How much copper is in a washing machine Samsung

In fact, most often use the last way. washing machines are handed over for scrap metal. This is due to the fact that most old cars are thrown out due to malfunctions and it is impossible to sell or give them. Then the revenue of scrap metal comes to revenue.

In industrial production, electric motors play a crucial role, as in many other areas of human activity. The principle of operation of these devices is the transformation of electric current into mechanical energy. It includes a large number of different materials, namely copper. Therefore, many users have the question of how much this material is contained in electric motors.

Details of the device with m cop

Many components of electric motor are made from copper, such as a collector, wire wires and cables. That is why when making them you need to know the amount of copper, which includes the electric motor. Its amount can be calculated by knowing the mass and power of the motor. It is possible to determine how much copper contains an electric cargo, if you have data about its power and weight. With a voltage of 220 and 380, the mass of this metal in the engine differs.

Loof wires

Wrap wires are needed to repair and rewind electric engines. For this purpose, the metal is specially polluted to reduce the starting currents of the system. The windings have a round or rectangular cross section, the brand of which depends on the features of the material of the wire, as well as the type of insulation. As a rule, winding wires are made precisely from copper parts with enamel or fibrous insulation. The correct choice of these components is very important for the repair of the electrical unit. They are chosen taking into account moisture resistance, frost resistance, susceptibility to heating, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Wires for winding are usually sold in drums, bays or coils. Each coil should have a shortcut with the name of the manufacturer, brand, as well as size and weight. The last parameters are determined based on a special table.


When choosing a collector, it is also important to navigate how much copper contains an electric motor. It is a hollow cylinder consisting of solid small plates. These plates are isolated from each other using mycanite gaskets and cuffs.

Copper elements content table in electric motors

If you are going to hand over the electric engine for scrap metal, then you definitely need to calculate how many copper parts that are contained in it. This mass can be found by a special table, which takes into account the power of the motor, the number of revolutions and its type.

Types of electric motor
power, kWt 8/750 O in min 6/1000 about in mines 4/1500 O in min 2/3000 about in mines
one 2 one 2 one 2 one 2
0.06 0.419/0.485 3.3/3
0.09 0.542/0.534 3.3/3 0.426/0.440 3.3/30
0.12 0.50/0.48 4.5/4.3 0.542/0.534 3.3/30
0.18 0.64/0.62 6.3/6.1 0.55/0.63 4.5/4.3 0.42/0.38 4.5/4.30
0.25 0.95 15,1/14.0 0.83/0.85 6.3/6.1 0.59/0.61 6.3/6.1 0.45/0.44 4.5/4.30
0.37 1.16 17.5/17.1 0.97 15,1/14 0.59/0.61 6.3/6.1 0.58/0.55 6.3/6.10
0.55 1.33/1.34 20.0/19.5 1.08/1.11 15,1/14 0.92/0.93 15,1/14 0.60/0.62 6.3/6.10
0.75 1.58/1.62 25.5 1.24/1.19 17.5/17.1 0.94/0.97 15,1/14 0.91/0.93 15,10/14
0.9 1.59/1.53 25.5
1.1 1.91/1.92 25.5 1.58/1.51 20.0/19.5 1.36/1.35 17.5/17.1 0.96/0.92 15,10/14
1.2 1.91/1.87 25.5
1.5 2.28/2.25 42.0/40.5 1.95/1.92 28.7/25.5 1.49/1.44 20.0/19.5 1.59/1.51 17.50/17.10
1.7 2.56/2.49 42.0/40.5 1.88/1.90 28.7/25.5
2.2 3.04/3.16 56.0/54.0 2.28/2.25 42.0/40.5 1.92/1.87 28.7/25.5 1.82/1.74 20.0/19.50
2.4 1.92/1.93 28.7/25.5
3 3.45/3.65 56.0/54.0 3.05/2.99 56.0/54.0 2.80/2.95 36.0/36.4 2.51/2.6 28.7/25.5
3.5 2.50/2.42 28.7/25.5
four 77.0/72.0 3.42/3.42 56.0/54.0 2.81/2.95 42.0/40.5 3.76/3.64 36.0/36.4
5.5 93.0/90.0 4.35/4.38 77.0/72.0 3.49/3.53 56.0/54.0 4,12/4.0 42.0/40.5
7.5 7.32 135.0 4,94/5.07 93.0/90.0 5.44/5.20 77.0/72.0 4.79/4.71 56.0/54.0
eleven 8.41/8.52 160.0 7.90/8.12 135.0 6.09/6.26 93.0/90.0 93.0/90.0
fifteen 11.7/11.6 195.0 9.21/9.31 160.0 9.9/10.9 135.0 9.0/9.2 130.0
18.5 13.5/13.1 270.0 12.1/12.2 195.0 11.3/11.2 160.0 9.7/9.6 145.0
22 14.53 310/300 15.9/15.8 270.0 13.20 175.0 12.5/12.3 165.0
thirty 19.4/19.3 355.0 16.8/16.6 310/300 14.5/14.4 195.0 14.8/14.4 185.0
37 22.7/23.5 490.0 21.3/21.6 355.0 17.6/18.1 270.0 19.7/19.5 255/250
45 26.8/25.8 535.0 26.61 490.0 20.5/19.5 310/300 21.0/20.7 280/275
55 785.0 27.0/27.9 535.0 25.8/25.1 355.0 24.8/24.7 355/350
75 835.0 785.0 39.6/38 490.0 33.0 470.0
90 875.0 835.0 43.8/40.0 535.0 34.8/35.0 510.0

