telogen. stage of a sleeping hair follicle. The hair follicle is sleeping, nothing grows from it. Such follicles can “sleep” from 2 to 13-15 months.

Almost all of our hair that we see is the hair in the anagen stage: about 30-35% of all the hair laid down by nature (depending on the body). It is necessary to act on hair during hair removal precisely in the stage of anagen. only then will the energy of the light beam reach the nourishing area of ​​the hair and destroy it.

There is no difference between electro-, photo and laser hair removal: the principle of hair removal of any of these methods is the same. Impact on active root in order to destroy it. All these methods “kill” hair forever!

After all visible hair is treated with a laser, they lose their diet and fall out on their own on 5-10 days. There are certain rules of care after a laser hair removal session, for example, you can not pluck the remnants of hair.

Therefore, the answer to the question “whether the hair is removed by a laser?”You can formulate this: nothing will grow out of the murdered root. But there are sleeping follicles nearby nearby. Therefore, one session is not enough.

There are several reasons that lead to the fact that the hair after hair removal begins to grow stronger. Read our special article.

This is very painful

The question is whether laser hair removal is painful, all who plans to remove unnecessary vegetation. Initially, the procedure was carried out using ruby ​​lasers and really was very unpleasant. Now clinics are used by popular Alexander lasers equipped with cooling systems. Thanks to such systems, the process in the worst case delivers light discomfort.

Much depends on the individual setting of equipment in accordance with the patients and skin of the patient. An experienced cosmetologist will select such parameters that hair removal is as effective as possible, but there are no unpleasant sensations.

Of course, everything is individual and depends on the height of the pain threshold. Someone does not feel anything at all while removing hair with a laser, and someone feels a slight burning sensation and tingling.

For the most sensitive, application anesthesia is provided. cream or gel, which are applied to the processed area shortly before hair removal. As a result, the sensitivity of the skin decreases, and the effect of the laser does not cause unpleasant sensations.

All types of hair removal suggest the destruction of hair follicles (unlike depilation, in which only hairs above the surface of the skin are removed). For example, shugaring, vaxing, homemade epilators tear out hairs with a root, and during electro.power, each hair is burned with current. These are very painful procedures, and in comparison with them, laser hair removal is almost painless. The cooling system does not allow the skin to overheat under the influence of the beam. As a result, there is no discomfort even when processing the most sensitive areas, for example, a person or a bikini area. about pain relief during epilation.

This is a guaranteed way to remove hair forever

Unfortunately, this is not entirely. Do not believe those who claim that thanks to the laser you can forget about the problem of extra hair until the end of life. Everything is very individual, and if someone may not think about getting rid of vegetation again, then others have to repeat the course in a few years. What it depends on? From the type of hair, their thickness, density and color, such as a laser, the skill of a cosmetologist and, of course, the genetic characteristics of the body and hormonal vibrations.

Often hair growth stops forever, but it is usually possible to enjoy the smoothness of the skin for two to four years. After that, hairs may again appear on the areas processed by the laser. usually thinner, weak and rare than before.

After one course, the amount of hair decreases by about 90-95%. Sometimes doctors recommend undergoing supporting procedures once every six months or once a year. the doctor will recommend more accurate terms in full.time consultation. Each time, the follicles will be more difficult to recover, and over time you can count on the fact that hair growth will stop, but how soon it will happen, and how many sessions will be required for this, it is difficult to predict in advance.

How luminous energy acts on hair follicles?

The energy of the directed beam of light through dark hair reaches a follicle. Its cells heat up to a temperature above 70 degrees and die. The hair follicle dies. The effect of laser hair removal is lifelong, but on this particular hair!

Motus AX with Moveo Technology

In order to understand the problem, you need to know an important fact:

The hair that you see on your body. This is only 30-60% of all hair follicles that are provided by nature (in different parts of the body in different ways).

And where are the rest? The curious reader will ask?

Part of the bulbs is simply “sleeping”, the body has not yet been needed. They wake up, for example, in the case of hormonal “explosion”. And part of the hair is in the stage of katagen and heterogene: these are the stages of hair, when it does not grow, the hair follicle is updated inside the skin.

Any hair removal, whether it is electro- or laser, “kills” only active, growing hair (in the stage of anagen). In response to this, the body triggers recovery processes, sleeping follicles wake up, “bodyogenes” go into the stage of anagen.

The more active the hormonal background (in other words, the younger the patient), the more intensively the processes of renewing hair growth are carried out, but this is not the hair that were that were!

