Is it possible to carry the refrigerator lying? Refrigerator Rules and Standards

You thought about the transportation of refrigeration equipment in connection with the purchase of a new model or with a change of residence? Agree: It is foolish to spoil expensive techniques due to violation of the rules for organizing transportation. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance whether you can carry the refrigerator lying and how it is better to do.

We will help you dispel all doubts. The article discusses the main methods for placing a refrigeration unit for its safe transportation. Also paid to the correct preparation of the refrigerator to move, lists the problems with which you can encounter.

So that you do not have any questions about transportation, we provided an article with visual photos and picked up a video with recommendations for the preparation of the refrigerator and its placement when changing the place of residence.

Position. in standing

All recommendations of manufacturers unanimously give out this item. After all, the refrigerator is initially designed for this position. no one uses them in a lying or inclined state.

To safely transport the refrigerator, it is installed vertically to the place closer to the body wall, fasten with straps and additional stops. However, for large models it is difficult to choose a car with a high body to solve the problem, the refrigerator is transported by another way.

How to pack the refrigerator before transportation

The presence of a factory box will greatly facilitate the transportation of large kitchen equipment.

In what position to transport?

How to transport a refrigerator: lying or standing? Experts insist on a vertical position. The fact is that in the design of this device there is a compressor sensitive to the side shaking. Two tubes are attached to it, which moves the coolant (freon): on the tube on one side it enters the compressor, and through the other. comes from the compressor node to the evaporator. The compressor is designed in such a way that when the case of the refrigeration unit is in a vertical position, the oil located in the compressor node cannot fall into any of the tubes, no matter how much its body does not vibrate and do not shake. But if we put the device on the side and a good shake, then the oil can get into these tubes. And if the oil falls along the tubes to the evaporator, it thickens there, the equipment may fail (or, in any case, the efficiency of its operation will strongly decrease).

How to carry a refrigerator in the car lying if the vertical transportation is impossible? It is necessary to carefully examine the design of the compressor unit and the arrangement scheme of the supply and discharge tubes. For this, the technique includes for a while, and then check which of the tubes is colder. it will be the inlet tube, according to which the freon enters the compressor from the evaporator.

You can carry the refrigerator lying on only in this position when the output tube will be on top of the compressor.

In this case, if the oil and the checks in the inlet tube, when turned on it will be tightened back into the compressor with the total flux of freon. And nothing terrible will happen. If the oil falls into the output tube, there may be serious troubles.

Therefore, by the way, it is recommended not to include equipment immediately after transportation. Give oil to settle so that it returned to the compressor. The longer this pause is before turning on, the better.

6 errors in the operation of the refrigerator, which will lead to his breakdown

How to transport a refrigerator: lying or standing

Manufacturers strongly indicate that the refrigerator should be transported only in a vertical position, carefully fixing it to the car. This variant of movement minimizes the possibility of damage to parts. When transporting lying, the oil from the compressor can find out and get into the heat exchanger. And this is fraught with a breakdown of equipment, if not to give the refrigerator to settle down after transportation. In addition, if the fact of incorrect transportation of the unit is recorded, the manufacturer will remove it from warranty service.

But from practice it is not always possible to order for transportation vagon to immerse the unit with a height of about two meters in it, and only lyrics will fit the fridge in the passenger car. And here there is a real dilemma: maybe it is possible to move it in a horizontal position? This issue needs to be understood in more detail and explore the device. We will consider all possible options for transportation and preliminary preparation of the refrigerator in a horizontal position in the usual car.

Rear wall and door. fragile components

It is strictly forbidden to carry out the transportation of refrigerators on the posterior wall or door. In this procedure, you can damage the acting mechanism of the refrigerator: the deformation of the tubes and the compressor itself will arise, and the appearance of microcracks on the tubes, through which the entire freon will evaporate.

Placing the device on the doors (they are usually convex), you risk losing not only the appeal of the household device, but also to gain damage that will play a role on the further cooling of products. It is possible to crack the inside of the case or the strong compression of rubber seals. In the future, this damage will be skipping the air outside, thereby spoiling its work.

