Review of the steaming ironing system Tefal IXEO Power

Our channel about home equipment Tostr tested an amazing device that can make life easier for people who do not like to iron. Tefal IXEO Power is an innovative steaming ironing system with high.pressure technology that provides powerful steam supply. She can replace the ironing board, iron and even a steamer. Despite such functionality, the ironing system is very compact and there will not be a lot of places in the apartment at all.

The ironing board has three positions: horizontal, vertical and with a slope of 30 degrees. This is done for comfortable steaming and ironing of various things. It is also regulated in height, so it will be convenient to use people of any growth.

For high.quality ironing and steaming, powerful steam supply is responsible. Constant steam is served with a force of 90 g per minute, steam blow. up to 200 g per minute. Pressure. up to 5.8 bar. There are three levels of steam supply with convenient adjustment.

Water tank volume. 1.1 liters. A portable steam generator, and it is very convenient. it is possible to use it where necessary. For example, you can steam curtains by weight.

A special lightweight iron (about 2 times easier than an ordinary steam iron) is practically not felt in the hand. And a small size and a spicy nose will allow you to iron even inaccessible places. Another feature of Tefal IXEO Power is that the user does not need to think about which mode to choose for ironing. Smart Protect system sets the optimum heating temperature for various fabrics. So you can not be afraid to burn and spoil even delicate fabrics.

In addition, there are several additional accessories in the kit: a brush for dense fabrics and a removable hanger. There is also a light cleaning system from scale. The remaining details are on the video at the beginning of the material.

Want to know even more details? Then look at our full review at this device:

Cooking, before the first turning on, fill the bowl

Preliminary warming up, put a change of bowl


In no case do not include deep.water in a network.

Various varieties of Maselne should be mixed.

The level of oil is always a long time to be the minimum Imaximal mark of the bowl.This should be checked by each time, and a dullness of the oil of the soil type.

Install the deep-fryer:- on a strong base,

Clean the lid, window, steam protection, shift

Chalice and basket with a sponge and washing liquid Slimon. Dry.

Filtp is a capture.

Recommended for the preparation of deep fruit: corn, peanut, olive, sorry bones, palm trees, etc. P.

Close the lid. Turn on. Install the switch to position I

The existing system of security does not give a case of a case if you do not have settled in place.

Place the bowl in position when a nose for

The sides of the bowls should accurately accommodate on

Preparation, prepare a basket, immerse the basket in the oil

Продукты следуетнарезатьодинаковыми кускамидля того, чтобы ониоднородноподжаривались.Избегайте слишкомтолстых кусков.Свежемороженыепродукты следуетхорошеньковстряхнуть длятого, чтобы вофритюрницу непопали кусочки льда.Не всесвежемороженыепродукты готовы купотреблению. Вамследуетознакомиться суказаниями ихизготовителя.

preparations, but does not stop working.

Pull the cover handle to click. Wipe the products. Fill the basket. When using freshly frozen products of their

Install the basket in the deep fryer. Close the lid.


Gradually and completely insert the handle on your

Release the button. Highlighted at this moment

In case of error. and also to

Wip out the selected time, the button must be pressed for 2 seconds to keep in such a way.

To stop the call, you need to click on the button.

Baskets: Vythadavnno pressed the napkinopi fixation.

Instructions and guidance for Tefal Do 2081a7 in Russian

no responsibility for using the device that does not correspond to the instructions.

Before connecting the device to the network, make sure that the voltage of your power grid corresponds to the working

Any error when connecting the device cancels the warranty action. Your device is intended

exclusively for domestic use in the room.

The device is not intended for use by people with limited physical and mental

abilities (including children), as well as people who do not have appropriate experience or necessary

knowledge. These persons can use this device only under the supervision or after

obtaining instructions for its operation from persons responsible for their safety.

After using the device (even with interruptions in energy supply), or while leaving for it,

If your device works incorrectly or damaged, do not use the device. In the case of a case, contact

to the authorized service center (see. List in the service book).

Any technical operation with the device, in addition to cleaning and current maintenance, is performed only in

authorized service center (see. List in the service book).

It is forbidden to immerse the device, power cord or plug in water or any liquid.

Make sure that the children can not reach the power cord of the device.

Make sure that the power cord is not near or in contact with the hot surfaces of the device,

If the power cord or plug is damaged, do not turn on the device. To avoid any kind of danger

their replacement is performed only in the authorized service center (see. List in the service book

You only use the nozzles and spare parts intended for your own security

for your device that can be purchased at the authorized service center.