Absolutely identical process both in photoepilation and electroly! Therefore, the principle of these three methods of epilation is one, as well as the effectiveness of these methods.

If the laser apparatus is correctly configured, the cosmetologist works qualitatively without missing processing zones, then the hair is killed forever!

Marketing and incorrect settings of the device

If the laser installation was incorrectly configured due to the fact that the cosmetologist incorrectly selected the operation parameters (unknowingly or on purpose), then in this case the effect of the procedure can be reverse: the hair begins to grow stronger. The energy of the laser does not kill the root, but damages a little, thus stimulating its growth!

Very often, such a picture is observed during hair removal on inexpensive laser devices, if you wish, the clinic is saved on equipment and in this case the cosmetologist has nothing to do with it!

Most of the “eastern” devices of unknown manufacturers, characterized by their inexpensive cost, often do not provide the necessary (declared) pulse power.

What is fraught with? radiation does not reach the root of the hair or reaches, but there is not enough energy to destroy it. Therefore, the patient can go to both 5 and 10 sessions and not see the effect. Quite the contrary. Hair enhances its growth as a response to damage.

Recommendations FDA

The FDA FDA FDA recommended not to use the term “forever” in the context of laser hair removal. This gave a reason to the supporters of electro.power (and opponents of laser) clap their hands and threaten a finger. What is the problem?

If you carefully read the text of the conclusion, you can understand that the FDA is as distant from all manufacturers of laser devices, which have recently been “divorced” very, very much. The market is growing and the organization does not guarantee the effectiveness of uncertified devices.

But the main message of interest to us is the phrase “The Number of Hairs Regrowing Must Be Stable Over Time Greater THE DURATION OF THE COMPLETE GROWTH FOLLICES, WHICH VARIES TOCA TOO TwELVE TWELVE TwELVE TWELVE TwELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVEARES. Permanent Hair Reduction Does Not Necessarily Imply the Elimination of All Hairs in the Treatment Area.”

The essence is simple: for one laser removal procedure, you do not remove all the hair. After 4-12 months, others will “wake up”. REGROWING. previously in the stage.

That is why, exclusively for advertising or marketing purposes, it is forbidden to use the word “forever” in the context of one or even 2 procedures. Everything is very individual.

Advantages of epilation of diode and neodymium lasers

Laser hair removal reviews

“Many thanks to the cosmetologist Vasnina to.M. for the laser hair removal procedure on the diode laser. As promised after 2 weeks, the skin was in perfect condition. Thank you for your attention and beauty. Olga.

Effect after laser hair removal

One of the most frequently asked questions is how much laser hair removal is enough how to maintain the perfect skin condition between procedures.

To calculate how many laser hair removal procedures you need to completely stop hair growth, you need to take into account several factors:

  • The hair onion must be exposed to laser exposure, when the hair is in the stage of active growth, after which the dormant phase follows, the process of transition from one to another lasts from 1 to 1.5 months;
  • The thicker and darker the hair, the more often it needs to be subjected to laser hair removal, so the number of procedures is calculated individually for each patient and depending on the epilized zone.

As a rule, for complete hair removal, you need to go from 3 to 8 procedures. After passing the laser epilation course, the hair is removed by 95-100%with diode and neodymium lasers, therefore, to maintain the result, an additional epilation session may be required, which will need to be repeated no more than once a year.

After laser hair removal, it is allowed to shave, use creams for hair removal, but it is forbidden to use homemade epilators, tweezers, etc.D.

How to make a laser hair removal procedure painless? Before this procedure, it is recommended to shave the epilized area. In addition, directly before the procedure and after it, the skin is cooled for the most painless hair removal.

The effect after laser hair removal will not be long in coming. smooth and delicate skin for a long time, and subsequently complete hair removal. Today’s rhythm of life dictates its own rules, therefore successful and purposeful both women and men are increasingly resorting to laser hair removal to look and feel confident and unsurpassed. Details and prices

What depends on the duration of the effect of laser hair removal?

There is no single factor affecting the effectiveness of laser hair removal. The result of the procedure depends on different circumstances.

Some girls in the reviews complain that after passing the laser hair removal session, they did not get the desired effect. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Laser wave “attacks” melanin, which is contained in the root of the hair. As a result, the hairs fall out naturally, but this happens on 10-20 days after the procedure. Having made laser hair removal today, do not expect your skin to instantly become smooth.

