What to do after burn and what remedy helps in the treatment?

Today, burning burns is an urgent problem. According to the State Statistics Service for 2018 at least 30,000 people undergo thermal or chemical damage. This is one of the most common domestic injuries. However, often burns can be obtained in production, where security conditions are not met.

If burns occur, you need to be able to provide the right first aid. From how quickly you will assist myself or the affected person will depend on its further condition and the rate of treatment.

The human body is able to regenerate and remove light burns without serious health effects. serious burns require emergency medical care to prevent complications. Behind such wounds need to be monitored, prevent infection penetration and regularly process with anti-inflammatory drugs or apply anti-spare napkins.

If you are next to the burnt, you firmly need to know how to treat burns, otherwise you give more harm to your actions than benefits.

What is amphetamines and how they act?

To reduce the final product, which was previously produced in the processing of ephedra, the synthetic ephedrine is included in the composition of drugs. Fully synthetic drug is often manufactured in handicrafts, which increases the risk of use, associated with acute intoxication of the body.

Amphetamine may be called met, ice or crystal, and the poison is hidden, especially dangerous to human health. To increase the mass and volume of white powder, inexpensive anesthetics and starch can be added to it, so the toxic effect on the body is enhanced by the risk of use of unknown components.

Amphetamine is used inhalation through the nose and smoking using a special smoking tube. If a person makes intravenous injections, their traces help to identify addiction and provide him with timely disposal from a dependence with a full-fledged rehabilitation course.

If you get to the body, the drug stimulates a one-time and powerful selection of adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine in blood. The state of euphoria is accompanied by an increase in activity and performance, but it develops stable affection and drug dependence on drugs.

When urgently need medical care?

The effects of systematic use of the synthetic drug are reflected on all spheres of human life.

Drug addict requires urgent and professional assistance in identifying the fact of drug reception. It is not worth waiting for an overdose and strictly track symptoms:

  • Light and extended pupils;
  • sleep disorders and insomnia;
  • Periodic growth of activity;
  • mood and depression;
  • sharp convulsions and convulsions;
  • decrease in pain;
  • Paranoid state.

After receiving amphetamines, the person develops hallucinations, the illusion of all-conditionality and invulnerability appears. In such a state, he can make a risk associated with a risk for health, and effective encoding from drug addiction allows you to get rid of the dependence destroying life.

The effects of continued use of amphetamine

The reception of narcotic substances is associated with increasing activity and stimulating the nervous, hormonal systems. After the termination of the active substances in the body remains poisoning toxins and the drug addict feels the decline, anxiety and anxiety increases.

The state worsens the fact that a person loses its performance and for her recovery it seems to him that there will be enough next dose. Finding into this vicious circle, he himself aggravates the situation and increases the risk of developing shortness of breath and tachycardia, blood pressure surges and interruptions in the work of the heart.

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Features of the cancellation syndrome

Under the influence of various factors, a drug addict may stop taking drugs at the time, while experiencing acute abstinences. The abolition syndrome is manifested in the first strong impact on the physical state, which lasts 8-96 hours, in peak state patients experience strong discomfort. In such a state, a person can stay up to 3 months, and during this period it is important to choose a rehabilitation center in order to reduce the risk of recurrence increasing as the abstinence is activated.

How much is the hairdryer in the body

After use, the narcotic substance instantly affects the CNS, the effect of euphoria lasts from 2 to 8 hours, after which there is a sense of emptiness and amphetamine metabolites are output from the body through the urinary system. It is impossible to say with accuracy, after how many days can be found in biological media traces of a drug, as the tests at home detect it in 2-3 days from the last use, and laboratory tests can identify traces after 1-3 weeks.

The rate of removal of amphetamine from the body is different and depends on a number of factors:

  • Eating experience
  • Dose of narcotic substance
  • The speed of metabolic processes
  • Age category dependent
  • Purity of a narcotic substance
  • Patient weight
  • way of consumption.

After use, the hairdryer quickly falls into the circulatory system and is distributed throughout the body. Metabolic processes are mainly leaked in the liver, where the narcotic substance is partially processed to decay products. After which the metabolites of drugs and amphetamine are in constant form are removed through the urinary system. In the blood, detect the traces of amphetamine during the day. With regular and long-term use, the person produces specific antibodies, detect which can be found within 3-4 months from the moment of last use. In the urine, to identify the drug metabolites is possible up to 5 days with one-time and up to 10 days at regular reception.