Always use a pusher to send products to the input hole, never use

For this fingers, fork, spoon, knife or other device, except for the pusher.

Follow precautions when handling a multifunctional knife, a knife in the bowl

mixer, chopper and nozzles of vegetables: they are very sharp. Before laying out the contents from

bowls, be sure to first remove the multifunctional knife

It is forbidden to use the device of idle.

Use a mixer bowl only with a pre.installed lid.

Do not touch the rotating parts of the device, wait for a complete stop of the device before removed

It is forbidden to use the bowl as ordinary dishes (for freezing, cooking, sterilization of products).

Do not place the appliance accessories in a microwave oven.

Make sure that long hair, shai, ties, etc.D. did not hang over the mixing bowl

Unboxing Tefal Steam Iron

Moving the device, do not pull it by the separation for storing nozzles of vegetables.

Accessories that are included in the set of the model you purchased are presented in the image,

located in the upper part of the package.

Description, inclusion, 1: Installation of the bowl of meat grinder and cover

The output of the engine block for

The output of the engine block for

Accessories depending on the model:

Storage department for cutting nozzles

Before the first use, wash all the accessories to the device with warm soap water (see

Paragraph “Cleaning”). Rinse and dry them thoroughly.

on a stable, clean and dry surface.

Pulse position (pulsed mode of operation): several times in a row, turn the speed switch

to the Pulse position for better control over the preparation of some dishes.

Continuous mode of operation of the device: Set the mode switch

Device Stop: Set the mode switch

The numbering of paragraphs corresponds to the numbering of the above schemes.

1: Installation of the bowl of meat and lids

on the engine block (a), while the bowl of the bowl should be a little to the right

Turning it clockwise for this.

Fix the lid, turning it clockwise to the bowl of the bowl.

First of all, you should fix the bowl on the engine block (a) and only after

Unlock the lid, turning it clockwise, so that you can remove it from the handle

Instructions and guidance for Tefal Pro Express GV8330 in Russian

It is equipped with a double security system:- a valve that prevents increased pressure, which in case of incorrect functioning allows you to avoid excess steam supply;- smooth fuse to prevent overheating.

Always connect your steam generator:- to electric devices with a voltage from 220 to 240 V. Any error when connecting can lead to irreversible breakdown and refusal to warranty repair;- to an electric outlet with grounding. If you use the extension cord, make sure that its two.pole I0A outlet with a grounding pipeline.

All the electric cord completely unwind before including it in an electrical outlet with a reservation.

If the power cord or the steam hose is damaged, it is necessary to replace it with a vavtorized service center in order to avoid the danger.

Do not turn off the device by pulling it by the cord. Always turn off your device:- Before filling the water tank or rinse the steamer;- before it is cleaned;- after each use.

The device should be used and installed on a stable surface. When you install a bet on the stand, make sure that the surface on which you put it is stable.

This electrical appliance should not be used by persons (including children) with disabilities, sensory or mental capabilities, as well as people who do not have a lot of experience or the necessary knowledge.These persons can use this management only under supervision or after receiving instructions for its exploring from persons responsible for their nonsense. Make sure that the children do not play with the device.

Never leave the device unattended:- When it is included in the power supply;- until it cools down for about 1 hour.

The sole of your iron and a stand on the case can heat up to very high temperatures and can be burnt: do not touch them.Do not allow the contact of an electric cord with a hot sole iron.

Your device forms steam that can cause burns. Carefully handle the iron, especially the vertical steaming. Never direct steam towards people or animals.

Before emptying the steamer, you need to wait until the steam generator cools down and is adulterous for 2 hours to unscrew the steamer plug.

Attention: the fall of the safety plug of the steamer or a strong blow can be reduced to the valve operation. In this case, it is necessary to replace the cork of the steamer with a vavtorized service center for service.

During rinsing the steamer, never fill it directly under the crane.

In the case of loss or damage to the cork of the steamer, replace it in authorized centarece service.

Never immerse the steam generator in water or in any other liquid. Never substitute under a water crane.

The device should not be used if it fell if there are visible damage, in the case of a lot or failures in work. Never analyze your device: it must be delivered for an inspection by an authorized service center in order to avoid danger.