Also, after 1-2 weeks, it can be found that the hairline in unwanted places is stripped, but not completely disappeared. This minus is due to the fact that the light impulse causes the life of the life of only those follicles that are in the development stage. It is not enough to destroy the sleeping bulbs of the height of the laser beam, so during the procedure they are not affected. When the follicles wake up, new hair begins to grow actively. To remove them, additional epilation sessions are held.

In addition, the duration of the effect depends on the individual characteristics of each person. Everyone has a different hormonal background, which affects not only the structure of the hair, but also the speed of its maturation. For this reason, one woman will have to go through 4-5 procedures in order to completely get rid of unwanted vegetation, and the other about ten.

Thus, in order to prevent a strong growth of hairs, replace them with smooth skin and preserve the effect for a long period. it is important to undergo a full course of laser hair removal.

How to maintain the smoothness of the skin for a long time?

Many girls know how much laser hair removal is enough, and therefore, after the session, they are sure that the slowdown of the growth of unwanted hair on the body will occur immediately and for a long time. In fact, time can be significantly reduced if you do not care for the skin after the procedure.

Try to adhere to the following recommendations so that the smoothness effect holds the longest possible time:

  • After laser hair removal, apply olive, coconut oil or cream “Bepanten”, “Panthenol” to the dermis;
  • For the first 3-5 days, use special products to moisturize the skin;
  • Protect the dermis from UV radiation.

In addition, observe the necessary prohibitions that the doctor will warn you about:

  • Do not sunbathe in the sun, do not visit the solarium;
  • Do not take a hot shower, bath;
  • Do not use lotions that include alcohol;
  • Do not play sports;
  • Between sessions, do not use depilation methods involving hair removal by pulling them out.

Compliance with all recommendations will slow down the growth of new hairs and maintain the effect of smooth skin a few years longer.

Laser hair removal every 2-3 weeks. deception?

Unfortunately, the market has many cosmetologists and institutions that simply discredit laser hair removal. Cause? financial benefit. Or cheap laser devices of unknown manufacturers that do not guarantee the result; either cunning cosmetologists and owners of salons who “undergo” the parameters of the devices for the sake of excess profits.

What to do? Banal advice: choose a professional clinic where cosmetologists have a medical education and cost professional equipment.

Watch our video where Elena Vasunina explains why you do not need to go to laser hair removal every 2 weeks.

How to determine the hair growth period and the time through which you need to come to epilation?

Morris, d. Encyclopedia of epilation: all about hair removal for professionals and beauty salons / d. Morris, d. Brown M.: Ripol Classic, 2008 400, Ill.

Part of the body % hair in stage Stage duration, weeks Stream of follicles for 1 cm 2 Growth rate, microns per day The depth of the occurrence (anagen), mm
Telogen Anagen Katagen Telogen Anagen
Scull 13 85 1-2 12-16 2-6 years 350 350 3-5
Brows 90 ten 12 4-8 160 2-2.5
Ears 85 fifteen 12 4-8
Cheeks 30-50 50-70 880 320 2-4
Beard (chin) thirty 70 ten 52 500 380 2-4
Mustache (above the lip) 35 65 6 16 500 1-2.5
Armpits 70 thirty 12 16 65 300 3.5-4.5
Torso 70 300 2-4.5
Pubis 70 thirty 2 from 4 70 3.5-4.75
Forearm 80 twenty eighteen 13 80 300
Legs and hips 80 twenty 24 16 60 210 2.5-4
Women’s breasts 70 thirty 65 350 3-4.5

Knowledge of how many follicles are located in this area of ​​the body, how many of them are in the resting stage, and how actively growing, they help to evaluate the time that will need to be removable of this site, how often it will be necessary to perform repeated procedures and how many of them will probably be required.

How many times to come for hair removal?

The total number of sessions is actually individual, but the average values ​​that we see after hair removal on our apparatus Candela Gentlelase Pro are:

  • Harse Board Epilation: 3-5 visits,
  • Hatter hair removal: 4-6 visits,
  • Hands: 4-5 visits,
  • armpits: 2-3 visits,
  • bikini and deep bikini (the very complex zone): 6-10 visits,
  • upper lip: 4-5 visits.

The indicated quantity. This is the duration of the main course of hair removal, in the future we need control single visits (once every half year/year) to remove awakened follicles.

Recommended laser hair removal cycles

These tables are not taken from the ceiling. And they are recommended in the literature by specialists of cosmetologists and have a scientific basis.

Now let’s compare these recommendations with the recommendations of network clinics of epilation:

You understand the difference? Yes, the number of procedures to achieve the effect may vary, but the “recommended interval” should be recommended by doctors, not businessmen!