In addition, the velocity of the hair dryer depends on the characteristics of urine acidity:

You can detect the presence of a hair dryer in saliva for 2 days, since the period of its half-life depends on the dose and frequency of use. In the nail plates and the roots of the hair, it is possible to detect a narcotic substance for six months from the moment of last use. According to the examination of the hair, you can not only establish a fact of use, but the term of drug addiction. If an amphetamine is prescribed for medical purposes and is accepted in a dosage of less than 10 mg, it will bring up by the kidneys after 3-4 days. For the dependent dose of the use of a hair dryer amounts to 25-30 mg, so it is completely not excreted from the body and it is easy to detect in biological environments.

The cost of detoxification drug addicts in the hospital


  • Consultation Naclatoga
  • Chamber of 4 people
  • Infusion 500 ml
  • Sedatives
  • Detox solutions
  • Polyvitamin complex
  • Preparations for relief thrust
  • Package preparations
  • Duration from 50 minutes
  • Tableted course for 3 days

Detox Plus

  • Consultation Naclatoga
  • Chamber of 2-4 people
  • Infusion 800 ml
  • Sedatives
  • Detox solutions
  • Preparations for relief thrust
  • Package preparations
  • Polyvitamin complex
  • Duration from 120 minutes
  • Tableted course for 7 days

Detox maximum

  • Consultation Naclatoga
  • Chamber for 1-2 people (to choose)
  • Infusion 1000 ml
  • Sedatives
  • Detox solutions
  • Hepatoprotectors
  • Preparations for relief thrust
  • Package preparations
  • Polyvitamin complex
  • Duration from 120 minutes
  • Tableted course for 14 days


Refers to Amphetamine derivatives. Is a white crystalline substance. A strong psychostimulator, dependence on which is formed almost after the first use. To identify the presence of methamphetamine in the blood fails 24-72 hours from the moment of use, in the urine you can detect for 3-6 days, and in the hair to 3 months.


The semi-synthetic opioid drug, which was widely used in medicine in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. “Hard” drugs in the speed of removal practically do not differ from softer “fellow”. You can identify the presence of heroin in the blood within 12 hours, in the urine to 2 days, and you can detect traces in the hair for 90 days.


In medical practice, mine is used as an anesthetic and soothing drug. However, drug addicts use it to obtain the effect of Euphoria. It is possible to identify its presence in the urine within 3 days, in the blood for 6-8 hours, and by hair to 3 months from the moment of use.


Refers to derivative opiates. In medicine, use as a strong analgesic drug. In the urine to detect methadone for 4 days, in the blood to 1.5 days, and by hair. up to 3 months.


Opium alkaloid used in medicine as a preparation from cough. It has a weak narcotic and painful effect. After use, codeine in the urine is saved 24 hours, up to 12 hours in the blood and up to 3 months in hair.


A group of drugs that has a sleeping pills, anticonvulsant and narcotic effects. Strongly act on the central nervous system, having a sleeping pill and soothing effect. Against the consumption of barbiturates may appear about suicide. Detect traces of use in the urine can be within 4 days, up to 2 days in the blood, and by hair to 3 months.

You can pass the test for narcotic substances in the Narcology clinic. When detecting traces of drugs, it is worth continuing the complex drug treatment treatment, but only if the patient is desired. During the treatment, doctors prescribe medication therapy for the removal of abstinence and conduct psychological sessions to achieve steal remission. It does not matter what a narcotic substance used a person, it must be motivated for recovery. In this case, the psychologists of the clinic will help, remember, the earlier treatment will be started, the sooner remission will come.

The time of amphetamine

Depending on the dose, the singularities of the metabolism of the drug is the time of the drug. from 4 hours and to 3 days. The beginning of Euphoria depends on the method of introducing into the body:

  • When oral and intranasal administration, the action begins after 1. 2 hours;
  • After intravenous injections, the drug begins to act instantly;

Drug use cyclical. Some drug addicts use one dose of 100 mg and after 3 hours. twice as long as. Some. 300 mg at a time, then after 12 hours they take the same amount. Such “cycles” continue for several days and have similarities with alcoholic becks. Drug addicts call it “marathon”. If the drug ends, or its action stops, the so-called “waste” begins.

How long is an amphetamine from the body?

After how many days amphetamine (hair dryer) from the human body is removed? Detect traces of drugs can not only in the blood, but also in other biomaterials. In what other biological fluids can be detected hairdryer? It is watering, saliva, hair, nails and sweat. How long is amphetamine from the organism of the dependent person in each case?