We rent a washing machine in scrap metal

So, you decided to hand over your old washing machine for scrap metal. Initially, it is necessary to decide how to deliver it to the reception point. This can be done in several ways:

  • Take away personally. In this case, it will be necessary either to independently or with the involvement of friends or acquaintances, to immerse the old washer in the car and deliver to the scrap metal point. Having chosen this option, it is worth considering that there will be fuel costs. It is also necessary to ask someone for help.
  • Use the services of the company. Choosing this option, you don’t have to take anything anywhere. The service will send a special car with loaders who will independently deliver the old washer to the reception point. It is worth noting that an additional fee is charged for this. As a rule, there is enough money for the machine for the machine to cover these expenses, but you are unlikely to get a profit.

It is impossible to unambiguously highlight the best way. Both options have the right to life.

Conducting and assignment of machine compartments

In Samsung devices with a side type of loading, the compartment for introducing powder and other varieties of washing products is located in the upper left side.

Important! In units with the upper load, you will first have to open the hatch to detect the compartment intended for detergents.

After the opening of the tray, it shows that it consists of three departments. They have a different purpose, which is recognizable in symbolism:

  • Roman number I or Latin letter A. These characters mean that the department is designed for preliminary washing. If a program is selected in which washing consists of two stages, powder is filled in this compartment. He will get into the drum at the very beginning.
  • Roman number II or Latin letter in. This is the main compartment that is used regardless of the selected program. It is also needed for the second stage when choosing a preliminary wash mode.
  • Flower or sprocket icon. It indicates a department that is adapted for a rinseum or air conditioner, usually produced in liquid form. In this department, the funds can be poured both before the laundry and during the process. It is important to do this before the unit begins to type water for rinsing, otherwise the air conditioner does not have time to get into the drum.

Also, in the first and second departments, except for the detergent for the main washing, you can add bleaching products, dry stains and products designed to clean the device from pollution and scale. The third department is used only for substances intended for linen rinsing. Designation of the icons on the Samsung washing machine (samsung) with a description and you will find a photo here. LG or Samsung washing machine. which is better, this article will tell.

Where to add dry washing powder and how much you need to fall asleep?

Pour a washing powder in a container B or II (if with preliminary washing also in A or I).

Advice! The number of washing powder depends on how well the clothes will be washed. If the funds are not enough, then linen or things will not be completely cleaned of contaminants or stains.

To know how to correctly calculate the norm of powder for washing, the following factors must be taken into account:

Many manufacturers of washing products on the back of the packaging place instructions. However, to find out the required amount of powder is quite simple and yourself.

If the drum is loaded completely with things without severe pollution, then about 150-175 g of powder should be filled up. If you need to get rid of old and complex spots, you need no less than 225 g.

