Experiment. 5 kg. Washing Powder. in a Washing Machine

What if the washing machine does not wash off the powder?

Light movement of hand you downloaded dirty underwear into the drum, habitually fell asleep powder, poured air conditioning and calmly went to engage in other things. But in the process of washing, something went wrong, because after its completion, the powder remained on the spot, and dirty spots. on the underwear.

Don’t worry! The situation when the washing machine does not wash off the powder, completely common and, moreover, is often not related to serious faults. So save Stihl and read our article to figure out what happened to your “assistant”.

How not to handle a washing machine with powder: saving tips

Not all the mistress know how to properly use the washing powder and do not soak with time the machine due to a number of errors. This, it would seem, a simple topic is in fact it turns out much more difficult. How much is the washing powder and rinsing means to prevent the foam? How to use liquid powder? Why the machine develops fungus and mold? What is better. fall asleep powder in a tray or immediately in the drum? These and other questions you will find answers slightly below.

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First of all, you should deal with a special cell for washing powder and rinse. Where and exactly how to pour ordinary or liquid powder? Almost all modern machines have a division into three main cells. Two of them. on the sides. signed as “I” and “II”, and the third. in the center. is usually indicated by the “flower”. The hostesses often fall asleep / pour powder immediately in both compartments “I” and “II”, so to say that things “probably fed”. Why this solution is wrong? First, you spend the powder in vain, if you use the usual washing. Using two compartments immediately justified in one case: if you choose a “pre-laug” mode, during which the laundry is quickly erased quickly using a powder from the “I” compartment, then the soap water merges and starts the main wash, during which the machine is already Picks the powder from the “II” compartment. In all other cases, the usual washing of things powder is to fall asleep only in the compartment “II” either immediately into the drum. the result is the same.

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Clarify a little about liquid powder: Indeed, it is a rather popular choice of hostesses, however, it is also often used incorrectly. First, even if you poured a liquid powder in the “II” compartment for the main washing, as a rule, it is completely removed from the cell. Now imagine what happens inside the typewriter inside the hose through which this gel should flow with water in the drum machine. It does not wash completely, it remains inside, and wash it with my own hands inside the typewriter is no possibility, without a specialist call. That’s why the wash gel is best pouring immediately to dirty things inside the drum. but not the drum itself, since most of his part will simply follow and merges into the sewer, and very little gel will remain for washing. Do not worry. everything perfectly extends if pouring liquid powder directly to things inside the typewriter, and, in addition, the cell and internal parts of the machine will remain clean, and you can not worry about the development of mold and fungus.

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A few words about the rinser: it is poured only in the central compartment with the pattern “Flower”, moreover, on the last rinse, right before spinning things. Fill the rinser is needed below the Max mark on the cell itself. otherwise, according to the principle of the siffon, the whole rinser will turn.

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Not many mistresses know that this very tray or cell with compartments for washing powder is removed from the machine. As a rule, inside there is some kind of plastic button on which you need to press and pull the tray. it is easy and calmly removed. It is necessary to remove it periodically, as dirty, and better. after each washing to wash the powder remnants. It does not take you a lot of time, but in the future save your nerves and money. When you took out the tray, disconnect the plastic parts. usually it is very easy to do. Rinse under the jet of running water the tray so that all tubes and walls are completely cleaned. This is preventing the appearance and distribution of fungus and mold, as well as a deposit of long and proper operation of the washing machine.

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Finally, exactly how the washing powder can handle the machine? The reasons for the appearance of a large amount of foam several:

  • poor-quality powder;
  • Powder for manual washing;
  • use of soap or liquid for washing dishes;
  • too much washing powder.

Use only proven tools for washing to avoid the formation of a huge amount of foam, which can get on the mechanisms inside the machine and literally “kill” her.

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For details on the right use of washing powder, see the video below:

How to wash the powder tray in the washing machine

Washing machine automatic. this is one of the most commonly used units of household appliances in the house. Along with the fridge, stove and microwave, it is an integral part of human life. But the trouble, mercilessly exploiting his “homemade assistant,” people often forget that it is necessary to care for her. In the article, the Plumbing Master will tell how to wash the powder tray in the washing machine.

The tray of the washing machine machine is a rather dirty place, in some cases the tray is clogged with a detergent so that water ceases to flow and wash off the powder, dirtier only in the tank, drain pipes and a drain hose.

Unlike the tank and drain nozzles, to which it is more difficult to get, a tray is much easier, because it is in love. It turns out that there are quite a few users of the washing machine machine at all do not know how the tray is pulled out and never thought about cleaning it.

If the tray of your car is not too contaminated, it can be cleaned and removed from the nest. But if the contamination is strong enough, then for your own convenience, as well as for better cleaning, the container is better to extract. This process of beginners can cause difficulties, but as you get used to your model, you can get a tray with one clever hand movement.

