Replacing the bearing in the washing machine Ariston do it yourself

Today, bearings are used in almost all mechanical devices, including in automatic washing machines (hereinafter also. cm, AFM). The main objective of the bearing is to reduce the friction between the surfaces of the shaft and the sleeve moving relative to each other when rotating. By its device, modern bearings are divided into several varieties. In modern cm, the drums rotate on ball bearings, as well as on their roller “counterparts”. On the replacement of the bearing in the washing machine Ariston will tell in our article.

Modern sliding and rolling bearings

Causes of wear

The drum of the washing machine must rotate freely inside the tank. This rotation provides good bearings.

Causes of wear may result in:

  • Natural wear of the gland, which after 5-7 years of operation begins to dub, deform and, as a result, pass water, provoking the corrosion of bearings,
  • Long use of the washing machine as a whole and, as a result, the wear of all parts,
  • Incorrect operation (a washing machine must be properly operated and periodically process special means to remove scale.

How to diagnose that the bearings of the washing machine were caught

Usually the diagnosis of breakage is limited by external signs, it may be:

  • characteristic knock;
  • vibration during spinning;
  • The drum “goes” from side to the side during loading of linen;
  • The drum ceases spinning.

If you do not fix the breakdown on time, it can lead to a serious deformation of the rod shaft, the engine of the washing machine can burn, and also due to excessive vibration a driving belt, an important nodes and units may be damaged, which practically in one hundred cases from a hundred lead To the loss of the washing machine without the possibility of restoring her work.

What can provoke the bearing outlet:

  • overload tank machine lodge;
  • Washing heavy clothing without a protective grid (for example, the washing of shoes and sports equipment should be carried out in a special grid), which can lead to increased vibration and load on the motor during pressing;
  • damage to the gland and entering it water (in this case, leakage may occur);
  • Damage to the sealing gum due to washing of sharp objects, clashes, spokes, belts, and so on.

Step-by-step replacement instructions

Required tools

To replace the worn bearing with their own hands, the following tools will be needed:

How to Change the Bearings in a Washing Machine

  • adjustable key;
  • A small hammer with a shock part of a soft material. preferably, copper or rubber;
  • Passatia;
  • slotted and cross screwdriver;
  • horn keys of different sizes;
  • Metal rod of small diameter or stupid chisel.

It is desirable to have a silicone sealant and a lubricant of the WD-40 type (one can use its analogs). Previously purchase gland and two bearing.

For the final stage of the work, we will need: new bearings, seals, silicone sealant, aerosol and lithol or other type of lubricant.

Break the tank

Before starting to disassemble the washing machine, it is necessary to free the pot from the water that could stay after washing. It must be done if the machine refused to work in the wash process, the door remained blocked, and it does not drain the water in the software.

The easiest and fastest way of removing water from a washing machine.

To drain the water from the tank in several ways:

  • Through the emergency hose. most modern washing machines are equipped with such a device. You need to open a small hatch on the front wall, pull out the emergency hose, and wait for a complete drain of water;
  • Leaving the water from the drum. this is possible if the door is not blocked. It is enough to open the door carefully, and lean the water with a bucket or other capacity;
  • Through the drain hose. the hose should be pulled out from the connection site with the sewer, stretch it for the entire length, so that the bottom edge be below the level of the washing machine and drain the water. For some styral models, this method is not suitable, as part of the hose inside the machine has a loop shape;
  • Through the drain filter. it is necessary to open the hatch located at the bottom of the machine, unscrew the filtration grille, weaken the filter mount and drain the water into a small flat container;
  • Through the drain nozzle is the most time consuming method. First remove the back wall and snail connecting the hose and pump. Then removed the pipe itself. If water is not started from the hole, it is necessary to clean the blockage.

Collapse of the washing machine

When replacing bearing rings, it is necessary to disassemble the washer almost completely. Phased it looks like this:

  • It is necessary to remove the top of the typewriter and the rear or front wall. depending on the design;
  • Then you should carefully dismantle the control panel;
  • Open hatch and disconnect the external clamp of the cuff and door lock;
  • Disconnect the bunker of the dispenser from the tank nozzle of the washer;
  • remove the cargo (counterweight);
  • disconnect the wires of the heating element;
  • If the design requires it. remove the TEN itself. In some models, it is not necessary to do this, just disconnect the wires;
  • remove the drive belt from the engine, dismantle the engine;
  • twist screws fixing shock absorbers;
  • Remove the bottle of the washing machine.