For how much amphetamine from the body?

How quickly amphetamine from urine? With a single use. a period of 1-1.5 weeks, with systematic. up to 4 months. In the saliva “AMF” holds 5 days, in the hair the fact of use can be revealed within 2.5 weeks, in the nails. 1.5 months, the sweat stores synthetic substances up to 10 days. Now you know, after how many days amphetamine (AMP, hairdryer, AIDS) from the body. If you have suspicions that a close person uses drugs, call the center “My family is my fortress” and get professional assistance of experienced professionals in the field of narcology.

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Information materials posted in this article? We are familiarized and intended for educational purposes. Readers should not use site materials as recommendations. Diagnosis and treatment is engaged only by a narcologist! Our organization opposes the distribution and use of drugs. For the production and sale of narcotic substances is provided for criminal liability under. 228.1 of the progress of psychotropic and narcotic substances and their precursors are punishable in accordance with. 6.13 kameap

Attention! The use of narcotic substances harms your health and represents a threat to life!

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In blood

The period of achieving the highest concentration of narcotic substance in the blood depends on the method of consumption. When smoking, peak is achieved in 7 minutes, with intravenous administration. lightning time, and with oral administration, the maximum will show after 2-3 hours.

The duration of the semi-anniversary of the decay of methamphetamine on average is 8-12 hours. However, this indicator may fluctuate depending on the supply. With a sour diet, the removal period is 7-14 hours, and with alkaline from 18 to 34 hours. Consequently, to establish the fact of the use of a narcotic substance can be within 24-48 hours.

As a rule, blood plasma is not used to detect methamphetamine, since the narcotic substance is quickly split. But in emergency cases, this indicator is necessary, as you can quickly determine the concentration of toxins. In the immunochemical diagnosis on methamphetamine there are false positive results, since express tests react with ranitidine and other drugs.

In urine

After entering the body, the narcotic substance is split into the components and is excreted through the urinary system, so test systems react to methamphetamine metabolites. Consequently, the urine is given to greater preference than blood, as it is much more convenient to collect biological fluid and faster. To establish a fact of use of methamphetamine, 200 ml of urine.

Approximately 70% of the dose of a narcotic substance is derived from the urine in the first day, 90% dose within 4 days. Traces of methamphetamine metabolites can be detected in the urine for a week.

In saliva, hair, nails

People who have a long-term methamphetamine can fix the fact of use using expertise on hair, nails, saliva, less often use sweat.

Narcotic metabolites can be revealed even after refusing use through:

Most often, hair is used in forensic practice, since psychoactive substances do not split in them, but accumulate. Therefore, it is possible to fix the fact of use within a few years after the refusal of methamphetamine.

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How much time keeps “Salt” in the body

The period of removal of salts from human biological fluids

Salt is a strong and dangerous narcotic substance that for many years continues to destructively influence the body. Products of its decay are preserved in tissues for life, as they accumulate during the use. To determine the presence of salt in the body in the clinic “Narkology” take laboratory tests of urine, blood, saliva. Even if the result is negative, it is possible to detect salts on nails or hair.

The period of salt removal directly depends on the components of the substance, for example, MDW, Gravel, Mefehedron and other impurities. Also, the duration of elimination is affected by the use of the use of: the longer it is used, the greater the narcotic substance accumulates in the body and its decomposition products are saved, which show the results of the tests. If the drug-dependent attempted the “salt”, then it can be revealed in the blood for 2 days.

If the use was up to 3 times a week, but on a regular basis, then the period of removal increases to 5 days. Therefore, it is impossible to precisely precisely to predict the time for cleansing the body, since the analysis on the “salt” can be negative a few hours after eating or only after several years.

In the clinic “Narcology” use modern diagnostic equipment and special methods that allow you to detect a synthetic narcotic substance six months after one-time consumption.

As for the analysis of urine for the presence of “salt”, it all depends on your body, so all data is purely individual. The dose and type of narcotic substance, the frequency and experience of drinking, the health status and the speed of metabolic processes affect the result. In case of one-time, as a rule, “salt” can be revealed in the urine during the week.

With constant use of salts, the half-life increases, since synthetic components accumulate in the body. The kidneys do not have time to derive toxic substances from the body, therefore, the spree products of the “salts” are delayed in the urine. Detect them can be 60 days after the last use, and in some cases and longer. In the saliva “salt” persists up to 72 hours, and in hair or nails throughout the year.