The main functions of the air conditioner

In the cooling mode, the split system reduces the temperature in the room to a given user, and then, when the set temperature is achieved, the air conditioner supports it. For this, split systems without an inverter are disconnected, and then again turn on with a temperature increase. Inverter air conditioners do not completely turn off and maintain the desired temperature, working at reduced power.

The air conditioner itself does not produce cold, but only tolerates excessive heat from the air of the room to the street and then supplies the same air back, but already devoid of part of the heat


In heating mode, the air conditioner increases the temperature of the indoor to the user set by the user. Maintaining a given temperature occurs in the same way as in cooling mode.

Heating in the split system occurs due to pumping heat from street air, without the use of heating elements. Use air conditioning for heating is 3-5 times more profitable than a heater, since split systems consume less electricity.

It is important to consider the permissible temperature of street air, at which you can use the heating. Most models can heat the room at a street temperature up to −7 ° C or up to −15 ° C, but there are also models resistant to temperatures below −20 ° C.

You need to understand that the colder the street, the lower the efficiency of heating, since the amount of thermal energy in the outer air decreases. Thus, the split system cannot be considered as the only source of heat. The heating function in the air conditioner is rather an effective replacement of the heater in early spring or autumn, when the central heating does not work.

Instructions for the air conditioning remote control. what do the buttons and icons mean

I will arrange all the functions and buttons in an importance from often pressed to rarely used.

Perhaps, after pressing the button, the device will not start immediately (it depends on the selected mode and temperature).

  • To enable the desired mode, there is a “Mode” button (it can be displayed on a remote control in the form of several small icons. snowflake/sun/droplet). When it is pressed, the air conditioning modes switch sequentially. Most devices are 5 modes:
  • automatic (inscription “Auto” or icon of “triangle” or another);
  • cooling (inscription “Cool” or icon “Snowflake”);
  • Heating (inscription “Heat” or icon “Sun”);
  • drainage (inscription “Dry” or icon “Drive”);
  • Ventilation (the inscription “FAN” or the “Fan” icon. it is important not to confuse the “FAN” mode with the “FAN” speed button).

After turning on the desired regime, it is important to wait 5-10 minutes until the “Konder” is rebuilt.

P.S. Rares rarely come across, where the modes are not turned on by the Mode button, but by separate modes buttons. Cool, Heat, Dry, etc.

The principle of operation is simple. what temperature was set on the remote control, such an air conditioner will support in the room. For example, if you set up 25, then the device will try to maintain 25 degrees in the room (many mistakenly think that the higher the number, the colder the device will blow. this is incorrect. )

  • Of course, if the air conditioner is calculated incorrectly, then he will never achieve the desired temperature.
  • On some models, the configured number automatically changes to the current temperature in the room. do not get confused.
  • The air conditioner will not be cold, if you set up 25 on the remote control, and in the room, let’s say, 24 degrees. It also applies to heating mode (the device will not warm if the room is already achieved in the room).
  • To change the speed of air flow from the inner block, you need to find the Fan Speed ​​button (it can be just “fan” or just “Speed”, or “Fan” icon).

On the display, the fan speed is displayed in the form of a scale or inscriptions Low/Med/High/Auto (slow/medium/fast/automatic speed). When setting up automatic speed, the device itself chooses how speed to twist the fan at the moment.

Speed ​​setting does not affect the value of the mood (for example, if they set up 25 degrees, they will also be supported). This function affects only the speed of cooling the room (speed of reaching a given temperature).

It is important not to confuse adjustment of the speed of the fan fan, and the operating mode “FAN” (ventilation. switches using the “Mode” button). Also, we do not confuse the automatic speed of rotation of the fan with the automatic mode of operation of the device (“Auto”. also switches using the “Mode” button).

The flow of any air conditioner is regulated in two directions. up/down and right/left. Up/down at any air conditioner is adjusted by the button on the remote control. But the right/left can be adjusted in manual form (in this case, be careful and better turn off the air conditioner).

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There are several variations of the “Swing” button up/down:

  • It happens that the direction changes in the simplest mode (once pressed. the curtains “swim”, the second time pressed. the curtains were fixed at any point in the amplitude);
  • It happens that the direction is changing (once pressed. the curtain moved one step, pressed the second time. the curtains moved one more step and so on);
  • It happens that the situation is changing, as the schematic image shows on the display of the remote control.

