Change TEN in the washing machine Indesit WISL 82

In order to check the serviceability of the Tan, you must first get access to it. and for this you need to disassemble the washing machine. Most modern models of Ten are either in the front or in the back of the case. It is quite easy to find it in three ways:

  • Compare the front and rear wall of the unit. which one of them is more, the TEN is usually hidden;
  • turn over the washer on the side and find a TEN, removing its lower part;
  • unscrew the top cover and, rejecting the machine to the side, detect a TEN.

Finding a tan, you can immediately dismantle it, but experts advise not to hurry with it until you make sure of its malfunction. Therefore, to start simply disconnect the wires going to the Woney.

The most affordable way to diagnose TEN’s problem is the measurement of its resistance. In order to determine it, we need to find the value of all elements of the formula:

R = U² / P, where R is the resistance, u. voltage, and P. power.

The voltage that is fed to the heater is equal to the voltage of the electrical network: it is usually 220 volts. Tan power you can find out in the appropriate section of the Washing Machine Manual. If it was not possible to detect this information there. there is data on the Internet regarding all existing models. Most often it is 2000 W.

Now we substitute the found values, we calculate, and we get the desired value. According to our values ​​R = 220 ² / 2000 = 24.2 Ohm.

Resistance obtained as a result of the calculation is an indicator at which the TEN can function normally. In case of problems of the heating element, the resistance may vary, resulting in the water heating interruptions. You can check the resistance using a multimeter. a device that allows you to measure various electrical current indicators.

Then set the multimeter: Run the measurement mode of the resistance, and set the value of 200 Ohm. Attach the probe to the terminals of the heating element. The measurement result should appear on the device screen.

If the resulting number came out equal or close to the one we found according to the formula, then everything is in order. Figure “1” means that there was a break inside the Tan. The number “0” is displayed in the case of short circuit. And in that, in another case, the heating element will have to replace.

Do not forget to check the case of the case of Tan for integrity. How to do it, look in the following video.

Principle of operation of Ten

Water that heats the TEN can be any, for example, if water with impurities or rigid, then during its heating will be formed, which is capable of breaking your washing unit at any unexpected moment, provided that you do not regularly clean it.

This is not the only reason for which the washing machine can fail. If you notice that the water in your design does not heat up, then most likely you have broken a TEN. Need to urgently check the TEN, and if it is broken, acquire another.

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If you want to do this without the help of the masters, then for this you need to know how to change it yourself / fix the TEN. Now we will tell you how to personally check the performance of Tan, where is its location and how to understand whether he broke or not.

What is it needed for?

Any washing machine is a technically complex device, in the design of which there are many functional nodes. Each spare part is designed to perform specific tasks. For example, TEN is a special heating element. It is he who is responsible for heating water in the unit to the necessary temperature values.

In various machines, this device is in different places. Two wires follow to. This spare part is mounted on the bottom of the tank of the unit.

Without a tan, the liquid in the device will not be heated, so if necessary, the replacement is preferably carried out without postponing for later.

Remove the Old

To change the Tan, the old need to remove. This is done as follows:

  • Machine case must be disassembled;
  • The drive belt (if any) should be removed so as not to interfere with the work;
  • Wires going to the heater terminals need to be disconnected (remembering their location);
  • Disconnect the plus wire from the temperature sensor terminal;
  • The central nut of the fastener of the Tan to weaken (without unscrewing to the end);
  • Push the hairpin on which the nut is in the case (but carefully, so that the tan does not fall into the tank;
  • Using several flat screwdrivers, remove the TEN, trying not to damage the washing bac.

Before carrying out the listed actions, it should be determined where the heater is. After that, removed, closing it back or the front walls of the machine. In different models, the covers can be attached differently, namely, a different amount of bolts.

If the drive belt is present in the machine, then it is removed using a screwdriver, which it should be carefully pushed and then, it is easy to pull out. The main thing at the same time, do not scratch the belt, otherwise it will necessarily break down.

As for the terminals of the heating element, then they are usually four. This grounding, wire from the plus terminal of the temperature sensor and two feed cables. First two may not be, depending on the machine model.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to turn off the washing machine from electric power for the period of repair work!