In addition, the total mass of linen placed in the drum should be an important criterion when making a decision. The table gives information about how much it will take to pour funds depending on the weight of the laundry:

Weight of things, kg The required amount of powder, g
one 25
3.5 75
four 100
5 125
6 175
7 225

If there are strong pollution on things, then do not double the amount of funds, as this will not solve the problem. It is advisable to soak such clothes before washing using a bleach or stain.

Samsung washing machine, description and assignment of nodes

The structure and equipment of all Samsung washing machines has common features.

The set of structural elements includes both complex electronic modules and sensors, and mechanical parts necessary to maintain the coordinated operation of the unit.

Knowing the device of the household appliance allows you to understand arising problems and independently eliminate them. What is the device of the Samsung washing machine, we will tell in the article.

How the Samsung Automatic machine works?

The latest technologies of Samsung, which are used in the production of automatic washing machine (SMA), make them complex mechanisms. However, with a detailed examination in the design of the unit, it is easy to understand.

The case of any model consists of:

The external and internal parts of the unit are located according to the following scheme:

  • On the front side. control panel, powder tray, drain pump, hose, filter.
  • From the top panel. inlet valve, level relay, tank pendants in the form of springs, counterweights.
  • On the end side. tank, shock absorbers.
  • From the rear surface. a drive belt, an engine, a pulley, a power cord, a drain hose.

The internal filling of the technical product includes basic and additional devices. The main ones are:

Each large and small detail plays a certain role during the operation of the machine and its breakdown entails a deterioration in the quality of washing or a complete blocking of technology.

Managing module

This block in the washing device is the main electronic part. The control module is a kind of “brain” of the automatic machine, it includes the indicator panel and directly the software module itself.

The power unit is powered and control of all the functions performed. This is possible thanks to the connection to the control module of all sensors, electronics and executive units. With arising defects in the typewriter, the signal comes to the electronic board and is reflected in the panel in the form of flashing indicators or cipher on the display.

The electronic board is very susceptible to voltage differences, so for the impeccable operation of the washing room you need a device that protects it from the voltage jumps.

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Motor and tachogenerator

These two important components in the washing machine function in pairs. The electric motor provides the drum rotation specified by the mode.

Most Samsung models are an inverter type with direct transmission. In them, the motor is fixed on the drum from the rear panel. This feature increases the efficiency of the engine and reduces the risk of breakdown.

A collector.type motor is localized in the lower part. It manipulates the drum through a special belt, which is fixed to the engine shaft and the pulp of the drum. This design leads to periodic wear of the electric grinder and the need for more frequent repair.

The tacrotor monitors the number of revolutions. The result of his tracking Tachogenerator sends the control module, and he checks the speed of revolutions according to a given program.

Level sensor and bulk valve

These parts also work in synergism. The appointment of a press start. control of the volume of water poured into the tank. Outwardly, this element is a round box with wires fixed under the lid of the machine case.

The level sensor determines the pressure in the tank and sends information to the control module. The latter, upon receipt of a sign of sufficient amount of liquid, sends an order to stop the water set for a machine valve.

The valve responsible for the flow of water from the water pipe has one, two or three coils. The voltage that comes to them after the corresponding signal from the control module makes the membrane open in the input valve. When the voltage drops, the membrane valve closes and blocks access to water.

Tank and drum

A washing machine tank is a sealed plastic container filled with water. There is a metal drum inside it, in which linen is placed.

This part of the unit has special devices to improve the quality of washing:

The maximum loading volume of the machine depends on the size of the drum. This parameter differs in different samsung models.

The rotation of the drum is carried out at the expense of the bearing built into the tank and the fixed shaft and the pulley of the transmission.

The shape of the drum depends on the type of loading. SMA with vertical supply of linen have a closed.based drum. It is equipped with a door through which things are laid.

Heating element and thermal attempture

Heating element (TEN) is located in the lower part of the machine under the tank. This part provides water heating during washing to a given temperature. The TEN receives a team about the required temperature level from the control module, after which it is included in the work.

Control over heating is carried out by a temperature sensor (thermostat or thermistor), which is built into the case of the heater. Outwardly it looks like a metal tube. When the required temperature level is reached, the thermal attemptor sends the signal to the control unit, and he, in turn, disconnects the heater.