Notice Tefal 21l. 1800111437 01/01/08 15:18 Page 125

Description which water to use, filling the steamer

Preparation, Ultracord, depending on the model)

Slider control controller of the heating temperature

Ultracord system (depending on the model)

Funning switch VCL/Oil O/I

Power cord button

Bracket for fastening the iron to the body (depending on the model)

Handle for removing and installing a removable tank of water

Channel for storing a cord for steam

Branch cover for the installation for collecting

The control panel. Red indicator “Removable water for water is empty” b. Red indicator “Auto Completion” C C. Restart button for re.display. Red indicator

f. Green indicator “Device cooking” G. Steam supply regulator

Lock-System-Lock-System-Lock-System mounting system

Your steam generator is equipped with a special bracket holding the iron on the case to simplify its transmission and storage.

To carry the steam generator, holding it by the handle of the iron:- Place the iron on the site and turn the locking bracket on the iron until the click (you will hear a click)-

The device is intended for use with tap water.

Never use water containing additives (starch, fragrances, aromatic or softening substances, etc.P.), as well as a heating system, from heating systems or condensate (for example, water for linen drying, water drained from a refrigerator, water.contrander water, rainwater). They contain organic reconciliations or mineral substances that concentrate with a survey of heat and cause a “spitting” nozzles, brown submarines or premature wear of the electrical appliance.

Place the steam generator on a solid, horizontal surface,

not spoiling from contact with hot objects.

Remove the removable water tank with a handle

(located on the front of the steam generator)

Fill the tank with water without exceeding the maximum level

Put the water tank again in the place intended for it,

If the water is hard in your wire, mix as a console.wire.wire.dimensional.wired.willed water.water water from a bottle.

Your iron is equipped with a special cord output system, thanks to the cord, the cord does not hurt the fabric.Thanks to the use of this system, the power cord will also not mix your movements when you are stroked.To use the Ultracord system:- the Ultracord system automatically directs the power cord for the back of the working surface.- Every time you put an iron on the sole, the Ultracord system is included in it, it automatically works if you pick up the iron again.To store a steam generator:- Lower the handle on the sole of the iron.- With the help of a magnet, the handle is held on the sole of the iron, which means simplifying the storage of the steam generator.

Article Remote method for selling goods

The retail purchase and sale agreement may be concluded on the basis of the consumer’s acquaintance with the seller’s description proposed by the seller through catalogs, avenues, booklets, photographs, communications (television, postal, radio communications and others) or other excluding the possibility of directly familiarizing the consumer with a product or a model of goods under concluding such an agreement (remote method of selling goods) in ways.

The seller must be provided to the consumer to the consumer about the main consumer properties of the goods, about the address (location) of the seller, about the place of manufacture of the goods, on the full company name (name) of the seller (manufacturer), on the price and on the conditions of purchase of the goods, about his delivery, service life, expiration date and warranty period, on the procedure for payment of goods, as well as on the period during which there is a proposal for the conclusion of the contract.

At the time of delivery of the goods, the consumer must be provided in writing about the goods provided for in Article 10 of this Law, as well as the information provided for by paragraph 4 of this article on the procedure and the deadline for returning the goods.

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before transferring it, and after the transfer of the goods. within seven days.

If the information on the procedure and terms for returning goods of good quality was not provided in writing at the time of delivery of the goods, the consumer has the right to refuse the goods within three months from the date of transfer of the goods. The return of goods of good quality is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of the specified goods are preserved. The absence of a document confirming the fact and conditions for the purchase of goods does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller. The consumer is not entitled to abandon the goods of proper quality, which has individually defined properties, if the specified product can be used exclusively by the consumer acquiring it. If the consumer refuses the goods, the seller must return him the amount of money paid by the consumer under the contract, with the exception of the seller’s expenses for the delivery of the returned goods from the consumer, no later than ten days from the date of presenting the consumer of the corresponding claim.

The consequences of the sale of goods of inadequate quality by a remote way of selling goods are established by the provisions provided for in Articles 18. 24 of this Law.

IXEO Power Qt2020g0

IXEO Power Qt2020g0 Tefal

Place your hands on each side of the board, raise it vertically and tilt it as you need:

IXEO system is equipped with a convenient circuit tank.Its volume is 1 liter, so you may not be distracted for a long time.

Thanks to a simple design, IXEO system is easy to place at home.There are small wheels under the base, so you can easily move it.For storage, the device can be folded up to 105 cm.Due to its compactness, it can be easily stored in a dressing room or pantry.