I recommend that you experiment with the setting direction to find the safest position (so that the flow of air does not blow on people and the vacation areas of households. Read more here)

These were the main buttons that are on absolutely every remote control. Next, we will analyze additional, more rare buttons and functions.

  • To enable the “sleep mode”, the “Sleep” buttons are used (it can also be “good Sleep”). The algorithm for the operation of this function for all air conditioners is different, but it unites them that the fan works at the slowest revolutions. In this mode, the configured temperature can automatically change by no more than 2 degrees. this occurs gradually within a few hours. This is due to the phases of human sleep so that the temperature at night when falling asleep, awakening and in the phase of deep sleep is the most comfortable and safe.

On the display in sleep mode, the icon “in the form of the moon” is often depicted. Read more how your model works when activating this option only in the instructions for its operation (it goes with the documents to the “Split”).

The quiet “Quiet” mode performs approximately the same function, only the temperature does not automatically change.

  • To quickly cool the room, the so.called “turbo mode” is used. The buttons on the remote control have the inscriptions “Turbo”, “Jet”, “Jet Cool”, “PowerFul”, “Hi Power”, or the icon similar to the “Accelerated Fan” icon. To activate accelerated cooling, you need to press the corresponding button once. After which the fan of the internal unit begins to rotate at the highest speed. Upon reaching the set temperature, the “turbo mode” automatically disconnects. It can also be turned off on your own repeated pressing the button.
  • To program the time for turning on or disconnecting the device, a timer is used. For different air conditioners, the timer settings buttons differ. Some models have only one button (“Timer”), some models for setting up time have a whole block of buttons (“Clock”, “Timer on”, “Timer OFF”, “ONF”, “OFF”, “ Cancel “,” set “and various arrows). In such models, setting is intuitively more understandable. you must first configure the current time, then the time of turning on or disconnecting the “Konder”. And in models, where only one “timer” button, the time switching function perform standard buttons (temperature adjustments, fans and others).

Settings of configuration of any air conditioner

P.S. If in the room the current temperature corresponds to the configured, then the air conditioner will not be cold (or warm depending on the regime).

How to install air conditioning correctly

Problem: The main difficulty that the buyer of the split system faces is the problem of the correct installation. The installation of the air conditioner 90% determines the quality and life of the air conditioner. If errors are made during installation, then it is very difficult to fix them later.

Solution: Installation should be carried out by specialists license to install air conditioners, in compliance with the instructions and using special equipment. After installation in the room, no garbage, dust, no boxes should remain in the room. The word “air conditioner” took root in our country. This is actually a piece of the phrase Air-Condition, which means “Air condition” in English “. The air conditioner serves to maintain the desired temperature and humidity in the room. Ventilating the air, the air conditioner cleans it, passing the air flow through special filters.

Today we will talk about the installation of a more modern type of air conditioning system-about the split system. What are the advantages of the split system over the “ordinary” air conditioner? The split system does not block natural light, like a “window” that is cut into a window frame. This is the first difference. In addition, it does not depend on the general air conditioning system, if there is one (this is when one hefty block stands somewhere in the basement and drives air throughout the house). And differs from the “ordinary” air conditioner in that it consists of two blocks. external and internal.

If there are more than two internal blocks, then this is already called “multi-spell system”. But let’s agree: for simplicity of presentation, I will talk about the split system, calling it more familiar to our ear with the word “air conditioning”. First-repairs, then-split so, the split system (from the English word SPLIT-“split, crack”) consists of two separate blocks: internal (evaporator) and external or external (capacitor).

Blocks are interconnected by electrical wires and two copper tubes, through which the refrigerant flows (freon). A plastic thin tube (drainage) also departs from the inner block. for the output of condensed moisture. Ideally, it should be connected to the drain (sewer) pipe or to a special tank, but often it is brought out simply to the street, and then water drops fall on the heads to (how to do drainage correctly, see. farther).

The principle of operation of the split system of such. If the room needs to be cooled, then from the heat exchanger of the external unit, one freon enters the heat exchanger of the inner unit along one copper tube. It is blown there, as a result of which cold air comes out of the inner block. If the air in the room must be heated, then with the help of a thermal pump the external capacitor turns into an evaporator, and the evaporator becomes a capacitor. In addition to the capacitor and evaporator, the split system includes a compressor that is installed in the external unit. The main function of the compressor is to squeeze a freon to give this gas properties that significantly increase the air conditioning efficiency.

