Does hair grow after laser epilation

Get rid of forever from unwanted vegetation on the body and every woman wishes on his face. Crossing yourself on painful removal methods, we hope for a miracle, but it does not happen, and it appears again and again. Some methods give a longer result, after some, a bristle appears on the second or third day. And humanity continues to look for a reliable method that makes the skin perfectly smooth.

With the advent of such innovative technology, as laser hair removal has changed. Now it is quite realistic to enjoy the smoothness of the skin, having passed the course of procedures. But is it true that after laser hair removal does not grow? Talk about it in our article.

this is dangerous?

It’s dangerous if you have contraindications.

  • immune diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • sharp forms of herpes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diabetes;
  • Open wounds and burns;
  • keloid scars;
  • neurological disorders;
  • gray and powder hair;
  • Diseases of hormonal background
  • Varicose veins in the epilation zone.

Patients up to 18 years old need written resolution of parents.

Laser face epilation: its features and advantages

Unwanted vegetation on the face. this is a problem not only men, but also women. Hair in this zone looks nonethetically and spoil even very attractive appearance. Laser hair removal is one of the most modern, in demand and effective ways to eliminate this problem. What is this procedure that there are contraindications and consequences, you will learn from our article.

Face is a business card of every person, and women especially. Which methods do not resort to modern fair sex representatives to get rid of unwanted vegetation. This is the use of razor machines, and the use of various creams for depilation and wax strips. That’s only after such ways to expose hair on the face grow faster and become even tougher.

Laser hair removal is a popular modern technique that is used not only women, but also men in the fight against unwanted vegetation.

The essence of the procedure is that the device is guided by the hair onion and the flash is flashing. Laser beam, passing across the hairs, reaches the bulbs and warms the pigment melanin in it. The hair follicle overheats and destroys. Through a small length of time, hairs weakens. It is worth noting that the adjacent tissues are not damaged.

The procedure of laser hair removal is not recommended to all. An important role is played by the patient’s color. This method of deliverance from unwanted vegetation is suitable for people having a natural hair color from lightly blond to dark.

The darker the hairs, the better they are removed. Very bright and gray laser will not remove, as they contain too little melanin necessary for the effects of the beam.

The device does not apply to all follicles. Some of them are not active, are at rest or growth. Therefore, to completely remove your hair, not one procedure will be required. The exact number of sessions defines a specialist depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person and its skin cover. Most women on average enough from four to nine procedures every 7-10 weeks.

Customers with sensitive skin noted that manipulation is absolutely painless. In rare cases, it is easy to burn. In such situations, the exposure section is treated with painkillers. The laser epilation procedure takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

Among the popular women’s zones for this manipulation can be allocated:

Indications and contraindications

If you want to solve the problem of excess hair on the body once and forever, you need laser hair removal. © Getty Images

The indication for laser epilation is the desire to get rid of excess vegetation on the body (or face). It is important to understand that in some cases this procedure is contraindicated. Here is a small list of the most common taboos:

Recovery after laser epilation procedure

2-3 weeks do not go from the solarium and do not sunbathe in the sun. On open areas, apply sunscreen with SPF not lower than 30;

Do not conduct epilation procedures, where the hair is removed from the root (shigaring, wax, mechanical epilator, tweezers);

If the epilation was performed on the face, do not make a deep peeling with scrubs, do not use the creams with retinol and means with glycolic acid;

How long does hair grow after laser

Laser hair removal. not the fastest way. Sometimes several procedures are required to achieve smooth skin. And it’s not a fact that after a while sleeping hairs will not grow. Be sure to be. But those on which the laser acted will never grow. They were deleted forever.

If hair growth face increases after laser hair removal, how can that be fixed?. Dr. Aruna Prasad

Sessions will have to repeat until the vegetation stops appearing. So the laser is getting rid of unnecessary vegetation in certain zones of the body forever. And it greatly motivates on the laser procedure.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

One of the minuses. the cost of the full course. It is more expensive than buy a razor or regularly make wax hair removal. But in the future, the way will save money, and time, so consider the course as an investment.

Laser hair removal requires self-discipline: you must visit the required number of sessions and observe the frequency. If you throw procedures in the middle, it is impossible to achieve the desired result.

Success removal depends on skin type and hair color. Gray, red and bright worse than the laser beam.

Laser epilation has contraindications:

  • oncological diseases,
  • Increased temperature,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • Pregnancy and the first three months of lactation,
  • Infectious diseases in the stages of exacerbation.

If you have moles, pigment stains, wounds or scars in the exposure area, you take hormonal drugs or on the day of the menstruation procedure, pre-consult your doctor. It is recommended to make the diagnosis of moles.

quickly, hair, laser, epilation

Independent laser hair removal

There are two types of laser devices intended for home depilation: with scanning function and without it. The cost of the usual apparatus is lower, but the session itself lasts longer. The ray is guided by each hairs separately. One flash of the beam can be treated area up to 30 mm².

Thanks to the scanning function, the need for exactly the exact direction for each specific hair disappears. It is only necessary to apply the device to the treated surface and leave for the impact for a few seconds. The device can handle areas from 35 mm² to 1 cm² for one flash, depending on the model. High power devices are not suitable for depilation at home. Without the necessary skills you can get burns.

For small areas of skin, an inexpensive device is suitable. However, extensive zones with vegetation with such a device to process uncomfortable and long. It is better to buy a laser device having a scanning function.

Previously, Rubin and Alexandrite (crystals) were used for depilation (crystals). Laser had a short wavelength and low pulse frequency. The procedure with their use occupied more time.

The names of modern devices: diode and neodymium. For home use, a safe apparatus for depilation with a diode laser with excellent characteristics is suitable.

quickly, hair, laser, epilation

Neodymium laser beam is able to penetrate deep. However, without the necessary experience there is a chance of damage to the skin fabrics.

quickly, hair, laser, epilation

To perform hair removal at home, you should purchase a device equipped with a diode laser. It is considered the most efficient low-cost instrument, this is the so-called golden middle.

Laser epilator easy to use. He does not have such power as the salon apparatus, so that you will avoid burns on the skin. However, professionals advise first to spend a test on a small area. Pre-skin surface need to be cleaned and dried. The length of hairs should not exceed 3 mm. Turn on the device, install the necessary settings and start sequentially apply it to the skin. After the flash, lasting, move the device to another site.

Sessions are held with a break in 3-4 weeks. The number of procedures is calculated depending on the specifics of the skin, as well as on the condition of the hormonal background. The result will be noticeable after completing 4 sessions.

Cosmetologists recommend starting the epilation procedures in the autumn period, as the summer too active sun. It has an adverse effect on the open areas that have been treated with a laser.

During laser hair removal, the client should not have discomfort. However, sensitive skin needs to be treated with a special professional gel or lotion (before and after a session).

Is it possible to say that after laser hair removal it does not arise complications, and it is effective and painless? Indeed, this hair removal method is quite affordable and non-making. However, it is necessary to adhere to all the advice on skin care.

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