How to remove brushes from the engine washing machine ariston

Malfunctions in washing machines most often occur unexpectedly, forcing their owners to urgently seek help from specialists. However, there are breakdowns, first as if warning about the problems that have appeared in the work of the washing machine. Initially, when washing, the car begins to publish a characteristic crackle, but still continues to work.

The strongest crackling is heard when the machine is performed in the prescript mode when its drum rotates the most quick. Sometimes together with the sound, unusual for normal operation of the device, even an unpleasant smell appears. The moment comes when the drum of the washing machine stops rotating at all.

If the stop of the drum was preceded by such warnings, then you can be sure that the cause of such trouble was the malfunction of the brushes of the electric motor. These important engine details are not subject to recovery. They will have to be changed.

Electric Motor Electric Motors: Main Purpose and Types

Electrokers. Special Detail in a washing machine that is responsible for contact. It helps to transmit energy from the external chain to the engine, so that its rotation occurs and the washing machine works.

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All brushes have a steel spring and copper contact, but the clamping part may differ.

Specialists advise to buy original parts. production Beko, Bosch, Zanussi or Whirpool. Some brushes of a particular manufacturer are suitable for washing machines of other brands. For example, the coal brush Indesit Type L C00194594 is suitable for many models of washing machines. Indesit, as well as to some breads from Bosch, Samsung and Zanussi. Universal brushes are cheaper than original, but how many problems with them can be. inappropriate size, poor-quality material, fast wear! Therefore, you should not save on a small detail to subsequently not to get into big money.

According to the surveys of the owners of washing machines and employees of service centers, it was revealed that the aggregates from Ariston and Indesit. 33% of the washing were forced to pass into repair due to certain problems.

How many need tools?

To change graphite rods, you need a minimum set of tools. First of all, you need to purchase new components, focusing on the model and serial number of the washer. Even if only one brush erased, they change the pair necessarily. In addition, for repair will be useful:

To repair the repair should be prepared. Be sure to do washing equipment, break the tap on the pipe that is responsible for water supply. After that, depart from the housing of the drain hose.

Final stage of preparation. draining water residues from the system. To do this, install the floor under the typewriter rags, substitute a small container at the location of the garbage filter and unscrew it. From the hole in the pelvis, the entire liquid existing in the pipes. Next, it will stay to push the machine from the wall and proceed to replacing the brushes.

How to disassemble the washer to get to brushes?

Graphite brushes are small elements (consist of an extended tip, long soft springs and contacts), but to get to them, the washing machine will have to partially disassemble.

The washing machine is turned off from the power supply, water supply and sewage networks, move away from the wall.

To avoid reverse connection errors, everything that is conducted during the selection of the washing, you need to take pictures or shoot the process on video. It is especially important to capture the circuit of connecting the contacts of the electric motor.

Working process

As soon as you manage to remove the engine, you must first unscrew and remove it brushes to inspect them visually. It is usually immediately seen that brushes erased. If the brushes are clearly integers, and the engine does not work, perhaps the problem in the winding or lamella. All this is to check.

Start always from checking the brushes of the electric motor. To do this, we find two protruding plates on the housing and unscrew the fasteners that hold them. Pull out and inspect the plates. If they are erased, we replace and put the engine in place if they are intact, check the other engine items. About how to check engine parts for performance You can read in the article Repair of the engine washing machine.

If other parts of the engine are damaged, it is quite possible that the broken motor will have to change the new. Just in case, you can see the model of the engine you need and find out how much it costs, it is usually quite expensive, about 1/8 of the cost of washing machine Indesit.

Replacing the brushes in the washing machine Indesit

You can purchase collector brushes for replacement in specialized centers, or order on the Internet. In washing machines, the parts of the car014un model are most often used, they can also be replaced with similar N52A, car024un, UN135.

Replace brushes in a washing machine with Indesit in two ways. The first, more easy. change the entire module completely. It is easy, but the necessary item will cost more than 1500-2500 and it is more difficult to purchase it.

The second way is to change only brushes, not a touch knot. This method is a bit more complicated and requires certain skills and skills.

Before installing new brushes in the washing machine, it is followed by a rag moistened in alcohol, clean the engine, contact chip, motor lamella and space between them. Emery paper (“zero”) walk along the collector, removing scratching and graphite crumb.

To remove the brush from the engine, you must first disconnect the wire from it. Then you need to push the contact down, pull out the spring and get the part from the mount.

To install the brush back to the nest placed graphite tip. After that, the spring must be squeezed and also to install it in the socket, closing the contact. After connecting the wire, the replacement can be considered complete.

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How to replace?

After the engine is extracted from the washing case, access is available for a detailed inspection of brushes. These are two protruding plates located on the engine housing.

To disconnect them, first of all remove the retaining detail (use a crusade screwdriver), after which the wires are disconnected by the pliers.

Estimate the wear of parts can be visually. If the plate protrudes from the housing less than 1 cm, it must be replaced.

Depending on the existing experience of repair work, replace the brushes in the Washington.


  • Rag moistened with alcohol wipe the engine, contact chips, motor laces.
  • Using sandpaper with the small fraction of the grain (“zero”) wipe the collector (the graphite crumb is removed from the surface).
  • In place of the previously dismantled brush, a new item is installed. To do this, a graphite tip is inserted into the socket. Spring is compressed and also inserted into the slot.

The latest contacts are connected. To not be mistaken, in the connection process you need to check with previously made photos or video.

How to replace brushes on a washing machine Indesit, video instruction:


To replace only the worn plates of the brushes (the spring remains old), it is necessary to disconnect the plates from the engine housing, bite the springs bouncing. A new plate is soldered to the location of the detached part.

It is important to comply with the corner of the contact of the contact to the capsule. Otherwise, the risks of the appearance of sparks during the engine operation.

How to Replace Washing Machine Carbon Brushes on a Bosch Washer

We produce replacement

In addition to the extracted engine and previously used screwdriver, you will need new brushes. They are easy to purchase in the service center or specialized store, informing the consultant the model of the SAMSUNG. When everything is prepared, we act like this:

  • turn over the motor side and unscrew the locking screws;
  • We find brushes, which are located on both sides of the body;
  • Alternately remove the brushes by pressing a screwdriver on the existing lever.

Attention! Remember, but better take a picture, which way is the bevel of the corner. with an erroneous location, the machine will bring.

Next carefully inspect the details. If the serving coal part is less than 1.5 centimeters, it means that the problem is in brushes, otherwise. the problem of shaking and noise lies in another. We clean the surface of the engine using the “zero” sandpaper and rags, removing scuffs, dust and scratches. Firmly screw new brushes (these items always change pairs, even if one of them is intact and unharmed).

If it is not possible to purchase full brushes in a special case, you can only change the coal protrusion. For this:

  • We disassemble the plastic shell by dividing it with hands into two halves;
  • We drag the soldering iron to the worn plate, remove and spread the spring;
  • Next, we take a new brush, measure its length, which must fully comply with the charter;
  • Ludith, clean the contacts, straighten the wire and, focusing on the bronze guide, insert the corner. It remains only to solder wires and snap the case.

Completes repair of the engine to the place. For this, we again appeal to the initial instruction and act from the end. The main thing is to tighten the clamps tightly and cheer with the “to” photos and records made.

The final point will be testing: turn on the pressure mode or fast washing and listen. It is likely that the first time the motor will work quite loudly until the installed brushes “proverb”. If you do not hear outsiders and cod, resembling sand friction, it means that the installation is made correctly.