Split system: 1-external (external) block 2-internal wall block

The internal block works almost silently (the Dykin models have a noise level of some internal blocks 28. 31 dB, and Mitsubishi has, when the engine is turned on at the lowest speed. 26 dB; the same level of noise is created by a flying butterfly). But the fan and compressor of the external device can “buzz” and louder. The internal blocks by the method of fastening are wall and flooring (floor-flowing flooring so because they can be attached to both the ceiling and the floor).

There are also cassette and internal blocks, but we will talk about them next time. In apartments, the wall.mounted internal blocks are most often installed. Using the mobile blinds of the wall block, you can change the direction of the air flow. But the power of wall blocks is specially limited. otherwise a strong stream of cold air will simply “blow out” everything in its path. But if a more powerful air conditioner is required in the room (for example, in the office), the floor-flow unit is installed. It will direct a strong stream along the wall or ceiling and thus ensure uniform distribution of temperature in the room.

Our advice: if the length of the room is significantly exceeding its width, it is much more efficient to install precisely the floor-flow air conditioner! Split systems differ in power (cold production) and design. Choosing design. at the discretion of the buyer. But about power, you must definitely consult with a specialist.

At the same time, you need to know: 1. The area (volume) of your premises. 2. The size of the window, the side of the world to which it comes. 3. The presence (absence) of the blinds on the windows. four. The number of constantly working equipment releasing heat (TV, computer, etc.). 5. The number of heating batteries in rooms. 6. The number of people constantly in the room. 7. Is there any forced ventilation?

Another advice: if at the company where you want to purchase air conditioning, you were not asked about it, then it’s better not to buy from them. Because there is a danger that you are offered a “typical wrong”. In solid firms, before selling the air conditioning, the consultant, as a rule, leaves for the proposed installation of the device, makes measurements and finds out all the necessary details. Then all these data are entered in the program, and only after that does the computer selects the optimal model.

So, for example, they work in Aeroprof, specializing in Kerrier air conditioners (USA) (USA), in the company Meteomarket (Daikin air conditioners) and Klimatss (Hitachi air conditioners) ). This is how the distribution of air flows from the wall interior block looks like

What else you need to know? Experts advise to put a split system before or during the repair, and not after all repair work has already been carried out.

Then you do not have to hammer and drill freshly painted and aligned walls to lay the wiring for the air conditioner and strengthen the brackets for fastening the inner unit. You can, of course, hide communications in the outer boxes, but this will not decorate the interior. over, installation work in a freshly renovated apartment is much more expensive, especially after European.renovation. Now about other possible “ambush”. Very often errors begin when buying an air conditioner.

The speed of rotation of the shaft

This function does not affect temperature settings, but can contribute to a more uniform and rapid maintenance. Any air conditioner has at least three speeds.

  • If you are in a calm state in the room (watch TV, sit at the computer, relax, sleep) Put the speed of the shaft minimal. In this case, the split system will be silent and comfortable to work.
  • The average speed of the shaft can be set if your activity is increased (games, feasts, etc.D.)
  • Tune the maximum rotation if you need to cool the room (or neighboring rooms) faster, and also if it allows you to more evenly cover the area (for example, in large elongated banquet rooms).

The position of horizontal and vertical blinds

Often you have to observe when minimal temperatures are placed in stores or offices, and this does not bring effect. The problem is that either the power of the air conditioner is calculated incorrectly, or the cleaning or repair of the device is required.

It is useful to know: the algorithm of automatic settings allows you to maintain the average parameters. In this case, the air conditioner himself selects the temperature and speed of rotation of the shaft, focusing on the readings of some sensors. And these parameters will not always be comfortable for you.

The evaporator case

The operation scheme provides for the presence of an internal unit located inside the building, where you need to maintain the necessary air parameters.