Important! Before rebuilding the washing machine, it is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply and block the water.

Next should disassemble the tank. It is placed so as to remove the pulley was as convenient as possible. After disconnecting the pulley, the shaft is needed slightly “drown” inside. Then the tank is dismantled into two parts.

That’s how it looks like a disassembled form.

Removing spoiled details

After separating the tank to the part, you can proceed to the dismantling of worn bearings. There is a special tool for this. the bearing puller. But if it is not at hand, you can use a small hammer with a copper shock part and a metal rod of small.

Bearing Copyright will come in handy in your work.

Attention! You can find tips to apply a stupid chisel when removing old bearings and the installation of new. This tool must be used very carefully, since there is a risk of damaging a new part or sleeve.

With the help of hammer and rod bearings are knocked out. Boots are applied around the circumference of the socket part. Usually it is to fall out and the gland. If he does not fall out himself, it is removed to assess the condition. Often together with bearings have to change and the gland.

Clean the surface from contaminants and proceed to dismantling bearings.

Mounting new bearings

Before installation, you should handle the bearing sockets. Them are thoroughly cleaned from dirt and lubricate. Then the gland changes, and you can install new parts. they are clogged into place with the help of hammer and rod. It must be done very carefully not to damage the item.

Mounting place machining grease for the gland.

Build construction

After replacing the bearing rings, the design should be collected in reverse order. Special attention should be paid to the joint zone of two parts of the tank. it is advisable to get seam with silicone sealant. Shock absorbers should be inspected. if they are worn, the car will not last long.

All procedures are carried out in reverse order. And do not forget to miss the vulnerable zones.

We bring to your attention a video, which shows in detail how to prepare a washing machine to replace the bearing.

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Step-by-step replacement instructions

Recommendations will help novice repairmen to remove and replace the damaged bearing with a washing machine in such a way as not to aggravate the problem and avoid other serious breakdowns.

change, bearing, drum, washing

Choosing a new

We start with the purchase of bearings, the choice of which directly depends on the model and brand of the machine. The point is that these details do not belong to the number of unified. Therefore, you need to select them in size specified in the instruction manual.

If the instruction is lost, then you can search for suitable spare parts on the Internet or ask the manager of a specialized store to find the appropriate replacement.

In all other cases, before buying new bearings, you will have to disassemble the typewriter and get damaged items to look at their marking.

Only after that you can go to the store where you can buy suitable parts by turning attention to:

  • on the integrity of the packaging;
  • The presence of a vehicle with the main characteristics of the part;
  • lack of any defects;
  • reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Availability guarantees.

Washing Machine Tank Liberation

We start disassembling damaged bearings with a shutdown of washer from all communications. Then we pull up the underwear from the drum or make sure in its absence, drain the water, and also place the machine in such a way as to provide free access from all sides.

Disassembly of the car

At this stage of dismantling and replacing damaged bearings, you need to act according to the following scheme:

    Remove the upper cover. Unscrew the screws located at the back, and gently move this panel forward, remove and remove to the side.

At this stage of dismantling work, it is recommended to shoot at the camera of the smartphone every one of its action so as not to make mistakes during the assembly.

change, bearing, drum, washing

How to pull out

Further actions depend on the design of the tank to be divided into two parts. Most often in this case, it is necessary to unscrew the fastening bolts, but there are other types of fasteners.

After the tank was swittered, it is necessary to remove the pulley, holding the drum. Just unscrew and get out of the machine this part, and then tighten the bolt back to get the shaft from the mount with light blows.

Now you need to knock out the bearing from the drum, pull out which can be a special puller or hammer with a metal rod. Do it need it extremely careful to prevent the slightest skew damaged part.

Therefore, in the absence of a puller strikes with a hammer (preferably copper) through a copper rod or broken chisel, it is necessary to evenly apply the damaged part around the circumference. At the end of this stage, we remove the gland that is also replaced.

How to lubricate the bearing in the washing machine

Specialists manage to smear even closed bearings. True for this operation Litol and other car lubricants will not fit. Indeed, in this case, a special moisture-resistant lubricant is a thick consistency, good heat-resistant properties and the absence of aggressive impact on rubber parts.

