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Refrigerator LG Temperature Adjustment. Guide to the proper installation of the refrigerator

Buying a refrigerator, not all people know, in which room it will be put. Many expect to put a fridge in the kitchen, where the place is. But, not all apartments have spacious kitchens. Free space for refrigerator in the kitchen may not be. Installation should be carried out according to a specific rules, it does not matter what room the refrigerator will be installed.

The quality work of household appliances depends not only on the choice of the buyer, but also its further operation. Many people neglect refrigerator installation rules. It can reduce its service life and worsen the work itself. It is important to correctly install the refrigerator in the kitchen. To do this, you need to highlight free space for it. If before this was a refrigerator and a specific place in the kitchen for the refrigerator already exists, it is necessary to take into account the size of the new. The installation of the refrigerator implies several stages of work.

Now you can independently choose and buy a refrigerator in a specialized store. After bringing it home. If there is no suitable car for the transportation of the refrigerator, you need to use the services of transportation. The refrigerator must be packed with high quality, and you need to carry it carefully so as not to damage it.

With self-transportation, you can transport the refrigerator only in a vertical position so that freon did not happen.

Then you need to print the refrigerator, leaving the packaging material and warranty card. Seeing the defect, it is worth returning back to the store.

The refrigerator cannot be installed in the kitchen near:

You can not put a refrigerator near the radiators and the window, as it will be very hot and in summer, and in winter. This will reduce its performance. Near the stove is not recommended to install any technique. It can lead to fire.

Refrigerator is running from electricity. Electricity and water are incompatible. Therefore, the installation of the refrigerator next to the sink is dangerous for life.

You can put a refrigerator, separating it with cabinets from the sink and stoves. This option is ideal if the kitchen has a small area.

Bring a refrigerator home

At the moment, the market for the kitchen is just a shot of various refrigerators. Therefore, sometimes it is quite difficult to make a choice, for example, between LG or Indesit. Both of these manufacturers have already managed to establish themselves from the good side.

But still, when the choice is already made, this unit gets home to you, you need:

  • First remove all foreign objects from the surface and inside. In all new refrigerators they are. For example, cardboard, stickers, packaging paper, foam, film. Therefore, carefully inspect all the departments of the aggregate and remove the unnecessary. This moment is very important.
  • Hygiene. first of all. We take a sponge, wet in water with vinegar and wash well internal and external side. Someone can say: why wash him, he is new? It is necessary to get rid of the specific smell of plastics. It has any new kitchen technology. With this task, the water and vinegar solution is perfectly coped. Yes, and then, here you will store products that must be kept if not in sterile, then hygienic conditions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use cleaning products from m of chemistry. There is a possibility that you are badly promoted, and these technical poisons will fall into the food, which will be kept here. Therefore, it is possible to wash with water, and with a strong unpleasant smell of plastics. with the addition of conventional acetic acid.

Super chopping

“Super cooling” mode. Super Cool. similar to the superfolder, only it acts in a refrigeration chamber, and not in the freezer. When activating superlapping for some time, the temperature decreases. The function is useful when you need to install non-cooled dishes in the refrigerator. so the temperature regime does not break, and also come in handy in summer to accelerate refreshing beverages.

How to Install a new Fridge/ Refrigerator w/o water line

For what and how to wash the refrigerator before turning on

Before turning on the device, it is important to study it from the inside, since in the chamber you can detect the waste paper and various packaging material to be removed. The second step will get rid of smells and dirt. Pollution can be of different origin:

  • smell of plastic;
  • Pollution, which were obtained during the production of equipment;
  • Dust and dirt that accumulate while storing in the store, in stock and after transportation.

Even if the refrigerator is clean, and external contaminants were not discovered, it still needs cleaning. Plastic, which has long been kept in a closed box, often causes the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Therefore, the first turning on the refrigerator in any case is not possible without washing.

In household chemicals stores, you can find a large range of various chemicals, and even whole sets of refrigerator care.

But if there is no desire to spend money on similar compositions, you should use the usual gel for washing dishes or folk remedies (vinegar, soda).

How much does the refrigerator work when you first turn on

To check the fridge returned after repair, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Include an empty refrigerator to the network (immediately load foods inside is not allowed);
  • Install the minimum temperature and two or three hours do not open the doors;
  • It is forbidden to immediately activate the “Fast Freezing” or “Fast Cooling” modes, since the device must first work in standard mode. without overload;
  • Only after the compressor stops, and the user will make sure that it is cold enough in both compartments, you can gradually download products.

So, not just a new refrigerator after purchase, but also formerly in operation after defrosting or repairing can work without shutting down until 24 hours. until it drops the temperature and will not go to normal operating mode. It is necessary to turn on the device without products to the network and do not touch it during this time.

Before turning on the equipment into an electrical network, set the temperature parameters. The refrigerator is controlled by an electromechanical rotary regulator with a temperature scale. On the NEO Frost series models, an electronic corrector with buttons and signal indicators is used, there is a liquid crystal display on the models, which displays the temperature and error codes are displayed. Modifications with two compressors are equipped with a separate temperature indication by cameras.

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After how much time you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation, depends on the delivery method and from the temperature regime on the street. If you brought the refrigerator lying, then before its inclusion you need to wait at least 8-10 hours. During this time, machine oil from the compressor motor strokes in its place. This will prevent its fall in the circuit of the refrigerant circulation.

Include the refrigerator can not be immediately and after transportation in a vertical position. How many must stand the unit is not working, determined by temperature indicators. If there is warm weather on the street, you can put it into operation after 2 hours.