Do not be surprised if, after the wrong transport, your refrigerator does not hold the desired temperature. Probably damaged something.

How to pack?

To properly and safely transport the refrigerator lying, you will need:

  • Factory packaging (if preserved) or packaging of the pupil film. it can be purchased in a hypermarket;
  • Packaging of painting scotch. it is convenient to tear off with his hands, which saves time;
  • scissors. cut off the film;
  • newspapers. usually there are many and free of charge in post boxes as advertising;
  • Factory transport spacers for fixing the compressor or screws;
  • Paper towels or moisture-absorbing napkins;
  • Cardboard slices, rags or old blankets.

Without packing you will not transport the refrigerator correctly!

carry, refrigerator, standing

Your actions, including if you are driving a refrigerator in a horizontal position:

carry, refrigerator, standing

It is necessary to carefully and carefully pack your unit to reduce the risks of his breakage:

  • Find instructions for your refrigerator and see the arrangement scheme of the rear contour.
  • Determine the discharge tube when the device is running. Do it manually either read with instructions.
  • Prepare factory packaging or packaging materials
  • Disable refrigerator from the network, remove products.
  • Defrost device, merge water, rinse the shelves. To save time, use paper towels or wipes to absorb moisture. After the wip, you still dry in an open.
  • Remove everything that is removed. containers, lattice, shelves, doors, glasses. Glasses wrap a bippyarted film. Doors that could not be removed, for example, from the freezer, fix the scotch. Nothing should open or move inside the refrigerator.
  • Fix the position of the compressor by factory transport spacers or screws. If there are no, to cringe newspaper sheets and arrange them so that the compressor and other moving parts of the contour are immobilized. Fix the position of scotch, if necessary, wind around the refrigerator.
  • Wrap the whole refrigerator with several layers of the pupil film, fix it with scotch.

Fine if the factory packaging is preserved. the preserved properties of the foam is difficult to achieve from other materials. In addition, in modern models, it indicates the party to which the device is allowed to put.

Tip: If you have to get a pupil film, there is no possibility, wrap the refrigerator with several layers of textile, layer of cardboard followed by fixing adhesive tape. This measure will prevent the appearance on the surface of the device scratches and chipping.

If you buy a used refrigerator, ask to name the model, look at the instructions. Inquire if the refrigerator is washed, ask to fix the compressor. It should be understood that usually refrigerators are sold on their pickup, so as soon as you give money, the former owner will become anyway, how do you transport your refrigerator. at least a freezer forward down the stairs. And complain to performance will not work: the refrigerator could be quite workers before the carriage entailed its malfunction.

Removal of the refrigerator from the entrance should be carried out on the right side, and the Party on which the discharge tube passes should be top. When moving down the stairs, the compressor should be at the bottom when the horizontal position is generally saved.

The same conditions must be performed and when the refrigerator is introduced into the entrance to keep its working condition.

How to transport in the car?

Ideal if the rented gazelle is equipped with retainers and stops, and the height of the side allows you to transport the refrigerator vertically. With horizontal transportation on a properly defined side, the refrigerator will still have to lock. If you are driving it with the rest of the things, lay on the sides of the device bales with textiles or blow up soft furniture.

When transporting for a short distance in a couple of quarters at low speed (40-60 km / h), the refrigerator can not be fixed on a flat road: it has a large mass and therefore inert. In all other cases. when transported to tangible distances with an unpredictable road relief and street workload. find a way to do it.

Before transporting, put several layers of cardboard or soft foam material on the bottom of the body, for example, isolon.

Transportation rules

Refrigerator standing rules

The transportation of household appliance standing is the most correct option. So all the internal details of the refrigeration device will remain saved.

Special belts and stops will help consolidate a household appliance, and will not let him go off the place. Be sure to fix the doors of the refrigerator. Contemporary two-door models they are fixed in four places.

Permissible slightly tilt the unit, for example, if in the car body it does not fit in full growth. An important rule. the angle of inclination should be no more than 40 degrees!