In fact, such lubricants are quite a lot, and they need to be used as follows:

  • Degrease the bearing and wipe it with a clean and dry cloth;
  • internally ring or clip is tightly closed with a plastic bag;
  • cut the tube on the diameter of the inner cut;
  • Tightly press the tube and squeeze the lubricant until it climbs on the other side of the bearing;
  • Make a few turns and clean the surplus.

How to install

At the beginning of this stage, it is necessary to carefully clean the fastening from dirt and rust, and then fill it with a special lubricant. Next, we act according to the following scheme:

If there are deep cracks on the tank or cross, they will have to pre-change or repaired and these damaged parts.

Washing machine parsing procedure

Repair of washing machine machines of different brands and models may differ. This is due to the features of the design and the location of the details. Replacing bearings in washing machines with vertical loading firms Zanussi and Electrolux will not cause difficulties and with this task you can cope. In such models to get to the tank, it is enough to remove the side panels, pulley and drive.

Some more complex things are with horizontal aggregates of InDesit, Ariston, Samsung, Hotpoint, LG. However, useful tips and detailed instructions will help cope with the task.

Before starting repair, it is important to figure out where the bearings are located. They are located in the rear wall of the drum. To access the details, you need to disassemble the washing machine and remove the tank.

First of all, turn off the unit from water supply and electricity. Pull the Powder Tray and make sure the drum is empty.

Start disassembling from the removal of the top cover. To do this, with the help of a cross screwdriver, unscrew two screws that are located on the rear wall of the machine machine. Then slide and lift the lid. Send the body element aside.

Disassembly of the washing machine Start with the removal of the top cover. Then remove the top and bottom panel alternately, as well as the back cover

The next step is the removal of the upper and lower panels. During work, be careful not to damage the wiring and drain hose.

To remove the dashboard, unscrew the screws. They can be located in different places depending on the brand and the model of the washing machine. Some of them are in the hole where the powder tray is inserted.

Next, remove all chips with wires from the nests. Mark the interrelated elements marker. This will allow when assembling it is properly installed wires into the appropriate nests.

You can not disconnect the wiring, but during further disassembly there is a high risk of damage. In addition, hanging on the wires panel will interfere and create additional inconveniences.

Now you need to remove the bottom panel. With a direct screwdriver, you will find the latches fixing it. Remove the panel and deduct aside.

Next, proceed to dismantling the cuff. This is a gum that is hoping for a tank and front panel. She attached with a clamp. It is precisely it should be removed first. Examine cuffs to find a spring connecting the ends of the clamp. Patty her flat screwdriver and remove. Removing the clamp, lift the front edge of the cuff and fill it into the tank.

Now you can remove the entire front panel. To do this, unscrew the screws and disconnect the wire going to the hatch lock. Remove the part to the side.

The procedure for disconnecting the tank of the washing machine:

  • Unscrew the bolts that fix the filling valve on the rear wall of the unit.
  • Remove the screws, disconnect the wires and nozzle. Remove the top panel.
  • Unscrew the drain pipe from the tank. To do this, find the clamp and remove it. Remember, the water remains can be in the nozzle, so at this stage there may be a sex rag.
  • Disconnect all wires leading to theta, engine, pump.
  • Remove the counterweight and nozzle leading to the water level sensor.
  • Split lower bolts fixing shock absorbers.
  • Carefully remove the tank from the springs. Act carefully not to damage the fixing elements.
  • Extending the tank, disconnect the belt, engine and shock absorbers.

To access the bearings, you need to remove the body. To do this, unscrew all bolts and pull out chips with wires from the nests

How to replace the bearing in the washing machine “Zarussi

Despite the fairly high reliability of household Zanussi machines, periodically requires replacement of drum ball bearings, especially with intensive operation with maximum loading. In modern modifications, the E13 or E55 error code is displayed on the electronic scoreboard, which gives self-diagnosis system. This indicates a possible leakage of the gland, the appearance of the backlash or wear of the p / sh. A characteristic feature is also a humming.

In order to dismantle and replace the details, you will need to disassemble the typewriter. Unlike other models, you do not need to remove the front panel, it will be enough to unscrew the back cover to gain access.

After consistently disassembling the unit and removing the tank, with the help of a special puller or girlfriend, the elements are knocked out, the seating places are cleaned, the belt, the criss, the geometry of the drum and the health of other parts are checked. To facilitate dismantling, it is advisable to use the WD-40 aerosol.

If the machine is on warranty service, all repair activities should be performed only in the service center.