When removing the tan, the situation may occur when it is not easy to get it. This can occur due to the deformation of the rubber sealing ring, which is hardening from time to time and carbs the edges of the heater. In this case, it follows a flat screwdriver to carefully pushing it and, helping the hand to remove the TEN. If the seal is unsuitable, then it should be changed.

How to replace the heater element on a washing machine. Indesit

Signs and causes of malfunction

The probability of faults depends on the correctness of the operation of equipment and conducting preventive measures.

The causes of the heater breakage can be the following:

  • Factory marriage. This happens even with proven manufacturers. Spiral burns, holes are formed in the case.
  • Scale. In the process of washing, insoluble salts are settled on. When there are many of them, the element is heated longer, which leads to its combustion.
  • Wear. Each product has its own resource. Permanent temperature differences and metal fatigue lead to the destruction of the wire inside the shell.
  • Voltage drops. Tenny are designed to work in a narrow range of current values. Exceeding its tension and strength displays the product.
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The breakdown on the washing machine is indesitis are not rare. Based on this, it is easy to find the desired detail for replacement.

How to find a malfunction?

Tubular heater is located in Samsung washing machines on the flange. The fuse is located. In most models from this manufacturer, TEN should be searched for the front panel. Such a location will require significant efforts when disassembly, however, it is possible to replace the part with a refusal to work completely independently.

Understand that the TEN does not work, it is possible for a number of reasons.

  • The poor quality of washing when using a high-quality washing agent and when the mode is properly selected.
  • When washing the glass on the door of the washing unit does not heat up. However, it is necessary to check this only after 20 minutes from the start of the process. It is also worth considering that in rinsing mode the machine does not heat the water.
  • During the operation of the washing machine, electricity consumption is significantly reduced. You can check this cause, but very difficult way. First it is necessary to turn off all the electrostators except the washing device. Then you should write down the readings of the electric meter before turning on the machine. At the end of the complete washing cycle, compare them with the resulting values. On average, 1 kW is spent on one wash. However, if the washing was carried out without heating water, then this indicator will be from 200 to 300 W. Upon receipt of such values, you can safely change the faulty heating element to a new.

We provide access to the heater

Before disassembled the car, it must be de-energized. To do this, you need to disconnect the power cord from the power supply. You also need to turn off the machine from the water supply system, breaking the crane and disconnecting the hose from it.

Turning off the washing machine from communications, then it is necessary to disassemble it. Usually a tubular electric heater is in the back of the washing unit. To get to it, you need to remove the building cover. It is removed simply enough, you just need to unscrew several screws (their number is rare more than 4).

It happens that Ten in the typewriter is in front and such a situation is a bit more difficult. Immediately the front part of the body will not work out. it will prevent the hatch sealing rubber (cuff). Therefore, first remove the clamp, fixing the cuff. To make it necessary to make a round bunch or screwdriver. The choice of tool is due to the type of clamp. You can get acquainted in detail with the process of the hometings in the material replacement material.

Fully shooting the cuff is not necessary, it is enough to disconnect it from the front of the case and fill in the drum so that it does not interfere with further actions. Observing with the cuff Next, remove the hatch lock, which is fixed with two screws. The control unit will also have to remove. To do this, you need to unscrew the two screws that fasten the top cover of the washing machine. Twisting the fastener of the lid, it must be moved towards the back of the machine so that it leaves the grooves. Having done this, get the dispenser tray from the bunker and unscrew the fastening screws of the control unit.

Causes of breakdown

To begin with, we understand the reasons for the failure of the heating element. It can be:

  • Volumetric thighs of scale, which is formed due to too hard water;
  • rust on the surface of the Tan due to moisture, the cause of penetration of which is to depressurize the tank;
  • Rare phenomenon. factory marriage.

All these factors lead to the fact that water during washing does not heat up to the desired temperature, that is, only cold wash is possible. In some cases, the unit reacts in such a way that programs involving high-temperature regime are simply not launched.

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Thanks to advertising, there is an opinion that, as a result, the water breakdowns from the bottom of the car will flow dramatically, but it does not correspond to reality.

Diagnose the problem is very easy: just sufficient to the surface of the hatch in the middle of the washing cycle. It will be cold, and lingerie after such a wash will not be extended properly. If you have a multimeter, you can independently check the resistance of the Tan: this method will give an accurate answer to the question of the health of the heating element.