Thermostats are built into old Samsung models. In bimetallic products, the plate, in contact with the liquid, is bended according to the temperature. As a result of this, the relay closes.

Gas.filled thermostats are connected by a tube with a temperature sensor of the control panel. Contact closure occurs as a result of the expansion of the heated freon inside the tube.

The second type of thermal attires. thermistors, work due to the measurement of resistance during water heating. These devices are considered more perfect and reliable. They are used in the assembly of technologically advanced modern Samsung models.

How much does it cost to take a washing machine for scrap metal

As noted above, the price at which you can hand over the washing machine for scrap metal is quite low. To get really good profit, the total batch should be quite large. The final cost is affected by the radical factors:

  • The amount of non.ferrous metal, its category and cleanliness;
  • Radiation level;
  • The presence or absence of pollution, isolation, corrosion, etc.D.
  • The situation in the world market;
  • Batch volume;
  • Additional services from reception points.

Find out exactly how much it costs to pass the washing machine for scrap metal, only after chemical analysis and weighing.

Alternative use of an old machine

We offer to consider all possible ways to get rid of the unnecessary technique. There are quite a lot of them. Some sales options allow the owner to receive income, others, on the contrary, suggest additional costs. How you can “free” from the machine gun.

  • Dispose of the unit in accordance with all the rules. Household appliances are exported to a separate landfill, before that, the devices are finely crushed by a special apparatus. This method is unprofitable, since for the service of the carrier and the processing procedure of the washing room you will have to pay about 2 thousand.
  • Place an ad on the sale on the announcement website or in the newspaper. This method is applicable if the machine operates properly. Having put up the unit for little money, about one and a half to two thousand, there is no doubt that many people who want to redeem it will respond.
  • Take household appliances to the store. Many large sellers from time to time hold an interesting action “Change the old equipment to a new one”. Having handed over an unnecessary washer to the store, you will get a good discount on new equipment. This method can become the most profitable of all.

Preparatory stage

Preparation for the installation of the machine is to lay electrical communications. Before proceeding to laying the wiring, the following components are purchased:

  • Wires. Based on the average power of the washing machine, a copper wire with three veins with a section of 2-3 mm and high-quality insulation is chosen.
  • Emergency shutdown devices (or differential current switches). They will protect the device from voltage drops.
  • Circuit breaker. The machine will protect the car from a short circuit and an unacceptable voltage reduction. Included with the emergency shutdown device, the switch will protect the equipment from all risks associated with electricity.
  • Additional components-terminals, cable channels, clamps and so on.

Before buying everything you need, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for the device and the rules for connecting the washing machine to the mains.

What non.ferrous metals are contained in the washing machine

Knowing that the valuable in the washing machine can be found with independent disassembly, you can replenish the family budget a little. First of all, you should look for copper in the Washing Motor. Inside the washing machine there is a fairly powerful electric motor with windings. The weight of copper in the engine of the washing machine sometimes reaches 2 kg, and take it 360.

The electric motor of the machine gun also contains parts from other non.ferrous metals and their alloys (brass, aluminum, zinc). Modern models are equipped with a processor in which copper is also present, but in a small amount. And it is not easy to extract it from the processor. When mining copper from the insides of the washing machine, one should not forget about the internal wiring and electric cord with a socket.

The drum in which the laundry is placed in separate attention. It is made of stainless steel. Depending on the type and model, the drum of the washing machine made of stainless steel weighs from 2.5 to 5 kg. In reception centers per kilogram, stainless steel is given from 50 to 60. Through simple calculations, we can conclude that the weight of the washing machine drum when it is dismantled will bring additionally to a wallet from 100 to 300.

Additionally, with detailed dismantling of the washing machine, aluminum, brass, zinc and metal parts can be removed from it.

The average total revenue with an independent disassembly of the washing machine will be about 1000.

Old Soviet.made models may have a counterweight of cast iron or a compact container with lead weights. For this reason, it is advisable to dismantle any, even the oldest unit in detail.

How to pass it profitable

Several important factors affect the cost of metal scrap:

  • scrap category;
  • clogging with plastic, residues of insulating materials;
  • the presence of corrosion and pollution;
  • batch volume;
  • Reception prices.

When planning to make a good profit from the delivery of the washing machine as secondary raw materials to the metal scrap point, it is necessary to competently approach this issue.