Water water: the device is designed to use tap water. If the water is too hard (tougher than 6 ° V), mix tap and distilled water (sold in stores) in a ratio of 50/50.In some regions near the sea, water is distinguished by high m salt. In this case, use only distilled water.

Softener: There are several types of softeners, and most of them can be used for water in a steam generator. But some softeners, especially those that contain chemicals such as salt, can cause the appearance of white or brown spots, especially when using filter jugs.If you are faced with such a problem, we recommend using unprocessed tap or bottled water.

Remember: never use rain water, clean demineralized water or clean distilled water from stores, as well as water with additives (for example, with starch, perfumes or water from household appliances). These additives can affect the properties of steam and at high temperatures in the steam generator will create a scale that can leave spots on linen and cause premature aging of the device.

Review: Tefal IXEO Power QT2020 is a stylish thing that facilitates life with a “board” cheaper to the maximum.

When in February 2020 the currency flopped up (even before Caronavirus) by itself a decision came to buy something useful for the house at the rubles in hand.

Having a little experience in using a portable steamer (I will write a separate review), which steamed even dense curtains, without much doubt, steamed a set, ironing system from Tefal, to iron the steaming method.

It would be more correct to write a “system”, in my opinion, but more on that below.

General form. Photos after use, without wiping/washing. they will give you the appearance of how the device looks in life. Every day.

There were some spots on the nyanushka rag (the photo can be seen), we are not critical, the CITITISTS CHILDS-check immediately from the box in the store.

The “system” consists of two main components. ironing steam with the base station and “board”. System in quotation marks. since with the station of the Tyug can be ironed on any surface and anywhere, a board in quotes. because pieces of fragile plastic with 4 chrome tubes.

The tubes are pulled together on the principle of the clamp of the seatpost on bicycles:

In the bottom. metal, the heel is quite heavy. But for me. you could add weight again.

In the back are wheels, but they are practically not needed-because because of the fragility of the entire structure and not very large weight-I want to raise it gently and accurately on the fingers and transfer it to a new place, and not roll with wheels, while exposing the fracture.

“Board” and its racks, does not withstand any criticism. Personally, it seems to me that if you hang it more or less something male and dense-overalls, for example-it will break even before ironing.

Tefal FV4970. экономный утюг без переключателя режимов. Видео демонстрация

Yes, in different positions it is fixed, but with a huge backlash (plastic around!), so liquid to the touch. It’s scary not to lean, but even touch your hands.

Buttons. In fact, only one is used here. v. The rest is marketing. I didn’t even understand the modes, my wife think too.

Water tank. The wife floods the usual water from under the crane (we have good), but after boiling.

It is better to drain the water after work, otherwise there will be evaporation, and something alive will be there: it may be there:

As you can see on the black plastics, the vapors of water drying leave ugly stains. It was possible to make a sewage seat-and more aesthetically and more firmly and less fire hazard-after all, the sole warms up to a high temperature.

In general, this holster. it is provided for mobile. that is, if necessary, it can be removed and snap, for example, on the board itself, when it is in a horizontal position. Here for her place (view from below):

But clicking it once in the first place. it is scary to try to remove it, t. to. everything is completely plastic and there is a risk of break off a fixing tongue and then there will be nowhere to put an iron. In short, I did not use force, my wife agreed with my arguments and thus I did not have to expose her life to the risk.

Unfortunately, absolutely all the modern things of the consumer goods and even slightly higher. everything is done on the principle of maximum cost and reduce the period of their use. Starting by cars, ending with dentitions. For example, you can read my review for the snowman.

As the owner of the 21st Volga, GAZ-69 and T. P., The comparison of everything modern with these Soviet samples of engineering and for real rational saving resources always comes to mind, not to the detriment of the service life of the product.

Review of the universal ironing system Tefal IXEO: one for all

This is not an iron or a steamer, but a device 2 in 1. We figure out what is special about Tefal IXEO.

In the segment of household appliances, universal devices are often found. Remember, for example, about kitchen machines that successfully replace a mixer, blender, juicer, meat grinder and other devices.