Basic structural elements:

  • Front panel in the form of a plastic grille providing air access. Easily dismantled for maintenance.
  • Evaporator is a heat exchanger, where, under the catalyzing effect of the fan, freon is heated and air cooling.
  • Carriage filter. in the form of a grid with electrostatic properties. Collects fine garbage, animal hair, large particles of dust.
  • Filter filters. catalytic, bactericidal, plasma, etc. Their purpose is to cleanse the air of pathogenic microorganisms, dust, pollen of plants, capture smoke and unpleasant odors. Some of the models of air conditioners contain two or more filters.
  • Indicator panel. on it there are light diodes that display the operating mode of the device indicating possible malfunctions.
  • The fan performs the function of blowing the evaporator, has several speed speeds.
  • Control board is located on the right side of the case. It has a central microprocessor on it.
  • Vertical and horizontal blinds direction the air flow depending on the desire of the user.
  • Patron. located under the evaporator. Its purpose is the collection of condensation formed on the evaporator, the withdrawal using a drainage hose.

note! The full.fledged operation of the system is impossible without periodic cleaning and replacing filters, annual maintenance of equipment.

Features of operation in the winter period

In winter, the air conditioner with a certain frequency goes into the hike. This usually happens once every 40-60 minutes.

With prolonged work with negative temperatures, its radiator freezes, efficiency falls and the system begins to fight independently with this.

Many mistakenly believe that the external unit in this case warms up with some built-in hets. This is not true.

Just switching the direction of its work. That is, the hot freon from the inner block begins to go into the outer. And he thaws for several minutes.

The duration and frequency of the leakage cycles depends on the degree of icing and controlled by sensors. Although in inexpensive versions this happens simply according to the programs programmed.

How the air conditioner works when draining air

When air drainage in the air conditioning, almost the same processes occur as when working on cooling, except that the internal unit fan reduces the number of revolutions to a minimum. Due to the weak blowing, the heat exchanger of the inner block does not have time to quickly give the cold a stream of air, and the temperature in the room practically does not change-it decreases by a maximum of 1 ° C.

It is important to understand that the air conditioner reduces humidity in the room not only in drainage mode, but also when cooling air. This is due to the loss of moisture by cooling. The moisture elongated from the air is removed through the drainage hose.

The drainage mode in air conditioners is almost no different from the cooling mode, except that the internal unit fan operates at minimum speeds

The split system does not produce cold, but only tolerates thermal energy to the street, and the room returns air, devoid of excessive heat.

In heating mode, the split system tolerates heat from the street to the room. Despite the low temperature of street air, it still contains a small amount of thermal energy. it is used to heat.

To maintain the installed temperature, non.inverter models work on the principle of “turning on. shutdown”, while air conditioners with the inverter smoothly adjust the temperature, without a complete shutdown of the system.

In addition to the principle of operation of air conditioners, when choosing a split system, it is important to know what characteristics and functions to pay attention to. Read about this in the article “How to choose an air conditioner for an apartment: all the nuances”. From the article you will also learn about the features of the air conditioning operating modes, useful additional options for split systems and the restrictions that may arise when they are installed.

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We dispel the main myth of air conditioners. We tell how the air conditioning actually works, its principle of the device and why it does not make air fresh?

Buying air conditioning with fresh air seems to be a great idea to make air in an apartment or office fresh and clean. We will figure out how to get everything you need for comfort at an affordable price.

We tell you how to choose air conditioning for the apartment, what are its characteristics and functions to pay attention to, what restrictions to take into account and what else can do the air conditioner, except for cooling air.

We talk about the best-selling models of Daikin air conditioners, their features, pluses and minuses, as well as about which Daikin split system to choose from all options.

Chips and installation tips

A model that is considered a candidate for the role of a heating system should be able to direct the air flow vertically down. After all, it makes no sense to warm the ceiling. When the warm air moves down, the entire volume of the room warms up, the correct circulation flows are created.

For heating air conditioning, the air flow must be directed vertically downward

There are recommendations for the installation of an internal unit of the air conditioner used as a heater. This height is not more than 0.5 m from the floor. But here you need to find a reasonable compromise. Yes, when heating, such an installation will be rational. But if the air conditioner is used in two modes, the flow of cold air in the legs will not please.

If we consider models of the budget segment, they show the effectiveness in frosts in.5.7 degrees. When trying to enable such a device in.20, one of several basic situations may arise:

  • The device will not start to trigger the environmental sensor;
  • The device starts, but its effectiveness will be zero;
  • The device will cool the air in heating mode.

Important! Starting models designed for a certain temperature limit, in cruel frosts, is extremely not recommended. It’s like a roulette game. The option is possible when the oil thickening or partially froze in the system, after which the compressor simply burns.

What to do if the heating does not turn on?