Different models of machine trays are located differently. Therefore, before you get this item from your washing machine, carefully read the instructions.

In order to extract the tray, usually need to do this:

Now that the dispenser is in your hands, you can use one of the following ways to clean it.

What is recommended to do when washing a powder compartment:

  • Do not rub the tray with great zeal. This can lead to erasure of tags in compartments.
  • The place from which the container was removed, wipe from the inside with a cloth or sponge. Special attention to devoting water supply holes and the removal of detergent to drum.
  • Choosing aggressive cleaning agents, it is necessary to work in rubber gloves.
  • In machines with vertical loading of linen trays are not pulled out. Water used for rinsing them runs right in the drum. Therefore, you should be attentive, otherwise you can arrange a small flood.

Extract the tray, wet, sending a straight hot water to him. Thoroughly rub with a sponge or brush. For a larger cleaning effect on them, you can apply a dishwashing liquid or soap solution (dissolve the chips of the economic soap in water). Then rinse it again.

If there are still pollution on the dispenser, you can leave it for a couple of hours to lie down in hot water, and then repeat the cleaning procedure.

It may turn out that the limestone flare and petrified powder will not be able to clear the usual physical way, then chemical cleaning will come to the rescue using special means.

Well coped with the contamination of the dispenser and other parts of the washing machine the following drugs:

clean, dried, powder, washing
  • “Eona”, “Doctor Ten”, “Anti-Nakipin” will help with unlock pollution.
  • Frisch-Aktiv removes mud and lime deposits, as well as unpleasant odors.
  • SandokkaEB and Bork K8P (Korean) are able to cope even with quite strong pollution.

It is difficult for cleaned deposits removed by soaking. The tray extracted from the machine is placed in hot water with the addition of one of the means, for example, Domasetos, Comet, Silit, “Toilet Duckling”, “Sanphor-Antirushaustchina”. Dissolve the agent in water (50 ml on 5 liters of water) and soak the tray. After 1.5-2.5 hours to rub it with a brush and rinse under the jet of warm water.

Than laundering a powder compartment in a washing machine: the best folk methods

Each house will always be on hand tools that will cope with cleaning not worse than industrial chemicals. The effectiveness of these substances and methods confirm the long years of use. A distinctive feature of these methods. in environmental purity.

Here is the five of the best folk agents to combat raids, fungi and pollution:

  • Soda. He heads list. This faithful assistant can clean all anything. You need to fall asleep 5 tablespoons in the receiving tray and turn on the machine to idle. You can pre-mix the soda with a small amount of water or vinegar.
  • Vinegar. On a half liters of water, 6 tablespoons of vinegar takes. The tray is removed from the machine and immersed in the solution. In the morning it is enough to solve the item to remove the remnants of the dirt and install back.
  • Lemon acid. Everyone knows that she is doing with screaming in the kettle. Powder is poured into the tray and turns on the washing program with the highest temperature. Washing Host, without things. Not only the tray is cleared, but also hoses, gum, drum. Disappears unpleasant mold smell

The following two ways to call folk can be conditional.

Housewives simply strengthened household chemicals with natural components:

  • Soda Bleach. You need to dissolve bleach and soda in water, dunk tray for several hours. After rinse.
  • “Antinakipin” Limonon Soda. Lemon acid and soda is added to domestic chemistry. Then you need to act as it was described in the third paragraph.

Some hostesses are cleaning pollution by chlorine. The method also brings good results. But it should be remembered that if the chlorine at the end of cleaning will not be good, then its remnants may subsequently spoil some things.

How to clean the washing machine: the most effective means, the process of cleaning all items

Tips to avoid problems

It turns out to be cleaned the tray for washing powder does not represent any particular difficulties. However, compliance with some useful tips will help speed up this process and relieve you from an excess headache.

  • After the completion of the machine is completed, it is necessary to leave a fitting hole for the powder, which will eliminate the appearance of unpleasant odors;
  • In order not to wait for the final drying, wipe all the details of the tray;
  • Install a special filter for water purification in front of the filling hose, which will prevent the unit clogging by impurities from the plumbing system;
  • Observe the dosage of washing ingredients for full wash them;
  • If you can replace or reduce the frequency of use of powdered means, giving alternative to liquid goods.

To achieve the most advanced result, you can use combined tray processing methods. In the video below, materials such as the concentrated cleaner Amway Zoom, diluted acetic essence, an old toothbrush, melanin sponge, an ordinary old sponge and a caustic agent of bioline.

The careful handling of household appliances guarantees long service life and makes it possible with comfortable to use additional features. Therefore, we should not forget about compliance with the cleaning in the boot hole, for which conduct preventive cleaning, use chemicals or attract home analogs to work.