In the cold season, especially in winter, the unit leads to action no earlier than 4-6 hours. At low temperatures on the street in the refrigerator, condensate appears. Therefore, it takes time so that it disappears. The technique should stand and warm to room temperature, and not turn on immediately after transportation.

There are several uncomplicated rules, the observance of which allows to extend the life of a household appliance. In most cases, you can read if you read the instructions. But not always, users remain the whole documentation attached to the domestic instrument, especially when it was bought not in the store, but from the second hands, t.E.

After some

Most manufacturers are not recommended to include the Atlant refrigerator after turning off earlier than 24 hours. If the device has a NOFROST function, it is necessary for about a day to fully utter. Accelerate the defrosting process is not recommended, It may adversely affect the details of the device.

  • Interest on the details of the device. If a lot of ice has been formed on the walls, you will need more time for its thawing. The cause of a large number of frozen water may be a fault of a household appliance, damning of drain tubes, the frequent opening of the door or its poor fit and pr.
  • Ambient temperature. If defrosting occurs in the summer in a hot room, the exhausting process will happen faster.
  • The temperature installed inside the aggregate.
  • Last date of defrosting. Even self-massive thermally insulated cameras can accumulate ice, if you do not hold their service at least once a year.

What can I do

If the refrigerator is not only defined, but also transported, after transportation it is impossible to immediately include it in the network. It is necessary to wait for the refrigerant evenly distributed, and the oil glass down. Such precaution will prevent the compressor breakage.

Even when the entire ice goes and the unit will be fully prepared for further operation, it should not be connected to the network until the power supply is renewed. When electricity is included, you will need to wait another 15-20 minutes. Renewal of power supply is often accompanied by voltage drops. If at this moment the refrigerator will be included in the network, it can occur its breakdown.

To better understand why after immediate connection, breakdown can occur, you should figure out how the device is arranged.

  • Inside the unit, in addition to the boot compartments there is a hardware.
  • The main components. cooling substance or refrigerant, motor and compressor. Freons are used as refrigerant as refrigerant.
  • The refrigerant is responsible for the production of cold. Freon takes two aggregate forms. liquid and gas. Evaporating in a gaseous condition, he takes heat from the mass, actively cooling it.
  • At this time, the compressor compresses the refrigerant, so that it goes into a liquid shape, giving heat to Wednesday.
  • Motor launches compressor. Inside the compressor is machine oil.

During transportation under a strong tilt or in the side position, the technical oil from the compressor raises in the contour, where Freon is located. Oil liquid does not have the ability of refrigerant to compression. As a result, the motor will work without a respite, which will lead to overload and breakdown.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with how much you can store proteins in the refrigerator

After the device was installed vertically, the time will wait for which the cooling substance will take the correct position in its circuit.

When transported in the winter months, condensed liquid accumulates inside the device. It should evaporate before connecting the refrigerator to electricity.

  • If the refrigerator was laid on the side, it is necessary to wait 16-18 hours to make oil glass into the compressor, and Freon camshed inside its contour.
  • If the device has not changed the correct vertical position, it is turned on in winter after 6 hours, and in the summer after 4.

Reliable refrigerators Miele

Buying a new refrigerator. It is always a serious thing that is better to think about. The desire to save in such an important event will end very deplorable. Economy-class devices can be made from low-quality components and to serve significantly less than the buyer is calculated. With this economy class models can consume significantly more electricity than the technique of famous European brands.

Miele manufactures reliable refrigerators that belong to the premium market segment. Brand refrigerators and freezers can work for many years, while consuming quite a bit of electricity. Devices from “Mile” are equipped with advanced systems, such as EasyClean, Brilliantlight, PerfectFresh or Varioroom. Users can also activate unique superflowing programs and super-cooling programs that allow you to quickly freeze or cool a large amount of products.

It is best to buy goods from “Mile” in the corporate store. In this case, you will receive a 100% original household appliances of the German brand, to which a two-year warranty from the manufacturer will be distributed. Thanks to the convenient catalog of our corporate store, you can find the most appropriate product and order it with home delivery!

Refrigerator MIELE KFN 29233 D WS

Soda and vinegar

In low-cost models smell inside it is so persistent that it is not so easy to overcome it. In such cases, soda and vinegar will come to the rescue. These funds have long been loved by hostesses that try to avoid using aggressive chemical compositions.

To use vinegar 9%, it is necessary to mix 1 h.L. Funds in 3 l. water, and wipe the resulting solution all the necessary sections. Wash up the composition is not necessary, it is enough to leave the camera door open for several hours for venting.

Before turning on the refrigerator, you can wipe it with a solution of food soda. This tool is safe both for the health of family members and the device itself. Necessary:

  • In the tank, dial 3 liters of warm water and dilute in it 2.L. Food Soda.
  • Get out of the device all shelves and boxes, if possible, well mix in solution with a sponge and wash the refrigerator thoroughly. Do not forget about recesses, pallets, grilles and freezer. Boxes and shelves also treat mortar.
  • After processing the soda of the whole surface, it is necessary to rinse it with clean water and wipe dry.

But manufacturers of some expensive models, still do not recommend the use of vinegar for such refrigerators.

Installing the built-in refrigerator

As for the installation of embedded models in a niche. Cabinet or work surface, here also takes into account the perfect flatness of the floor and the presence of free air access. In this case, manufacturers of furniture made under the order, take into account all these nuances:

  • The height of the cabinet or niches is 3 cm more;
  • Depth. 4-5 cm more;
  • width. 1-2 cm more;
  • Mandatory ventilation: option with a lattice rear wall or partial use of lateral, even holes in the floor are possible.
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All listed tips in this article will help how to establish a refrigerator. so extend his service life. Will provide economical and safe work, which is of great importance in the warranty repair in the event of a breakdown.