The unit must be disassembled in detail, and then plunge all the extracted scrap thoroughly sorting. Separately passing the scrap of copper and other non.ferrous metals is much more profitable than with a common weight.

Having spent time and effort on dismantling, it is reasonable to clean the obtained parts and parts of the internal wiring from the insulating layer, dirt and traces of rust.

Having completed the cleaning and sorting of scrap obtained by the types and categories of metals, it is reasonable to find out the cost of ferrous and ferrous metal scrap in several reception points. This will allow you to choose a place where it is easy to hand over the resulting scrap at a higher price.

Why is it not recommended to fill the powder into the drum?

Universal powder is much tougher than gels, capsules and napkins. It contains granular particles. They can leave difficult spots on clothes. In addition, powders and bleach are aggressive means.

When they are covered in special trays, the machine is independently engaged in distribution. If you pour more concentration into the drum, then not only spots can remain on the clothes, but also holes appear.

The consequences of improper use of detergents

The consequences of improper use directly depend on the type of detergent:

  • If you pour the gel into the powder receiver, then there will be nothing wrong. The tool will just stay in the tray.
  • It is not recommended to fill the gel into the compartment for the air conditioner. Otherwise, the product will fall into the drum only with the last rinsing. As a result, things will remain soapy and have to wash them again.
  • It is not recommended to fill the powder into the drum, since there is a high probability of damage to clothing.

Smallest Washing Machine, Bucket Washing Machine. Carry & Use Anywhere | Made in India

You will find all the most important and useful about Samsung washing machines in this section of the site.

First take a look at Schilde

The easiest way to determine the date of manufacture of the Samsung wast of the wiring. an information sticker with brief information. She is mandatory for all manufactured equipment at the factory, so that the owner can identify the unit even in the absence of user management. It contains the name, type of product, service number, main parameters, characteristics and some other information on it in the form of a table. Among them and the date of manufacture. To find and study the available nameplate, you need:

  • turn off the washing machine from the electric network;
  • block the flow of water and disconnect the drain hose;
  • turn the machine, providing free access to the rear wall of the case;
  • Inspect the washing machine behind, bearing in mind that the nameplate is most often located in the lower right corner.

If there are problems with power supply (9C, 9E2, E91 or UC)

It happens that the incorrect operation of the washing machine is manifested by the fact that the drain of water in it does not work. In this case, the following designations arise on the display: E2, 5e or 5C.

If it is difficult to drain water from the washing machine, then it is necessary to check the release of the drain pump: it can be clogged with garbage and extraneous objects

Such encoding draws our attention to the possible presence of the following problems:

  • The drain of water from the hose is opposed by some physical obstacle: it is clogged or overwhelmed;
  • connecting the hose to the typewriter is made incorrectly;
  • The unit pump failed;
  • internal wiring is somewhere broken;
  • The clog could not occur in the machine itself, but in the sewer, as a result of which the drain became impossible;
  • Plumbing devices were operated with a violation of the temperature regime, and the water in them could simply freeze.

In order for the drain to continue to work properly, one after another it is necessary to eliminate the possible causes of problems.

It is necessary to check the patency of the sewage system, sniff out whether it smells of burning wiring, check the hoses and change the pump if it does not work.

Samsung washing units of Samsung present well.defined requirements indicated in the device of the device. If the declared indicators do not correspond to the actual, error codes 9C, 9E2, E91 or UC may appear on the scoreboard.

We are talking about errors caused by the causes from the list below:

  • Unacceptable voltage surges arise on the network;
  • An extension cord is used to operate the washing device;
  • The actual value of the voltage in the network does not comply with the stated standards;
  • The control module is faulty.

If the washing machine is connected correctly, but the indicated error codes were displayed on the display, the device should not be interrupted.

As soon as the parameters of the mains are brought into line with the declared, the device will independently continue its operation. With regular voltage jumps, use a stabilizer to reduce unjustified loads on the unit.

The device should not drain too hot water. If this happens, on the display screen display codes of errors of AC6, AC or CE.

These codes warn what could happen the following:

You need to check if the device is connected correctly. If this error is excluded, it remains only to buy and install a new temperature sensor.