Cargo transportation companies exist special services for the transportation of large household appliances. Taking advantage of it, you can be convinced of the preservation of your refrigerator! Trust transportation only by proven professionals. Be sure to check whether there is a documentation for the transportation of large-sized equipment.

If the unit is above 175 cm, its transport will cost more. The reason lies in the fact that it will take a car with large dimensions for its transportation.

Rules for transportation of the refrigerator LED

Often the opportunity to carry the device standing is absent. In this case, you have to carry the unit in the lying position. Is it possible to carry the refrigerator in this way? Of course, this is not entirely correct, but when observing precautionary measures is quite possible.

Moving a refrigerator on a trailer

  • It is not recommended to carry a refrigerator on the back. The fact is that there is a compressor there, and this method of transportation may damage it.
  • Transportation by doors down. also not the best option. The only possible way to transport the refrigerator is lying. on the side.
  • Wrap the device with a bubble film, and in the edges put the stops. it will help to avoid scratches and damage to the case. Shelves, drawers and other small parts before transportation are removed. The wire of the device is fixed to the compressor.
  • Put it on the side, from which the door opens. So it will be possible to avoid high load on the door loops.
  • Door necessarily fasten. Under the belts with which it is attached, it is necessary to put something soft. This will help avoid scratches on the paint and varnish.
  • The instrument compressor must be carefully fixed. Torn motor. one of the most frequent consequences of transportation of lying.
  • On the floor of the body bed of a rag or a soft cloth.
  • The driver will have to do a very careful vehicle, avoiding pits, picking and sharp turns. Speed ​​exceeding is also undesirable.
  • Loading and unloading of the unit must be extremely neat.

When you draw an order for the transportation of the device, specify that the device is large. This will help the dispatcher to select the right machine, the conditions in which are most suitable for lying transporting a large apparatus.

By the way, the owners of the refrigerators of domestic production were lucky. They are more tolerant to this kind of carriage.

These recommendations apply and when moving the device on the trunk. True, it takes more strict compliance with the rules. For example, increased care of the refrigerator. After all, damage received from the trunk much more serious.

What is dangerous to transport a homely glacier in a lying position? The possibility of damage is too large: the compressor fastening to the frame can move away, and the oil is found in the supercharger, causing it to be clogged. In addition, with this method of carriage, the load on the motor is too large. Cracks are formed from this, through which Freon follows.

Soviet refrigerator transportation rules

As you know, these refrigerators are durable and reliable. Soviet refrigerators, for example, “Morozko”, “Zil” or “Pole” serve as their masters for more than a dozen years. It seems that even transportation will not be able to spoil the work of their debugged mechanism. But it is not! There are rules that must be observed during the transportation of the Soviet apparatus.

It is categorically impossible to transport such refrigerators on the side and on the back. Motor in these models is too heavy, and with the slightest shaking it can break away from fasteners. The only possible way to transport the refrigerator produced in the Soviet Union is standing. Doors and compressor are carefully fixed. When transporting is contraindicated high speed and shaking. The rendering of the refrigerator to the room should be made extremely neat.

If I still had to transport the aggregate of lying, carefully attach the compressor screws. On the floor, the bed is definitely a layer of soft fabric. However, be prepared for the fact that, despite the precautions, after such a carriage, the device may fail.

Transportation of refrigerators Nofrost

In recent times, such a model of refrigerators is gaining increasingly popular. When transporting it is very important to comply with a number of rules that will help bring the device to the destination without damage.

Refrigerators with the “NO FROST” system have a built-in internal suspension of the compressor motor. According to manufacturers, it is possible to move such equipment exclusively in a vertical position. In the case of a horizontal position during transportation, the compressor can break away from the inner spring. The result will be increased noise and disorders in the operation of the motor.

But if you still had to transport the device in a horizontal position, when driving to the room, it is necessary to give it to stand for half an hour. Many experts increase this time from three hours before the day. During this period, the oil will return to the compressor, and the refrigerator will be ready to work.

Transportation of refrigerators in winter

Refrigerator, like any household appliances, does not tolerate temperature drop. If you transport the device in the cold season, pre-wrap it with cardboard.