Here is another product that combines ironing and steaming devices. Tefal IXEO. Iron, steamer, and even with the board in the kit. The ironing system consists of three main parts. Below is a steam generator itself and a container with water. From him, steam on the hose enters the iron, for which a special mount is made on the right side. And finally, the board that can be fixed in three different positions. The vertical is used for steaming, horizontal. for more thorough ironing, there is also an intermediate one, under the slope. In addition to changing the angle of inclination, the board can be adjusted in height. This is in case you decide to use it as an ordinary ironing board.

Two clips for attaching things to the board are also included when it is installed vertically. Or you can use a regular hanger. for this, a metal loop is provided in the upper part of the device.

When we got impressive sizes, it seemed that we would get a huge device that is not so easy to find a place in a small apartment. But after the assembly, it became clear that we were mistaken. If you put the board vertically, the entire device will fit on the same area that is occupied by the usual ironing board. Only the latter should somehow be fixed (or leaned), and IXEO is reliably worth without outside help.

What surprised us was the lack of familiar management functions. the inclusion button and the steam supply lever in the lower part of the handle iron. And it’s all. The temperature is automatically regulated depending on the type of fabric. That is, you can steam any delicate fabrics (silk, for example) and not worry about the fact that you will burn them. By the way, we tried. it works great.

The iron iron is very small. On the one hand, it is very convenient. you can easily crawl between buttons or into the sleeve. On the other hand, if you stroking big things, the process will take more time than when using an ordinary iron.

The TEFAL IXEO steamer has remained in our editorial office for a couple of weeks. now almost every employee has experience of using it. What we definitely liked? The system is very mobile, despite the apparent bulky. Our colleagues from neighboring editions took her to visiting fashion photography, to the Burda Academy, where they are held by sewing Of course, we have a “full-time” steam generator, but it is poorly suitable for transportation. With IXEO, everything is simpler: even the main block has a convenient handle for carrying.

If we talk about the personal use of the steamer, the vertical design and quick readiness for work (less than a minute for heating) makes it indispensable in certain situations. For example, when the ironed shirt hesitated slightly in the closet. Traditionally, you have to get a board, install an iron or steam generator, and all in order to deal with a pair of folds. IXEO just include on the network, hang the shirt on the same hanger on which it hung, make several movements. and you can wear.

Of the minuses, we can note a relatively small size of the ironing board (compared to traditional), so bedding (especially in large volumes) is still easier to make up with an ordinary iron or steam generator. IXEO also may not always cope well with dried things from rough fabrics. The device is good precisely as an assistant (including mobile) in everyday ironing, when every minute is in the account.

Device care advice

Preventive actions to maintain a steam generator in working condition do not require special knowledge and tools. First of all, you need to wait for a complete cooling of the device.

  • As you get in case, wipe the plastic elements of the generator with a soft cloth.
  • Every 25-30 days of periodic operation, rinse the boiler twice water from under the crane.
  • If the device is equipped with a system against scale, you need to turn the plug, get the rod and rinse it.
  • In models with the Anti-Calc automatic system, cleaning is carried out on this mode. Pressing button rebooting the next time the device turns off the anti.Nakip function. Some models are equipped with a collection brush, which also needs to be washed.

The method of cleansing the ironing plate depends on the type of coating:

  • Duralumic spraying. removal of plaque only performed with sponges of medium stiffness without metal threads.
  • Stainless steel slab. the cleansing method is the same as that of the previous coating.
  • Easygling and system. only soft fabric on the surface of heated (cooled) to 38. 40 ° C.
  • Use household chemistry to clean plastic and metal parts.
  • Rinse any parts of the device under a stream of water from the tap.
  • Use traditional means to remove lime plaque (soda, 9. 70% solution of acetic acid and other aggressive food).

Compliance with the correct conditions of cleaning and care for equipment guarantees a long service life.

Tips for searching for instructions

The main set of rules for using the device is delivered in standard configuration. But there are situations when you have to look for additional information on the device. For example, the instruction for your steam generator does not contain the Russian language. There are cases that the rules of use are lost or damaged.

In such situations, a list of links to Russian.language instructions on the Internet will help.

Here you will find not only factory data, but also tips on working with the device:

Information from the proposed sources can be downloaded to your smartphone or computer and printed in any office of office services. If access to the Internet is always at hand, just save the link to view files in the online version.

TEFAL steam generators are universal assistants for things to care for various fabrics.

Additional modes open before the owner of more than 20 options for using equipment at home.

It is only necessary to comply with the operating conditions, and do not overload the steam generator with continuous work more than the time indicated in the instructions.