Choosing a tool

To care for the sealing cuff, the machine machine are suitable for various means of household chemicals. It is important that they have not only whitening, deodorizing and cleansing properties, but also were able to cope with mold and bacteria.

In your washing machine there is a mold?

Baking soda

Soda purify the cuff manually. suitable cooked self-cooked cashem or soap solution. In the first case, 2-3 tablespoons of soda are connected with a small amount of water until the casher is obtained.

The tool is applied to the kitchen sponge and wipe the gum throughout the perimeter, thoroughly treating the inner surface.

The second option. mix a spoonful of soda with gel or dishwashing liquid. Soapy, work in the same way. they are applied to pollution and carefully rub. Need to give soda for some time to act (about half an hour), and then wash off the residues of the substance with clean water.

Important! In the process of washing, it is prohibited too stretching the gum, otherwise the tightness of the machine machine will break.

Antibacterial and chlorine-containing means

This group of funds includes household chemicals containing disinfecting additives to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold. They do not have to be intended for the washing machine.

Universal means to care for plumbing, cafeter, working surfaces in the kitchen:

Advice! Choose the form of release that you will be convenient. spray, gel or liquid. The drug is applied to an elastic band with a washcloth or a damp cloth, and after 30-60 minutes wash off with mud.

Copper Municipal

The sulfuric particulate copper is particularly popular in the country of dachnings to combat pests of trees and shrubs. In everyday life also turn out to be useful antiseptic, antifungal and disinfectant fluid properties.

  • Prepare cleaning solution. 30 g of substance for 1 liter of pure water.
  • Moisten a rag or a washcloth in the liquid and handle the cuffs, not missing a centimeter.
  • Leave the drug “work” about a day.
  • After a day, turn on the machine to fast washing mode.
  • At the end of the process, wipe the gum dry and leave the door open so that the surfaces are finally dried.

Flowing water from a powder compartment in a washing machine

In the process of using the washing machine, such a defect often occurs, water flows from a powder compartment. You can cope with this problem independently without resorting to assistance. It is not difficult, long and does not require special skills and knowledge or special qualifications. In the article, the Plumbing Master will tell how to eliminate the leakage from the powder compartment in the washing machine.

Before you repair the car, you need to understand the cause of the problem and localize it. Driving a bottle powder receiver can be a production marriage or occur with the abrasion of certain parts. The leakage may appear in various places, namely:

  • Perimeter Tray in the area of ​​docking of its top and bottom. To be clear, I will immediately make a reservation: I call the tray that the part in which the tank for washing powder or gel is inserted. Here is his joints and leak.
  • In the area of ​​docking tray with the facade of the machine.
  • Hole above the container in which the powder is loaded. This happens because the retractable part in the process of use is stepping over time, and more accurately the elements hold it pressed to the top of the tray.
  • Horphroslang from rubber, according to which the powder is washed out of the tray in the drum.

There is one feature. This corrugated tube is located so that its lower part slides on balancing stone and grows about it, and so that the hole is formed. It is not excluded that this is done intends.Today, many manufacturers, trying to increase the money turnover, seek their products immediately after the expiration of the warranty period. And they had to repair or buy new. What do you want? This is a business!

Before proceeding directly to repair, prepare everything that may be needed. Nothing special need. Usually everything you need in every home. You will need these tools:

In addition, there will be a silicone sealant or sealant for the car. It may also be necessary to need a new tray, because not always and not everything can be fixed, it happens that you have to change. But they should not be stored, it is better to understand whether there is a need for it or you can repair the old.

To perform repair, you need to overlap the water supply to the machine and turn it off from the mains. Then using a cross screwdriver, you need to unscrew the rear screws that hold its upper cover and remove it. Next, the tray moves the movement on itself.

After dismantling the tray and covers, screws that hold the dashboard will open.

They also twisted and the panel is removed. Connected wires can not be disconnected. You just need to open access to dismantle the container. Next, you need to disconnect the tubes, which were supplied to the powder compartment, pre-breaking their clamps. After unscrewing the screws, it is removed.

How to avoid pollution

To make the tray to be cleaned as close as possible, use the tips below:

  • After each washing, leave the tray slightly ajar. So moisture will be able to evaporate, and the risk of mold appearance will be lower;
  • at least twice a month, wipe the tray with a dry sponge;
  • Control the amount of washing powder. The most common reason for the appearance of the dried layer in the tray is precisely an excess to washing;
  • If you are bothering the scale and fall in the tray, install the water filter before the filler hose. This measure will also extend the service life of the washing machine.

Purpaning tray. the case is simple, especially if you know what means are coping with this.

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