If the warm mode on the air conditioner does not turn on, then there are several reasons for this. Even if the device is turned on, but the air in the room is cold, it means that either the unit is not intended for heating the room, or it is faulty. First you need to make sure that the equipment is correctly configured, so the entire procedure for setting the device on the remote control needs to be reduced again. After that, after 5 minutes, we bring the maximum hand to the unit for verification. If hot air goes, then the air conditioner works.

If the technique does not respond to the commands of the remote control, then perhaps you need to replace the batteries, clean the nests where they are inserted. Also, the problem may be due to the fact that the buttons work poorly.

In the case of the control of the control panel, the following reasons for the equipment breakdown are possible:

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If the equipment cannot work due to the failure of the electronic system, then it just needs to be reloaded. To do this, turn off the device from the power supply and re.turn on it. If even after that there are problems with work, you need the help of a qualified specialist of the service center.

The unit may not work due to the fact that the air temperature on the street is significantly lower than the minimum value at which the air conditioner can function. This is due to the freezing of lubricating oil and the formation of ice in the external block. However, there are models of modern climatic equipment on sale, which can work in the temperature range from.30 ° C to 30 ° C.

Typically, air conditioning is used as a heating device in the off.season or during cold weather in the summer. Such equipment favorably differs from heaters in that it economically consumes electricity. If when converting the device to heating mode, take into account the air temperature outside the house, turn on the unit only in the permitted temperature range, then no problems in its work should arise.

Air conditioning manual. you should know this

Good day! Today I will tell you about the most important rules for using split systems and present them in the form of a operation manual. For a long time have passed the days when the air conditioning in the house was a luxury. These devices are used everywhere, and the main features of their use should be known.

In this article we will not delve into the instructions for setting up the air conditioner, and go to the points of documentation from the manufacturer. all this is in other posts. I will try to give recommendations in simple language, not technical terms. It is very useful to hear this information from specialists who have installed air conditioning. But not all installers conduct briefing-someone forgets due to a dense “seasonal” schedule, others do not consider it necessary to talk about it. Therefore, this article is relevant for absolutely all users of “Splits”.

simple operating rules of the air conditioner

The split system will last a long and without fail, if you adhere to the following recommendations:

    When working “Split”, be sure to close all the windows. If you cool the street, then the compressor is not enough for a long time! Read more about this a separate article.

  • If the power of the air conditioner is not designed for neighboring rooms (as is most often), then it is recommended to close the doors. If you still need to “knock down” the temperature in adjacent rooms, then do not allow them to be long.term cooling (no more than 30 minutes. but in general you need to look in a particular case).

Especially such cooling is useless when there is no one in the neighboring rooms. For example, a bedroom with air conditioning at night is better to “isolate”. it will be comfortable for you, and the air conditioner will work in normal mode.

  • Find this position of horizontal and vertical blinds in which cold air will not fall on you. This is very important not to catch a cold! Experiment once with the direction of the stream to always live in comfort.
  • During relaxation and sleep, set up the minimum shaft speed (internal unit fan). High speed can be adjusted with increased activity, as well as for rapid cooling of the room (or neighboring rooms).
  • No need to constantly turn on and turn off the air conditioner to maintain temperature. once you need to determine its comfortable value for yourself! After setting this temperature on the remote control, the air conditioner will adjust the inclusion/off of the compressor.

If at night it becomes cold from the air conditioner, then just increase the “night” temperature by a couple of degrees. If you configure everything correctly, you will really feel the benefits of this device.

    Make sure that the filters of the inner block are always clean (read the article on how to remove filters). When they are dirty. cooling efficiency decreases, the load on the compressor increases, the electricity account is growing. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning filters twice a month of operation.

  • Any air conditioner needs maintenance (this is besides cleaning the filters by the user himself). Here I recommend contacting specialists! Better to those who made installation. The frequency of such service largely depends on operating conditions. It is advisable to invite the masters once a year at least for the inspection of the “Konder”. Especially if the exit is free!
  • Do not turn on the air conditioner at a negative temperature on the street (if you do not know the permissible values ​​for your model). At low temperatures, thickened oil in the compressor loses its properties! The engine works harder and can “burn”. I’m not talking about problems with condensate removal (water).

That’s all the main tips! If you follow the listed recommendations, then provide the long and reliable operation of your split system. If the article was useful to you, then please share with friends with the help of social networks buttons. And I suggest watching a useful video